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Found 95 results

  1. I'd like to be able to export a text file that would contain several fields from a single record, with each field on a separate line. Here's an example: John Q Public 111 West First Street New York, NY 10001 How might I do that? I know how to export csv or Excel files, but they don't satisfy my need.
  2. To try to explain the setup as succinctly as possible: Database is running on a FM17 Server (on a Windows virtual(?) machine... Our IT department handles that part). The FM database does a number of imports every morning from our primary (4D) database, using an ODBC driver, but I have not found a way to have those imports run successfully from the server, so I have them running on an instance on a secondary user account on my desktop computer. The scripts are triggered by adding a record to a table, which is checked every five minutes using an OnTimer script. I run a separate instance of FM17 on my user account so that I can use the database even if there is an import running. This solution has been working (fairly) well for a number of years, but last week, my desktop computer was updated to Mojave (10.14.6), and since that upgrade, it seems that the imports on the secondary account will only run while that user account is active. 1) Is anyone else doing anything similar, where they have an instance of FM running on a separate user account? 2) If so, have you had any trouble with Mojave, or have suggestions on what may be going on? 3) Any suggestions on how to fix this? My initial thought is to just open the database using FMP on the Server system and try having the imports run from there, but am concerned that might also have problems. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I have a field called Price. I need to create another field called calculated price that will add a percentage depending on the value of the original Price field. Example: If the Price is $100.00 or more Subtract 10% from the price If the price is $10.00 or less Subtract .25% If the Price is between $10 and $50.00 Subtract .5% If the Price is between $50 and %100.00 Subtract .75% and so on and so on... So if I have a record with a Price of $1.00 the calculation will fill in the Calculated Price field with $.75
  4. Hi, I am using the Base Elements plugin Execute SQL command to select SQL on a table in another FileMaker file. For a file with many fields and quite a lot data in some fields, this times as about 1 minute just for SQL SELECT command for 1,000 rows. I haven't used MBS (monkeybread software) plugin yet, but I wonder if anyone knows if it is significantly faster? I.e. BE_FileMakerSQL vs. MBS(FM.SQL.Execute..) - is one significantly faster? Here's the code to select 1,000 rows for reference, $timer_seconds comes as about 60 seconds here. If I export same table internally in FileMaker using the menu export to Excel, it takes 29 minutes for all 41,000 rows, so timing seems similar for the Base Elements SQL. (NB there is some flag going on here in the FileMaker database so internal export gets 41,000 rows but script SQL SELECT COUNT(*) gets 200,000 rows for same table, but I don't think that is relevant to my question). Set Variable [$time1; Value: Get(CurrentTimeUTCMilliseconds)] Set Variable [$part_ca; Value: BE_FileMakerSQL ( "SELECT * FROM Contact_ACTIVITY OFFSET 100000 ROWS FETCH FIRST 1000 ROWS ONLY" ; "&≠≠&" ; "EOR≠≠EOR" ; "DataContacts11" )] Set Variable [$timer_seconds; Value: (Get(CurrentTimeUTCMilliseconds) - $time1) / 1000] MBS command I think would be something like: MBS( "FM.SQL.Execute"; "DataContacts11"; "SELECT * FROM Contact_ACTIVITY OFFSET 100000 ROWS FETCH FIRST 1000 ROWS ONLY" ; ...delimiters here I'm assuming.. ) We only have base FileMaker here on machine I am using, which can run the Base Elements plugin, but to run MBS plugin, needs FileMaker Pro Advanced to install it I think, am getting several databases in roughly same FM format where script workspace disabled, hence need to use SQL select run from script in my own external FileMaker file. Might consider getting FMP Pro Advanced if MBS is faster. Tx any suggestions!
  5. I have a layout calculation that looks like: Round(If($$NoGPABump = 1;Classes::GPANoBump; Classes::GPABumped);2) In most instances, this rounds the appropriate value to 2 decimals and displays those two digits. But on occasion, it displays only one decimal as in this one: . Instead I want to see 4.20. If I round to, say, 4 decimals, it works properly: . Rounding to 3 digits gives 4.199. How do I get the trailing zero to show up? This seems to be consistent for all data that rounds to a last digit of zero. Is this a bug? Is there a workaround? Thanks,
  6. I have a layout with a number of button bars, all with the same style. Each button is set to have an inner shadow and a white fill on Hover. For any of the buttons that call a popover, after the popover is closed, the hover shadow no longer works, but the fill still changes to white. I've tried adding a refresh object script trigger when closing the popover, but that doesn't work. Some of the buttons are currently placeholders, which just call a script that exits itself so I can test the hover state. Those work fine.
  7. Is this at all possible? I want to have two buttons that will each do the following. Have one button to ‘Strike Thru’ text that is highlighted before. Means not all the text in the field will be changed. And one button to change the text colour to Red, again highlighted before. Means not all the text in the field will be changed. Any tips how to do this? Please bare in mind I am a FMP beginner. Thanks.
  8. For about 12 years, we've had a FileMaker database import external data from a .mdb (Access) database that has data that is downloaded from some equipment. The process has survived several computer upgrades (Windows XP and Windows 7) and FileMaker version upgrades (created in 7 and currently running in 16). It broke when we moved into the Windows 10 environment. The script is set up to retrieve the data from the .mdb file and it says it can't access the file. So when I dive into the script and try to specify the ODBC connection it now asks for a username and password. We've never had a user name or password tied to either the .mdb file, the ODBC connection, or the FileMaker file. But no matter what we try, we can't get past this step. Is this a bug? What am I missing here? Thanks in advance.
  9. Say I have a 2 page letter pdf in a container. I want to make a 1 page pdf that is 11X17 of this PDF. Do I need a plugin to do this? If so what? Or can I achieve this natively in FM?
  10. Dear All, I am trying to put a conditional formatting validation which turns Red when the value is entered wrong. Basically all my tries have failed so I would like your help here. The criteria of entering a value is xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx 1111-2222-3333-4444 1. Length of value is = 19 OR this should be a 16 digit number, in groups of 4 separated with dashes 2. Non-Digits characters are not valid. Please could you help me with this and I will really appreciate. Many thanks Regards Lutfi
  11. I have filemaker server on virtual server, I have a script that exports emails and or names i cannot get the file to be saved to the local desktop it tries to save to server with an error when i do manually it works fine so i am doing something wrong... Thanks in advance
  12. I have been using FM17Adv for some time. I am on a MacPro 12-core tower and I had been running macOS Sierra. All the internal scripts I had in one database worked perfectly. I recently updated to High Sierra and now I am getting script errors I don't understand. And this is from the same exact file I used previously. I have one script where I want it to open a folder in Dropbox so I can access files there. But I am getting this error: Can’t make "Dropbox" into type integer. Then I get a -1700 error dialog immediately after that. Can anyone explain how I can fix this. I have not been able to find anything online. The script is a native AppleScript, and I suspect that has something to do with this. Here is the script: tell application "Finder" activate open folder " Pieces 2011" of folder "Teaching Material" of folder "Dropbox" of " ThomaStudios 4TB" select Finder window 1 set position of Finder window 1 to {2877, 167} end tell Thanks. J D Thomas ThomaStudios
  13. Hi Guys, There are any logic or resource that i can use to make like a "text to columns". Make text from field one flow to another fields but only with in the middle of coma regarding your sequence, like a excel? Full text with Comas Text1 Separated Text2 Separated Text3 Separated How,Are,You? How Are You? Could please help me, i need a lot of this resource.
  14. I don't really know what I'm missing here. I have two windows next to each other. I want to activate a Script Trigger on Record Load (I have tried On Layout Enter as well) , and it does that fine as long as I'm only having one window open. But not when I'm switching between the windows. Ie, I want the script to run when I enter the Window. Isn't this supposed to work?
  15. A google search reveals that FMP not recognizing modifier keys is at least a decade old problem. It's hard to resist making some kind of a comment but I will resist. At any rate, it seems that restarting the computer, at least on a Mac, resolves the problem, (until it pops up again). My question is this: Is it understood what is it in the restarting process that corrects the problem, and if it is, is it something that can be imitated with some kind of script, command, etc? Thanks
  16. At DevCon in August, I will be presenting some fairly easy, straight-forward tips to help keep custom apps performing acceptably. I would like to include a portion of my session to addressing Performance challenges the community has run into. Depending on the feedback received here, I may increase the time I spend on this portion during my session. Don't be afraid to bring up challenges you run into. There is no judgement here, simply collecting ideas. I may not be able to cover all of them, but having your input about challenges you face can definitely make the session a more engaging experience for all of us, myself included. Thank you all in advance for your thoughts.
  17. Hello guys, good afternoon. I need help regarding how to add two payments. As you can see in the image below, there are payments below the BILLING record. What I want to happen is, I want to ADD those two payments. After the two payments were added, the payment will be put into the Pay Bill of the BILLING record. (See the picture below) Here's my script but it won't work:
  18. When I "Save Records as Excel" all the found set records are saved out of the system. However, when I "Export Records," only about two-thirds are exported. What would explain not all records being exported? Thanks.
  19. Hello guys, good afternoon from the Philippines here. Which is which, Filemaker Developer or Filemaker Programmer? Which is right? I'm excited to hear your answers gurus.
  20. I have solutions that include a local file residing on a workstation that interacts with a hosted file. The local file does not need the hosted file for data entry; the connection is to download a job list and upload time entries. In FileMaker 16 and earlier, should the local file had been connected to the hosted file and there was a network interruption, the hosted file would reconnect or fail to do so, but the Local file would not be impacted. In FileMaker 17, if the connection cannot be re-established to the hosted file, the local file is now forced to close. That in and of itself would not be a big deal, but when the local file closes, NO DATA IS COMMITTED and DATA IS LOST. Here's a scenario: a user downloads the job list and begins to do their timesheet when their network connection goes down. So, there's a series of lines entered in the portal when the network connection is down. In FM16 and earlier, the user could keep working or close the local file, and any work in progress would be saved with the local file. The time entered in the portal would be saved because the user would close the file, committing the data. In FM17, when the connection is lost and FM closed the Local file, it doesn't commit the data and data is lost. This change in behavior resulting in data loss seems like a bug. But if this behavior is intentional, I'll need to change the workflow to add commit steps after leaving portal rows, or adding onTimer commits scripts, or some other workaround to protect data and hopefully not interrupt user entry much. Any thoughts on this situation?
  21. Hey gang, FileMaker has a deal going for a limited time . - buy one get one: https://store.filemaker.com/individuals I am not doing too much FileMaker these days (more cloud PHP stuff), but I would like to have a copy of this just in case my old clients need me to work on their systems. Anyone interest in going 50/50 on this deal. I'd be willing to pay my part via PayPal. Contact me PRIVATELY if you are interest. Thanks!
  22. I am using Citrix to access my FM17 solution. Recently, I noticed that the cursor gets jerky/won't move smoothly over a button that has "change cursor to hand over button" selected. It seems like maybe it's making a call back to the server. If I disable "change cursor to hand" it becomes smooth again. This does not happen when using the client software. I believe this started happening within a month or so; we've been using Citrix for years and don't think this has been an issue. Thanks for any insights.
  23. Hi, I am looking to move some functionality away from BaseElements (4.0.3) and into Filemaker Pro's native functions. There are three functions that are used that I need to migrate. Could somebody please help me 'translate' the following line away from using BaseElements (BE) and into Filemaker's own functions? 1. BE_HMAC_Deprecated ( $queryString ; $$_API_Key ; BE_MessageDigestAlgorithm_SHA256_Deprecated ; BE_Encoding_Base64_Deprecated ) As I understand it, the new function would be: CryptAuthCode( data; algorithm; key) yet the BE function has four parameters, and Filemaker has only three, and I'm not sure how to "translate" the third and fourth parameters in the above line into the Filemaker equivalent. Details at: https://baseelementsplugin.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204700668-BE-HMAC-Deprecated 2. I cannot find the "BE_MessageDigestAlgorithm _SHA256_Deprecated" details on the BE web page, yet I find something with a similar name similar at: https://baseelementsplugin.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204700878-BE-MessageDigest-Deprecated If it is the same as the then what is the Filemaker equivalent? 3. Similar situation with the "BE_Encoding_Base64_Deprecated". The way the function in the command above shows no parameters being used, yet the BE reference guide (https://baseelementsplugin.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/205350447-BE-Base64-Encode-Deprecated) shows a single parameter required. So as my command works with BE loaded as a plugin, I am wondering if it is even using those third and fourth parameters at all. Can anybody give me a hand please? Cheers, Greg
  24. Thank you for enduring my simple question, but I just couldn't find this issue in the Forums. I'm using the FM Starter database "Estimates" and have heavily modified it (added fields, buttons etc...) to make it more usable for our Company. As you may know, the Estimates database is three integrated databases (Customers, Products & Estimates). I have successfully (thanks to the help on this Forum!) implemented many very useful features, but one eludes me. When you enter an Item, the Description is copied from the Products database auto-magically (I didn't mess with this). However, some in the company want to be able to change the Product's Description (add to, delete words) for a particular Estimate. But, when you change the Item Description in the portal row, it changes the Description for the Product in ALL the Estimates. We, of course, do not want this. So, how can I make the Description field "editable" (based on the imported Product Description) WITHOUT changing the original product Description? Sort of making the Description a "one-way" import from the Product page. Thank you in advance for your help and advice!
  25. Hi, I have a tab control with a few tabs in my customer layout. I would like to goto a specific tab from another layout. I have the goto customer layout sorted but go to object does not give me the option to select the tab control nor tab control tabs how do I go about doing this?
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