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Found 90 results

  1. Hi, in the attached database, we collect a range of readings per date. I need to calculate the median for each element (eg temperature, pH etc) across a range of dates. There is one record per date. The user will change the range of dates depending on what time period they want to view. The data doesn't need to be summarised by anything. I am most of the way there, thanks to this great post: https://www.briandunning.com/cf/298. I have run the script in that link on a field doing a summary list. However, the list doesn't seem to sort as specified in the script, and the median value returned is not always accurate. The lab results layout has been temporarily set up so I can see the summary field for each element below the median calculation field, with the actual data in the body. This way I could see what the sort was etc. I've just put in 5 records to test this, and to test what happens when there are odd and even records. sign in is admin/admin. Grateful for any help! H
  2. When I launch the exe for upgrading to FM 18.0.3, I get a window showing msiexec options. Installation will not start. I am running win 10 Pro, version 1909. Any help will be appreciated. Found a way around the issue... Had to drill down to the msp file in the package, clicked on that and the install ran without issue...
  3. Hi, I'm trying to do a cURL PUT request using Insert from URL to Discord's API. I've successfully completed the PUT request using Postman, but I can't get it to work in Filemaker. I've successfully completed GET and POST requests with Filemaker, so I know my Discord authorization is working. Here's the url I'm using (with IDs removed): "https://discordapp.com/api/channels/<channel_id>/messages/<message_id>/reactions/<:name:id>/@me" Here are my curl options (with authorization removed): --request PUT --header "Authorization: <token>" --header "User-Agent: <user>" --header "Content-Type: application/json" I'm getting this error response: <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=en> <meta charset=utf-8> <meta name=viewport content="initial-scale=1, minimum-scale=1, width=device-width"> <title>Error 411 (Length Required)!!1</title> <a href=//www.google.com/><span id=logo aria-label=Google></span></a> <p><b>411.</b> <ins>That’s an error.</ins> <p>POST requests require a <code>Content-length</code> header. <ins>That’s all we know.</ins> The last line of the response makes me wonder if Filemaker is submitting it as POST and not PUT? Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Hey... Thanks in advance for your thoughts and the time reading this. I am currently running server 17, no issues, however, my SSL certificate just expired. Before I go through all the new motions and get a new certificate, you think I should switch to 18 now? Since the world is ending, my server is slower and its a good time to back it up and upgrade to 18. Are there anything noteworthy about switching to 18 at this point and will installing a certificate be any easier in 18? I thought installing a certificate on 17 was a pain in the you know what. Any thought appreciated. I am also running my server on a Mac. Been very happy, no issues to speak of. Thanks, Mike
  5. HI, I have files loaded into filemaker server 18 and suddenly they all keep randomly opening and closing. Very strange. Anyone know of such an issue? TIA
  6. Hi everyone, Absolutely new user to FMPA 18. I managed to cobble a small database together using FMPA 18 on my 2018 iMac (Catalina 10.15.3), and want to share it over a local network with my laptop. I'd like to have the laptop log in via a user account (Data Entry only). I created a user account in the "Manage Security" section, and have made sure the user account has Data Entry only privilege & "write access to all records" is enabled under the advanced tab. I also checked that "fmreauthenticate10" & "fmapp" are checked (Advanced tab). My firewall is off, and I've allowed File Sharing in the prefs of my iMac - pointing directly to the Filemaker Pro 18 Advanced folder located in my applications. I installed FilemakerGo on my iPad, and can access the file in the Hosts area, but I'm not logging in via the user account I setup (no idea how to do that). But when I tried to connect to the host on my laptop (File/Hosts/Show Hosts), it's not finding the host. I've tried manually adding the host address (192.168.xx.xxx) & also pinged my iMac from the laptop (MacBook pro - 2016 model - running 10.14.6 Mojave)I don't see anything when I add the iMac's IP manually, but do get a response from the ping. Why does it work on the iPad (iOS 13.1.2), but not on the MacBook? What am I doing wrong & how do I log into either using the user account I set up on the host machine? Thanks in advance
  7. Have an odd situation, just wondering if anyone else has ever seen this. We have a solution that's been in use for 10+ years now - so started I think as a v7 database. Our developers are now running v18 while most clients are v16 or v17. I made an adjustment to a script last week to an Import Records script step. It's all internal, just importing a record from one table to another. In v18 the mappings all look and behave correctly. However, for any clients on < v18 the mapping of the fields was totally messed up. Not off by just one field but all over the place. Same script from the same hosted file showed two very different field mappings in that script step. I went back in via v16 on my machine - fixed the mappings and now they're OK for all client versions. We've got hundreds of scripts in our solutions - never seen anything like this. Just wondering if it was a total fluke or if it's something we should be concerned about. Thanks
  8. Has anyone worked with Websocket APIs and Filemaker Server? I'm interested in connecting FMS to Discord's Websocket API. Is it possible to do this natively? If not, does anyone have suggestions of what I might look into? Thanks!
  9. A small, big problem. We have a field to enter the 4-digit zipcode in the address, and we wanted to introduce only the code by entering the full address, I give some examples: When entering the zip: 78130-2037 he wrote the address in the address field "SUNGATE DR", he wrote in the city field "NEW BRAUNFELS", he wrote in the state field "TX" and finally in the country field he wrote "USA" We would only have to enter the zip and then enter the house number. Is it possible?
  10. I had this old database (still working fine) that I believed was not configured properly especially the relationship parts (please check uploaded tables relationship). The database was used to record users (staff) leave days by Start to End and calculate the number of leave days taken... this exclude the weekends and holidays. The database still works fine but I want to re-do it properly this time. My confusion is why do Leave Table and Holidays Table have many to many relationship? I forgot how this happens but I designed this with a very old version of Filemaker. How can I do the relationship properly and if could explain why... would really much appreciate it. Thank you.
  11. Hi, I have got a problem: In Scripts it was an alternative to Activate/Inactivate script steps. That option is no longer avaible in my FM 18. Also it was possible put an arrow as marker in the left side of the script. That is also away. Is it a bug after last update or is it obnly my computer who have the problems? -Per
  12. I am planning to upgrade my stuff soon. Does FMA 18 open .fp12 files or has it changed again? If so, will it convert or do I need one or several older versions to convert to the current format? Presumably, FMA 19 is just around the corner, so I might as well wait for a little longer. Is the word out on compatibility yet? Thanks, Stefan
  13. Hi I have a script that is triggered when an OnObjectEnter that stores the Get(ActiveFieldContents) from the field in variable as well as doing a SetField on field url2. It then fires a load card window with a webviewer where the url is set to be url2. In the data viewer and in the dialog box I get the correct field data for the portal row clicked, see the properly formed url2 but the webviewer only loads the "https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/" and is missing the ActiveFieldContents which is appened after the last / to create a proper URL. What am I missing? I need the URKL to be as listed in the data viewer image below. Instead it is rendering a url based on the first portal record ID. Thanks in advance
  14. Hello! Our company has about 2,000 employees and we intend that each one has a unique access to the Filemaker platform. Does anyone know how to do this en masse, ie without creating an account one by one? Thanks for the help.
  15. Hi, As a complete novice to FMP, I'm attempting my very first database. We rely on storing our contracts on Google & Dropbox. I've been trying to either embed the pdf's into a "tab", or (my preferred option) to have an "Add URL" button to link to the online pdf. I tried adding a field and copying and pasting the URL, but it's not clickable, and I'd need to add another field for each pdf/contract. Is there a better more efficient way to do this? Thanks Steve
  16. I just migrated our FileMaker Server from a Mac Mini running MacOS High Sierra and FMS 17 to a Mac Mini running MacOS Catalina and FMS 18. Everything went well except getting FMS to backup to an external Hard Drive. I simply unplugged the External HD from the previous server and plugged it into the new server. It mounts no problem. I gave "fmserver" "Read & Write" access to the drive AND the folders on the drive it needs access to. I can read and write by dragging files onto the drive, but when I try to enter that Default Backup Folder Path under Configuration>Folders in FMS Admin Console I am told that "The path is not valid.". I used the exact same path as was used on the previous FMS. I even went so far as to set the permissions on the drive and folders to allow "everyone" "Read & Write" access. The only thing that I can think of that might be the issue is that the internal hard drive on which FMS is installed is formatted using APFS and the external hd is formatted using Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Before I go either reformatting the internal drive as Mac OS Extended OR the external as APFS, I wanted to see what the community thought. So I'm posting here. Am I on the right track here? Is it because of the difference in formatting of the drives? If so, which format would you recommend.....I'm leaning towards Mac OS Extended? If not, I'm open to any and all thoughts.
  17. I have setup a layer with web viewer. I can maneuver within the website just fine but, I would like it if when the website loads it would send 4 carriage returns to get to a specific field within the website. If anyone has any ideas on how I can accomplish this it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You John
  18. filemaker sends mail with the program FM18. does not send mail with runtime. gives an SSL error.
  19. Have copied a shell script which works in other settings onto a new machine Changes paths - it zips a backup folder and does a ditto command to copy as a zip file to an external drive I worked out that I needed to change the sudoers file to allow no password access to the script. Running the shell script in terminal was requiring a password, now it doesn't Added the fmserver user to that too. If I run the sh script from the admin console as fmserver it fails straight away, if I run it as the local user with its password it appears to run but in fact times out with a fail message, both of which are about invalid account name or password The script is working fine when run through terminal, doe not require password, just not when triggered from console. Does anyone have any light to shine on this???
  20. Hi All, Apologies for perhaps being in the wrong part fo the forums for this query! I'm on FMP16 right now, and I've a container field that I use to display square pictures of people. Due to different layouts, the container is landscape on one, and portrait on another (ie wider on one, and taller on another). Because the only option in FMP 16 is to FIT the image, when the container is wider than tall, either the image is distorted or there are gaps on the sides, depending on whether I've got the 'maintain proportions' box checked or not. And similarly, when the container is taller, then the image is either distorted or there are gaps on the top and bottom. What I'm after is being able to FILL the container, so that whilst I loose a bit of the image on the sides or tops, the container is filled without distortion. Is this possible with FMP 18? (If there's a work around for FMP 16 I'd love to know it, but I don't think there is!!) Many thanks in advance
  21. Actually, I guess this could apply to macOS Mojave as well, but is there any way to get the Send Email script to work when creating a Runtime solution in macOS Catalina? I'm using FileMaker Pro Advanced 18 to create my runtime solution. I created a button on my main menu to send an email. When I click the button in High Sierra (and all previous macOS versions) it works. But in macOS Mojave and Catalina, nothing happens. I know that Apple placed security limits on applications, but there's no way to add my runtime to the list of allowable applications to execute a script. What is supposed to happen is that macOS is supposed to have a pop up that allows you to click to allow this application to run scripts and access mail.app. So this works in FileMaker Pro Advanced 18. However, when I covert my solution to a Runtime, it's no longer "FileMaker Pro Advanced" and instead is considered a Runtime app. In macOS Catalina, manually adding my runtime solution to this area didn't work: System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy (tab) > Accessibility > (Allow these apps below to control your computer) Is there any way to allow a runtime to have a simple button to click Send Email in Catalina? I'm stumped.
  22. Someone any idea why FileMaker does not know it's own error codes? This happened when a customer with FileMaker 18 is trying to perform a scripted QuickFind. I cannot reproduce it.
  23. Good morning I was wondering if anyone had template for a basic home accounts sytem or the schema for the databases. Thanks again.
  24. macOS Catalina. 1. Make a new file and save it to the desktop 2. While the file is open, move it to the trash 3. empty the trash The trash is emptied without any error. Weird. This does not seem right, in fact it seems VERY wrong. Can anybody reproduce?
  25. Hi guys, Im trying to autofill a field depending on the value of other fields -- Ideally this field would be autofilled with some text immediately followed by a numeric value that increases by 1 for each new record. I currently have this: If ( Case1 = "A" ; (Case(Type = "Protein" ; "test1xxx"; Type = "Antibody"; "test2xxx"; Type = "DNA"; "test3xxx"))) I would like to replace the "xxx" components with "000" through "999". I was hoping someone would have some insight on this. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
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