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  1. I have a client that has been using a send email script step that brings up the outlook email client on the desktop. This as worked for years no problem. It has stopped work on 3 of 35 computers within the last two weeks. I talked with there IT personal and they have assured me that no updates have happened. The actual error is - Microsoft Office Outlook Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request. Please run Microsoft Outlook and set it as the default mail client. I have double checked with system
  2. I have an excel sheet that controls bills of ladings for a forestry company. In the example you can see that there is lots going on with this Bill. It has a payperiod, mill, truck that delivered it, etc. I would like setup a database to monitor this. The fields CT1, CT2, Skid1, Skid2. PROC1, PROC2 are all contractor numbers. There are 6 contactors. The percentages in each line are the amount of the volume they performed In the third line there is a value in CT1 only...they get 100% of the volume. I can figure out most of this, but am stumped on how I can monitor when a contractor d
  3. I am using Filemaker Server 18 on Windows Server 2012 R2 Been using it for years with no issues Currently when I log in to the console it is very sluggish. When I get to the Dashboard it shows No databases, then it auto refreshes and the database list appears. Within 15 seconds of scrolling the database list to open files the screen refreshes. This situations is happening over and over in a loop. Any Thoughts on what is causing this issue?
  4. I get an error 3 when using a script to Export Records via WebDirect. Using FileMaker Server 18 and have tried both Safari and Chrome both with same results. I have tried using the temporary path, desktop path, and documents path. I have tried using with the automatically open and not. I have tried writing a tab delimited and comma delimited file. Does anyone have ideas I haven't yet tried?
  5. Hi, My issue is that my customer layout has a script trigger on LayOutEnter that sorts my customers portal list by "Active" customers, but when I do a go to related record from another table say from quotes or any other the customer layout does not load that customer or show my related customer because the OnLayoutEnter script trigger changes it, I would like it to go to the related customer and also sort it by "Active" on the list. Hope someone can help me with this. Thanks, Pio
  6. Good afternoon/evening, I have found a script which looks similar to the functionality I'd like to embed into a tab in my database, but it's not "quite" functioning correctly. What I'm hoping to achieve is to have a field I can enter comments into, and then a button which when pressed, creates a new field. The idea is to keep every comment in a seperate field for ease of reference later. Pressing the button "New Comment" also creates the date to the left-hand side (would be nice to also add the current time), and also the "Delete Field" button to the right. This is the scr
  7. Hi All I am hoping some one can help! I have a table called TPM, in that table is a field "Next Due Date" Which is auto generated by creating a new record. You input the date you did the service and then it adds 3 months to that date and that appears in the Next Due Date Field.. All working... What I am trying to do is when the database loads it runs a script to see if there are any outstanding TPM Services to do... Here is the script Show Customer Dialog Message: If ( TPM::TPM Next Due Date < Get (CurrentDate ) ; "You have outstanding TPM service
  8. Hi, Can someone please explain why Leftwords function is not properly working when importing an excell sheet. For example the name John Doe LeftWords ( Client ; 1 ) should show "John" only. When typing John Doe it works fine but not when importing ???? Looking forward to a reply. Kind regards Rudy
  9. Dear All, On FileMaker WebDirect, we need the details of the current latitude and longitude for the Travel Tracker. Is any possible way for fetching the current location in WebDirect, which must be supported for the Android mobile user? Please advise. Thanks.
  10. Dear All, We have installed FileMaker Server 18. We have added a custom SSL certificate to FileMaker Server 18. On FileMaker Pro, we can view the green encrypted symbol and can able to access the Server DB. But on FileMaker WebDirect, we can't open the Server DB using the Domain name. We have received the error "No such file or directory" on connecting externally. On the internal network, we have received the error "Rejected request from RFC1918 IP to public server address" when we opening the WebDirect using Domain name. Can anyone help us to solve this issue? Thanks.
  11. I am fairly new to FMP - currently using version 18. I would like to figure out a way to auto-populate a text field based on the selection of multiple different checkbox selections (each checkbox selection refers to a different value list selection). For example if I had three different check box fields as follows - "colour"(red,green,blue), "shape" (square,circle,triangle), "size" (small,medium,large) - if the user selected "red" in the first, "circle" in the second and "large" in the third I would want my auto-populated text field to read "red, circle, large" or something similar (doesn't ha
  12. This is kind of a unique situation. When working with Open Library: You can call for Cover images by creating a URL with the ISBN.. and if the Cover is available, it will show up. e.g.: "http://covers.openlibrary.org/b/isbn/" & ISBN::ISBN_Search & "-L.jpg" will give you the image in a web viewer. Literally, the image only, which is actually a different URL that is not really able to be created via calculation. Otherwise a simple Insert From URL would work. If I drag that image to a container.. I predictably get the actual URL of the image. I want to get that
  13. I previously used ODBC Manager (32 bit) to great success importing data directly from Filemaker Server to JMP. I recently upgraded to Catalina (MacOS 10.15.5) and knew that one of the casualties would be this ODBC utility. I downloaded the 64 bit ODBC manager from Actual Technologies and successfully installed it but get the following message when trying to open an FM database from within the ODBC interface in JMP: dlopen(/Library/ODBC/FileMaker ODBC.bundle/Contents/MacOS/fmodbc.so, 6): image not found I have navigated to Actual Technologies' web site believing I should download an
  14. Dear users, I have three tables for three relevant layouts. Each one has separate table and tables are related with only one field. The scope is to show on the 2nd and 3rd layout the records that related with the 1st one. Here are some screen shots with what I need to do. Actually, I need to have on the seconf layout ("Orders from suppliers") the related records from the first one ("Suppliers list") Thank you thank you Giorgos
  15. I find it odd that FileMaker is so intuitive yet hides access to the file name of the data source during importing. It looks like the only way I have found based on posts on the forum is to import the Data Source file as a reference into a container field. That is an extra step that shouldn't have to be done since FileMaker sees the Source file name during multiple points in the import process. Here are three dialogs where it's seen during import. There has to be a way to use the input file name with some kind of Get Function. Please help!
  16. I've been saving various files - mostly pdfs - in FM container fields, for years. A script triggered by clicking in the field allowed the field to be exported for viewing. Recently I upgraded to FM18, and now when I click in the field, I'm told "container fields cannot be exported"! Is there a new way that I should be doing this? Thanks.
  17. Hello, I am novice filemaker developer, and trying to learn the cool ways Filemaker can integrate with other apps. The "simple" task: upload document (.pdf) to Google Drive Folder with native filemaker funtions (no plugin). So far: I have managed to get the authorisation token (following Seedcode guide for Gmail integration and Harmonic DevCon18 presentation and demo files) and make the POST call to create a file in the Google Drive root folder, however the file is unreadable. So my guess is that I am not putting all the curl options correctly from what I understand from the Goo
  18. I can ping my PDF document server from Terminal, I can connect to the PDF document server from all browsers apart from Safari, my default web browser is FireFox, I also tried to change to Chromium and Opera as the default web browser. WebViewer has the same symptoms as Safari, server not found. $ ping -nc 1 document PING document ( 56 data bytes 64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=64 time=0.002 ms --- document ping statistics --- 1 packets transmitted, 1 packets received, 0.0% packet loss round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 0.002/0.002/0.002/0.000 ms FileMaker says ’Couldnot c
  19. On a clean install of Filemaker server 18 on a windows box running W10 Enterprise edition. The hosted files shows "Opening" from the Admin console, and that is how far it can go. The files never get opened. Have done couple of restarts but same problem. Have tried both encrypted and non encrypted files, same problem. Any advice on what might be the cause?
  20. The current file format has been active since FMP12. Judging by previous versions and how often file compatibility gets broken, it seems we're due for a new file extension soon. I'm at the point where I need to update a complex database that was created in FMP11. It's not an emergency so I'm debating wether it's worth waiting another 18 months or so until we get FileMaker 20 to convert it to .fmp20 directly. But if we know there won't be a new file extension, I'd start now in FMP18. Do we have any intel on FileMaker 20 file compatibility? Cheers!
  21. I'm just not getting my head wrapped around this. .. parsing JSON 'properly' as opposed to doing it like scraping. My incoming data is as such: {"ISBN:9780830631292": {"publishers": [{"name": "Windcrest"}], "pagination": "xi, 451 p. :", "identifiers": {"lccn": ["88039223"], "openlibrary": ["OL2059910M"], "isbn_10": ["0830631291"], "goodreads": ["3532499"]}, "classifications": {"dewey_decimal_class": ["005.4/469"], "lc_classifications": ["QA76.76.O63 C365 1989"]}, "title": "Inside ProDOS 16", "url": "https://openlibrary.org/books/OL2059910M/Inside_ProDOS_16", "notes": "Bibliography: p
  22. So, basically, in a nutshell: If I just have a relationship setup and use that related field on the layout, I'm forever going to see the oldest entry ever made under that relationship listed there unless I've got some sorting method applied in that layout or to that relationship? First <--> Oldest, meaning if I add 0, 1, 2, 3, entries .. and at a later date delete 1 & 2, add a 4, 5, 6... that 3 being the oldest in the relationship at that point would be the one I would see in that field? This part should be a different thread anyway.
  23. Hi, I'm new to 360works so I'm using the demo version of Scribe. I have a problem with the plugin. The plugin seems to only load one document. When I tried loading other document .docx it would always load the first document. It seems that it loads the first document and keep it as a copy in the plugin and re-use it again and again. Is it because I have a demo version?
  24. I have been attempting to connect to a SQL database on my network using Monkeybread Software and each time that I attempt to do it I have encountered the same error, which I have attached here. I have set up an ODBC connection as well as made sure that I had the names correct, however I have gotten the same error message each time. Thank you for your help.
  25. Hi Guys, I have a Script running a calculation for a Find. The table is in essence as follows Item Percentage Find Field My Script/Calculation is as follows: I have an identical Script with text relating to the item. This works perfectly. For some reason the calculated field isn't. The input for this Find Field is entered as a decimal number (the setting of the the field turn it into a percentage). So if I am looking to find ≥ 10% I would enter .1 into the Find Field. When running the script, I am gett
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