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  1. I have been running on 2 copies of the same license in my house, in the mean time I bought a 5 user VLA, how can I change the license in FileMaker 18?, when the trial expires I can simply click Browse and click on the cert file that came with the VLA.
  2. Similar to a previous post but different. My portal contains records where a musician (MusicianID) may have multiple entries based on participation on a song (SongID). My goal is for the song count (circled) to show how many songs this musician has 'touched' regardless of the role or involvement. In order words, in this example, the song "For Good" appears twice because the musician has two records for this song in the portal - one for Cover Artist and one for Comp/Lyricist. However, the song "For Good" should only get counted once in the summary field. The song count field is a summ
  3. First, I appreciate any help I can get as this project has been evolving over two years and, as these kinds of projects to, has become more involved and complicated over that time. I've posted related questions, but exploring other parts of my project. As I'm not a programmer, but a sort of user nerd, my inquisitive mind wants to learn, but sometimes simple concepts elude me. Feedback, both on the specific goal at hand as well as the project overall is always appreciated. Performers is one piece of a much larger project, but I'm trying to enhance the project and working on a piece at a ti
  4. For FileMaker hosted solution does anyone use $$VARIABLE for external data source? I'm able to make $$VARIABLE="file:filename" work, however $$VARIABLE="fmnet:/host/filename" does not. In my case this would be $$FM16S00CONTACT="fm16s00.domain.tld/contact" and $$FM18S00CONTACT="fm18s00.domain.tld/contact" This now works, however it's unclear to me what triggered this working. I have a startup script that sets the variables. I have configure the External Data Source with $$FM16S00CONTACT, and this works, however adding another data source does not work for now, I tried quitting FileMak
  5. I just migrated our FileMaker Server from a Mac Mini running MacOS High Sierra and FMS 17 to a Mac Mini running MacOS Catalina and FMS 18. Everything went well except getting FMS to backup to an external Hard Drive. I simply unplugged the External HD from the previous server and plugged it into the new server. It mounts no problem. I gave "fmserver" "Read & Write" access to the drive AND the folders on the drive it needs access to. I can read and write by dragging files onto the drive, but when I try to enter that Default Backup Folder Path under Configuration>Folders in FMS
  6. I have a client that has been using a send email script step that brings up the outlook email client on the desktop. This as worked for years no problem. It has stopped work on 3 of 35 computers within the last two weeks. I talked with there IT personal and they have assured me that no updates have happened. The actual error is - Microsoft Office Outlook Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request. Please run Microsoft Outlook and set it as the default mail client. I have double checked with system
  7. Is there a way to query CWP using FMPXMLRESULT as payload to create new records in FileMaker? Goal is to be able to insert records from command line using curl from FMPXMLRESULT files to avoid a somewhat clunky query from FileMaker XML import. I tried the following: cd /tmp/ curl -X POST -kL -o /tmp/findany.fmpxmresult.xml "user:pass@" curl -X POST -kL --data @findany.fmpxmlresult.xml "user:pass@" A new record is created, however the payl
  8. Hi All, I would like to find solve my issue, as mentioned on the topic of how can find more than fields like serial No. or Code by IOS camera. please find below the script. thank in advance for any help or support
  9. I'm having a problem getting BE_SMTPsend to successfully send an email with an attachment. No problem sending without an attachment, but when I add an attachment, I get an error 2 (not sure exactly what that means, but without the attachment, no error) These are the argument strings with and without attachments: I have tried both relative and direct file paths for the variable $attachment. Examples are: Both of them return an error code of 2. Since the 'send' without an attachment works, all the values of the fields/variables other than $attachment mu
  10. Hi All, As per mentioned on topic, in fact i would like to create icon ex. hour in case rigging guard the insert time.
  11. Hi, I'm trying to make a subsummary report with data from the current table and a related table. I never get to display the correct totals for the related table, and would therefore appreciate your help. First I'll try to explain the workflow: I have two tables called 'Voorraad_uit' (= outgoing stock) and 'Voorraad_in' (= incoming stock) which are related by delivery number. Data is first entered in 'Voorraad_in' (= incoming stock) and then related records are created in 'Voorraad_uit' when an incoming stock item is partly or completely shipped. This second table contains m
  12. Hello, We run several FMS18 instances on Mac OSX machines. Randomly, more often on Fri / Sat / Sun, Filemaker server will shut down and disconnect all clients - curiously always at the same time, around 11:55 PM - , and I am unable to restart it from the command line and the web admin drops offline. The only way to bring it back to life is to reboot the entire machine. Is there any scheduled update job at 11:55 PM that I should be aware of that would cause this behavior?
  13. Security Challenge when signing on to Paypal through Filemaker pro 18 web viewer. I see the text "Security Challenge" but nothing else shows up... all is invisible, making it impossible to solve the security challenge and sign in.... Mac Pro..OS High Sierra 10.13 ....running Filemaker 18 . I am having Java script issues I am assuming. Has anyone else had this similar issue and solved it? Thank you in advance Steve
  14. Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to add some design to my email, I have attached a sample of what I'm looking for but the idea I got is from my quickbooks email invoice. Thanks.
  15. Hi there, I attach a sample database producing a Gantt chart for each day of the month supplied by directimpactsolutions.com Works brilliantly. However, I need to produce the same effect but for each calendar quarter (Q1 = Jan, Feb, March; Q2 = April, May, June; Q3 = July, Aug, Sept; Q4 = Oct, Nov, Dec). Can anyone advise on how to change this to produce something similar to the spreadsheet attached (used for display purposes only)? Thank you Gantt by Qtrs.xls Gantt Chart (unlocked).fmp12
  16. I have a script that distributes a quantity across various number fields using a "set field" script step. It is possible for the number being distributed to be zero. When I run the script with debugger, it puts zeroes in the number fields as expected. But if I run the script without debugger, it enters zeroes as null (blank). I have absolutely no idea why! I've tried modifying the script to specify the value with GetAsNumber and I've even tried adding to the Case statement (which determines the portion of the value to be distributed) that if the value to enter is not greater th
  17. I have a couple of related basic questions that I couldn't find direct answers to anywhere. First, is it possible to store my photos and videos in an Amazon AWS S3 bucket or CloudFront and enter the path to those in a container field on my local database? If so, what does the path look like (special prefix, etc)? Next, how can I easily search for records that have missing photos or videos in these container fields? I have tried VerifyContainer and IsEmpty, but I can't get anything to work! Thanks!
  18. have built a banking application essentially containing Accounts with a link to transactions. I like to see the transactions associated to each account in Date order descending, so they show most recent transactions at the top I want to see the current balance/running total beside each each transaction for which i use a Summary field, In the examples shown in the image - if the transactions are sorted in Date Ascending order then the running totals are correct; but if they are sorted in Descending order (which is what I want), then the running totals are meaning less to
  19. Hi, I'm using text in my delivery slip layout through a lookup field and want to remove text if "RO#" text is in the field example: VS-321 The Severed Arm: Blu-Ray RO# 52975 i want to remove everything starting with "RO#" if the field contains it, I know this can be done using LeftWords or RightWords but I can't get it done, if anyone can help it would be much appreciated. Thanks. Pio
  20. As per mentioned in topic ,I would create script help me to make" - " between number for Emirates ID include 15 like ... 783-1986-1234567-9 Thanks alot for any help....
  21. It's been a while since I developed a performance/singer set list application in FM18 and am revisiting it. I don't work in FM enough make my desired changes on my own, so asking for some help or directions. Essentially I have several related tables that grab info into a join (Gigs~Songs_Join) table. Tables include: Gigs: Date/time, venue, producer, etc. I Songbook: song title, duration, keys, genre, lyrics, etc. Musicians: used in Songbook to include original artist, lyricist, composer, etc. Venues: address, contact for venue, etc., used in Gigs above The attached snapshot i
  22. I have two files. One is the parent/student file. Has a parent record and student records. The second file is another student file. I want the second file to get relational fields from the first file. Now, in the first file, the student record gets the last name from the parent record. To link the two files, I create a field of last and first and grade. Same in the second file. Then I want to pick up fields from the first file into the second. It didn't work. So I tried to index the field but it won't because last is a related field from the parent. I was going crazy so in the student file I w
  23. Hi, I am pretty sure I have done this correctly but the result is not there. I have attached a few screenshots that will explain everything I believe. Looking forward to some help. PS. I have also had some issues importing excel sheets meaning the source fields (Excel did not show, therefore I could not line them up with the relevant Filemaker fields) Maybe my Filemaker is corrupted, although I have never encountered Filemaker be corrupted. Anyway hope someone can shed some light on this Kind regards Rudy
  24. Hi, Can someone please explain why Leftwords function is not properly working when importing an excell sheet. For example the name John Doe LeftWords ( Client ; 1 ) should show "John" only. When typing John Doe it works fine but not when importing ???? Looking forward to a reply. Kind regards Rudy
  25. This is strange. Two FMS18 servers on Mac. Both run a similar database file I had synced with mirrorsync. One of the tables is not that important but slowed mirrorsync down, so I decided to not mirror that table between server 1 and server 2, but instead make server 2 an external data source to server 1. I add server 2 as external data source to server 1. Then, things start to get weird. The table I wanted from eh external source I deleted from server 1. Yet, when I add server 2 as external datasource, it defaults back to the local file? I can
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