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Found 14 results

  1. Is anybody else seeing an issue with exporting to .xlsx in FMP 18? I have a scripted find/export that has never been a problem before. But, ever since I updated to FMP 18 I sometimes get errors with the Excel spreadsheet that is created. As you can see in the attached, if I make my changes and hit save it says I have to Save a Copy (if I use the same name it saves over the top of the open file just fine) because the original spreadsheet was an "older version of Excel". If I open it and try to save immediately, I get an error saying a "new version [is] available". I am using FileMaker Pro 18 on a Windows 10 machine and have Office 365 Premium.
  2. Hello Experts, In my attached sample file, I have two Tables Inventory and Transactions. In my Inventory Table I have fields Current Month Inventory Last Month Inventory I want these two fields to capture the count of my Last month Inventory and the count of my current Inventory. In my Last Month Inventory Fields I like to have 1589 Bottles / 7 Boxes ; If someone withdraw 235 Bottles This Month My Current Inventory Fields will Show 1354 Bottles / 6 Boxes. Please find attached file that Im working. Thank you Cross posted to https://community.filemaker.com/en/s/question/0D50H00006qwZEcSAM/last-month-current-month-calculation Monthly Inventory.fmp12
  3. Hi folks. I'm thinking of upgrading an FMS server, a physical machine that I own and administer, so I wanted some input on whether FM Server is going to benefit from more cores, as for example found in AMD's Ryzen CPUs or whether I should instead opt for less cores but with more performance per core (Intel). Does it utilize threads extensively when many clients are issuing requests, and if yes, has it been like that since, say, version 12 or is it just a recent development? And also, is this behavior similar in both macOS and Windows or are they different?
  4. Hello FM Experts! Does FileMaker can create a Queuing System? Here's an example of a Queuing System: Do you think I can create a Queuing System using FileMaker?
  5. I currently spend about $60 per month to a company that hosts my FMP 14 databases on a shared server. How complicated would this be to manage on my own? I am not interested in hosting sites for anybody else, just those for my own company. What kind of dedicated computer gear would I need to make this happen? Would I need to have a dedicated IP address? Can this be done by a rube like myself or would it be better to continue paying someone else for this work?
  6. I am reworking my process of using FMP server side script. Run Server Scheduled Script every 45 minutes Log in to FTP get directory listing (plugin / curl) Create Record for each file in listing Fetch file via (plugin / curl) to text field Write file to server's Document folder Move file on FTP to sub directory (compete) Import files from document folder in to table It works but think kludgy and FMS probably requires more overhead to deal with the FTP plugin. Is there a way to do the following Run a server sequence script every 45 minutes Run a bash script on server login and fetch new files from ftp (need help with this) Save files to FMS Documents/incoming Run script that gets incoming files Run script that imports files Run script that moves files to complete directory Run bash script with file listing as parameter (need help with this) Bash script logs in to FTP moves files to complete folder on FTP OR DELETES them (need help with this) I am hoping this would be much more efficient for FMP to only have to do file imports vs having to also FTP. Thanks SD
  7. How complicated is it to migrate solutions written under FM Pro 14 to FMP 18? Will I need to rebuild them from 14 to 15 then 15 to 16 etc?
  8. Filemaker 18 now has a popup requesting delimiter information when importing records. I have created a database which has been used for 5 years by my clients, It has an import record script which the user could just run and everything populated properly, after choosing the required file. Now there are shown a new popup and asked to choose delimiters. They now have to know which to choose and it is an extra step which is frustrating for the user. Is there any way to use a default delimiter as it is always the same type of file (tab delimited .txt) imported.
  9. When a field validation fails, alert is displayed then when clicking OK program freezes
  10. Quick devcon preview to show the power of Zabbix to monitor but also correct your FileMaker Server: https://www.soliantconsulting.com/blog/filemaker-server-zabbix/
  11. I have a field which has validation selected to only known values from a value list (populated from a separate field{Names} ) When I enter an invalid value or leave it blank, I get the alert dialog box from the field definition but then the program freezes and I cannot proceed. Valid values seem to work fine.
  12. Hi everyone, I recenetly installed a fresh copy of FM Server 18 on a new isolated VPS and tried to copy over the most basic setup which included installation of 2 Server Plugins: ExcelInjector made by Linear Blue BaseElements I simply copied them from my production deployment over the the extension folder as depicted below. However, when I flick the switches as below: They simply fail to load. I am getting an error as below: MServer Error 474 Plug-in failed to load: BaseElements.fmx64 The plugins work perfectly fine on the production server running FM 17. I have moved the same plugins several times from dev server to production servers in fm17 and faced no issues in the past. I have tried rebooting the server, copying again but the same issue seems to persist. Any other users facing the same problem? Or is it best practice to deploy plugins within the Filemaker Pro Advances Client first, run them and then copy them over? Any help would be appreciated. Server specs are as per below:
  13. https://community.filemaker.com/en/s/article/Startup-Restoration
  14. https://community.filemaker.com/en/s/article/Using-Zabbix-for-Monitoring-FileMaker-Server
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