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Found 20 results

  1. Firstly by telling if it is even possible I have a customer contact database that I use to keep track of clients that use our services on an annual basis. We are event photographers, and we are not guaranteed that a given client will rebook us every year, so I need to keep track of who the current contact is, what we offered them and so on and so forth. When I eventually speak to the contact, I then need to follow up email with a PDF. I have created a layout that is a letter format that contains the fields that has offer details that are specific to them. I want to be able to click a button that Switches the layout from the "Form" view, to the Letter layout. Chooses "Current Record" Save/Sends a PDF version of the Letter Layout for that current record via email using the email address that is in the email address field in the "Current Record" Uses some boilerplate text for the email that would be included *somewhere* I suppose I need to make a new field in the DB to draw that from. Also creates a salutation for the email pulling the first name of the contact for the "Current Record" I can do just about all of these things separately in some form, but making it all one single script is something I can not do. I would really y appreciate any help with this as while I have had FileMaker since about version 5, I am by no means a developer and just need to figure this out. Thanks, Craig
  2. Since we can see values from a related table why would we ever need to enter those values into the related table itself, i.e., entering a company name (either via a Lookup (not recommended) or by Insert Calculated Result in Field Options). This video discusses 3 reasons why you would want to do this.
  3. In this video, we add a related value list to the mix allowing users to select a year and see only clients with invoices for that year.
  4. https://support.claris.com/s/article/FileMaker-Server-for-Linux-Developer-Preview-Information?language=en_US
  5. Lookups have been around for ever and they are never going to go away but it's important that you understand the reason they are there and, more importantly, why you shouldn't use them any more
  6. The CentOS FMS19 performs strongly so far; but which ODBC/JDBC driver should I use?
  7. So on FileMaker Server 19 dev preview on Centos, how do I enable XML? I attempted fmsadmin set cwpconfig enablexml=true and CLI indicates all went well, but fmi/xml/FMPXMLRESULT.xml?-dbnames yields forbidden? Thank you
  8. John Mark Osborne and Michael Rocharde are proud to release a special 2 hour episode discussing the release of FileMaker 19 and what it means for Claris, the developer community and ultimately its customers. While, on the surface and at first glance, there doesn't appear to be all that much that is new, a closer look reveals a version that is about to revolutionize the way that solutions are developed. With our regular guest, Marc Larochelle of Productive Computing, we discuss every aspect of the FileMaker 19 release which is new in many ways not least of which is that there will now be incremental releases every few months instead of a big annual release. Not all of the new functionality is fully realized yet but will be coming soon and it is not only beyond exciting but has the potential to make FileMaker a very viable Enterprise solution with a much broader acceptance in the corporate world and the complete integration with JavaScript means that we'll be able to insert fully realized JaveScript calendars, Kanban boards and so much more. Buckle up. https://firesidefilemaker.podbean.com/e/filemaker-19-a-revolution-in-the-making/
  9. FileMaker 19 has arrived, with many exciting new features that everyone can benefit from! Check out our detailed overview of FileMaker 19, which includes links to learning materials for these new features: https://dbservices.com/articles/claris-filemaker-19-overview/ dbservices.com
  10. Next point someone already has experience with? I am playing around with the new script step Filemaker Data Api execution. I am getting results with this: JSONSetElement ( "{}" ; ["layouts";"Forms";JSONString]; ["limit";Get(FoundCount);JSONNumber] ) all fine, but how to execute the _find command?
  11. I just had to implement HotDog not HotDog in FileMaker... HotDog.mp4
  12. Claris just shipped FileMaker 19! Check out the Top 10 things you need to know about this release! New video courses (including a totally new player) will be shipping from RCC on Wednesday, May 27th. support@rcconsulting.com www.fmtraining.tv www.fmstartingpoint.com www.rcconsulting.com
  13. We are looking to manage web content and pages but it must involve php since we are using filemaker custom web publishing. What are our choices? How do we go about deciding on a technology for our website
  14. SAN FRANCISCO, May 20, 2020 — Claris International Inc., an Apple subsidiary, today announced the launch of FileMaker 19: the company’s first open platform for developers to rapidly build sophisticated custom apps leveraging direct JavaScript integrations, drag-and-drop add-ons, AI via Apple’s Core ML, and more. Through FileMaker 19, developers can be more productive and businesses can now leverage Claris’ global community of developers, marketplace of add-ons, and existing developer resources to collaboratively solve complex digital problems. "As cost pressure grows in our rapidly-changing world, companies need to innovate quickly to boost productivity and deliver for their customers,” said Claris CEO Brad Freitag. “That critical agility is at the core of FileMaker 19 as we open the Claris Platform to the most popular programming language on the planet. We’re excited to see what our 50,000 customers will do with a growing set of add-ons and the ability to integrate any of the millions of JavaScript packages." Meet FileMaker 19: Fast, extensible, smart FileMaker 19 enables Claris’ global developer community to use the platform they already know to deliver powerful custom apps to more than 1.3 million active users faster than ever before. With FileMaker 19, developers can: Create in a snap with plug-and-play add-ons — Use add-ons like Kanban boards and photo galleries to snap together robust apps faster than ever before, or leverage JavaScript, web services, native FileMaker code and more to create sharable add-ons to sell in the Claris Marketplace. Extend custom apps with JavaScript — Use readily-available JavaScript libraries or create custom code to directly embed maps, animated graphics, data visualization, and more into their apps. Build smarter apps — Enable rich user experiences with Core ML machine learning models, support for Siri Shortcuts, and NFC (near field communication) tag reading. Unlock the potential of data with image classification, sentiment analysis, object detection and more. Additional features Create directly in the cloud — Fast track app deployment by creating apps directly in FileMaker Cloud, skipping the multi-step configuration process and making apps instantly sharable. Host where you want — In addition to Mac and Windows, FileMaker Server can now be hosted on Linux, an industry standard OS, for high availability and reliability. FileMaker 19 beta reviews “This is the most important release in 15 years.” - Todd Geist, Geist Interactive “In FileMaker 19...simple drag-and-drop JavaScript add-ons save hundreds of hours of programming.” - Cris Ippolite, iSolutions “Add-ons make us much more productive. We already work in a modular approach, but FileMaker 19 makes things much easier.” Claus Lavendt, DataManix Availability Pricing begins at $15 per user per month. To purchase, go to Claris Pricing and click “Buy” to choose a plan. About Claris International Inc. Claris International Inc. is the creator of the world's leading rapid, low-code development platform, offering a suite of services that empower problem solvers to drive digital transformation in businesses large and small. The company has more than 1.3 million active users globally across SMBs and the Fortune 500. Claris is an Apple subsidiary with an unmatched record of business success of more than 80 consecutive profitable quarters. Claris is headquartered in California with operations worldwide, including London, Paris, Munich, Tokyo, Beijing, and Sydney. Press contact Lucy Goss Clarity PR Lucy@clarity.pr
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