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  1. Under Mojave, my version of Filemaker was funky but more or less functional. My recent upgrade to Catalina put a stake thru its heart. I came here after and hour of reading endless sales pitches on the website, 20 minutes waiting on the phone for sales and another 20 in the chat jail with CalrisBot, also awaiting someone with a heartbeat. I'm sold, I want the product but I'm getting a bad feeling. I was an advanced user in the past with Filemaker Pro 11 but my work took me away from database paying work and although my work is now more involved with research and activisim, I'd l
  2. Is there a way to change my coding of scripts so that so-called scripting errors don't show up in server logs when a scheduled script is executed on FM Server? I get dozens of such errors for each daily execution, and Using a Set Error Capture [On] script step doesn't seem to make a difference as to whether the "errors" show up in the server log. The kinds of error codes that do show up (101, 401) don't seem to me to be be the result of scripting errors at all. Rather, they are part of ordinary operations (e.g., testing to see whether to stop looping by checking whether a record exists in a fo
  3. My script in a hosted file needs to export records as pdf into the user Downloads folder, needs to run under Mac and Windows, so I set the variable $path_filename to: Case ( Get ( SystemPlatform ) = 1; "filemac:"; Get ( SystemPlatform ) = -2; "filewin:"; "file:" ) & Substitute (Get (DocumentsPath); "Documents"; "Downloads" ) & "file.pdf" And then: Save Records as PDF [With dialog: Off; $path_filename ; Records being browsed ; Create folders: Off] The script it works in Mac but not in Windows: I get an 800 Error and a message warning that it can't create the file.
  4. As there isn't a thread about this I thought I'd post about this annoying bug as it affected me and I thought I had a corrupt db. The issue seems to be that when editing layouts with certain summary parts in FileMaker 19.1.2 it changes the way that the layout is configured, so that a DDR created in FileMaker 18+ (at least) crashes FileMaker Pro and fails to create the DDR. Some points from my testing: Creating a DDR without selecting 'Layouts' works fine. 'Save a Copy as XML' works fine. It seems that running Recovery or compact/repair in 19.1.2 also introduces th
  5. I have a small Filemaker Member's database (less than 1,200) with some 650 existing members but I am not the Membership Secretary. The Membership Secretary uses Excel to record who joins and resigns, and each time there is a change in membership (joining or leaving) the Excel file on Dropbox is updated and I am notified. I therefore have to import that data into my Filemaker Members database each time there is a change to the members (new member, change in personal detail or resigned member). However I am in control over the data of the existing members who also join our web membership
  6. Hello hope all is keeping well? Please I need help with this script what I have been trying to do for the last week is to put a saved PDF into a container field after its been created? I have tried to insert into a container field with the field be interactive and not Interactive but with no joy. The script attached is where I have been trying to place the script where the red line are? So after its saved to the desktop import into a container field so we have a copy of the PDF I hope someone would be so kind to help me Thank You
  7. I need to import a large amount of data from excel spread sheets into FM19. Is there a way to create a custom import order of field so it will be easy to match the source fields with the target fields. ( I know there is an "arrange by" -custom order) option but that is not a fast enough way The excel spread sheet (source fields) will not be in the same order as the Filemaker File (Target Fields) I often spend a lot of time matching up the source field and the target field and I am looking for a more time efficient way
  8. I know that peer to peer sharing has been deprecated. I also know that it still works on my network between two computers. My client has a two-person shop and has been doing peer to peer for years. He wants to upgrade from an old version of FileMaker to 19 because he is getting new computers. He has been hit hard by events this year so he wants to spend the minimum amount. My versions of 19 are part of a volume license, so I don't know if p2p sharing is only working because of that. Would it work with two or three individual licenses of 19?
  9. Hi, My issue is that my customer layout has a script trigger on LayOutEnter that sorts my customers portal list by "Active" customers, but when I do a go to related record from another table say from quotes or any other the customer layout does not load that customer or show my related customer because the OnLayoutEnter script trigger changes it, I would like it to go to the related customer and also sort it by "Active" on the list. Hope someone can help me with this. Thanks, Pio
  10. Hi All! In Filemaker 18 and earlier it was a possibility mark this: Enlarge the contents of the window for better readability I cant find it in Filemaker 19. Anyone know more? Thanks in advance. -Per
  11. Hoping someone might have the answer to this. I have two new copies of FM19. I installed on 2 machines (Catalina) but like an idiot accidentality used the same licence key on both machines. Not a problem I thought, just trash the app on one machine and delete the <home>/Library/Preferences/com.filemaker.client.pro12.plist then reinstall and enter the second key (as per Claris instructions). But no! each time I reinstall it does NOT ask me for the licence key but automatically picks up the originally entered key. So I am kind of stuck. Does anyone know what other files n
  12. Hello; is there a function or a calculation I can use to Convert between Hijra to Gregorian Date in my FM database?
  13. Hey Everyone We are having this issue with the change of any of this variables IOS 13 FileMaker 18 FileMaker Server 18 FileMaker Go 18 We have a Layout for FileMaker go to upload photos from an iPod Touch or iPhone Pro 11, and when we use a script to take the photo directly from the camera works perfectly, but when we use the another one that has to open the library from the device it will happen either of this 2 things 1. It will duplicate on the mini preview the last "good" picture and when try to maximize the picture nothing shows up
  14. Gents, would you please help me to create a script?
  15. Gents, I have an excel price list with header fields. I want to import it into a newly created FM database. Is it possible to make FM use those header fields instead of me manually creating corresponding fields in FM?
  16. The short video linked below shows a radio button value list that shouldn't work because the 2nd field is an unstored calculation however it does some of the time and others not. I've been noticing this for some considerable time and I'd love to get to the bottom of why. Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated. https://www.screencast.com/t/7CWCfpqfeP
  17. I am finding that my new install of FM19 is very slow. when I go into manage database I have to wait for the fields to populate for about 30 seconds. Is anyone else getting this slow behavior?
  18. https://support.claris.com/s/article/FileMaker-Server-for-Linux-Developer-Preview-Information?language=en_US
  19. This packed livestream covers the GetContainerAttribute function, defining and using Let statements, and more on the new FileMaker 19 Add-ons! Future live streams: https://fmtraining.tv/#LIVE support@rcconsulting.com www.fmtraining.tv www.fmstartingpoint.com www.rcconsulting.com
  20. Firstly by telling if it is even possible I have a customer contact database that I use to keep track of clients that use our services on an annual basis. We are event photographers, and we are not guaranteed that a given client will rebook us every year, so I need to keep track of who the current contact is, what we offered them and so on and so forth. When I eventually speak to the contact, I then need to follow up email with a PDF. I have created a layout that is a letter format that contains the fields that has offer details that are specific to them. I want to be ab
  21. I'm still on Filemaker 17 and was surprised when looking at a colleague's computer to see that Filemaker 17 doesn't support Windows Emoji's, and wondering if that's been fixed in Filemaker 18 or 19? I've been holding off on upgrading due to the hassle of remotely installing, and also because other than the While statement, it doesn't seem that FM 18 or 19 have any real benefits, but this might push me over if one of them supports Windows Emoji...
  22. We’re not ready to upgrade our server to 19, but would like to upgrade some clients to 19. I understand that we won’t be able to leverage any of the new functionality of 19, but will there be any issues with accessing a database hosted on FMS18 with FMP19?
  23. With so many amazing new features in the latest FileMaker release, it may have been easy to miss some of the smaller features. In this FileMaker 19 Q&A, we take a moment to look at some miscellaneous new features. Future live streams: https://fmtraining.tv/#LIVE support@rcconsulting.com www.fmtraining.tv www.fmstartingpoint.com www.rcconsulting.com
  24. I get the below error every time I call the send mail call. It locks me and the only way out is to kill Filemaker client. I get this error for years now since FM 16 on all the x64 versions. Switch To..., Retry, and X do not work as it keeps looping. Up to now I was able to get around it because I was using the x32 version where the error does not happen. Now I am moving to FM 19 as the FM 16 version has an EOL Oct-2020. The FM 19 version comes only on x64 and I have no way avoiding it anymore. I thought that this will be fixed by now but apparently is not.
  25. Over the years, we've run into a situation where two people try to access the same record at the same time. A message is displayed saying "Name (username) is modifying this record. You cannot use this record until Name (username) is finished." Two responses are offered "Send Message" and "OK". If you click "OK", the message simply comes up again, so as well as being locked out of the record you are effectively locked out of using Filemaker. If you click "Send Message" a dialogue appears headed "Message to Send" with a field enabled for a message to be written. Despite having tri
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