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  1. Hey everyone, Just looking to see if anyone has come across a good solution to for this. I have a set of records with multiple fields that I need to export to Excel, I'm exporting via script and everything works great with the exception of one of my fields "columns". This field has a multi-line description. When exporting, all carriage returns are stripped. A quick google search turns up some solutions for exporting a single filed and preserving returns but not a group of fields with only one "column" needed the returns preserved. I'm on FM19 Server. Is there a pl
  2. I have an application where some of the related files will reside on removable media. When sorting, a message box appears telling the user that the related file (which is not on the server) can not be opened (Not Found) and asks the user to locate it. The related file may or may not be available on the removable media and is not needed for the purposes of the sort. Is there anyway to prevent this message from appearing? Error capture on does not solve the problem
  3. New user I have a "Search" script setup in one of my layouts, which works well but I'd like to refine it a little to make searching quicker and with less mouse clicks. Currently, I have a field into which I enter a client name, and a "Search" button which activates a search throughout my database for any records containing this name. For the search to work I have to input the name (or a portion of it) into the "Search Name" field , and then click on the "Search" button. What I'd like to happen is to enter the name into the field and then hit the enter key to activate th
  4. Has anyone integrated Smartsheet with FileMaker using Claris Connect? I can get the basics set up and am able to create a Flow that will add a new record in FM when a row is added in Smartsheet. However, I can't seem to figure out how to pass any column data from that row into the new FM record. It does not give me the tags for any of the columns from my sheet, only high level parent and body tags. What am I missing?
  5. My first try using a Server Side Script. I'm importing csv data which is on "This PC / Documents/CompPBM_checks.csv". I have tried every possible path, but still get missing file error. Options tried include file:FileMakerServer/data/documents/CompPBM_checks.csv file:ThisPC/data/documents/CompPBM_checks.csv file:ThisPC/FileMaker Server/data/documents/CompPBM_checks.csv $Import. $Import equals: Get ( DocumentsPath )&"CompPBM_checks.cvs" FM Server is hosted on AWS
  6. Has anyone played with latest FMS Linux and LetsEncrypt-Certificates? (How) does it work?
  7. Simple problem with hopefully a simple solution. After installing FileMaker 19 (Mac OS X 10.15.7) and installed the license certificate when prompted, subsequent launches of the application remain in trial mode. I've followed the instructions at the site linked below: https://www.soundsessential.com/blog/191-filemaker-pro-19-how-to-fix-the-license-certificate-not-installing But they made no difference (and I didn't have the folder structure issues shown in that blog post). I also have FM 17 Advanced installed as my default FM application, so perhaps that's part of the issue. Any
  8. In list view my fields extend off the available screen area. In Layout Mode the Top Navigation part scrolls to the right together with the Body part, BUT when I exit Layout the Top Navigation part does NOT scroll when I scroll to the right in the Body part. How do I keep the Top Navigation Part in line with the Body Part? This is thoroughly disconcerting as my field labels are all in the Top Navigation Part, but the fields are in the Body Part. The two do not align as I scroll to the right. Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Problem Solved - I should have put the labels
  9. Does anyone know how to do this? calling the "generate as configured" script stacks the script that gets called after the webveiwer is set at the end of the primary script, there for only the last record in the found set of the loops actually has the image file created and saved to the container field.
  10. Recently converted a FM application from V6 to V19. The application will run on FM server. Very new to FM19 Questions related to temporary path I have scripts that exports data to 3 temporary fm12 files. Two of the temp files hold data that is them imported to other files and one of the temp files holds data for a lookup in another file. dhistory imports data from dtemp rhistory imports data from rtemp vendors looks up data from vtemp The temp files are fm12 files Questions 1. I would like to have the temp files sent to the temporary path on the user
  11. Hi All, Just had a look at the new Add-ons in Fm19. Is there a way to make the timer work in reverse. i.e. Start from a field (Timer::TimeLength) that a user can input, so that the specified time of say 30:00 will run down to 0:00 Any help would be appreciated. Regards Milton.
  12. I am trying to script an import of three worksheets in the same Excel file. The 3 geographical regions worksheets are not structured the same, i.e. field name rows are not in the same place and are named differently. The script runs but stops to ask which worksheet to process. How do I create a variable/parameter in the script for it to proceed sequentially from worksheet 1-3 without stopping? Thanks DA
  13. Hello Fellow FM'ers! We have been testing Linux and everything has been great, but we are having issues with the authentication via web direct using Windows Federated Services. We followed the steps in the available documentation "Addendum4_ADFS.pdf" and also used "ExtendOAuth_v1.pdf" to get the AD-FS rules configured as well as the necessary admin console requirements (Client Key, Shared Key etc...) We do see the following on attempting to login to our solution: And when we click on the AD FS Option we do receive a login prompt from our Federated Services:
  14. Thank you in advance... We have a serialized field that has a value of FL2021-0001 and increments by +1. I created a script that makes a duplicate record for reasons that don't matter here... but at this point I need to reset the serialized field to the next correct number. I do this with the Set Next Value function as such: Set Next Serial Value [TableFL::SerializedField ; Max ( TableFL::SerializedField ) + 1 ] The problem is it sets the next value to 20210002 instead of FL2021-0002. Can I read this as a string and increment it or is the return always going to be a
  15. Hello Everyone, I would like to check what are issues when FileMaker Pro and Server 19 are installed in Windows Server 2012 R2? Thanks.
  16. The content of myField is: text before quotes "quoted text" and I want to format a JSON object: JSONFormatElements ( "{\"object\":\"" & myTable::myField & "\"}") the quotes within my data make invalid JSON, so I escape quotes: JSONFormatElements ( "{\"object\":\"" & Substitute ( myTable::myField; "\""; "\\\"") & "\"}") Then I get valid JSON like this: {"object" : "text before quotes \"\u0016quoted text\u0016\""} I wonder where these \u0016 characters added around the quoted text come from, I don't want them there How should I escape quotes w
  17. Hello, I'd like to record when a user views a record, and then have a layout where the "Unviewed By Me" records become bold. This idea is similiar to "Unread" in most email programs, but it is generated from a shared set of records instead of only emails delivered to me. I know that I can create a subtable to create a record each time someone views a record. I don't need an audit trail of when or how many times they viewed it, just the LAST time, if they have viewed it at all- which makes me think I want this info in the record in question, not through a relationship. I only have 4
  18. Hi, I am new to FileMaker. Let's say I write an app and upload to the iOS appstore. And later I make lots of changes like adding new functions and new layout in the app and I want to do update of the app which is already in the iOS store and in the users' ipad and iphone. 1) How is it going to be done? 2) Is the user data going to be safe after the update? 3) Is the procedures going to be the same as the desktop app (Any alternative other than doing "Import")? Thanks KC
  19. Is it possible to change the logo of the FileMaker 16 local file? We changed the logo in in "File Options". But it is not reflecting in the FileMaker DB logo. Thanks in advance.
  20. I suggest you post your date question separately, as it is unlikely that anyone else in the future will be interested in this particular combination of problems. When you do, please clarify if it is possible for a shift to span more than 2 periods - e.g. start at 7:00 PM and end at 9:00 AM the following day. Also, please update your profile to reflect your version and OS so that we know what you can use.
  21. Good day. I am in the board of a voluntary red-cross organization and work on the project of creating a database to summarize all relevant information into one platform. In the creation of the database I am struggling on the following issue: One part of the database is to record the medical services the organization offers at events. On those events we work in different shifts. Displaying those shifts in a portal is no problem. Now the part where I am struggling: We distinguish between "Day-Hours" (shifts between 8.00 AM and 7.59 PM) and "Night-Hours" (shifts between 8.00 PM and 7.59 AM)
  22. So on FileMaker Server 19 dev preview on Centos, how do I enable XML? I attempted fmsadmin set cwpconfig enablexml=true and CLI indicates all went well, but fmi/xml/FMPXMLRESULT.xml?-dbnames yields forbidden? Thank you
  23. Hi all, I would like to create a page count for a found set of records when I am in preview mode and when I export to PDF ie if a found set of records has 3 pages then the first page would contain a field that reads '1 of 3' Can anyone help with how to achieve this? Any help is much appreciated Thanks Michael
  24. I cannot select inside an input field at a specific character. Clicking on the field works and selects the field, but I then need to use the arrow keys to go to a specific characters. Mouse clicking at a specific characters does nothing. Anyone has experienced this? screen.mov
  25. Hello, I moved fields (and scripts) from one FM file to another one. Now, I have a table to 2 fields that has same function but different names, example: Container1 and Container2 Both have their own attached scripts and calculations. I would like to merge "container2" into "Container1" field so the attached scripts and calculations will also change, but I can't rename it simply to "container1" is there a way to without going through all the scripts and calculations? Thanks
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