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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I'm looking for a little feedback on hosting our FM 14 database through a different port other than 5003. We are experiencing latency issues with our Filemaker Go clients being on hospital wifi's and a lot of the accounts are blocking ports. We would like to use 443 to host the file to avoid blocked ports or other issues. We currently have a VPN setup to help with this issue, but, this tends to be hit or miss for our sales rep. These reps typically like to get in and out quickly and have severe ADD, so getting kicked out and having to trouble shoot how to get in and stay is making them feel like the database isn't working well. Does anyone know of a way to host files through 443 instead of 5003? If so, will this mess with any container fields, or will anything need to be reset as far as the configuration goes? I realize this may be an "off label" type situation, but, we are desperate and if it works but just isn't recommended like many other things Apple shoots down, I would like to pursue it. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks everyone! Bryan
  2. Hi - my backup schedule is acting odd. The log says the schedule has aborted as the destination is "not writable" and some files may be left at the destination. A look at the folders seems to show them being written but they are not deleting after the nominated number. The status in the schedule window also says permission denied. I am using a custom backup folder but to test, I swapped it back to the default folder with the same issue. Any help much appreciated - thanks
  3. I have a problem with filemaker server 14, when I install it this happened: I don't know what is causing this, help.
  4. I'm sorry, forum - you serve a merely psychotherapeutic purpose today. I came here merely to VENT - because I have given up any hope that FileMaker will ever get its act together. As I am sure many of you have suffered through also, even the slightest one of software updates in either Filemaker or any of the supporting packages - from Java to OS X - will almost certainly result in an entirely unpredictable and prohibitively nonsensical trail of incompatibility issues, software errors, or warning messages that will wreck your system. Remember how, when FMS 12 came out, Web Publishing would keep crashing at random intervals and had to be restarted manually? Remember how, when FMS 13 came out, all of a sudden, the Java admin interface would not work any more for some security setting in the java engine? Enough to get your pulse pumping on any live or development system - but Filemaker 14 Server REALLY shoveled FileMaker's grave even deeper. Sure, it looks nice and fancy on FileMaker's own spam-emails. So I decided to give it a shot a while back. On one of our development servers. After downloading the FMS 14 server trial version, I was basically told to go ***** myself and the time I had spent trying to do it - it will only work from Version OS X 10.Y onwards. Right. Like I would entirely upgrade my development server just to see if I'd like to shove some more $$$$ up some Apple companies rear end. Which brings me to the next issue. The insane pricing model for FMS 14 server. There is no flat rate pricing any more - you pay per user. Which is insane if you run anything other than your local massage salon scheduling on it. Will I really risk having my clients locked out of access to our systems just because Filemaker didn't sense the last session close alright????? Without going into too much detail, FMS 14 is overpriced for anything behind a YMCA environment. Then, again, this may have been priced out of the market on purpose - because, as I had to find out after I had finally gotten FMS14 to run on another one of our servers - the database would completely clog down resources on our MONSTER machine of a server. Where FMS13 had performed flawlessly for years on a machine of even lesser hardware capabilities, FMS14 has managed to NOT EVEN ALLOW ONE SINGLE SIMULTANEOUS Web User to log in without catastrophically draining everything from memory to lag times to CPU utilization. You can't test-run FMS14 if another FMS version may still be installed. Not even on different ports. I've had trouble installing FMS14 from scratch on a brand new machine running Mac OS X - which is twice as frustrating considering that Filemaker is an Apple Company. The installer would simply crash mid-way saying nothing but 'Searching' on the main HD and becoming unresponsive. FMP 14 then, upon trying to connect to a server, simply flips you off by telling you 'The SSL certificate for FileMaker Server is not compatible with this Filemaker Client. Contact your server administrator'. Great. So I'm being told to contact myself about an issue that was not there before, has never been an issue, and is now supposedly made an issue by some brainiac FileMaker intern? How dare, Filemaker, you clog down my staff with issues that you create?! I should invoice you for the time my administrators have to spend chasing down your boggy issues. You should have enough cash on hand, courtesy of your volume licensing usury. And the best part: THIS WAS ON A NON-SSL test environment. Throwing an SSL error on a system that does not use SSL is like telling you your gas tank is empty when you're driving a Tesla. In short: FMS 14 is financially utterly disproportionate; technologically shockingly deficient; and, diligently, grossly negligent. This is coming from someone who has used nothing but Filemaker Solutions over the past 10+ years. It saddens me that an established line of software products that once led the market seems to be driven into the ground without any consideration for the fallout and the industry that was built around it over the past years. Again; your YMCA will still get your schedule right. But I would have to be placed under conservatorship should I ever sign up to FMS14 pricing.
  5. So i've got an active fmp7 database running on a 9.03 server... The hardware is already years passed its expiration point, and (due to that annoying java issue) I don't think I can install it on a newer OS model.. Am currently running on Mac OSX 10.5, and can't seem to get the Admin software to work on 10.6 in any usable way.. So my plan: utilize a new(er) server with FMS 14, install it, and use it to serve the older FMP file.. I've been told that a newer server will handle older files (as long as I don't change them import them into a newer FMP app and re-save them). Is this path good, bad, or just plain impossible?
  6. I've got a currently-served solution (9.03) happily running on a (now 9yr old) server, which has well, long overdue for heart failure. Also have FMS 14 and a current machine prepped and ready to run. I'd like to run the Server 14, host some 14 files, and also host the version 9 file on it (have an unlimited site license for version 9 software, which suits this location well)... Anybody know if that will work?

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