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Found 55 results

  1. I get the feeling I have dodge a bullet for years now. I have been making all updates to our server hosted db's live. Everything I read here and at Filemaker tells me this is a BAD idea. So - what is the proper way to make a change to a hosted file? I'm having trouble finding documentation regarding the proper procedure.
  2. Hi folks, I manage FM for a university department, and we recently upgraded to server 11. After the upgrade, I have noticed that closed files on our server are no longer included in the daily backup (as they were with server 8.5). I keep the closed files in the default folder, so I know that isn't the problem. I also went through the admin console and I didn't see any option to "include closed files" or anything like that. I like the keep closed files on our server (they are for previous semesters) because people need them every once in a while. And I need them in the backup, because, periodically, they will be opened, changed, and closed, and I want to make sure I have the latest versions. Thanks for your help with this. And if you need any additional info, just ask. Dave
  3. Hi I received the task for a Filemaker 11 migration without having worked with this system before. The databases are running on a Filemaker Server Advanced 11 whith external authentication to our OD, which is running on a Mac OS X Server (SnowLeopard). The aim is to migrate the biggest filemaker database to another system, but to migrate the smaller databases as local files to a Windows System with local users only. The latter is the problem. I have full admin rights on the Mac OS X Server as well as on the OD, but I don't have the local filemaker account data (because the responsible person has left). I'm logged into the Admin Console with an account which is member of the fmsadmin group. But I don't get managed to login to the fp7 files with a local FM account. I tried different versions: closing down the database, copying over the fp7 file to another Mac or to a Windows system. Within the Admin Console I cannot find any point for inserting new local users or changing passwords.There is only the possibility to insert an admingroup. So my question is: how can I gain local admin access to the fp7-Files when only knowing the credentials of the OD accounts? Bernhard
  4. Fairly sure the issue is localized to the one client, but I cannot find the issue. This one newly installed client cannot see the files remotely hosted on our server, the other 400 clients have no issues. I've confirmed it is this one PC my installing NMAP on the client and scanning the server and it can see port 5003 open on the server. I've went even further and installed Wireshark on the client and filtered the server IP and tried to connect, wireshark showed no communication with the server, not even an attempt. This leads me to believe the issue is 100% with the client, but I don't know where to look or what to try. - Bonjour is installed - I can ping all of our servers with no issues I found one snippet of information that might help me: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5493/~/cannot-see-hosted-database But I could not find the resource they were talking about. Right now any help is appreciated.
  5. Hi All, I am stuck with an unknown problem which I have never faced before. The thing, that I want is to upload the images into the FileMaker Server HDD drive folder. In mac, there is a drive called "FileMaker Server HDD" where FileMaker Server is installed. And in the same drive there is a folder called "Photoserver". Please let me know that whenever any user upload image into the FileMaker from client side using container field, it should be saved into the "Photoserver" folder. And in field called "Path", it should save the path or the reference of that Uploaded file. I am using FileMaker Server 11 Advanced and FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced. The client is from PC and server is installed in Mac. Hoping for the best reply.
  6. Hi good day everyone, i would like to ask some help or give me some idea about database back up using maped network shred folder. is it possible to back my database using the shared folder from my another computer? or any the networked drive map.
  7. Hello Everyone Today I installed the "fms_11.0.5.510" updater to my database server and my web server.  I needed to run the "fms11patch" installed  in order to get the admin console working again. Once I logged into the admin console again I was greeted with a big old error message that I have never seen before.  When I am viewing the "Filemaker Server Overview" page there is a red light with a error message stating " Server Status Information - An error was encountered communicating with the server" I have attached a screen shot - the odd thing is all my Filemaker web services appear to be working correctly but i really want this red icon gone... Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  8. I am running FMS v11.0.2.217 Users are running 10.0 v3, I just realized a few are running 10.0 v1. Server is Windows 7 Pro SP1 In the last 30 days, 2 different times, When Windows Updates were applied, I am unable to log in to the database from all computers. The first time, I had to rebuild all the databases and restart all the PCs. The second time, All the PCs were restarted and can access the databases, but the server itself cannot login to the files. Here is the error I get on the server (note, no other users are affected): Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: FileMaker Pro.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 4a3ad6bc Fault Module Name: ntdll.dll Fault Module Version: 6.1.7601.18247 Fault Module Timestamp: 521ea8e7 Exception Code: c0150010 Exception Offset: 0008482b OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: 65ad Additional Information 2: 65ad32e6764235fd8ab502cb31467ec6 Additional Information 3: 7b91 Additional Information 4: 7b912993949a407ff6fd5159679aa61a Any input that can be provided would be helpful. Thank you. David Stark / Anchorage AK
  9. As stated above, no idea where this came from. Last successful edits performed a few days ago, today, no modifications allowed. Logged in as admin remotely as well as on the server itself, same behavior. Can't change anything in the file, or in the security settings etc. This is on the MacPro running 10.6.8, latest available OS patches, server version, running with IWP, all other web options off. Security: FM accounts only; List only authorized DBs; SSL enabled. I did install the SSL patch for 11 several weeks ago, but no adverse effects were noted at the time... Any ideas welcome...
  10. Does anyone have an idea of how many characters I can use into ExecuteSQL command? Or if there is a limit on an ODBC connection? I used ExecuteSQL and it gave me error message "string too long" till I reduced the size of data to 2000 characters only. Any idea if I can use more? And how?
  11. Sorry If this is a little basic, but I couldn't seem to find a straight answer on this. If I have developed a database with FMPA 13 can I host it using FM server 11? If it does work, does it need to be accessed with FMP 11 clients or FMP13 clients for all functionality to work?
  12. There are two plug in, 360works FTPeek and cns FTPit, the alternative is to use "Url " or custom function. I have to delete and upload a new file in a static site, my server has also a "robot" that create pdf then i can use the same robot to update the file on the site. 1) before i start could you suggest me the simpliest way? 2) The base element plug in could be used for ftp funcions? 3) any example other then for the plugin mentioned above? Thank you in advence for your attention. Franco
  13. I have a pop-up menu that uses a value list of customer names that inputs the customer ID into the field instead. I have used a pop-up menu instead of a drop-down list to hide the customer IDs. When the customer record has been finished it is saved, for security reasons, and locked down by using script triggers to prevent any user changing the fields. My problem is that I can't setup a script trigger to lock the pop-up menu from being changed, this means that even if the record is locked, the customer name/ID can be changed and this breaks the whole point of securing the record. I'm still new to filemaker so any help would be appreciated
  14. After installing the Mac OS Mavericks I can open filemaker 11's files but it is not possible to use the mouse or track pad to select any field. I can use the mouse with the menu but not on the file. In the file the only way to change or select field is using tab. Any solution?
  15. I've been logging in with FileMaker Server 11 Admin Console on a remote server for 3 years using http://[server name&location]:16000/ About a month ago I got this error message when trying to access the Admin Console. "Application Blocked by Security Settings Your security settings have blocked an application signed with an expired or not-yet valid certificate from running." I tried accessing the Admin Console from 3 different computers, but couldn't get to the login page. Our tech folks here are very good, but don't know much about FileMaker and haven't been able to figure out the problem. They tried disabling the firewall, checking the certificate, ports etc. but to no avail. Has anyone encountered this problem? I should add I can access the files on the server just not the Admin Console. It is on and running.
  16. How can I get ESS access to PostgreSQL from FM11SA?
  17. What is wrong when Database appears unavailable to the scheduler, yet regular users are logged in?
  18. I made the silly mistake up letting Java update itself, and now of course FMS won't launch. I've cleared the Java cache several times, rebooted several times, and no matter what I do the app still says it won't launch. Is there any fix known for this? It would be really nice if I didn't have to reformat the whole system again just to get it running. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks.
  19. I have a sales order processing database where each sales order line has a number of records related to it. The related records have several date fields and from the context of the sales order line, I need to be able to establish the latest date in each of these date fields and store it in the sales order line for use later. I chose to write a custom function to which would determine the latest date in a list of dates, so I could evaluate each set of related dates in turn. To work out the latest date in the list, I decided to turn the list of dates into numbers using the getAsNumber() function, finding the largest number in the list and converting it back to a date again using the getAsDate() function. I then included this calculation in a script the would run through the selected order lines and evaluate the latest dates from the records Now I'm in the UK, so our 'normal' date structure is dd/mm/yyyy. When I run the script on an FMP11 Client, using a UK regionalised version of Windows 7, the calculations work as expected and the sales order lines end up with the correct latest dates. If I run the same script on the server, the latest dates either end up transposed or indeterminate. For example if the latest date is 12th March 2014, the result from running on the FMP client is 12/03/2014 whereas the result from the server is 03/12/2014 (3rd December 2014 in UK speak!). If it were 25th March 2014, the server returns ? It appears that the server doesn't respect local regional date settings and will always use the US date formats. A bit of Googling suggests that this has been an issue for other non-US users, although I can't find a solution explicitly referenced in these forums or on Technet Is this the case, and does this problem persist through to FMP12 and FMP13 servers? If so is there a way to reliably determine the date settings on the current platform, so it is possible to know which 'result' I am going to end up with and translate accordingly? I'd setting for a platform independant way of doing the calculation as an alternative. Thanks Brian
  20. Hi, I just create an application that connects to server remotely. However, when I bring my application to the place where the server server resides, the connection is slow. Because the data from the application has to connect to the server from outside than travel back inside. The data also travel through the firewall. Is there a way in filemaker to auto detect the i.p. whether the server is near your computer locally or outside? Thanks. K.C.
  21. Mac mini core i7 16gb running fms 11 crashes 3 times a day on average. Last log event are error 10 or 51. Any suggestions?
  22. I'm trying to validate some container fields via script, and I've noticed that using the IsEmpty function doesn't seem to recognize signatures, as does the equal or not-equal sign operator. How do I check for signatures? *edit* Disregard, it was programmer error. This post can be deleted.
  23. hi sir good day, im new here in the furom. i have a problem with my database file. i dont know if my database is corrupted or damage but if i open the file an error poping out "the file <databasefilename>.fp7 could not be opened becuase it needs to be converted to this version of filemaker Pro". but before the error appear i can open the database file with filemaker pro 11 or 11 advance, and the file was created with the same version of filemaker. i already tried to recover the file using the filemaker recovery process. the file was recoverd and i can opened the database but the recovered file or database have 0 records and still 10gb file size. could anayone help me with this problem. sorry for the poor english.
  24. Hi Guys, I am try IWP, but try to connect to web server on the intranet. Tried launching deployment wizard. It goes up to find web server and IIS. Then it does not connect to web server. test failed. I tried supply the IP address of the FM Server11 Advance and port 80. It does not connect. I am try to this on the intranet. Tried 591. still no connection. Any body know the answer for this issue. I have files hosted on the server, all the clients can connect to server through intranet without any problem. Cannot start web publishing engine. Thanks, Sukh
  25. This import script has run for 1-2 months non-stop, no problems. The script runs fine when: 1) I run the script manually from the scheduler in FileMaker Server Admin console. 2) run from FileMaker Pro But I m not really interested in any manual approach. The problem is that when the scheduler in FileMaker Server Admin console executes the script every 5 mins; an email is issued in essence telling me this: last scripting error (718).
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