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Found 96 results

  1. Hi, I'd like to sort records using value lists as well as text fields. My FirstName field works (try Steve) but I'm at a loss on how to make the valuelist sort records correctly. I want to search records from CA in my State valuelist. Here's a link and the php code. Thanks All! http://ssvtennis.com/valuelistsort.php valuelistsort.php
  2. LS, I am trying to enable Web Publishing tool in FileMaker Server 12.05 on a Windows 7 x64 with Java 7 (update 75) and IIS running (World Wide Web Publishing Service running normally) . but I am facing this wired error which I can't get rid of. Tried a lot of things I saw on the internet without any luck. I have attached a snap of the error as well. Any tips or ideas are highly appreciated it.
  3. I have lots of searchs that may return 'no records'. Is there coding that will not kill other php requests on the same page? Can I make an If statement that will search my db for a count of records before a result is executed: something like if ($_Get Count($field == 1) my field is 'lafall1'. it is a tennis tournament. when someone clicks 'yes' for lafall1, it returns the number '1'. this way, when someone plays 'lafall1', lafall2 and la fall3', a calculation field returns that 3 tournaments have been played. If no one has clicked 'yes' for 'lafall1', the query will return an error: no records match this request. It stops the script and the coding on the rest of my page dies. Here is a snippet of my code. Thanks! <?php $RandyFind = $fm->newFindCommand('mylayout'); $RandyFind->addFindCriterion('lafall1', '1'); $RandyFind->addSortRule('ssvm', 1, FILEMAKER_SORT_DESCEND); $RandyFind->setRange(0,500); $result = $RandyFind->execute(); if (FileMaker::isError($result)) { echo($result->getMessage()); exit; } ?> <?php $found = $result->getFoundSetCount(); if($found == 0) { $record_count = ''; } elseif($found >= 2) { $record_count = '(' . $found . ' players)'; } echo $record_count;?>
  4. Hi, I'd like my New Record.php to advance to an Edit.php upon clicking submit on the New Record form. I don't want to remain on the New Record.php, but doing otherwise gives me a 'no record created' message. Here's an example of my New Record.php Thanks! newinputplayer.php
  5. Hi, I was successful in creating records with drop down valuelists from my db, now I'd like an edit form on a new page to show those values and edit them. I only see the unedited drop down lists in the edit form. Here is some code: $layout =& $fm->getLayout('mylayout'); $values = $layout->getValueList('statelist'); $statelist = '<select name="State">'; foreach ($values as $value) { $statelist .='<option value="' . $value . '">' . $value . '</option>'; } $statelist .= '</select>'; $edit = $fm->newEditCommand('mylayout', $_POST['id']); $edit->setField('State', $_POST['State']); $edit->execute(); $record = $fm->getRecordById('mylayout', $_GET['id']); $State = $record->getField('State'); <td><?php echo $statelist; ?></td> Thanks so much!
  6. Hi, when a search returns a listing, I'd like a numbered sequence like: 1 2 3 4 any example of how to do this? I appreciate your help!
  7. Passing Tokens with PHP

    Hi, I'm used to using tokens with FM 5.5. What's the best way to pass a field variable thru a form with PHP? I have a 'club number' field that is auto-entered for the head of a club. I'd like to pass that field variable thru via a form to a new input form that will give new users that club number thru a hidden input. Thanks!
  8. Hi, I'm running FileMaker 12 database on a Filemaker 12 server. With my business file I'm able to sort and delete records, but cannot edit or create new records. With a second new test file, I'm able to edit, create, delete, everything. The 2 files have identical permissions and privileges. I know my PHP is correct because it works on the test file. The business file was converted from FMP 5.5 to FMP 7 to FMP 12. It is not a corrupt file. How can my business file not edit or create new records, yet be able to delete records? I appreciate your help! Here is the file. ssvdb.fmp12
  9. I have noticed for quite a while now (a few years) that often when I try to reopen a hosted file that FMPA will spin for 20-30 seconds and respond with "file not available on this server..." error. But upon retrying it a 2nd time, it always comes right up. Anyone else run into this? This has happened on FMS12, 13 and 14 for me. This has been across multiple servers (same client location), different machines/clients, and different files. It has been just a minor annoyance so I haven't tracked it real well: I can't attest to whether it happens every single time I open the file; or perhaps it is only after leaving the office (after properly shutting a file down), and then coming back to the office the next day; or ?? Anyone else had something similar happen? -- Justin
  10. Hi, I've Googled and read, but given the "Preserve external container storage” option available now in in 13.v2, it seemed many recommended protocols were outdated. The setup: Separation Model both UI and data, hosted with FMS12. Replacing both files time.FMS12 (yep, still not updated to FMS13 - working with IT to do so)Clients are FM13Migration script (imports) written and ready to go.So, can someone please list the steps needed to replace a file on a FMS12 that has secure external containers? Should I have FMS13v2 installed on the FMS12 box and run the migration locally (via Teamviewer)? I usually copy off a backup to DropBox and do the updates on my iMac and then rehost. Is this still possible without breaking links? -Barbara
  11. Host FMP14 on FMS12?

    Hi all, Please bear with me; I'm a graphic designer learning to develop for my company when I have time. My boss bought me a copy of FMPA14 because I had heard our FMS12 could still host it, but I'm getting an SSL error when I try to connect to the server from FMP14. We have FMS12v04 on an old G5 running OS X Lion and it can't be upgraded any further. I've been researching this a bit and I found links to update FMS12 to v09 (I think?) which I haven't done yet. We all connect to the server with our workstations via LAN. We don't use FMGo or XML or anything like that (at this point). Is there a workaround or an option I can turn off somewhere? I don't want to buy an SSL certificate and I wouldn't know what to do with it if I had one. Thanks!
  12. When I try to open the FMS12 Console, I see a dialog   Is this because I'm running Java 7.75?  I could not find any settings in System Preferences or Safari Preferences that had to do with certificates.   This occurred on Yosemite.  On Mavericks, nothing at all happens when I click the Start Admin Console button.  Please give me some suggestions.  --Doug  EDIT:  Fixed with installation of version 12.0.5 on Yosemite.  Off to install 12.0.6 on Mavericks to see if that helps there.
  13. FileMaker 12 Server where to buy

    Does anyone know when I can buy FileMaker Server 12 ? I'm currently on version 11 and want to upgrade. Can some please help me out? Thanks, John
  14. Can the Filemaker 12 Server Upgrade be used to upgrade from FileMaker 11 Server Advance even though the FileMaker 12 Server is not the Advance version? Can it be used?
  15. Hi, I can obviously use application_version() as the means to detect a desktop, iPad or iPhone, or Web Publishing Engine. But is there any way inside the Web Publishing Engine, to detect if its's a desktop, or iPad or iPhone? Many thanks
  16. Open Remote list not populated

    Good morning all, We are currently running FMS12 hosted on a Windows Server 2003. All clients are also windows users and are running FM12. Everything has been fine, then yesterday, due to an internal office move, we had to move the server to a new room. Everything was closed down properly and restarted correctly. However, the server is no longer showing in the Open Remote dialogue. Opening the file via 'Open Recent' works fine and the files open fine. I initally did a re-boot of the server and this corrected the issues and the Open Remote wokred last night, but this morning it is back to having an empty 'Open Remote' list. The server IP address and name has remained constant. Any suggestions?
  17. Greetings! I've inherited an instance of FileMaker Server 12 that is hosting 100+ files, and 80% of them haven't been used or even logged into in years. 5% are used regularly, and 15% are used very occasionally. The issue is I haven't the foggiest idea which is which. Does anyone have any clever ideas on how I could, in one fell swoop, figure out which ones have fallen out of use? Are there database file properties hiding somewhere? In a perfect world, I would like to know: The date any user last logged into a file; The date any user last edited any data in the file; The account name of those users; The date the file was actually hosted. (I realize the answer is probably no, but I can dream, right? And there has to be SOME way to figure this out besides asking 500 people which databases they use...) Any and all ideas are welcome. Thanks! - Joy
  18. changing the ip address

    We are going to deploy a new Filemaker Server 12 on Mac OS 10.9 We want to take our time with this to set it up correctly. Is it a good way to setup the new server completely and then at the end change the ip address to the right one? (after taking done the old one) We are also using IWP.
  19. FileMaker 12 Server to buy

    Hi, I'm looking to buy FileMaker 12 Server ? Any advise? Thanks
  20. Let me start by saying I'm not a server or Windows expert in any way, shape, or form. I am the one-eyed FileMaker guru in the land of the blind, therefore, I'm the expert by default. I have taught myself everything I know from books and this forum and lots of trial and error. Our FileMaker server environment (v 12) is humming along just fine, and now corporate wants to revoke my access to the server and have everything go through a ticket system at the corporate level, which would mean a review by a board for any time I need to take the files offline. They estimate it'd probably be a week's wait for each ticket to be reviewed and approved, and then someone remote would have to take the files offline. Aside from the fact that I can't fathom waiting a week at a time for a simple fix (and other more complex issues having to do with financial reporting requirements and deadlines for such), apparently there is an idea floating at corporate that I should be able to access the server admin console via a web browser and not need to log in to the server, which is what I do now. Is this something that is possible with the basic "out of the box" FileMaker Server 12? If I can actually access the admin console through a web browser, then this loss of server access is probably not a big deal, but I don't even know where to begin looking for that. Any pointers in the right direction? Google is not my friend this afternoon. Thanks!
  21. Our company purchased a new mac mini to run as a dedicated fmserver. It came with Yosemite. Attempting to install stops after accepting the licensing agreement, displaying a warning about bonjour needing to be installed: See attached screenshot. Â How do I install or modify Bonjour so the install continues?
  22. Hi all, I'm new here so I hope I get everything right. I've done a search already, but I can not find my issue listed. Sorry if it's been covered before. OK, here goes..... VMWare Server running on HP Prolient G7 tin 2 Virtual Cores 4Gb RAM Windows Server 2012 R2 DataCenter x64 IIS v8.5 (Default for 2012 R2) FileMaker Server 12 FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced with Bonjour JRE v7 This is a brand new build specificity for this use. I've installed FileMaker Server 12 on to the above setup with Custom Web Publishing using PHP I followed the deployment wizard and deployed for a single machine setup. I allowed FMS to install the provided version of PHP with it's own configuration. There is NO SSL configuration on the server at present. The admin console shows three green ticks to indicate that everything is happy. However, when I run the PHP Custom Web Publishing Test, I get the page displayed correctly, (PHP is working) and it identifies the name of the server, but below the main information box, I get the following error message: The PHP connection to the FMServer_Sample database failed. The PHP test was not able to communicate with the Web Publishing Engine. Make sure you have PHP publishing enabled and the database has the fmphp extended privilege enabled. (Error 22; Unknown error) The sample database is installed and it is listed in the admin console, status, normal and dots across the line. I can't imagine that it wasn't installed with the correct Extended Privileges for CWP and I would not be 100% confident to know what I should check for. I am viewing the CWP Test webpage on both the server and a client and getting the same error message. Can anyone suggest any further areas that I should be looking at? Cheers in advance, Barry.
  23. We run a webserver in a datacenter based on CentOS Linux. We have our website running on that server. For the client portal we use a connection to our local Filemaker 12 Server via FM_API_for_PHP_Standalone.zip. We have a good connection (tested with fmi-test sample database) to out local server. So that works. We have run the filemaker php code for many years on the local server with no problems. Now I've moved the php code to the webserver and installed and configured FM_API_for_PHP_Standalone.zip correct (php date and php curl modules installed, path updated, etc). As said, the fmi-test sample runs correct on our webserver to the fms12 server. My code generates errors, after logging in, and I cannot find what causes these errors. Fatal error: Class 'FileMaker_Command_Find' not found in /home/admin/FileMaker/FileMaker/Implementation/FileMakerImpl.php on line 122 My gut feeling tells me this is something simple, but what? Can someone help me out here? Thanks in advance.
  24. Maybe I’m the last one to notice this, but I’ve come to appreciate that Filemaker Server backups don’t replace the copy of any database that has not changed during the daily backup for instance. The result is that if one has the verification box checked it doesn’t happen for those databases. What’s interesting is that one can see the pattern of change simply by looking at the pattern of successful consistency checks. Where I seem to recall reading about databases where there is no change, not being replaced with each backup, I don’t recall anyone mentioning that by implication there would be no verification happening in those circumstances. Did I get that about right? Useful to know for sure when a manager or development team member asks. Bill Bill LeDrew bledrew@mac.com ORC Filemaker Support Wizards of the Coast
  25. I'm on a new Windows 7 machine and when I go to the IP address:16000 it comes up with a message that I need Java later than 6. I installed 8 and I still get this message every time. I checked Java and it is 8. That's on Explorer. On Chrome I get some crazy messages about what program to start php files. That's after I hit the big button for the admin. Any ideas?

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