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Found 319 results

  1. Qam Qam

    Count Down Timer

    Hello everyone , this is my 1st post in this helpful website thank you guys ive learned a lot iam working on recruiting software for my office its simple my issue now that i want to set simple days count down timer for example if my client requested his procedure finish in 60 days or 90 days i want to know left days in a list so i can give pioirty so i used the following GetAsNumber ( Contract_End_Date - Get ( CurrentDate ) ) which appears in the remaining days filed it worked fine for me the issue is it remains frozen , next day its the same value like yesterday sorry for my bad English ' please help me thank you
  2. Just talked to FM tech support, they currently have no guidance on this. Anyone have any comment on if/how this affects the server? I just read this post on the FM company forum: Eliminating the POODLE Vulnerability in FMS 13 on OS X Forum post posted October 21, 2014 by JohnDCCIU, last edited October 21, 2014 47 Views Title: Eliminating the POODLE Vulnerability in FMS 13 on OS X Your post: I did a little playing around to see if I could eliminate the POODLE vulnerability in FMS 13 running on OS X. FMS 13 installs its own version of Apache, it doesn't use the version from Apple as it did in previous versions. Out of the box, FMS 13 is vulnerable to POODLE. I turns out that the FMS web SSL functionality is controlled in an Apache config include file at /Library/FileMaker Server/HTTPServer/conf/extra/httpd-ssl.conf I edited that file with TextWrangler and applied the POODLE mitigation (adding "-SSLv3" on the end of the existing "SSLProtocol" line), restarted the server, and poof: no more POODLE vulnerability. My server seems to be fine afterwards, but YMMV, so use at your own risk, and only if you know how to edit config files without mucking things up (and always make a backup of the file before editing regardless). It's uncertain if FMS will eventually overwrite that config (since it manages it itself), either during normal operations or during a future upgrade (unless FMI incorporates that into the next upgrade, which they should), but so far the mitigation has survived a few reboots, so it seems stable. You can test your server's POODLE vulnerability at http://whodig.com/poodle/ or for a more comprehensive SSL test (including POODLE), use https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/ John
  3. Hi, not sure this is the correct forum we have a calc field for our Invoice total ... Sum(inv_invitm_InvoiceID::Total Sell Price) + (Amount Imported/1.1) ... which is the sum of all the invoice items records + the value of the invoice total for all the old invoices imported prior to starting with FM Our file is hosted in Brisbane with nightly backups to my office in Sydney So all works fine then one day doing a find on the cacl field only finds those records where the search value = Amount Imported .. it won't find any invoices where the Sum of the invoice items = the search value However, the Find still works correctly on the overnight backup files !! the hosting mob reboot their server and it's fine again .. for a while then it stops working again anyone ever come across this ? the hosting mobs can't work it out .. they host other company's files and haven't had any reported probs ? .. so far it only seems to be a prob with that field, although most of the time our finds are not on calc fields thanks Cate
  4. I've had a couple of php web forms made so that website visitors can submit info directly into the Server hosted FM database. Is it best to put the php forms on the fm server or the website server?
  5. Hi everyone. I'm working for a very small company (4-5) users. The project I'm working on is upgrading them from FM 5.5 to FM 13. I've successfully managed to upgrade the database files, now we have to focus on the hardware. I think it's 3-4 Mac users, and 1-2 PC users. They would like the ability to use the database remotely. Right now, they have FM Server on an again old mac machine. Were looking to buy a new server. Mac or Windows? Pros, and cons?
  6. HI, I just updated to FMS 13.0v2 and the admin console is having problems. No files or clients are listed on the Activity page. Schedules are not visible either. Files are being served properly. However it's not possible to edit a schedule. Oddly, the Close All command and Open All seem to work and the results can be seen in the Log. I've restarted the server machine. No change. Is anyone else having these problems? Rick
  7. I have a solution that has been working great in testing. Went to move it to the FMS Server (WinServer2012R2) and none of the external data sources are available. Confirmed that the ODBC 32-bit System DSNs are the same on development machine vs. Server but still no love. Anyone have some hints where I went wrong?
  8. I am in a federal agency. We are faced with purchasing a Windows 2012 server shortly that will within 9 months be running FM 13 but in the meantime it will need to run FM 11 server. What items to I need to be aware of for FM 11. From looking at older post there is a possibility that the admin consol may not work but can be reached from any PC using http://yourserver:16000 Is this correct? There will be no other apps other than fm server on this equipment and IIs will not be running on it as well. Thanks in advance for help
  9. Rick Whitelaw

    mac Basic server Questions

    Hi, I'm considering purchasing FM Server. Here is my situation. I have three machines on site, all on the same home network. A Mac Pro, a Mac Mini and a MacBookPro. The mini is only used as a media server and has plenty of room. The desktop is the most used machine and I use it for all general tasks. The laptop is a convenience. The demands on the server will be light as I'm the only user. Since the Mini is the least used machine I'm thinking it's the likely candidate for server installation. Good idea? I would like to be able to develop the hosted files from either my desktop machine or my laptop. Am I correct in assuming there will be one set of files residing on the server machine and that when I want to tinker with them I would access those files remotely from either of the two non-server machines? In other words, unless I need to develop offline (I would grab the files from the server), only one set of files need exist? I've read the getting started guide but am still unclear about these things. I have absolutely no experience with server software. I've been advised that using FMS is the best way of avoiding any confusion over which file is the master or the most recent version. Thanks for any advice, Rick.
  10. I'm about to jump on a plane so I can't test much before posting, but Web Server and Web publishing are turned on and show as active (green) but php, Xml and web direct are show as disabled even though they are checked on. Any thoughts. Cheers.
  11. Greetings all, My company has a remote virtual Windows Server 2012 instance set up with an installation of FileMaker Server 13. One issue we are seeing in the logs and have experienced ourselves is that occasionally a FileMaker client is getting kicked off the server even though the user is actively using a hosted file. The error is as follows: 'Client "Fake Person" no longer responding; connection closed. (10)'. I have tried to research what might cause this error. My understanding is that FileMaker Server will periodically ping connected clients to verify the connection. If the ping fails, the user is disconnected. In that case, the previously mentioned error will show in the logs. However, in my situation, we have received the error while the client is actively using a file. I know there are a lot of factors to take into account including internet speed, firewalls and user hardware. However, this has happened periodically across several users including myself so I would like to research the error more. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Anyone know more about the connection closed error? Thanks ahead for the help, Andrew
  12. Hello im planing to install fm server on windows server 2012 that is used to run an exchange server . Is this recomended or i will get problems on future? My server solution will serve 10 users . And actually the exchange server is managing about 15 email accounts. Please let me know your recomendations i will aprecciate Thank you
  13. Rick Whitelaw

    mac PSOS concerns

    I've been checking out PSOS but have yet to use it. I suppose any concerns about whether a file is local or hosted could be resolved with something along the lines of: If(Get(HostName)) PSOS etc. Else Perform Script etc. That way if a file isn't hosted the script would run locally. However there doesn't seem to be a way to DeBug a PSOS designated script. Is it safe to say that if a script shows compatibility with Server (and all the contexts are made clear as required) that the script will run on the server? I've yet to do safe testing on a number of routines I believe would be better handled server side and am uncertain how to proceed.
  14. is the client machine hardware important for performance? or is just the server? or both ? i have been having some troubles in some client machines that crash when sorting records, but i really don't know if the problem comes from the server or client please let me know thank you
  15. I'm going to be buying a new FM server machine. I want it to be Mac. I'm thinking of getting the Mac Pro trash can however I don't know if it would be better to get the 3.7 quad core or the 3.5 6-core. Also, is 16 gb of RAM enough? Any thoughts are much appreciated!
  16. Charity

    mac How to download

    I have hunted everywhere in FMS admin honestly I have. I have served my files and I have been changing them and now I want to zip a set so I closed the files or should I get the backup? I know I must be careful. There should be a button in FMS admin which when I select a file, it closes it nicely and presents a download dialog. Yes I am backing up also but I have iPad files and I want to keep them together as a set. I do see that I can email a file to myself but is that safe? I thought they should be zipped before emailing files.
  17. I have had intermittent problems in the past sending out multiple emails (in a loop, up to 50 emails) using the Send Mail script step. Some of the emails can fail to send. I was put in touch with an IT support person in the university where I work, and he thought that the problem might be solved by sending via an SMTP server intended specifically for applications and therefore equipped to handle the high volumes and fast speeds of the multiple emails produced by a looping set of send instructions. The prefix for the SMTP server is appsmtp rather than smtp. I gave him the IP address for my version of FM Server 14, and he created the necessary firewall exception. However, if this solution is to work, the emails must go out directly from the server rather than from an email address that is hosted by the server. Even though I provide the new server address (smtp.utoronto.ca), and the correct port, my attempts to send test emails have failed. The IT person did not see correct the IP address at his end. He saw the IP address associated with my Mac. Is what I am trying to do possible? And if it is, what do I need to do to make it work? Maybe automatic emails (that happen overnight) will work but not emails initiated by a client? If it's not possible to do what I'm trying to do, please provide any insight into why emails in a loop might intermittently fail. Would it help to provide a time buffer between sends via a pause?
  18. I can't enable additional database folders. My system is: MacOsX 10.9.2, Filemaker Server   The message is: "Not a valid path: filemac:/MacOSX/Users/Nunes/Databases/" I tried to use various paths, but the message is the same  Someone knows what's wrong? Thanks
  19. I'm looking for the best way to test that files are open and "normal" on a number of FM Server 13 Windows deployments that a client has scattered all over the place. Note that this is testing for a positive result, not looking for a negative result (like, that a file isn't open because of problem). There are a couple of ways that come to mind: Write an OS-level script to get the filenames and status from fmsadmin at the command line, send them to a text file and deal with that appropriately. Another way to do it is have an FM script do something like check that each file is open on the host and record the results. Either way seems like more work than it should be. Is there a better way? A simple way? All help is appreciated. Doug
  20. Hi everyone, Â Â I Need to display the Tooltips in web direct but its working filemaker pro and its working in IWP also But its not displaying in filemaker web direct can any guide me how to do this ?? Â Â Thanks Ragu
  21. I know how to manually install plugins on FileMaker Server 13 but I am struggling to find clear and concise step-by-step instructions that explain how to install server plugins using the new scripted install method. The official FileMaker Server 13 documentation is extremely lacking in details. It explains how to enable the feature to allow plugins to run on the server but where are the instructions for installing them via a script? Does anyone have a good resource for learning how to do this? Also...where do you enter the license information for server plugins? Thanks.
  22. Does anyone know what FMSError=no subscriber refers to when enabling the plug-in? Permission for the plug-in is correct. Thanks, Agi
  23. Hello,  I am trying to get Server 13 up and running on a Mac Mini server running Mavericks. I have been having trouble with the Deployment Assistant. The first time I tried to install, I got a long Java error. I checked for updates to Java, found Version 7, Update 45, and installed that. Presto! The error disappeared, and I was able to complete the assistant. When something wasn't working right, our IT guy tried to edit the deployment through the Admin Console, which borked the whole thing. Unable to get it going again, I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling the software. That didn't work. I tried uninstalling Java, so I could replicate the process which led to success the first time (letting the FMS installer install v7 update 25). Still didn't work. I tried uninstalling, removing the FileMaker Server folder from /Library, and reinstalling. No dice.  I'm at a loss. Every time I try to run the Deployment Assistant, I get the nasty error message (see attached) and can go no further. Any ideas?
  24. When a user logs into FileMaker Server, is there any way to keep that user from seeing all of the databases that have been uploaded? I would like to allow the user to only see the databases he/she has access to. Thanks, Susie
  25. Per attached, our FMS13 has shown some users like {31445/0} etc - I have never seen this before - what does it mean?

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