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Found 319 results

  1. Qam Qam

    Count Down Timer

    Hello everyone , this is my 1st post in this helpful website thank you guys ive learned a lot iam working on recruiting software for my office its simple my issue now that i want to set simple days count down timer for example if my client requested his procedure finish in 60 days or 90 days i want to know left days in a list so i can give pioirty so i used the following GetAsNumber ( Contract_End_Date - Get ( CurrentDate ) ) which appears in the remaining days filed it worked fine for me the issue is it remains frozen , next day its the same value like yesterday sorry for my bad English ' please help me thank you
  2. hello every one there is a way to send SMS without any plugins , there is a teacher named (guy setvens) who have course on udemy to explain it , problem is its paid , i i cant afford it any one knows how to do it please i have bought 10000 SMS with api form sms provider but i dont know how to use it without plugins
  3. Hello every one i want to mention multiple filed in the email like agent name created by and date of creation to be sent to the manger now i can only send one field in the email
  4. Dear All, I have tried to access the SQL database, through the ODBC, as a data source in the online filemaker solution but I am not successful , i don't know if i am missing something ? can any one help in this regard ? Thanks in advance. Regards Mr. Ali Bahar Pakistan.
  5. Problem Upgrading to Filemaker Server 16.. We want to Upgrade from FMS 15 to 16, and each time I get this error during deployment. However, when I revert back to fms15, everything goes fine.. I have tried Clean Installation, yet same result.. Can someone put me through.. We are using Windows 7 professional as our system unit
  6. I'm new to this forum and even newer to FM... so this makes me a beginner but hoping to learn quickly.I've been hoping to find instructions on how to create a master-detail layout, not on the parent table. It seems that with many examples found, the master detail is design to work on the main page, which means when you create a new record, it creates a new field in the portal row and you add the specific name in that field and on the detail side, all data pertaining to the portal row name. I can get this to work with no problem.Where the problem comes in is here...I'm creating a songwriter database. The main opening page is designed to include the song title, artist name and all data pertaining to the song (producer, writer/publisher splits, etc) I call this layout "Song". Each new record will store a new song, artist name, etc...Now, in the Header, I added a Button bar. One of them is labeled "Pitch". The Pitch layout is designed to work with individual song titles or records, coming from the "Song" layout. This Pitch layout will include a left side portal and towards the right, detail info pertaining to each portal row. This is where I'm stuck. I'm not sure how to set this up. Any help would really be appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Hi everyone. I'm working for a very small company (4-5) users. The project I'm working on is upgrading them from FM 5.5 to FM 13. I've successfully managed to upgrade the database files, now we have to focus on the hardware. I think it's 3-4 Mac users, and 1-2 PC users. They would like the ability to use the database remotely. Right now, they have FM Server on an again old mac machine. Were looking to buy a new server. Mac or Windows? Pros, and cons?
  8. carlosnorvik

    mac | pc No upgrade?

    Hi: Today I went through the purchase options and did not find an upgrade possibility for server. Has this been eliminated for server? Best regards Carlos
  9. Rick Whitelaw

    mac Basic server Questions

    Hi, I'm considering purchasing FM Server. Here is my situation. I have three machines on site, all on the same home network. A Mac Pro, a Mac Mini and a MacBookPro. The mini is only used as a media server and has plenty of room. The desktop is the most used machine and I use it for all general tasks. The laptop is a convenience. The demands on the server will be light as I'm the only user. Since the Mini is the least used machine I'm thinking it's the likely candidate for server installation. Good idea? I would like to be able to develop the hosted files from either my desktop machine or my laptop. Am I correct in assuming there will be one set of files residing on the server machine and that when I want to tinker with them I would access those files remotely from either of the two non-server machines? In other words, unless I need to develop offline (I would grab the files from the server), only one set of files need exist? I've read the getting started guide but am still unclear about these things. I have absolutely no experience with server software. I've been advised that using FMS is the best way of avoiding any confusion over which file is the master or the most recent version. Thanks for any advice, Rick.
  10. I've had a couple of php web forms made so that website visitors can submit info directly into the Server hosted FM database. Is it best to put the php forms on the fm server or the website server?
  11. uthealth

    Creating a script

    Hi all, I am trying to write a script that let me display multiple fields of the same tables and create a button that run that script. for example a button to show the current address and another on to show the previous address, or some thing like that. I don't know if this idea is doable or not. Thanks in advance for your help and advice. I am using filemaker pro 13 Thanks
  12. HI, I just updated to FMS 13.0v2 and the admin console is having problems. No files or clients are listed on the Activity page. Schedules are not visible either. Files are being served properly. However it's not possible to edit a schedule. Oddly, the Close All command and Open All seem to work and the results can be seen in the Log. I've restarted the server machine. No change. Is anyone else having these problems? Rick
  13. I have a solution that has been working great in testing. Went to move it to the FMS Server (WinServer2012R2) and none of the external data sources are available. Confirmed that the ODBC 32-bit System DSNs are the same on development machine vs. Server but still no love. Anyone have some hints where I went wrong?
  14. Hi, not sure this is the correct forum we have a calc field for our Invoice total ... Sum(inv_invitm_InvoiceID::Total Sell Price) + (Amount Imported/1.1) ... which is the sum of all the invoice items records + the value of the invoice total for all the old invoices imported prior to starting with FM Our file is hosted in Brisbane with nightly backups to my office in Sydney So all works fine then one day doing a find on the cacl field only finds those records where the search value = Amount Imported .. it won't find any invoices where the Sum of the invoice items = the search value However, the Find still works correctly on the overnight backup files !! the hosting mob reboot their server and it's fine again .. for a while then it stops working again anyone ever come across this ? the hosting mobs can't work it out .. they host other company's files and haven't had any reported probs ? .. so far it only seems to be a prob with that field, although most of the time our finds are not on calc fields thanks Cate
  15. Hi all, I need some help with script. Last weekend we migrated from 11 to 13 and as it turns out all our OLE objects are gone because of the change in FM 12. My workaround is to get the data from 11 and insert each one. with that said i was told i could create a script to open the attachment (excel, pdf) and in the case of the excel file make changes and then click another script to save changes to Excel. I believe the script would need to write to a temp file. Does anybody know any info on this. I'm starting to move the files from 11 to 13, but i would like to provide the users with the ability to click on a box so the attachment opens up. that way they don't have to do right click and export. Thank you
  16. Hi there, I have a client who is using windows server 2008 and running thin clients for all users. ie. each user logs in to the server using their own profile. I need to setup FMS for a couple of specific reasons - external access from ipads, scheduled scripts, multiple users connecting at the same time. I've read that FMS and FM Pro should NOT be on the same machine. I have very little experience with FMS (only used it as a hosted solution previously) so I'm not clear on if this setup will work. If FM server is running on the server, can the users (who are accessing the server through thin clients) run FM pro to access the served files? eg. through open remote? I have read about the dangers of users opening the FM file directly, but since they are using thin clients and can only access files in their own profile, it's quite easy for us to ensure they can't access the file directly (users simply aren't given persmission to access the folder where the actual data file resides) - in other words the ONLY way they can access the file is through "Open remote" Would there be any issues with this setup? Thanking you in advance.
  17. We are currently running FM Server 12 with unlimited concurrent FMGO connections. We want to install the FM Server 13 trial but I need to know how many concurrent connections the trial allows so it does not disrupt access to our server.
  18. Hi all, I’m trying to execute a shell script from a FileMaker Server schedule. FM 13 and MacOSX Server 10.8. It’s a simple script to put a message in the syslog to test. Running from the Terminal app works fine but from within FM Server it doesn’t seem to kick off (no error messages anywhere I can find). Things to consider: - MacOSX Server 10.8 and FileMaker Server 13 - File is in the right location (/Library/FileMaker Server/Date/Scripts/) as I'm able to select it when creating the schedule - fmserver is the owner and fmsadmin is the group of the .sh file - I’ve tried permissions of 755 and 777 - File contents (following 2 lines): #!/bin/bash syslog -s -l error "This is a test." - I’ve tried #!/bin/bash and #!/bin/sh - Running from the terminal app works as expected - I see the message in the Console app (using either /bash or /sh) - When I run the server schedule, FM server's Event.log file shows: 2015-04-03 11:12:27.866 -0400 Information 146 XXXXXXXX Schedule "test" run now by "YYYYYYY". There's no succeeding line of a process ID being spawned so it looks like it's not even trying to execute the script. - The server schedule has the default settings for the account (fmserver) Anyone have any bright ideas of why this isn’t working? Mark
  19. is the client machine hardware important for performance? or is just the server? or both ? i have been having some troubles in some client machines that crash when sorting records, but i really don't know if the problem comes from the server or client please let me know thank you
  20. I'm looking for the best way to test that files are open and "normal" on a number of FM Server 13 Windows deployments that a client has scattered all over the place. Note that this is testing for a positive result, not looking for a negative result (like, that a file isn't open because of problem). There are a couple of ways that come to mind: Write an OS-level script to get the filenames and status from fmsadmin at the command line, send them to a text file and deal with that appropriately. Another way to do it is have an FM script do something like check that each file is open on the host and record the results. Either way seems like more work than it should be. Is there a better way? A simple way? All help is appreciated. Doug
  21. Greg Hains

    Network sharing issue

    Good morning. My client has FMS14 running on a terminal server with about 8 clients using it at any one time from that terminal server. From the reports I am getting back, when they open the solution, they are getting a message that appears to show that the Network Sharing has been enabled. As I understand it, when the solution is hosted on FMS, then the Network Sharing (for peer to peer?) should be disabled, however, even after turning off Network Sharing, it appears to come back again. Why is this? How do I stop it please? The only problem it seems to be causing is the initial error message when the solution is opened. I access the file remotely (not through the TS) and I don't get that message - I'm also the only Mac client if that makes any difference. Any ideas would be appreciated. :-) Greg
  22. I need to create and run a scheduled script (or script sequence) that will give me a list of what accounts are logged in, then change a field in a record for each account holder. Any resources anyone could point me to for learning how to do this?
  23. Aussie John

    mac | pc Files not downloading

    Hi Using a remote console i don't seem to be able to get the file download action to occur. It spins a few gears but nothing ever arrives. Connection on a local machine does work though. I'm currently connected to the server network via VPN and have tried both the local IP and the domain to connect to the console. thanks
  24. Steven H. Blackwell

    SSL Connection State Issues

    If you are experiencing SSL connection state issues with FileMaker Server, this post by Wim Decorte is an absolute must read:http://www.soliantconsulting.com/blog/2016/06/filemaker-15-bonjour-goodbye-ssl-challenges Steven
  25. I know how to manually install plugins on FileMaker Server 13 but I am struggling to find clear and concise step-by-step instructions that explain how to install server plugins using the new scripted install method. The official FileMaker Server 13 documentation is extremely lacking in details. It explains how to enable the feature to allow plugins to run on the server but where are the instructions for installing them via a script? Does anyone have a good resource for learning how to do this? Also...where do you enter the license information for server plugins? Thanks.

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