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Found 62 results

  1. Can any one please help clarify something for me. If we have 15 users connecting to a FM server which is loaded on a dedicated windows 2012 server do I need a windows license for each of those users? They will only be connecting to FM server through remote connection over LAN - NOT logging into the server as a windows user in any way, shape or form. Someone told me I would need 15 windows user licenses for this - BUT they aren't familiar with FM server. Can anyone please confirm? Mark
  2. Hi, I posted this 4 days ago on a FileMaker Community Discussion but no one has replied so I'll try here. How does one go about updating the schedules in a standby server so they match the schedules of the primary server? Is it just a matter of running fmsadmin STANDBY UPDATE /thefolderpaththeschedulesresidein? If so, where does the schedules and group file reside (I need info for both Mac & Windows)? Thanks in advance! -Kent
  3. Hi to All, I am getting Issue from users where they are getting very unusual error message while connect with Filemaker application. i have attched screenshot of that. Currently we are using Filemaker server 14 and filemaker pro 14. All database is installed on FMS 14 and through Citrix platform , they get connected to databse by using filemaker pro 14. But recently i get same kind of issue 3/4 times. They are trying to export something on application and they are getting error alert. I am attaching issue message. also when i checked Event log file, i got warning 30 for that particular user's id that means he is disconnecting his connection."Warning 30 DBXXX Client "ABCDEF server ip addres xxxxx" no longer responding; connection closed. (10) Please help me out. Thanks in Advance,
  4. All 3 of my FMS14 servers last night reported a number 729 backup error at 1am, coincident with the time change. Anyone else see that?
  5. So, after heaps of frustration I am almost there. However the one sticking point I am getting is the return of data to the host creates a duplicate record with the updated data. I suppose the question is Is that the way this is supposed to work? I would have thought there would have been just an update to the existing table data to reflect the changes. Now I have checked to make sure that the ES_Record_UUID is not empty and no both hosted and remote (read mobile) version have identical IDs ie one on mobile being child record UUID. So my next question is what could possibly be the answer to this. I have re invented the whole db. and started from scratch and same result so I am at a dead end and completely stumped with no further remedy in site. I suppose the positive is that it is at least "syncing" (pulling updated data back to the server even if it is a duplicate).
  6. I have this same solution I'm installing to 3 separate FM servers, but on one of them I can't get passed this Communication Error 22 for some reason. The error says it's the username or password, but it is imply not. I am using as basic as it gets with a username of "php" and a password of "1111". I also tried my regular admin account, but I get the same problem. I do have the FMPHP privilege set for both of these accounts... The server is on Windows with a fresh update of Java and then a fresh install of FMS14. Deployment seems to go smoothly, and everything shows nice green lights. The CWP test page loads just fine, too, which you can see in these images... I have also forwarded all of the ports that should be open for this machine. I am able to use Open Remote and open files from this server within FM Pro, but for some reason I cannot get the PHP API connection to work on this server. Again, I have the same thing setup on multiple servers. Here is a working example that spits out the available data sources. Here is the exact same test script that is hitting my other FileMaker server at a different location, but it's returning the error. I can't think of what else to look at. Any information on how I can get this working would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Is it possible to port a custom certificate that I've been using in my production FMS13 system to be used for FMS14 without having to have it reissued? I'll be decommissioning the equipment that is currently running FMS13, which is a single Mac server. The new equipment will be a two machine configuration that will have the same IP and domain name addresses as previous.
  8. Hello. As you can see on the video, the image upload on server (fmp14 sur Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Base with 64-bit architecture at Aws) is really longuer on Filemaker client (really longuer) than on Webdirect (browser). It's a problem... isn't it ? Thanks for your lights and explanations. André
  9. Anyone updated their FMS14v2 server from OS X 10.10.3 to 10.10.4 and have good or bad experiences?
  10. I have FMS 14 installed on my development computer. I have had a long-standing problem with accessing FMS 14 Admin Console in Safari. On the Start Admin Console page, the fields for username and password are not displayed in the dialog. My workaround has been to access it in Chrome. But now, when I try to address in Chrome, I see a No Data Received ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE screen. I tried to update Java from build 31 to build 51 with no change. This is FMS 14.0 v1 on OS X 10.10.4. Can anyone shed some light on either of these problems?
  11. Hi all, many months ago I tried to install FMS13 on Server 2012 R2 which went well apart from a few hiccups. I am now setting up a new server to host FMS14 again on Server 2012 R2 but I've hit a snag. Unlike last time where FMS13 was the first thing I installed, this time I've installed all of the domain services and setup the domain. Now when I run the installer it says that the ports are in use. I've tried disabling the processes buts made no difference. There is nothing in IIS that's now using ports 443, 50003 or 50004 but it keeps telling me that they are in use. Has anybody got any advice? Thanks George Brewer
  12. I have noticed for quite a while now (a few years) that often when I try to reopen a hosted file that FMPA will spin for 20-30 seconds and respond with "file not available on this server..." error. But upon retrying it a 2nd time, it always comes right up. Anyone else run into this? This has happened on FMS12, 13 and 14 for me. This has been across multiple servers (same client location), different machines/clients, and different files. It has been just a minor annoyance so I haven't tracked it real well: I can't attest to whether it happens every single time I open the file; or perhaps it is only after leaving the office (after properly shutting a file down), and then coming back to the office the next day; or ?? Anyone else had something similar happen? -- Justin
  13. Hope someone can help with this issue. I have filemaker server 14 installed on windows 10 ( yes! I know that is not part of the recommended specs by filemaker but it has been very stable for me as I only use it for odd db's when I am out and about from the office) and was working fine no issues whatsoever. I use ports 8080,443 and have port forwarded them through router as well as all the other ports required as per filemaker documentation. All of a sudden it has stopped working. (no! There have been no windows updates) I have disabled all firewalls and Sophos(this really doesnt like server for some reason). I can connect to the server via LAN (ie local network) fine. but connecting remotely has stopped all of a sudden. I use changeip to create a dynamic IP and that is working fine. I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled the server as well. Any ideas as to where i could look to see where the problem may lie? I have tried to connect with filemaker go V13, 14 and 15 and filmaker pro 14 and 15 from variuos machines (no joy) now i am completely pulling what little hair I have out. cheers in advance.
  14. Objective: We want to make the whole solution faster, for both web and local FMPro users. Here's what we are working with: - Machine 1: FileMaker Server 14, Blade server with 512GB ram, 1TB SSD, running Windows Server 2012 R2, intranet connected only, main machine. - Machine 2: iMac, runs Admin Console only. - Machine 3: FileMaker Web Engine 14, Mac Pro with 128GB ram, 1TB SSD, running El Capitan, intranet and internet connected, exclusively for web. - FileMaker file is a single file at 14GB, no data separation currently, containers are stored externally. Let's assume that the file's inner workings are optimized and that we are here to discuss server deployment, server specifications, and server settings. - FMPro simultaneous users: ~100. XML and PHP total Web simultaneous connections: ~50. Question 1a) Would there be much benefit to setting the Server Cache from its defaulted 512MB, to 490GB (yes that's GB)? We see 99-100% cache hit when at 512MB. We see consistent 100% cache hit when at 490GB. Disk access is orders of magnitude less when cache set to 490GB, almost none. Question 1b) Would there be any penalties associated with the above setting? For example, we've heard that regular backups would be missing the latest data changes unless the Progressive Backup feature is used. We've also heard that should the server crash, more data would be lost (except for the backup, of course). We've also heard that FileMaker Server has to use more CPU time to "manage" such a large cache, resulting in less performance, not more. Any of this rung true? Any other penalties to consider? Question 2) Would breaking the file up into data separation model, smaller chunks, net any performance benefits? Question 3) If using a smaller Server Cache (say, back down to 512MB), would the system benefit from a RAM DISK (such as RAM-SAN 440) instead of an SSD, and give net better performance than the crazy big Server Cache setting? Observation: 512MB cache makes FMPro clients faster, but web slower. 490GB cache makes FMPro clients slower, but web significantly faster. Observation: FM Inc and one consulting firm tells us to set the cache to 90% of this server's ram capacity. Other experienced developers tell us to "manage" the cache at a much smaller number, paying mind to the cache hit percentage. What say you? Thank you for any insight, folks!
  15. Hello Everyone. We just applied a SSL certificate that "originated from a certificate authority supported by FileMaker." We checked off "Use SSL for database connections" and restarted FMS 14. What we found was that the Mac clients running FMP12 can't see or connect to any hosted databases. The odd thing is that the Windows 7 machines connect without a problem. The macs are running Yosemite and we have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software w/o any luck. Re-install process was to install the base 12.0 software, followed by the 12.4 update for Mac and then the security update that was released in April. We installed the trial version of FMP 14 and it worked just fine. I am trying to avoid dropping a few thousand but no one, including FM support seems to have an answer. Anyone experience this before?? Thx
  16. Hello FMForums, First off, hoping that I posted this in the right section. I have a script that is scheduled to hourly pull the URL source from a currency conversion site and store it locally for use. If I run the script from my computer on the database it will work fine, however if I run the script from the server it will give me a "scripting error 1631". I found that if you're inserting a "url" from a file then you must use file:/// before it or something like that to fix the issue, however I am inserting from an actual URL and am not sure if I've done something wrong. Script image is attached. If there is a better way to share my script then please let me know! Insert from URL is at line 5 & line 14. If the page source is already in the "source" field and I only run the part that finds the conversion rate in it, it works fine.
  17. I've got an IP thermostat and I'd like to regularly pull the temp using SNMP and insert it into a FileMaker database. I've got a bash script that returns the temp but I can't figure out how to get that data into FileMaker. I've got a script sequence which runs the bash script and then runs a FileMaker script. I was hoping get(scriptparameter) would read the output from the run before script, but it doesn't work. Do I have to write the temp out to a file and then import it or is there a better way? Thanks, Isaac
  18. So I saw the new 14.0.4 update popped up on the website and decided I should finally upgrade the server to El Capitan. The instructions said it was "recommended" to uninstall the FM Server first before initiating the upgrade but I decided I could probably go on without uninstalling and went ahead. A couple of hours later right after the 10.10 -> 10.11 upgrade was complete I found out that the entire contents of the /Library/FileMaker Server directory was gone save for an empty Logs folder. There you go guys. This is what you get for not following the recommendations of your pals at FileMaker Inc.
  19. Hi, I have fm 14 server running on a mac mini. I have recently upgraded to FM16 running Mojave on 2 x local macs. We started with one license, where only one of us could use FM at a time (as we knew), I have since bought another copy and and reinstalled FM16 on the local mac with the new serial number but the server still seems to think we are using the same copy?? and we are getting the attached error. I have completely uninstalled FM locally but still does not work. I have asked my FM guy, as well as 2 or 3 other people but everyone seems to be stumped?? Is there any way of clearer the cache which may be holding this old information? Any help would be much appreciated.
  20. One of our clients has an internal FM server [FMS1] running a solution that we built for them and we have a cloud based FM Server [FMS2] running another solution for them with a smaller dataset that they publish to their own clients Data is periodically pushed to and pulled from FMS2 using server schedules that run on FMS1 and trigger very simple scripts to manage the movement of data This was all running without issue whilst both servers were FMS v14 Last week the client upgraded FMS1 to FMS v15 and since that point in time the scripts have been failing when FMS1 has been trying to update data from FMS2 which is still running FMS v14 Any ideas or guidance or questions ? Cheers Harry
  21. Hi, I have a strange type of issue. I tried a lot but sorry could not be able to solve. I have Filemaker Server 14 Running on mac environment. Also I have users running Filemaker Pro 14 and I am running Filemaker Pro Advanced. I am written a script to send email with invoice attached. Script works fine on my computer with FMPA but when user are running, it is not attaching pdf. I tried saving file with get(DocumentPath), get(TemporaryPath), GetCurrentDirectory custom function etc. I think I tried all ways but sorry could not be able to resolve this issue. Can you please guide me what the wrong I am doing. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Show Custom Dialog [“Warning” : “Are you sure? You want to send account from to this client?” Set Variable [$cliid ; value: tbl_client::_kp_id_company] Set Variable [$compn ; value:tbl_client::company] Go to Layout [“Contacts Form” (tbl_clients_contact)] Set Variable [ $mfpath ; value; Get (DocumentsPath) & “account.pdf”] Export Field Contents [ tbl_clients_contact::AccountsCreation_File; “$mfpath”] Enter Find Mode Set Field [tbl_clients_contact::_kp_id_company ; $cliid] Set Field [tbl_clients_contact::EmailFlag ; 1] Perform Find [ ] If [ Get ( LastMessageChoice ) = 1] Send Mail [ Send Via Email Client ; No Dialog ; To : tbl_client_contact::Email ; Subject: “Account Application” Message “Dear “ & tbl_clients_contact::Full Name&”,” & “¶¶ we have opened a ….. “$mfpath” End if Go to Layout [ “tbl_clients_account_form_status” (tbl_clients_account_form_status) ] New Record/Request Set Field [ tbl_clients_account_form_status::_kp_id_company ; $cliid ] Set Field [ tbl_clients_account_form_status::Company ; $compn ] Set Field [ tbl_clients_account_form_DateSent ; Get ( CurrentDate ) ] Go to Layout [ “Company Form” (tbl_clients)] Show Custom Dialog [ “Info” ; “Account Form has been Sent ?”] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  22. So our IT group migrated a Filemaker 14 server with a business application that I support. Since the migration, the system response has been horrible. Screens that took about a second to render before are now taking 15 seconds. I have monitored the server and the most significant statistic seems to be network latency. Most of the other statistics seem fine, but latency has gone from 20-30 milliseconds to 800 milliseconds at times. Does anyone have experience with the Scale HC3 architecture running Filemaker solutions? What has your experience been? Are there words of wisdom to make this better?
  23. I am plannig buy a filemaker server 14, to update from our filemaker server 11, but i need change my server too Now i have an ancient ibm x226 Xeon 3,4Gh, with 4 gb ram, and a raid-5 SCSI, now it is going a bit slow, but it does its job Now i have filemaker server 11, with 10 filemaker users, ,but i am thinking about change some ot this filemaler clients to filemaker web direct clients The filemaker files that I have are very big, they have between 30 mb the fewer ones , and 400 mb the greater ones. And with filemaker server 14 planned connect filemaker server via odbc to a sql server express database. So, what may be the hardware that i need? is it better use and ssd raid or a scsi raid? will it be enough with a Xeon® E3-1200 v3,? how much ram it will be necessary? The bugdet for hardware is limited to 1500-2000 € , and it should include the microsoft server license.
  24. Hi Today after rebooting my iMac, I cannot access the Filemaker Server (14) I get the following error (in Chrome) This webpage is not available, ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED and in Opera: This webpage is not available Opera's connection attempt to localhost was rejected. The website may be down, or your network may not be properly configured. Check your internet connection. Check any cables and reboot any routers, modems, or other network devices you may be using. Allow Opera to access the network in your firewall or antivirus settings. If it is already listed as a program allowed to access the network, try removing it from the list and adding it again. If you use a proxy server... Check your proxy settings or contact your network administrator to make sure the proxy server is working. If you don't believe you should be using a proxy server: Go to Applications > System Preferences > Network > Advanced > Proxies and deselect any proxies that have been selected. I am completely non-technical. I installed Filemaker Server 14 by following all the default options and it has just worked. Only I use it. But now I can't access my databases and I have no idea where to look to (presumably) start the server?
  25. We have Filemaker 14 running in a virtual server on Server 2012 with no problems. Somebody decided to restart the server for what reason we do not know, which of course killed the virtual server and we restarted it. Initially Filemaker server would not start (in services) I figured out the reason why, I moved the dbs_config.xml from the Preferences folder and then fired up the Filemaker server and it started with no issues. We only have 1 problem now, the webdirect does not work, we can see the webdirect webpage and see the databases but whenever when click on them we get the message "Database Not Available" although everything appears okay. Can anyone help on this, thanks Paul
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