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Found 38 results

  1. I'm working on a set of FM solutions that all share data links between one another. Currently, I'm working on local versions of the files but eventually the solutions will be uploaded to FM Server. Is there anyway that I can upload all of these solutions at once without breaking their links to one another? Or is it best I just build those links after the solutions are uploaded to FM Server? Thanks!!!
  2. faaslave

    Value List

    Hello all, I just started using FM17. It has been a long time, since FM11 that I have used FM. I am setting up a solution starting with FM Starting point. I created some value lists to use and all of them are fine but something strange keeps happening with one of them. I select the field, the options come up, I pick one, and I get this. "This operation could not be completed because the target is not part of a related table.". Filemaker does make the change when I select a new value from the list. How can I get this warning from a value list? Doesn't this error have to do with a script? I am not running a script that I can see. Thanks. Dave
  3. Hi, we're using Rest API and we are not using FileMaker web hosting. Therefore, a landing page like «FileMaker Database Server Website» doesn’t make sense for us (looks a little bit like the Boston T in blue). Better would be to redirect a user to the company website, which resides on another server and has another subdomain. I’m not sure where we could change that, but it may be something like: Redirect all requests for FileMaker’s landing page, which are not for port 443 OR does NOT contain the string "/fmi/data/v1/databases/DATABASE/sessions" to "www.anotherwebsite.com:80". Other services, like ssh, vnc, should not be affected. Where and how would something like this be configured? A good new year to you all, Gary
  4. Maybe it's just our enterprise's network but our FM clients never seem to reconnect on a loss of network (wifi, wired, VPN, anything). We always get the endless "Reconnecting..." dialog on the fat client even on the shortest of disconnects and phantom disconnects where the network link is never truly lost. Go clients seem happy as a clam to reconnect in almost any scenario though. Anyone have a suggestion on what to look at to try and improve this? Thanks -David
  5. Hi, I saw that Filemaker is running a buy one get one free deal on FM17 for another few weeks and was wondering if anyone is interested in going in 50/50? If you are please email me at daniel(at)danielbedell.com
  6. I have been using FM Pro on FM Server 13 since 2014 to organize a multi-college series of workshops with a handful of colleagues at other colleges in my university. The database is essential to our operation, but the number of users other than me needing to access it at any time is quite minimal. I must upgrade Server because my colleagues have upgraded to FM Pro 16 for a different, much larger operation that runs out of a different academic unit. FM Pro 16 isn't compatible with FM Server 13. Unfortunately, I can no longer easily purchase a standalone version of Server. The new cost of running Server is going to average to about 10 times the cost over the last four years. The rep at Filemaker suggested that I share some other unit's version of FM at my university. Is there an easy way to upload and download a database to the administrative console without needing to ask for direct access to the console? I will need to propose an arrangement that doesn't give me administrative access to other databases on the console. But I will also need to be able to replace the current version of my database at any time without having to call on somebody else with the necessary privileges. Perhaps there are scripts that do this for either Mac or Windows platforms? Or, even better, does FM Server offer a simple way of providing limited access?
  7. I'm having huge difficulty getting FileMaker Server 17 to work. The server operating system is Windows Server 2016. The client PC is Windows 10. The software installs OK but when I use FM Pro 17 client to connect remotely, I can't connect. I see the server under "Local Hosts" but when I click on the host name, after a minute or so I just get the message "connection failed". A ping to the host local IP address is successful so there is definitely a local area network connection. There is a Sophos hardware Firewall in place and I thought this was the culprit. But when I disconnect it, it made no difference. Ports required to be open for LAN connectivity from Pro to Server are, unless I am mistaken, 80, 443 and 5003. When the Firewall is put back in, I know I will need these ports to be open. But as I say, even without, there is only a "failed connection" message. If it pings OK, what could be the problem? This is very very urgent so any help very much appreciated. Regards Nick
  8. I'm getting this more and more intermittently. I can open the remote file from other machines just fine. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. Has been happening since we went from FMP15/FMS15 to FMP17/FMS17. Off and on but more on lately. Rebooting has sometimes solved it in the past. Isn't today. I'm having to use different machines because it won't work at all today.
  9. Hello All - I have a wildcard cert from Godaddy for my domain. I have successfully reinstalled this cert on Server 17 by using the White Paper from Steven & Wim - thank you! My issue is this: I would like to use the certs/key on other machines/platforms but adding the keyfilepass is causing issues with my linux firewall -> PFSense. I have tried omitting the keyfilepass option however the CLI tells me this is a problem. Is there a way to generate the CSR without using the keyfilepass option? This would give me more options on the other machines. Thank you! Jim
  10. Matthew R White

    Remote server and sync?

    Hi all, I currently have a database hosted with an iMac/FileMaker server and I have about 11 computers that connect via the network daily and then from home using the IP address. Our database is filled with tons of conditional formatting and thousands of pdf’s. FileMaker at home is usable but a lot slower than using it on the network in our office. I am opening up a brand office in Alaska next year and it will be staffed with 5-10 employees and I need them connected to my database. My current plan is to have them all connect to the IP and use our single server, but I’m afraid it will be very slow and impact productivity. Should I set up a second server in our branch office and sync them or what is the best options for this setup? Thank you
  11. Nico Kobes

    EAR password not working

    When I take a backup file from the server where all the databases are encrypted (EAR) the encryption password does not work. The password is the right one because it opens the server databases. I copied the file to my own computer and try to open it with filemaker 17 and the password doen not work. Also tried to open the file on our test filemaker server 17 and also the password does not work. Can anyone explain why this does not work?
  12. Peter Wagemans

    Downloading / monitoring logs

    Because I write a lot of server side scripts and often using custom WPE urls, one of the most annoying things in FileMaker Server 17 is that it is now impossible to monitor the logs from the admin console. I always have to download them. I found an alternative way to monitor them, by using FTP. With some nifty perl scripts, I can now even tail the Event.log and Access.log. It's a whole other story for the other logs, like the wpe.log, the Stats.log... It is just impossible to download those over FTP. Earlier I already noticed they don't play nice with FSEvents on the Mac either. Has anyone here created a good solution to monitor those files, given that: I have only access to the FileMaker Server using FTP (Implicit SSL) and the admin console, no SSH, RDP or other management tools. I do have the possibility to install plug-ins on the server. Maybe some of you created some server side script that is able to monitor those files. Or you have some other solution.
  13. Gismo12

    Live Forex Ticker

    I all, Please could you assist with steps and code to only display a running strip form Live Forex rates. I tried a few codes from google by pasting the code in web browser. i then get the attached message or a related table is missing. Please could you assist?
  14. Jhon Doe

    Display base64 images

    Hi everyone i'm new in filemaker, i'm using filemaker 17 and currently i'm involve in a proyect but i have a problem that i can't resolve, maybe someone of you have had the same problem. I'm saving images in base64 format in a database to show them in a layout with web viewer,that doesn't has any problem, the problem is that i'm using a portal and i didn't know that portals don't support web viewer. I have to display those images but i can't remove the portal since i didn't do that layout and it has scripts using it along with the portal, is there a way to show images saved in base64 without use web viewer? (I've already tried to use container field but it only show a "?" image 😓 ) My English is not the best but I tried my best ,Thanks for your help
  15. fileman922

    Uploading databases?

    Hello, i would like to know if when uploading a database in filemaker server it should be empty? Or can i upload the database with all the created records? Please let me know thanks
  16. Hi there, in FM server 16 I could view scripts that were currently running on the server and stop them (in the case of a bad step or something) I can't seem to find where I can see running scripts in FM server 17? Has this feature been removed? am I just missing it? Mark
  17. Hi all, Please could you advise if there is a shortcut to open FM to display the ribbon?
  18. Hi I have for years run macOS Server (mainly for OD and Filesharing and Websites) and Filemaker Server. This has NOT been supported by Filemaker since Web Direct, FMS13?.. but one could make it work using Reverse Proxy and setting other ports than 80 and 443 during the Deploy Server Setup. There is an exellent turorial on precursor.ca ‘s page called Reverse Proxy. Now.. In FMS17 there is no way to set the port, there IS no deployment step anymore, there ... anyway..they changed it a lot the whole setup and Apache use. Does anyone know how to make this work..? We have run this setup for eight years now and I am just not ready to buy another mini just for Filemaker Server. I tested arround with AWS, moving all to the cloud, substituting Open Directory with AWS or Active Directory... but whenever I look at AWS it cost 50 USD/month.. which is way to much for our 5 people shop... I would really like to make this work for another year or so, until we move to the cloud...
  19. There are a few certificates listed on the FileMaker support web pages as tested for FM Server 17 and i am trying GoDaddy one as it is the cheapest one. On 2 servers i tried so far, after more hustle then expected, i managed to install the certificates and now i got an ORANGE lock on both stating that the certificate is there but can not be trusted. Why is this happening? Could it be that they listed the certificate that is not really working well with FM Server? I have been installing GeoTrust certificate on previous servers and never had these issues... On the top of this, now it will not open my files and it is describing them as unencrypted even though they are encrypted. Is there a good way to approach this in order to understand what is going on with FileMaker 17, certificates and encryption on the files, why is it not working smoothly. I installed everything by the book and it simply does not work as expected.
  20. Hello all, gurus! We have trouble getting filemaker server 17's SERVICE (read WINDOWS SERVICE) starting as a regular domain user. In other words, if we install FMS17 with the default option of LOCAL SYSTEM USER, then the windows's FMS service starts with that LOCAL SYSTEM user. If we try to install FMS17 with the option of a regular DOMAIN USER, the windows's FMS service wont start at all. We are on Windows 2012 R2 server (all minimum requirments are met). Windows 2012 R2 is a domain member (not a domain controller, simply a domain member). Installing FMS17 was started with Administrator privileges. What we are trying to do is to simply install FMS17 as a regular domain user (say filemaker@domain.local). At a certain point of the FMS17 setup, we are asked to choose between LOCAL SYSTEM or DOMAIN USER ACCOUNT: if we left (choose) local system, installation ends and all is OK, while using regular domain user (ie filemaker@domain.local), installation always fails and the FMS17's service wont start. We already made ALL kind of test - and the domain user (filemaker@domain.local) was in ALL kind of domain admins groups we think off and (by the way suggested from the Filemaker's support engineers). Filemaker support really sucks on this, we already made over 1 month of useless email with them to no avail... Anyone on this? Thank you very much for any help!
  21. mbarrett65

    Not all DBs back-up

    I am running FM Server 17. I have a weekly "Databases in Folder" back-up schedule that runs weekly. There are four databases in the folder but only three get backed up. It consistently is omitting one of them. Any ideas why that would be occurring?
  22. Krister Persson

    Filemaker Pro v6 for Windows?

    I really don't find an appropiate subforum to put this question in so I put it here. I have a friend that have an old Mac +. He had some valuable databases created in Filmaker v1 saved on an equally old Apple HD of the type 20SC. Now he's mac has gone to the Mac heaven. But he have some old PC's, one with Windows 98 on it. Well, you can see what kind of a computer person he is! I have another friend that have an Mac G3. We could retrieve the files from the HD and burned them on a CD and in that way we could transfer them to my PC. But the files are so old that we must convert them to a newer version so they can be read by Filemaker Pro V6 for Windows wich needs Windows 98 which my friend has as I said. Thanks to another member here on this community who have FM v6 for Mac, he converterted the files to the file format .fp5. But now my friend needs the FM Pro v6 for Windows to be able to read, write and print the files. There is a trial version that can be dowloaded ( and I have) but it stops working after 30 days so therefor I need a working version for my friend. Is there anyone who could concider to share a working version of Filemaker Pro v6 for Windows?
  23. We have [rightly or wrongly] been sharing a Filemaker Pro 13 solution from a dedicated physical server, by serving locally it through Filemaker Pro 13 installed on that machine. The solution was accessed by three FMP users on Windows PC's on our local network within a small office. However, we have just purchased the annual package that consists of... 3 X FMS 17 5 X FMA 17 With a really slow internet service, we currently want to continue to serve our solution locally on the local network within the office, at least until January 2019 when we 'should' gain access to fibre-opic speeds, then we may well serve it out to iPads out in the field. Anyway, can anyone point me to a video or tutorial on how to install and configure FMS 17 on our physical Windows server, thereafter to serve our solution on the local network within a small office environment? Additionally, when we install FMS 17 on our physical Windows server, and our new FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 programs on our five Windows 7 PCs... what will happen to the current installs that have their own licenses, which range from FMP 13 to 16? Should we uninstall them first, or will they overwrite or even upgrade the current versions? Again, we never paid to upgrade our current versions to 17 but purchased brand new licenses. Appreciate any help offered, thanks.
  24. I'm just trying out FMS17 on a virgin Windows Server Essentials 2016 install, which I do not plan to use for any other task except hosting FMS17. I'm looking to switch off or block all ports and services which aren't needed for Filemaker Server. The ones I'm planning to open for FMS are 80, 443, 5003, 16000. The other ones which seem to be open separately from FMS are : PORT STATE SERVICE 53/tcp open domain 88/tcp open kerberos-sec 135/tcp open msrpc 389/tcp open ldap 445/tcp open microsoft-ds 464/tcp open kpasswd5 593/tcp open http-rpc-epmap 636/tcp open ldapssl 3268/tcp open globalcatLDAP 3269/tcp open globalcatLDAPssl 3389/tcp open ms-wbt-server I'll be placing IP restrictions on 3389 (for my RDP), regarding switching off the rest, it occurred to me that parts of the OS may need to use some of these services to do what they need to do (e.g. allow administrator to login to windows?) Will be using a firewall external to windows itself, rather than the Microsoft firewall.
  25. Hello - I have a simple, single-user (for me, written by me) FM solution that I need to access from multiple locations. I am ashamed to admit it but currently it is on a Dropbox account. I sort of works but it is a pain. What would be the cheapest way to host my file? Thanks, Asu

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