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Found 7 results

  1. HI all - I have two folders inside of the Databases folder which contain numerous files - these are DepotMaestro and TCM. I am trying to setup backup schedules for each of the subfolders. The path I am using is for the subfolder is: filemac:/NewMiniHD/Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Databases/DepotMaestro/ filemac:/NewMiniHD/Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Databases/TCM/ Both show the Not A Valid Path error. What am I doing wrong? Mojave,
  2. I just migrated our FileMaker Server from a Mac Mini running MacOS High Sierra and FMS 17 to a Mac Mini running MacOS Catalina and FMS 18. Everything went well except getting FMS to backup to an external Hard Drive. I simply unplugged the External HD from the previous server and plugged it into the new server. It mounts no problem. I gave "fmserver" "Read & Write" access to the drive AND the folders on the drive it needs access to. I can read and write by dragging files onto the drive, but when I try to enter that Default Backup Folder Path under Configuration>Folders in FMS Admin Console I am told that "The path is not valid.". I used the exact same path as was used on the previous FMS. I even went so far as to set the permissions on the drive and folders to allow "everyone" "Read & Write" access. The only thing that I can think of that might be the issue is that the internal hard drive on which FMS is installed is formatted using APFS and the external hd is formatted using Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Before I go either reformatting the internal drive as Mac OS Extended OR the external as APFS, I wanted to see what the community thought. So I'm posting here. Am I on the right track here? Is it because of the difference in formatting of the drives? If so, which format would you recommend.....I'm leaning towards Mac OS Extended? If not, I'm open to any and all thoughts.
  3. Have copied a shell script which works in other settings onto a new machine Changes paths - it zips a backup folder and does a ditto command to copy as a zip file to an external drive I worked out that I needed to change the sudoers file to allow no password access to the script. Running the shell script in terminal was requiring a password, now it doesn't Added the fmserver user to that too. If I run the sh script from the admin console as fmserver it fails straight away, if I run it as the local user with its password it appears to run but in fact times out with a fail message, both of which are about invalid account name or password The script is working fine when run through terminal, doe not require password, just not when triggered from console. Does anyone have any light to shine on this???
  4. I'm getting "The file "" could not be opened. Either the host is unavailable, or the file is not available on that host." This happens when a script runs. Not a new server, no new files. The file is actually open in the background. The file reference is just "file:". I restarted the server. Didn't fix it. FMS18.03 It's apparently intermittent. I copied all the script steps to a new script, then it worked 3 times, but couldn't find the file for the 4th time. Any ideas?
  5. Why would I be getting this on install? MacOS Catalina, latest MacBook Pro, just recently installed Python 3, Django, PIP, Eclipse which had me install the latest JDK from Oracle. Thanks!
  6. FYI, FMS 18v3 is out and fixes a subtle bug: sometimes after a reboot on macOS, the apache / httpd server fails to start up. As a result, FMPro works fine, but WebDirect will be dead, and there's no notifications. See https://community.filemaker.com/en/s/article/Software-Update-FileMaker-Server-18-0-3
  7. TMS Software, LLC, introduces its new FileMaker Admin Console application for FileMaker Version 18, making use of the Admin API, FMSADMIN calls, and the Data API. It is released to the FileMaker community at no cost. Why would someone want to use this software when FileMaker has a perfectly good web Admin console? Here are several reasons. By getting the same information in a FileMaker solution, developers can use the information in conjunction with other FileMaker solutions. The web Admin Console does not allow you to turn off the automatic 7 daily preserved backups. The web Admin Console no longer generates CSR requests for FileMaker Server. For FileMaker Server on OS X 10.14, Mojave, it will restart your web httpserver service after a reboot which has been known to be a common failure resulting in WebDirect and Web Admin Console not working except locally. Log files can only be downloaded from the web Admin Console, they cannot be viewed and updated immediately like in this solution. This solution lets you run a script, not a scheduled script, directly from the solution on demand. Certain monitoring stats are available to you like database size or amount of bandwidth executed for each data API call. From a FM solution you can easily open and close, schedules, backups, and message or disconnect users. This solution is highly customizeable and the web Admin Console is not. The software can be downloaded by going to https://www.tms.us and then clicking on the "Contact Us" button in the top right. A Web Page with instructions is available at https://www.tms.us/FileMaker/AdminAPI.html. Note this replaces the Admin API app for FM 17 and it is not backwards compatible because the Admin API is different in version 18. Full functional use requires installation of the Base Elements on FMPA and FMS. This has only been tested on FMS 18 and OS X 10.14.
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