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Found 7 results

  1. Hi All, Do we need SSL Certificate for FM Server Child server that we use to for Web Hosting (WebDirect)? Regards, Khurshid Khan
  2. Mostly posting this to hear myself talk but maybe someone will find it useful or a helpful discussion will ensue... My company has deployed a FileMaker solution over iPads for our sales staff. Because they are frequently in locations with no or poor reception, their solution is offline. They sync on demand when they have a connection and can select what they want to sync. My company is also one of those that doesn't like to buy anything. So I had to make my own solution to sync. The trouble is, our sales staff isn't always the best about syncing and sometimes if they select all options it can take up to two hours to complete a sync! I went to DevCon this year with a main goal of improving the sync speed. I came back with several ideas and these are the results. Currently, my solution is set up with a separate connector file. I did this because in the past I kept having issues with corruption of the main file. It would happen regularly but ever since I switched to using a connector file it has nearly disappeared. Hurray for that! The connector file has table occurrences for the server files and the local files and uses those relationships for finding the records to update. I then do a simple Import Records:Update Matching to update the data (in most cases, sometimes I do loop through and "set field" if the data is especially important). I talked to a bunch of people and attended several sessions about FMGo and the overwhelming feeling seemed to be "NO, BAD DAN!" and I left with my head swimming with ideas of PerformScriptOnServer and looping through records and payload files. Fun. First, I did some benchmarking. With my original script I got the following sync times for five different segments (some are just one table, some are multiple): Customers: 6 seconds Inventory: 3 minutes 32 seconds Orders: 2 minutes 59 seconds Inventory Master: 3 minutes 58 seconds Pricing: 27 seconds I then went in and changed all of the syncs to loop through the records and "Set Field". I had it set all fields because it was even longer if I had it first evaluate if it needed to do a set field. Customers: 2 seconds Inventory: 23 minutes 58 seconds Orders: 2 minutes 10 seconds Inventory Master: 43 seconds Pricing: 3 seconds So I had some luck in a few places but absolutely atrocious for the Inventory sync. A couple of things to note: there were a couple of tables that I was just syncing everything instead of what was new. I believe that was the case for the Customers sync in particular. Also, the big thing for the inventory master is that it has product pictures in it. I learned about Base64 encoding and decoding at DevCon and I'm sure that was the winning ticket for making that sync go faster. I'm guessing even the import version would go quicker if I was to use that instead of importing the large picture files. Since the data changes regularly, I wanted to be sure that I had good numbers to work with. I was telling the script to sync 10 days worth of changes. I reran the benchmarking today to different results (this time it was over wireless instead of cellular because I was running out of data on my plan): Old Script: Customers: 2 seconds Inventory: 12 seconds Orders: 31 seconds Inventory Master: 8 minutes 59 seconds Pricing: 15 seconds New Script: Customers: 4 seconds Inventory: 2 minutes 35 seconds Orders: 1 minute 24 seconds Inventory Master: 13 seconds Pricing: 6 seconds On the whole, it would seem that looping with set field is not a good method if you want speed. Of course you can argue it is more reliable so there's a trade-off. I wanted to experiment with running the query on the server and then sending over just data for the Inventory sync (about 1700 records). I used PerformScriptOnServer to pass the date to be synced. I had the server find the records I needed then loop through them and capture the data into a variable. I then set that into a data table field. The iPad copied over the data and I had it. But now what to do with it??? First I tried unpacking it into a temp table and then using Import to update the data. 5m 10s. Ok, that's twice as long. I then unpacked it directly into the table to update by querying the item ID. I update the data if found and added it if it wasn't (wasn't even concerned with deletions at this point). 9m 1s. That's going the wrong way!! So, with the exception of making sure I sync only the records that were changed and using Base64 encode/decode for pics it looks like I'll be sticking with the import function. One good thing is that the two users I've switched over to FMGo 14 are saying syncing is going a little quicker than when they were on FMGo 13.
  3. Hi, As we know that we have option to configure FileMaker Server with PHP (which is installed on IIS).. Like the way.. I have another question.. Do we able to configure FileMaker server with PHP Which is installed on Apache (with Linux machine).. Please clarify.. If you already experienced please help us to configure Filemaker 12 server with Apache.. Many Thanks ~Guru
  4. I tried to install MirrorSync 3.17 today on a MacOS with 10.12.3 and FMS The installer is hanging at about 80% progress at "Running package scripts..." Is there an installer log file that I can examine? In addition I noted in the docs the restriction against multiple users sharing the same file on the same device: http://docs.360works.com/index.php/MirrorSync_advanced_topics#Can_I_share_a_device_among_multiple_users.3F I am wondering about the details of this restriction and is it possible for multiple users to share the same db file on the same device if there is no record filtering or record-level access features enabled?
  5. Hi! I recently moved my Filemaker databases to a new Windows server. And since then, I’m having sporadic “Database Server process has terminated abnormally” Error 701. This is accompanied in the Windows event logs with application error 1000, and these are the details: Faulting application name: fmserver.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x58124553 Faulting module name: ntdll.dll, version: 6.3.9600.18438, time stamp: 0x57ae642e Exception code: 0xc0000374 Fault offset: 0x00000000000f1b70 Faulting process id: 0x624 Faulting application start time: 0x01d2a8b983d812e3 Faulting application path: C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Database Server\fmserver.exe Faulting module path: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll Report Id: 2fea4014-160e-11e7-80c2-109836ac1fba Faulting package full name: Faulting package-relative application ID: This did not happen on the older Windows Server, which was 2008. The new server is 2012 R2 Standard It first occurred on the first day I starting using the databases on the new server. So updated FM Server 15 to latest (15.3). I then performed all available Windows updates, updated Java. Then a few days elapsed before Filemaker failed again, with exact same errors. So I performed a recover on the databases within Filemaker, just to check. All fine. I also downgraded FM Server to version 14 to eliminate FM Server 15 as an issue. After downgrading to 14 we had 6 days then before it failed. But last night it went again with same errors. It seems to occur when a scheduled Filemaker script is being run on the server. But oddly, when the server is quiet, ie. After 18:00 when people have logged off and gone home, or at lunch break. The Filemaker scripts are run every 30 mins during office hours, so run many many times over the days between failures with success, and did so for years before I moved to new server. When the 701 error occurs, I’m forced to reboot the server. It doesn’t auto restart the process after failure. I would be incredibly grateful for any advice on this. Anyone aware of issues similar?
  6. Hi guys, I'm on a Windows 2012 Server running FMS13. I have written a simple .bat file which simply copies a .csv file from /data/documents/ to a server share. Running the .bat in CMD prompt or Powershell successfully copies the file. I've tried to set up a script schedule in FMS13. I can see the .bat file in the drop down menu in step 1. I have also added an admin user account to run the script by. The event log gives me this error: I don't think this is a very helpful nor a true description. 1) The file does exists and has already be found. 2) It is not invalid as it runs correctly from the cmd prompt The .bat file simply says this: :Variables SET PSFPath=sharenamefolder SET inbox=C:Program FilesFileMakerFileMaker ServerDataDocumentsinbox SET sent=C:Program FilesFileMakerFileMaker ServerDataDocumentssent @echo off FOR /F "delims=|" %%I IN ('DIR "%inbox%*.csv" /B /O:D') DO COPY "%inbox%%%I" "%PSFPath%" & MOVE "%inbox%%%I" "%sent%" & EXIT i.e. it copies the latest file from the 'inbox' to a server share, then moves it to the 'sent' folder. I was thinking it was a permissions issues but... (edit: see post below) -------------------------------- I've tried a few more things and think there's a problem with FMS13 using any account other than the default one... Here's why: Here's my new batch script and i apologise for it's complexity: echo test : ) And I've saved this as test.bat Again, it comes up and I can select it in the drop down when setting up a new system-level script. So, if I run this without ticking the 'use a User account rather than the default account', it runs OK. As does copying my .csv file from a local folder to another local folder - the problem is, I need to copy it to the server/share and as far as I understand, for this I need FMS to run with a local account on the server which has privileges to access the share. But if I run the above text.bat with a 'User Account' - and for this I've set up a brand new account in the administrator group called FMServer - then I get the utterly frustrating 'Aborted Unexpectedly' message: Again, given that this file: 1) Can be found 2) Is valid (as it runs without the user account selected) means that the above is a very poorly constructed error message. I have tried using both just username and computername/username as per the instructions for Windows in the server help. There also appears to be no 'Validate Account' option in the FMS13 admin panel as there was in previous versions. And FMS doesn't seem to be able to validate any account to run a system level script. Can anyone else test this on a different instance? I think this needs to be fixed before I can troubleshoot my script for problems which seems to otherwise run fine.
  7. Hi - I've had something odd happen a few times after uploading a local file to Filemaker Server. The server instance is being hosted by Soliant in their cloud, but I'm assuming this is not an issue of their particular configuration. I had enabled the fmapp privilege for appropriate privilege sets before uploading. It worked at first, but then later, users were unable to access the hosted file. I discovered that the fmapp extended priv was disabled for their priv set. I thought maybe I hadn't set it when I thought I did. However, today - the same thing happened with my full access priv set and I was unable to get in on the server to fix it as a result. Fortunately, it's a new db and no real data was entered yet, so I could fix locally and replace on the server. What's stranger is that the local file had lost the privilege too - so it's not something that happened just to the file on the server - but rather, it appears to be something that is happening as a result of the upload process. I'm not sure yet if it's getting cleared on the local file and then impacts the server the next time I do an upload or if it happens on both. But it definitely is getting disabled. I did find a couple other mentions of this on the web but no real explanation or solution. Any thoughts from you all? Is this a bug or is their some particular way one should upload files to server that I'm not doing? Thanks, Michael
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