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Found 11 results

  1. I have a database that uses the Webdings font in a text field, the letter "g" in Webdings is a square that fills the field and gives the impression of the time elapsed on a job. Now I want to view this on my iPad and the font is not available so I get a field that looks like this: ggggggggggggggg Has anyone found a solution or different approach to accomplish this? Thanks for any help. Sandy
  2. I am currently updating a runtime solution that we have been using for 14 years, it is designed for crossplatform use. I am using Filemaker 13 advanced and doing my work on a Mac (Mavericks). When opening it in a windows enviroment the buttons/fonts look differently and aren't lined up correctly. I used fonts that are available on both platforms. I'm not sure what the solution is, I'm including screen shots as an example. Â Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated. We are almost ready to roll out our solution. Â Thank you! Â Caroline Exception PC screen shot.pdf
  3. Dear lovely experts, Sigh. Several years ago I volunteered to help an artist friend by setting up a graphically complex database which made central use of a specific dingbat font (for musical symbols). Long story*** but... Now, on a much newer computer without the font, faced with a request to re-generate the printout, I don't even see how I can find out what the font name WAS, since FM only shows me the substituted-in font when I [convert and] open the file. (And, to be clear, there's no way of even approximating the desired output with a different font.) Somewhere in the file itself must be the name or other ID string for the font actually specified by my layout, yes?... Any tips? [***Kicking self for not punting out a pdf file way back when and creating an archive folder with all related files including fonts...***] Many many thanks in advance... -Elise
  4. I need a layout with larger number of text fields which may have long words .. currently words are being split randomly and overflowing into new lines .. eg .. for the word 'accordingly'; 'accordingl' comes on the first line and 'ly' comes on the second line. Is there a way that filemaker can hyphenate large words and insert breaks so that it breaks in a more clean manner ?
  5. I recently converted a FileMaker 6 solution to FileMaker 11. Every layout used the Arial font in various sizes and styles. I used the Arial Narrow font when needed; I never used FileMaker's "Condense" font style. I have always designed on the Mac and had been in the habit of "shrink-wrapping" the fonts to make the element as small as possible, paying little heed to what it would look like on Windows (the Mac snob in me, I guess). The problem was, upon conversion, that the difference between the Mac and Windows version of the Arial font has appeared to grow to a greater level (i.e. white gaps above the characters), and this difference even caused some data to disappear entirely from a list view print. So, I decided to get to the bottom of it and investigate an alternative font. I'm not excited to convert all of my layouts (we're talking hundreds) to a different font, but I thought it was useful to determine the best cross-platform font for today's platforms. The Mac version was developed on Mac OS X 10.6.8 and the Windows version is on Windows XP 32 bit, service pack 3. I may update this for Windows 7 eventually, but I didn't have a test platform on hand. You can see from the animated GIF that Arial has some real problems with the differing heights of the text element, especially when it comes to the bold, narrow and condense versions. Arial Narrow 11 and 10 pt on Windows, for instance, is 3 pixels higher than the Mac version! It looks to me as though the designer of the Arial font for Windows has an extra pixel of white space along the top. Verdana does a much better job in this respect, with height variations only on the 12 pt version. Obviously there are other fonts out there, but I thought this illustration might be useful for others. If anyone has suggestions of other fonts or styles to compare, I may be interested in adding those to the illustration. -Matt
  6. Yesterday, I tried to move a script that creates a PDF ( and mails it ) to a server side script, as the "save records as PDF" script step is now supported in server side scripts. It did not work correctly, and generated an error 800 (file could not be created on disk) in the server log. Rather generic error. I changed the script to point to a blank layout instead. No more error. A nice blank PDF was created. I put a text box with "test" in it on the layout, Arial 12 point. -> error 800 I removed the text box and put a png graphic on the layout -> OK I put a text box in a font that I was sure of the server did not have -> OK! I tried this several times, 2 several fonts, and the results and errors were consistent. So if during the PDF creation, the server replaces the font reference by its own replacement font reference, it is able to save as PDF. If a reference lik "Arial" is used, it fails and the server reports the generic error that it can not create the file on disk (800). I'm using MacOS 10.12.4 as client and Window Server 2012R2 as the server. Maybe there is a cross platform issue here? As always, more testing is required. Can anyone confirm similar issues? Any workarounds that are known? Any thoughts and insights?
  7. I am working in FM pro 11 advanced. i have a layout using Monotype Corsiva, but it is printing in something like Arial. It looks correct in Preview, and the sizes and spacing are correct. Why is this happening, and what can i do to correct it?
  8. Hello, I need to know if a field contains any formatted text (italics, bold, underline, etc.) regardless of its position or content. By searching discussions on this website and others, I have discovered ways to format and unformat selected text and whole fields using various functions, but I have not found a function or script step that will return a "yes" or "no" to the question: does this field contain any formatted text, that is, does it use fonts that are not "regular." Any ideas or suggestions on how to do this? (My experience level is between novice and intermediate, so I apologize if the answer is obvious to more experienced FileMaker users.) Thanks, -Robert.
  9. Trying to draw expansion/reduction left/down black triangles that will work in native filemaker solutions for Mac and Windows. I don't think there is a character/font that works in both with these. Don't want to use a graphic, as often background shade does seem to match between platforms (good on one, mismatched on another), and images are slower over the Server wire. So my next solution was to do it using a small Web Viewer using a html/data approach, and the HTML character code. This works, except that the redraw seems so slow enough (even for this one character box) that I get a noticeable white flash on layout change as the background color of the web box is redrawn from white to the background colour of the layout. Am I missing an obvious solution here, or should I just skip the triangles? Thanks in advance for your expertise! Cheers, Justin
  10. This is getting frustrating: About ten percent of the time I open a file, all of the layouts are displaying in a font named Z@R701E.tmp or, less commonly, Z@R6FAB.tmp. If I close and reopen the file a number of times, the problem will sometimes self-correct and show the normal fonts (I only use Arial, Calibri, and Times New Roman), but sometimes I have to go through every layout and reset the fonts. This only happens to my FMP 15 files - no other programs have been affected. I have attached a screen shot for clarification. Any ideas? Thanks, Guy Weird font example.pdf
  11. Wondering if anyone can explain to me how font's work in filemaker. We often find when importing and exporting data from one filemaker file to another the font gets changes both in font size and formatting. Does anyone have any advice on how this works? Best, Rich
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