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Found 8 results

  1. I have an application of Membership. The tables are: Members Meetings Visitors etcc... I have a TOC GROUP that consists of: (see pic) Members TOC Member Meeting Join Meetings First, EVERYTHING WORKS. I just don't understand 'why'?? I have a report based on MEMBERMEETINGJOIN. In this report I have a subsummary based on MemberMeetingJoin::KF_Member Item #1: The Members TOC KP_MemberID is a SERIAL field with autoupdate. Item #2: MemberMeetingJoin::KF_Member is a plain, text field that when placed in the report sub summary SHOWS THE CORRECT FULL NAME; ie, John Jones? Huh? Shouldn't the KF show the KP??? It's late so am out of here... Thanks for your thoughts. Ron
  2. Hi, My students are developing a project in Filemaker using the separation model. The FM data file connects to a MySQL database. I noticed that when updating a foreign key value on the Presentation layer, the view of the value on the related table does not update. Like if the relationship didn't updated. Eg : I have a "buildings" table and a "building_types" table. There is a field "buildings::fk_building_type_id" which is related to "building_types::id". I am using a layout attached to BLD__BUILDINGS in the presentation layer. In the layer, there are two fields "BLD__BUILDINGS::fk_building_type_id" and "bld_BUILDINGTYPES::name". When I change the "fk" the "name" does not update directly. I must commit the record. Doing so in the data file, the update is instantaneous. What is the reason for this behaviour? Thanks for helping
  3. I have a simple membership app whereby I have Members Table -<< Awards Members Table -<< Dues etc... This project has been going on for over 18 months and I have a couple of users who have 'cross linked' their primary keys. That is, I have placed a read only copy of the Primary Key on the Members layout and I can see that there are sometimes 2 members with the same Primary Key. Weird. (The PK is Auto Enter, Serial Number, X Prohibit Modification During Entry) Anyway, as I release current versions of my app, the users import the previous version. This is scripted and it works well. I would like to somehow cause each imported Member record to generate a 'new' PKey and have each 'Many table' Foreign Key receive that Primary Key. But, I can't even come up with the paradime of how to do that. I sure would appreciate some guidance from my more experienced fellow FM programmers. Thank you Ron
  4. Ok, Question for a guru or regular person who understands this topic more than i. say for example: custID ---|| orders(cust_fk) simple equijoin - cust id = cust_fk , we have a relationship - when data is entered on customer context, HOwever , when in orders context, we have to allow Create a relation. Magic Keys, scripted key moving data back & forth can transfer keys, but how would i make a new relation without having that allow create in child table selected or is this just not possible? thanks
  5. Hiya, 1st of all - I have personally refrained from posting for help on a forum as I wanted to try and read, learn and solve my problems using trial and error! I am learning the FMP platform from scratch and am currently in week 2 of it. My question relates to a file I have attached to this post - the products area. For each product I have a number of 'size options' within it and each with their own unique SKU (stock keeping unit). Each SKU needs its own barcode. My job now is to produce a method to easily assign an 'available' barcode to a specific SKU. Barcodes are purchased from GS1 and are globally unique. I have a table hosting a pool of barcodes that I have available to me. They can only be assigned to one SKU and once assigned, needs to be removed from the available selection of barcodes in this pool. Issues I wanted to set a placeholder text for 'EAN-13' field in the product layout (this is the barcode). This field is a button! When clicked it can perform a script to open a popover or window containing all barcodes that do not have a 'ProductOptionID' assigned to it. How do I structure this script? Click the EAN field button - this sets the 'ProductOptionID' variable globally (is this correct to do) - [$$productOptionID] The script then opens the object 'Barcodes'. This is a popover button with a portal inside filtering all barcodes from the pool that do NOT have a productOptionID value in the foreign key field The script must then pause whilst I manually select a barcode and set a $BarcodeID variable? Or should I script it to pick a barcode at random from the pool of available barcodes (i've already set a script to give available a figure of 1 and unavailable a figure of 0) Then the script must put the BarcodeID variable in the product option record Is the above the right way to go about it? I also need a way to un-assign a barcode from a product and therefore remove the value from the product option id field in the barcode pool I have one more query. I have a relationship between Product Option table and the Barcode Pool. This relationship is O2M the barcodeIDpk with a lookup for the actual EAN (barcode) value on the Product Option table. When I set a barcode ID in the Product Option table - shouldn't the ProductOptionIDfk field update in the Barcode pool with the ID of the product option that the barcode is assigned to?? I am convinced I had it working earlier - but not anymore and cannot see to figure out why? See my relationship graph below and the solution attached. Thanks, Luke CRM Trial barcode.fmp12
  6. Excuse my newbie question. I just started using FileMaker in order to build an app for an iPad for the collection of tree data. My database is not very complicated at this point just a couple of 1 to many relationships. Project table that can have multiple Plots. Plots can have multiple Trees.  I am having trouble moving my Primary key value into my Foreign key field in my child table to maintain the relationship between my tables. I first tried to set a global variable (in a script) to my Primary key value and than set my Foreign key field calc to this variable, but this didn't work. So now I have tried using Set Field in my script to calculate the Foreign key to the Primary key value - this didn't work for me either.  I have attached my relationship graph so you can see the names of my keys. (Not all the values are in these tables yet since I am just trying to test my process first). I have also attached my script. This runs successfully when a button is pressed for adding a new Plot record but the Foreign key field is still blank. I suspect this in not very difficult but I have hit a dead end. Thank you in advance for any assistance.
  7. Hi, maybe someone can help me with this question. I have three tables set up: Instructor table Instructor PK field Name field Programs Taught table (join table) <----- for many-to-many relationship Instructor FK field (Instructor PK) Program FK field (Program PK) <----- pop-up menu Hire Date field Program table Program PK field Name field Record State field ("Active" or "Inactive") Layout and portal: I have a portal showing the related records from the Programs Taught table on a parent layout based on the Instructor table. The portal has a pop-up menu with a conditional value list to select an existing program from the Program table and set the Hire Date that the Instructor began to teach that program. Value List setup: The value list is set up with two fields under the settings, the first field is the Program PK and the second field is the Program Name. I've set it up to show only the value from the second field (Program Name) in the pop-up menu, since the IDs from the PK field can be hard to reference. The value list is also based on a relationship to only show the programs that have a value of "Active" in the Record State field. Issue: The list is dynamic and works fine, but the problem I'm facing comes when a previously existing record found in the portal contains a program on the pop-up menu field that has now become "Inactive". If a program that is now "Inactive" previously existed in a portal record, the pop-up menu ceases to show the actual Program Name for those records as it used to and instead now shows the Program PK serial number value. How can I keep the conditional value list, to still show me the Program records that are only "Active", but also maintain the older portal records unaffected by future changes and displaying the actual Program Name value at all times as opposed to the Program PK serial number whenever a change is made and that given program is no longer part of the "Active" dynamic value list? Many thanks for any help. Alex Conditional Value List - Active records.fmp12.zip
  8. Hello, I'm a relative newbie to databases and Filemaker - so please excuse me if there is a really easy answer to this that I am not aware of. So... here is my scenario: Purpose of database: to link together people, organisations, evidence (i.e., pieces of information relating to people, organisations, or the relationships between people-org, people-people, org-org). I won't bring all the tables into this discussion as one the problem has been solved in one area, it is solved everywhere. So, taking this particular instance: My tables are: People: __pkPersonID, title, firstName, surname, AKA, fullName, DOB, DOD, information, notes Organisation: __pkOrgID, orgName, founded, terminated, notes JOIN_people_organisation: __pkJOINtableID, _fkPersonID, _fkOrgID, relationshipDescription, notes Note - the JOIN table is there because there will be many-to-many relationships My situation is this. I will have a large number of people, a large number of organisations and the need to continually add new people and new organisations - plus the ability to add either/or during the creation of a new relationship between them. Here's some fake data (not relevant to my database) People: 1, John Lennon 2, Paul McCartney 3, Ringo Starr 4, Mick Jagger 5, Kurt Cobain 6, Courtney Love 7, Alan Klein 8, Bill Geffen Organisations 1, The Beatles 2, The Rolling Stones I create a layout based on the JOIN table with the aim of creating relationships. This is where my problem starts. I add my first relationship, an easy one - John Lennon, The Beatles PROBLEM 1: how do I remember the _fkPersonID that relates to John Lennon without leaving the layout and noting it down? Is there a way of creating a live 'search' field within the layout that lets me search for a person to see if (a) they already exist and ( if they do, to then populate the relevant fields. PROBLEM 2: I'm looking at this from the reverse. I decide to add George Harrison to my database. So, I assume an easy way to do this would be to go to the JOIN table layout, search for The Beatles, populate one field with the relevant _fkOrgID (associated with The Beatles) and then add, presumably in another set of related fields or a portal, George Harrison as a new record in the People table that relates to this? PROBLEM3: For example. Say I was looking at a new type of relationship. Still an organisation, but say this was 'association of 60's legendary musicians'. So, I add this to the Organisation table. I then go to the JOIN layout and 'search' for this, populate the field with the relevant foreign key. Then I want to start adding people to this relationship. ... search for Paul McCartney, add him as a relationship ... search for Mick Jagger, add him.. ... search for Dave Crosby.. he's not there, so ADD Dave Crosby ... ADD Bob Dylan ... search for Ringo Starr, add him. Etc. You can see why I am looking for this solution as it makes the data entry side of things much more useful. Especially if other people add to the database to build more records and more relationships. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. I've tried all sorts of key words to find an answer on google. Looked through Lynda.com, missing manuals etc. Thanks in advance
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