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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I'm getting some output from a vendor called Fillz and it's coming to me in text form as follows. I'm running a pricing script on their server. (Note: I have put a return between record sets though there isn't one in the real output. There are 7 "records". The first number is the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) I want to see the info as follows (in FMPRO) I just don't know how to separate it out. SKU: Base Price: Condition: Floor: Sales Rank: Total Offers: Lowest Six Offers ( If I can separate out each of the lowest six offers into separate fields ie: (Lowest Six Offers P1, Lowest Six Offers P2, etc.) Price: New Price: Change at Amazon: 072310-5-76 *** Base: 4.99, condition: 3 Floor: 3.99, sales rank: 28038, total offers: 1715 Lowest 6 offers: [[{P=2.28;S=3.99;C=11},{P=2.29;S=3.99;C=11},{P=2.5;S=3.99;C=11},{P=3;S=3.99;C=11},{P=3;S=3.99;C=11},{P=3.64;S=0;C=3}] OfferList] price: 2.79 New price is: 2.79 price 2.79 is smaller than floor 3.99. Applying floor. change @ Amazon $4.99(base $4.99) -> $3.99 aw-1-100812-1064 *** Base: 6.99, condition: 2 Floor: 3.99, sales rank: 1124921, total offers: 627 Lowest 6 offers: [[{P=2.99;S=3.99;C=6},{P=2.99;S=3.99;C=5},{P=3;S=3.99;C=5},{P=3.18;S=3.99;C=11},{P=3.2;S=3.99;C=11},{P=3.21;S=3.99;C=11}] OfferList] price: 3.10 New price is: 3.10 price 3.10 is smaller than floor 3.99. Applying floor. change @ Amazon $6.99(base $6.99) -> $3.99 0509101-5 *** Base: 4.99, condition: 2 Floor: 3.99, sales rank: 3844790, total offers: 157 Lowest 6 offers: [[{P=0.01;S=3.99;C=2},{P=3.59;S=3.99;C=11},{P=3.99;S=0;C=1},{P=3.99;S=0;C=2},{P=5.99;S=3.99;C=11},{P=6;S=3.99;C=11}] OfferList] price: 3.93 New price is: 3.93 price 3.93 is smaller than floor 3.99. Applying floor. change @ Amazon $4.99(base $4.99) -> $3.99 0618101-3-56 *** Base: 4.99, condition: 2 Floor: 4.25, sales rank: 1161427, total offers: 181 Lowest 6 offers: [[{P=0.01;S=3.99;C=2},{P=0.01;S=3.99;C=2},{P=2.75;S=3.99;C=6},{P=2.75;S=3.99;C=6},{P=2.89;S=3.99;C=11},{P=2.9;S=3.99;C=11}] OfferList] price: 1.89 New price is: 1.89 price 1.89 is smaller than floor 4.25. Applying floor. change @ Amazon $4.99(base $4.99) -> $4.25 0625101-1-7 *** Base: 4.99, condition: 2 Floor: 3.99, sales rank: 1069137, total offers: 689 Lowest 6 offers: [[{P=0.65;S=3.99;C=11},{P=0.7;S=3.99;C=11},{P=0.88;S=3.99;C=11},{P=0.91;S=3.99;C=11},{P=0.95;S=3.99;C=11},{P=0.99;S=3.99;C=11}] OfferList] price: 0.85 New price is: 0.85 price 0.85 is smaller than floor 3.99. Applying floor. change @ Amazon $4.99(base $4.99) -> $3.99 f011411-j3-6 *** Base: 4.75, condition: 2 Floor: 3.99, sales rank: 23059, total offers: 1310 Lowest 6 offers: [[{P=0.01;S=3.99;C=2},{P=3.75;S=3.99;C=11},{P=3.75;S=3.99;C=11},{P=3.79;S=3.99;C=11},{P=4;S=0;C=2},{P=4.35;S=3.99;C=11}] OfferList] price: 3.28 New price is: 3.28 price 3.28 is smaller than floor 3.99. Applying floor. change @ Amazon $4.75(base $4.75) -> $3.99 f1-091112-x1-655 *** Base: 4.75, condition: 2 Floor: 3.99, sales rank: 23059, total offers: 1310 Lowest 6 offers: [[{P=0.01;S=3.99;C=2},{P=3.75;S=3.99;C=11},{P=3.75;S=3.99;C=11},{P=3.79;S=3.99;C=11},{P=4;S=0;C=2},{P=4.35;S=3.99;C=11}] OfferList] price: 3.28 New price is: 3.28 price 3.28 is smaller than floor 3.99. Applying floor. change @ Amazon $4.75(base $4.75) -> $3.99 Thanks kindly, David
  2. Okay… here’s a toughy. I’ve got a corrupt file, so we need to get all the data into a clone of a known-good backup. Obviously I can import it directly, but to be absolutely certain we’re getting rid of all corruption, my supervisor has requested that I export the data to merge files and then re-import it into the known-good clone, which sounds great to me. Unfortunately, there’s a snag: a lot of the data includes formatted text, which is very important to maintain. So, here’s the solution I came up with, repeated for each table in the solution: 1) Export all modification information (mod account, mod timestamp, etc.) to a merge file. 2) Loop through each field of each record of the current table and check for formatted text, using the following calculation: GetAsCSS ( GetField ( $FieldName ) ) ≠ GetAsCSS ( TextFormatRemove ( GetField ( $FieldName ) ) ) Any data that returns True is replaced with its CSS equivalent. 3) Export the data to a second merge file. 4) Import the data from the second merge file into the backup. 5) Perform step 2 in reverse, using a slightly modified version of Christopher Gauntt’s CSStoFMText custom function. 6) Import the modification info from the first merge file into the backup. I’ve gotten the script to the point where it’s working perfectly, but it’s taking forever: it’s been running step 2 on a particular table (62 fields, 2.3 million records) for over 12 hours and is still only about 60% complete. Once it’s done, it still has to run the remaining four steps on that table (I expect step 5 to take as long), then process the remaining 33 tables (most of which are smaller, but still). Any thoughts on what I can do to optimize this further? Perhaps some method of finding formatted text? Thanks!
  3. I have been using the Scribe plugin to insert text into word-based tables as part of an annual report. I am using FM 16 on both Mac and Windows and have the very latest version of the Plugin. I am able to insert the text into multiple tables throughout the document quite well. What is not happening is that the new data is not maintaining the formatting of the table. I would be fine with just holding the correct font and size. Should the data insert into the word based tables retain the formatting and if so what determines that formatting because inserting the data into a fully preformatted table removes all the formatting and sets the data back to some kind of default font of Cambria 12 vs. the Helvetica 9 that is in the table? Any Thoughts? Thanks, Todd
  4. Hi there I have a quick question regarding the final output of a summary zero result. I'm setting up a user import routine that needs to be very, very simple to use with checks and measures throughout. The data that's being imported, due to its nature, always comes back to a summary value of zero. This is the correct position. I'm currently at the testing phase where I'm summarising the values field to get a total and the result is always displayed as "-3.6e-11". Now, I'm happy that's zero, but I want to use this in a custom dialog box: "Your check digit is"&sCheckDigit Obviously I'd rather have "Your check digit is 0.00" displayed, rather than "Your check digit is -3.6e-11" I can't format it because it's not being used on a layout, I can't use GetSummay because there's nothing to break on given the flat nature of the import. Any help really appreciated on this, thanks
  5. Hi .. I am using Scribe to populate a PD with Acrofields. One is a numeric field with defined with 0 decimals and a comma. ie. 15,000 It is used in a calculation, so it can't be defined as text. If I manually enter the number using 15000, the field displays as expected ... 15,000 In FileMaker, the database field that will populate the field is also numeric. If I simply use ScribeDocWriteValue( "field", $value ) The result in the PDF field is 15000.0 If I use ScribeDocWriteValue( "field", int($value) ) I get the same result. If I change the database so the field is Text, ScribeDocWriteValue( "field", $value ) populates the field with 15000 but displays wrong in FileMaker App. How do I get rid of the decimal when writing a numeric field? Thanks
  6. We have a PDF that holds a paragraph of text ( because I couldn't get the single word to merge nicely) In my FM Script I apply some text formatting to text. I can see in FM that the formatting was done correctly. Writing that field using scribe to the PDF results in just plain text. Is this a being done by Scribe or the PDF. (the field in the PDF is set to Multi-Line and to accept rich-text)
  7. hello, i hope someone can help me with this. I am creating a field that is a concatenation calculation, the purpose of which is to combine multiple pieces of information into a unique number that will be used on our contracts. One of the pieces of information to be included is the date of the contract. I am picking that up from a Creation Date field and trying to GetAsText so it will appear in the concatenated number as just a string of digits (say, 021513.) Currently that is how I've formatted it to appear in the Creation Date field. But when it gets picked up, even with GetAsText, the date formatting returns" 02/15/13." Here is what the concatenation calculation looks like so far: Contract Number_Company Code & "-" & Contract Number_Department Code & "-" & GetAsText ( Contract Number_Date record created ) &"-"& Contract Number_Sequential Component I tried setting the Calculation result to text and still the date appears as 02/15/13. What do I need to do to change the date into a simple string of numbers that is the same as the date but without the date formatting? I'm baffled! Thanks! jmm
  8. Using FMPA13, I went to format a checkbox field this morning and it seems there is no longer a way to change the color of just the actual checkboxes or, if there is, I am missing something here. Under FMPA11, it was simple: select a color for the line, regardless of setting the Borders to off or on. In this case, Borders were turned off. Anyone else experience this or am I missing something obvious?
  9. I have a frustrating problem. Is there someone out there who can advise me. I have a set of records in which a table is an important element. The table draws content from related records. In the regular Filemaker viewer, it is in a portal. However, I need to make the data available on a print layout in Webdirect. The table might vary from 1 row up to about 20, depending on the record. I have tried several methods of getting the data onto the layout but have a conflict as follows: If I aggregate the table in a field before brining it into the layout, it elegantly merges into the layout, pushing the text that follows up or down depending on the number of rows. It previews and prints beautifully via Filemaker interfaces, BUT on Web Direct, the text tabbing fall down and the table alignment is destroyed. Alternatively, I can set up a merge container for every possible table entry and lock them into columns, but then the height of the table does not shrink – even when there is no data in the table and the text that follows remains locked well below the tables – especially when there are only a few rows. In brief, the first solution seems the most elegant, but I need some way to control the tabs in the browser so that the table aligns properly. Is there any advice someone can give me? Ping file images of the same table (the good one in Filemaker viewers and the bad one in Web Direct, are attached.
  10. So, here's something I've lived with forever and I'm finally asking for help! Can you set a default date format? I'd like all my date fields to display as mm/dd/yy. However, I find that I must use the Inspector's Date Format to do so and I cannot see how to make that the default format. Anyone?
  11. Hi, I have encountered problem with he Start Date and End Date fields of my Events database in Find Mode. Whenever I entered a date in Find Mode, say 1/11/2011, it automatically changes it to: */01/2011 */11/2011 */*/2011 The same thing happens if I use the Drop Down Calendar to choose my date. I could not figure out what went wrong and would appreciate your help immensely, many thanks! MacGuffin
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