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Found 19 results

  1. Hi - I have several fields that I want to show zero if the value is zero (rather than be blank). Some are calculated fields and some are user editable. On the data tab of the inspector, I have left UNCHECKED the option Do not display number if zero. Yet, they remain blank if zero. The fields are formatted as currency with fixed decimal set to 2. Is there some simple option I'm missing?
  2. I don't even know where to begin.  I have a db...In every layout for every table—in spite of the fact that their parts all have a white fill—the background turns red in preview mode. I'm using 12, so if I change the theme, this doesn't happen, but if I change the theme back to classic, I get the red background again. I put white rectangles covering the layout parts and that helps; except at the part boundaries, you can still see red and there's nothing you can do about it.  Any ideas where to being troubleshooting? I found out that if I remove the white background fill, the default color is red...in classic...So what that seems to mean, then, is that in preview mode, my white background is being stripped away. The clumsy solution was to select a new theme, turn everything white, remove the alternating body fill, and copy the layout objects onto this new layout. But I want this red background thing to make sense to me!  So thanks for any ideas at all.
  3. When on webdirect I copy/paste text into a box, but when I click away the text is automatically reformatted with double spacing. Is there a way I can prevent this from happening. If I copy/paste into the desktop software, or even via webdirect on the computer hosting the server, the double spacing doesn't happen. Thanks!
  4. Folks I'm having a bit of headache with a search script. I want to search a date range from today to 90 days in the future. Currently I've made a script with a step saying: Insert Calculated Result [Select; "date field"; ( Get (CurrentDate) & "..." (Get (CurrentDate) + 90)] Being in the UK, I'm working with a file that was created on a US computer - the month and day are the wrong way round. I've changed the text on the system to use system settings but that still doesn't solve it! Frankly, that's quite ridiculous! Surely a bug like this that has been around for a VERY long time must have been ironed out of the software code? From what I understand, to avoid this, I need to create a clone of the whole database copying everything across to stop this calculation showing up the MM DD round the wrong way. I don't really want to have this headache, so I tried creating Calculation Fields in my Products table (that actually show up the right way round) and using them in the above code, but the search field just show up as empty aside from the "..." in it. Are there any workarounds for this to save me the headache of cloning a rather complex database with a few dozen tables?
  5. I'm not sure what the best way to do this is.... We have data that is created within an FMP based system. One department would like to be able to regularly export found sets into excel, however since the resulting excel documents are forwarded on to clients they are fairly heavily formatted. There are some breaks and color etc. On the formatted excel sheet the first 30 rows or so are taken up with header type information. I'm not aware of a way to apply substantial excel formatting within FMP. I'm looking for workflow suggestions. Perhaps once records are exported into an excel sheet they could be imported into a blank formatted excel document? I'm not very versed in Excel. Is that even an option? Other suggestions? Thank in advance.
  6. We have a message in the database that is sent out to end users at certain times. Filemaker used to properly format the line break tag <br> at the end of the lines where it was needed. Now it sends them along in the message which is confusing a lot of our non-technical users. I have removed them but now the message is not properly formatted and comes in on large chunk of text. Has anybody experienced this as well and have any advice for a solution to restore formatting the way we would like? Thanks in advance.
  7. Anyone else having this problem? When I format the fill and/or borders on fields, they: Only show up in browse mode for the active record (none of the others)Formatting disappears completely on Preview ModeI have Alternate Row and Active Row states set to off. I'm hoping it's something simple that I just can't seem to find. I've uploaded the Browse, Layout, and Preview mode screenshots of a layout where this is a problem, Thanks!
  8. I'm using Filemaker 11. I have a table called Computers with fields:UID, Computer Name (MacBook0001, MacBookAir00002 ect.) this is a parent of the Hard Drives table which lists Hard Drive size and Hard drive type (SSD, or SATA) along with UID. I have a portal on the Computer layout which lists Hard Drive size and type that were assigned to the computer on the Hard Drive layout. I have setup basic report just listing the Computer name. I want to setup a conditional formatting on the report layout to color the computers name that only contains an SSD. test.fp7
  9. Okay… here’s a toughy. I’ve got a corrupt file, so we need to get all the data into a clone of a known-good backup. Obviously I can import it directly, but to be absolutely certain we’re getting rid of all corruption, my supervisor has requested that I export the data to merge files and then re-import it into the known-good clone, which sounds great to me. Unfortunately, there’s a snag: a lot of the data includes formatted text, which is very important to maintain. So, here’s the solution I came up with, repeated for each table in the solution: 1) Export all modification information (mod account, mod timestamp, etc.) to a merge file. 2) Loop through each field of each record of the current table and check for formatted text, using the following calculation: GetAsCSS ( GetField ( $FieldName ) ) ≠ GetAsCSS ( TextFormatRemove ( GetField ( $FieldName ) ) ) Any data that returns True is replaced with its CSS equivalent. 3) Export the data to a second merge file. 4) Import the data from the second merge file into the backup. 5) Perform step 2 in reverse, using a slightly modified version of Christopher Gauntt’s CSStoFMText custom function. 6) Import the modification info from the first merge file into the backup. I’ve gotten the script to the point where it’s working perfectly, but it’s taking forever: it’s been running step 2 on a particular table (62 fields, 2.3 million records) for over 12 hours and is still only about 60% complete. Once it’s done, it still has to run the remaining four steps on that table (I expect step 5 to take as long), then process the remaining 33 tables (most of which are smaller, but still). Any thoughts on what I can do to optimize this further? Perhaps some method of finding formatted text? Thanks!
  10. How can I set and change the font of a merge field that will appear in a mail merge letter? Especially when it is a different font from the font as used in other layouts? I am having special difficulties with merge field numbers that are dollar amounts. I cannot get Filemaker tout commas in the right places of the merged 5 or 6 figure number.
  11. john9210

    Using grids

    I can't figure out how to set the grid for my layouts. Major grid spacing and minor steps? Are there any good general rules to follow? Should the spacing be a function of the font size I want to use?
  12. I have a textbook composed of chapters. The book was simply entered as separate sentences in text field, and chapter titles in another text field. Chapter Title Sentence ABC aaba ABC abac ABC efgdf ABB bdc ABB cdfegdf . . . What I would like is that when I search for a chapter title, to have the result of sentences summed up in a field and separated by serial numbers starting from 1 For example: Searching the above data for the title: ABC should show the output in a field as: aaba (1) abac (2) efgdf (3) Of course chapters have variable numbers of sentences, so the count has to stop with the last sentence. I really appreciate your help.
  13. Hey, I have a Tab-Separated Text File which I want to import to a database that I just created in FileMaker Pro 15. The text file essentially is a log of events, for instance, one line describes an order, another line describes a payment that has been made. The problem is that I somehow need to import all these lines into different tables. I want all lines in the log file that describe a payment in a table called Payments, and all lines that describe an order in a table called Orders for example. I'm just starting out with FileMaker so forgive me if there is an obvious solution that I'm not aware of. I have a background in software development, so the only solution that I can think of is writing a small program myself that does all the parsing for me and creates separate text files that contain all the orders and payments and other events that have been logged in the file. Then I could simply import each file into the table I need all the data in. So to sum everything up, my main question is if there is a way to somehow parse the text file before importing it. I know that you can create custom scripts in FileMaker but I'm not sure if what I need to do can be done just with that. Thanks in advance, Mike
  14. I have a layout that displays a chart of the current found set, the user can choose to copy the chart or export the data to excel for more advanced charting options. It's a simple line chart, temperatures by date taken from two fields. The first data point the symbol is cut off and the last data point is cut off. Seems like it should be simple..... I must be missing something. Below is an example.
  15. Hi. I built a database about a year ago but it wasn't required at the time, a year later and it is needed so I'm pretty rusty at present ref FMP but need to is user friendly. All I want to do is add a slight tint to the background colour of certain fields in list view when the row is not active but try as I might I just can't seem to do so. In the active state yes, but not when the row isn't active. I have made a little video that might help the reader understand my predicament, any help would be appreciated. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B687aT8LAHKmRHEyZjh5OFdlSnM/view Karl.
  16. I have a form in which users make measurements of multiple parts, then input the max and min measurements. I then have conditional formatting that compares these maxes and mins to the hard mins and maxes for that part. If the inputted max is larger than the hard max, or the inputted min is smaller than the hard min; the conditional formatting is supposed to highlight that measurement in red. This has worked in almost every case I have tested so far, except for one strange case. I have a hard min of 9.8, and my user is attempting to input 10 as the min. FileMaker is highlighting this in red, even though 10 is larger than 9.8. When we change it 9.9 it isn't red, but 10.1 makes it red as well. I have no idea why this is happening, so any assistance in this matter will be greatly appreciated!
  17. FileMaker 14 is here! To celebrate, FileMaker Weetbicks has written 14 articles all about FileMaker 14. Over the next few weeks we will be releasing these articles to the community. We cover all the cool new features (and some hacks!) and take things further as we usually like to do Stay tuned! Click here to read the full article…
  18. I have a file which I am setting up preferences for my client to change the look of the file without entering layout mode of course. So I'm using conditional formatting on the backgrounds and text field labels. Nine of the tables are the main data entry screens. However, on 2 screens I can't get conditional formatting to work. I used container fields that provide the backgrounds where they can select a color from a repeating field of 24 choices. This works like a champ, including the 2 screens in question. I used radio buttons to select from a value list of colors. The condition is formatted as such: Global fields::TextLabelColor = "White" Global fields::TextLabelColor = "Black" Global fields::TextLabelColor = "Dk grey" Global fields::TextLabelColor="Mid grey" etc... This works perfectly in the 7 other screens. I'm perplexed and hoping someone could shed some light on it for me. Thanks
  19. Hi all, Apologies if this in the wrong place, but it seems like the best fit. Just wondering if anyone can help me out with a script I'm struggling with. The background: I have a button I'm using to launch a new window with another layout, then create a new, related record. This action will only happen if the user has completed a specific field in the original layout (__pkCollectionRef), step one of the script. With the new window open, the user will then make a selection from a checkbox set and close the window, which will put their selections into a field in the original layout. This part's all fine. What I want then, however, is for the button to be made inactive once they've completed their selection, so the script won't run if they press it a second time (this is to prevent the creation of redundant records - there is another button that will allow them to edit their previous selections if required). I've attached two screen grabs of the script steps. The first is the script I require help with, the second is the script run if the necessary conditions of the first are met (i.e the creation of a related record in a new window and layout). The _fkPickList field in the original layout will only be populated upon the creation of the new related record, so I had thought that adding the isValid calculation as a means of halting the script would do the trick, however what's happening is that it's preventing the script from running in the first place. As a side note, I've also added conditional formatting to the button so that when the _fkPickList field isValid the text is greyed out. This one discourages pressing the button a second time, however, not prevent it from working. Thanks in advance for the help. All comments appreciated. Franco.
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