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Found 522 results

  1. I am currently using Filemaker Pro V.4 I need to hook up a second computer in my home to share files. I don't want to upgrade to v.5 To share files I need to install another V.4 on the second machine with a seperate serial number. Can I purchase an old filemaker V. 4 from someone ?
  2. Using FMP4.1 I am working on a track and field Db. I need to create 6 heats each heat has to have 6 randonly selected particapants from a age group such as Juniors. Eg: Junior boys heat 1 --------- heat 2 Name 1 Lane 1 --------- Name 1 Lane 1 Name 2 Lane 2 --------- Name 2 Lane 2 Name 3 Lane 3 --------- Name 3 Lane 3 Name 4 Lane 4 --------- Name 4 Lane 4 Name 5 Lane 5 --------- Name 5 Lane 5 Name 6 Lane 6 --------- Name 6 Lane 6 Heat 3 same as heat 1 Heat 4 same as heat 2 6 heats on the same page Any suggestions? I can do a find for the Junior girls that is ok but on my layout the same name is displayed for every lane. or there is no count for the lane or there is no space between the heats depending on how I try to create it. Newbe
  3. We use Filemaker Server 3.0 running on NT Server 4.0 SP5. Our existing Filemaker administrator is resigning and we are trying to reassign her privaledges to another admin. Our problem is no matter what we do only the original account has rights to all the Filemaker databases. We assigned NT administrator rights and complete file and share access to another account, yet when he opens Filemaker Pro he cannot set the database to single mode, perform backps, etc and it only works when logged in using the old admin's NT account. Our last resort is to simply rename and reassign the old account but that doesn't get to the root of the issue. I suspect we need to change a setting with the database Can anyone help?
  4. I'm afraid I have an idiot question, but when you're desparate, idiot quesitons have to be asked. I am currently developing a database in Filemaker Pro v4 for the Mac, and, ultimately, this database will be used on Filemaker Pro v4 for Windows. Whilst it is easy to get the raw material (ie fields and contents) into a Windows version, I am having no success with exporting either the layout or the relationships. What am I doing wrong? regards Brian
  5. I have a proposal that has many lines. The formatting choice of 1pt is too heavy and detracts from the data and the "hairline" is too light. Is there anyway to add a format of 1/4 to 3/4 pt?
  6. We are running a hosted FP3 database version 3.6 over a TCP/IP windows network. I have one user who cannot access the server based files using shortcuts on his desktop, he must 1st open FP3 then do a file>open>network neighborhood>server1>databases>rest of path blah blah blah. Sometimes this does not work either. Gives the error that "the file cannot be found and is needed for this operation". All other documents can be opened just fine (i.e. Word, Excel....). this is a brand new laptop that works just fine. I custom configured and tested this laptop before giving it too him. I am convinced it is not a hardware problem. I removed all adapters except the network adapter 3Com 10/100 cardbus PCMCIA NIC. I am only running TCP/IP (Win98 2cd edition) and installed FP3 with TCP/IP support option and then added version5 upgrade and version 6 upgrade. Can anyone help me? ------------------ SeanG
  7. I don't understand why some fonts are shown only in the mac fonts menu and not in the line popup menu of the document. What difference is there between this two menus? Thanks.
  8. I've 2 following related questions of how to terminate an shared FM4 database automatically from the server. 1) I've no problem to scheduled a task to excute a script in a separated FM4 to close/exit a logined FM4 remotely. But my control script doesn't work if FM4 is left at login session. It's because that FM4 is not login yet. is there anyway to terminate the FM4 process either from the Windows or from FM4. 2) If the problem in the question 1 above occured at remote workstation then I can't terminate the FM4 automatically from the server, because the FM4 will ask the guest to logout and waiting for a response of on "Ask" button. Is there anyway to force the FM4 to be terminated ? Thanx
  9. Hello everyone, I am having some trouble. This is the situation. I have two databases, one called Profiles(holds the Last Name of a person and some other info) and the other called Records. I want to link these through the web so that when I create a new record in the Profiles database and enter all the data in it, I want the text field that holds the Last Name in the Profiles database to transfer into another text field in the Records database. Essentially, the Records database is almost like a sub-database to the names in the Profiles database. I am ale to do this using buttons, and Input, and Form, but I wondered how I would do it simply using A HREF? The following is the code I used for a page with a button to create a new record in the Records database, after the data in the Profiles had been entered for that person: " <FORM ACTION="FMPro" METHOD="post"> <P><INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="-db" VALUE="profile.FP3"></P> <P><INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="-lay" VALUE="Layout #1"></P> <P><INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="-format" VALUE="newrecord.htm"></P> <P><INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="-RecID" VALUE="[FMP-currentrecid]"></P> <P><INPUT TYPE="submit" NAME="-findall" VALUE="Create New
  10. I am trying to publish a database I have hosted on a FileMaker Server 3.0 on the web. Has anyone done that sucessfully?
  11. Hi, I have a client who is still using an SE 30 and Filemaker II to manage his small business ( unbelieveable! but true! ) He is thinking about moving up to a couple new Macs and updating FM II to FMP 5.5. I tried to convert one of his files using 5.0 but to no avail. I suppose I could export all his data as tab delimited text then import that into fmp5 but I would still have to rewrite all the scripts and that would be time consumming. Does anyone know what version of FMP can convert Filemaker II files and subsequently be converted itself to fmp5? Thanks Steve
  12. I have a small network (up to 8 users) running an application in Filemaker v4.01 Would like to install the Server version to improve performance, but I can't find it anywhere! (I used to see it all over the web, but since version 5 came out, nobody carries v4 anymore. Puzzles me, as from what I understand, the 2 versions are not compatible to be networked, so there should still be a large demand for the older version) Any help is appreciated
  13. Hi I have imported some old fm3-databases into fm5, most things work by now but references based on relationships don't. the usually consist of an entry-field on first database which is compared to a formula-field on the second (formula works correct, i tested). While does worked in Fm2, i dont know why not in fm5. would it be a different index- approach? some references work partly, i.e. if i put in the surname only it's ok, but if I write "Surname, Name" (delimited by comma like it worked in FM2) it doesn't work anymore would really appreciate help, tried so much for nothing ....
  14. I've just discovered several Filemaker II (Mac) files created ca. 1992 which I neglected to re-save in subsequent versions. Now my Filemaker Pro 3.0 won't open them
  15. Version 4.1v3 Status area Layout List. I work on several PC's all with FMP version 4.1v3. While in Layout mode With that Status area displayed the top button will list all the layouts I am using. Problem on some of the PC's the Layout list is in a column and on the other Pc's the list of layouts is accross the screen. Question: How do I change the setup option so that I see the layout list in a column as I have so many layouts that when they are displayed across the screen I can't see the layout name of the layout I want to select.
  16. I have finished creating my Filemaker databases for a project. I have also completed making the HTML files that allow me to access the databases from the web. So far I have been using the Filemaker 4.1 Web Companion, which allows me to start a Filemaker Server on the NT machine on which I was working, and thus allows me to host the database and make it accessible on the web. My dilemma is that I do not want to be using my NT machine as a server for the Filemaker files. I was wondering what you would suggest. Is there any way to run a Filemaker server on a generic web server, or on a linux machine? Any help would be greatly appreciated. - Urizen
  17. Ok, I'm a know-nothing dupe that's been assigned to fix a database that someone else has already started...lol.....the problem I am having is that I have an html document that takes in different text/date/number values and stores them into a FMP sheet of fields....I need to add a few fields of my own and have both to the FMP sheet and to the html...I need to know now how to update the button I see to include importing the new fields.....the html to submit the information is a button declared like this: <input type="submit" name="-edit" value="Submit Reservation"> I assume this is a script but do not know where to go to edit it... I have tried selecting Scriptmaker in the associated FMP file, but it has no scripts listed.....thanks for the time
  18. I'd like to export the correct formatting of fields that contain italicized words. It's comparable to exporting citations for a bibliography. I'm using FMPro 4.1. The quotation marks will export but nothing else. Ideas?
  19. Jake Sterling

    Send Mail Script Step

    When using the "Send Mail" script step, what happens to the "mail" that you want to send? How does FileMaker communicate with your email server. I am using FileMaker 4.1 on a Mac that is connected to Tufts University's network. I use Netscape for email. I have been told that FileMaker can't export email to Netscape so I downloaded Eudora and set that up. I am still baffled. I would like to be able to send a personalized email message to members of our mailing list. I can export a usable list of email addresses easily enough, but I was hoping to use the "Send Mail" feature to personalize them. Anybody know how to do this? Chuck put a useful link to an article he wrote--<A HREF="http://www.fmforums.com/ubb/Forum9/HTML/000001.html" TARGET=_blank>--but it doesn't describe this step. Thanks, Jake Sterling ------------------
  20. Looking to use coldfusion to create web templates that integrate with multiple database types. Would like to stick with coldfusion across the board. I'd like to know if there are any issues with throwing SQL commands at a FMP dB from a ColdFusion template. And i'd like to know of any other common issues/problems between the two programs. So far the web sites for each product hasn't given me much information regarding this type of integration.
  21. In helping a client with some computer problems, I needed to delete preferences for FM 3.05. Now the screen view of form page is smaller than previously. as i am not well versed in FM, I'm not sure how to get the full view back. According to the book there should be a selection under preferences for view, but when i open preferences, that schoice is no where to be found. I know that you can increase the view size from 100% to 150%, but 150% is too big and 100% does seem a bit small (it only fills about 3/4 of an imac screen). Any help is appreciated. Jeff
  22. Has anyone encountered concurrency problems (ie., two or more users attempting to edit the same record at the same time) with Filemaker3? I have a problem in a multiuser database which I suspect might be a concurrency issue. It occurs when a script in the main datafile runs a subscript in a related file to search for a particular record and then link the current records in the respective files. The script works as required most of the time. But, occasionally, the record in the related file that ends up being linked to the main record is the wrong one (always record no 1 in the related file.) I checked the usual things like making sure the script goes to the proper layout and that the applicable fields are present etc. Nothing seems amiss. Has anyone else encountered anything like this? Platform: FM 3 with the last available version 3 patch running on about 20 Macintoshes, and FM server version 2 with the last available patch running on a server Mac. Because of costs and the number of machines involved, we don't want to upgrade to version 5 until we have eliminated other plausible causes of the problem.
  23. I have fmserver 3 and 5 on the same network. they are serving approx. 50 files on each. the files on both servers have the same names and i want to convert the server 3 files to version 5 and have them all live in fm5 land. Problem is, when i convert the files and rename them, i have to change all the relationships and any reference to a file in all the scripts...... This would take several days.... is there another way to do this???
  24. We are using Filemaker Pro server 3.0 with 3.0 runtime versions to access the server. It all worked fine up to Windows 2000 clients. We now have a Windows XP client and are no longer able to specify a host when opening a file (TCP/IP error message -10). The network preferences in the runtime client is correctly set to TCP/IP. Does anyone know this problem? Are the runtime and server version 3.0 now longer compatible with Windows XP?? Regards, Marc Smit
  25. I have a windows xp machine that has lost it's tcpip network protocol in it's preferences settings within FM ver3. They can't open a database in multiuser. Other people on the same network, on differnt pc's, can but they have the tcpip protocal as an option where the problem user does not. It was working fine before. Nothing has changed on the computer. Any help is appreciated.

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