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  1. Hello, I'm looking for verification that v3 of the Filemaker Pro templates included a template called invoicing and if so, I would like to locate a copy of said template for a project. Any suggestions on where I might find said file if it still is available or exists? I've tried googling to no avail (so far). TIA. Skingjack
  2. I have filemaker 3.0 pro and wanting to update to newer system. I tried downloading the trial of 6, but could not open on my Vista or 7. What should I do??
  3. Hello All, I have an old program that has FM3 runtimes that works fine on Windows XP. I tried to see if it would run on Windows 7 yet everytime i try to do that, nothing happens. I tried to have to program run in compatibility mode (Windows XP - SP3, WIndows XP - SP2) to no avail. Is there any limitation that anyone knows of with FM3 and WIndows 7 or is it something beyond filemaker? Please advise Thanks
  4. Hello, I am a newbie here so will preface this post by saying that. I have a bunch of fm3 runtimes. I have imported them to FileMaker 9 Pro and it says it needs to convert them. That is fine. These runtimes have passwords on them. Once converted to an fm7 file and trying to open them up in FM 9, most options appear greyed out. By that I mean the Manage and Export features are greyed out under the File menu. All the view modes are greyed out as well. Its as if its password protected yet I cannot enter the password. Can someone help me figure out why this is? What have I done wrong? Thanks
  5. Hi, I am having some trouble with a Mac .fp3 solution, which requires upgrade/conversion for a client to Windows and I am hoping the forum can help. Their solution is completely stable on all Mac OS versions which support OS9 - OS10.4, but as soon as I upgrade the .fp3 files to .fp5 using FMP5.5 it becomes unstable in all versions of Windows from 2000 to 7, even in compatibility mode where supported (not surprising really, but I have tested this!). I have various Windows versions of FMP, but I don't have the Windows disks for FMP4 and I have tried everything I can think of, including eBay to get a copy of FMP4 Windows to try and isolate the cause of the problem, can anyone help? I am willing to purchase disks if necessary. Alternatively, can anyone help me with the FMENG10.dll error that is causing contant crashing of the FMP5.5 client on Windows. Many thanks. :-)
  6. I wanted to ask if anyone has a solution to start the Windows 2000 Service Components for FileMaker Pro 3.0 and Filemaker 3.0 Server. I downed the Filemaker FMServer to update a file and cannot get the FMServer to restart. When I checked the Windows 2000 Service Components, the Filemaker Service Component was not running in Windows 2000. When I tried to start it, I was given an "Error 5: Access Denied" message. Can anyone help. I need to get this fixed right away. Please email me at wesley.maynez@lausd.net or call me at (323) 496-8044. Thanks in advance.
  7. I am new to my non-profit organization and upgrading from FMP 4 to FMP 11. The trial went fine, not a single problem. However, after installation and full conversion, no one can use their passwords to get in to the database. None of our passwords will work and we've tried every combination we can think of. I would like to go into the FMP4 file (we have not yet upgraded all the computers so we can still get into a copy of the file using the old software)and remove all passwords in the Access Privilieges. How do I do this? In the alternative, is there anything else I can try? Thank you!!!
  8. I have FMP 3 installed on the same machine and everything works fine. The G5 has OSX 10.4.11 on it as that is the last operating system that will run the classic environment. The installer file for FMserver has a ".mbn" extension, that no application is associated with. Apple says all they can do is reinstall classic. Filemaker doesn't support any version 7 or older. I'm playing around with an emulator called sheep shaver, but I don't have very high hopes for it. Please tell me one of you guys knows what i'm doing wrong, I dread updating the whole database to a new version (yes, even though this one is 13 years old).
  9. My profile is incorrect because the options aren't there -- I'm using FMpro 3.0 clients on Win2k/XP machines, hosted by Filemaker Server 3.0 running on Windows NT Server 4.0! I need to upgrade to a new machine, but my installation CD is nowhere to be found! It should be in the box... I've got the manual and the box in mint condition, no CD!! Does anyone out there have any idea how I can get a replacement CD? Quickly?? I'm willing to pay... but I DON'T WANT TO UPGRADE! I've got no time and my current installation works just fine. thanks in advance, Pete
  10. I am trying to use an installation of Filemaker Pro 3.0v2 on my Windows XP box and am trying to update it to the highest version of FM3.0 available. I think the highest released version was 3.0v5. However, the update file is no where to be found. I contacted Claris and they said that they don't have it any longer and referred me to this forum. Would anyone be able to tell me how to obtain it or have it available? Thanks.
  11. I about about to load Filemaker 9 onto my Mac - I already have quite a lot of data stored in various databases created in Filemaker 2.1 - I know I cannot convert those 2.1 databases direct to version 9 - I gather I have to go via version 6 (is that correct?) - is there a site from which I can download version 6 - I did try http://fmdl.filemaker.com/TBUB/fm/6/MacOSX/fm_60v1_osx_trial.sit but it would not open on my Mac - thank you
  12. I'm looking for assistance opening old FMPro 1 files (I have four of them). If I understand correctly, these can be opened and saved in FMPro 2 (which I don't have); and then the FMPro 2 files opened and saved in FMPro 5 (which I do have). The files range from 400KB to 700KB in size.
  13. Hi there I am new here and hope I am in the right place! I have a copy of FileMaker Pro 5 and a 6 upgrade. Will this run on Windows XP? And Vista? Hope you can help!
  14. Anyone have FM Pro SDK version 3 they want to sell or donote for a good cause. I am helping a charity develop a filemaker solution in version 4. They currently do not have FM Pro on their PC's and I think a runtime solution would be perfect. Charity is a youth mentoring program. please contact me at t c 2 4 6 8 @ s h a w . c a (remove spaces)
  15. Hi All, I've got 'legacy' alright. Version 2.0v2 is not even listed in that scroll-down. Anyhow here is my situation: I have hundreds of photo locations in a realtively nice and neat FM database working on my Mac G4 tower (FM is running on OS 9). Is there any way I can get that database onto one of the Palm pdas, like a Z22? I'm thinking of buying one. Unfortunately my Mac G3 laptop fizzed out on my 2yrs ago. I drive around most of the day and would rather not have to print out all of these locations on precious paper and then thumb through it for hours while in the car. I don't necessarily need to add any info while using the pda; just being able to use the "Find" feature and calling up the info is most important. Oh, yeah,my Palm IIIe fell on the street 3 weeks ago and now is a chic paperweight. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. HowdyDo
  16. i work for texas dept. of families and protective services ~ (child protective services)diligent search unit and we have filemaker pro 5.5, we don't know who the administrator on the account is, it was purchased long ago, staff has changed and filemaker (the company) is unable to help us since we have the old program. at the filemaker help desk i was told to try here and see if i could get us some answers!our problem: our database is set to multi user but only one person can be in it at a time, i have a 'learn filemaker pro 5.5' book and i have been unable to fix it and our IT is not trained in filemaker and has no idea how to help us. sorry i don't know much about filemaker but we are in desperate need to make this minor change to our database / user access to allow several users in at one time. thanks so much for any help you may be able to give us. maggie fonseca lead diligent search investigator (512) 929-6615
  17. Hi, I’m new to the forum. :hello: I expect this question will make you weep into your coffee cups but here goes. I’m running a network of half a dozen PCs for a small and poor charity. We are running a five user version of Filemaker 5 (and that’s progress – until last year we were running a free version of Filemaker 2.1, from a magazine cover disc – ran on NetBios!). Anyway I’m having problems deciding the most efficient setup. The “ideal” computer is one that is running Windows XP Pro (a couple of the others are running Windows NT). It is “ideal” in that it’s the one most likely to be on all day (don’t want to have a PC switched on just to run Filemaker) and it has a tape backup device on it. It's sort of the hub for lots of data. I would like to run Filemaker in a “guest” account so that anyone who comes in can start it up so that the host machine is where the database actually sits. Also at busy times anyone could use the machine for inputting data. The “owner” of the machine runs in their own account for security when they are using the machine. However that means that they can’t then access the database from their account as it says maximum users already running on the machine. Any suggestions as to how I can sort this out? I would add that there isn’t particularly heavy usage of the database. Thanks
  18. I recently had a computer melt-down and Apple replaced my computer for me. I was using an iMac G5 and was running FileMaker in Classic mode. I had some bicycle riding mileage databases and home inventory databases that I was in the process of converting to Excel. Though I backed up most of my documents I never backed up what I had on my desktop. As I began reinstalling my apps I could not find my FileMaker disks (floppies). So my question: does anybody have 4.1 or know of a source for those? I'm only interested in converting these files for achival purposes. I use other programs for charting exercise data. Thanks. Ken
  19. Hello, We're using an old version of FMP (4.1) and overnight we quite frequently (2 or 3 times a week) get the following message, which hangs the program until we deal with it the next day: "Sorry FileMaker is unable to update the disk this file is on. Click continue to try again or quit and copy this file to another disk." It further mentions a database that caused the error, and it isn't always the same database. If I click continue the program hangs and I need to kill it with Task Manager. If I select 'quit' the program ends quickly and I need to reopen. In any case this is a problem because we make many of our databases available over the web and as long as the program is hung, none of them are searchable, even those not mentioned in the error message. Other posts to the FMP forums mention that this can happen when a file is being copied while open, and the only thing I can think of is that our backupexec software is causing this when the files are backed up at night. Has anyone experienced this before and found a solution?
  20. I have a database sitting on an old version of Filemaker 3. My computer crashed and now when trying to open the database it is saying I have a damaged file. I tried to use the recovery, but then I get a message saying .FP3 does not appear to be a Filemaker Pro 3.0 file. If this is a Filemaker 3.0 file, it must be recovered using the corresponding version of Filemaker. Just wondering what I can do next? Thx
  21. Ok, I know how do design and used databases. But I'm getting FM Pro 4.2 with a database only consisting of 1 table that is just a flat file. No relations, no normilization. Is that all FM is? I'm having to rewrite the system in place. It currently has 5 separate applications. I'm not sure if I can use 4.2 for what I want or if a newer version will work or I need to look at Access or even MySQL or whatever out there. The current system is running with data on Windows server with Small Business Server. There are about 10 copies of FM Pro 4.2 on desktops and the same version on the Windows server. Not a database server version if there is one for 4.2. I need to create a relational DB that I can have multiple tables with in one database or 2 if necessary. I will be creating event logs of changes to orders so things added or removed from an order can be processed in a timely manor by the werehouse before the order is shipped. I have to add inventory control to add and remove what is available for the time it is in use and checking it back in when returned. Part of it might be the way I have had everything in a few databases in the past and not one table per database the way FM is working. When you talk scripts, are these query's, stored procedures and triggers that I have written in the past? I do like the thought of using C# to write the applications. I see there is a xml DLL interface to allow this. Is there a performance hit greater then if you were using ODBC? Will the .NET interface work with FM 4.2? Any help pointing to some answers whould be greatly appreciated. Any other information you need I can try and answer for you. TIA for any help you can give, Wes
  22. Anyone who is in a position of selling a copy of the original Nashoba Systems / Forethought product FileMaker 1.0, you've got a customer here. (No, I'm not expecting to do any major development chores with it, I just want to finish my collection of ancestral / legacy versions. Oh, BTW, I would take any available copies of Nutshell for DOS off you hands if you have it availble, too...)
  23. Hi, Does any one know where I could download a version of FileMaker 3 Server? The discs are lost and I need them for a legacy system. I cant convert the database to 5.5 as I have over 100 clients on version 3. Thanks
  24. I have been using FM Pro 4 for several years for managing direct mail lists for local charities. Suddenly last summer the program began taking up to 3 minutes to open. At first I thought maybe it was time to upgrade to a newer version and I purchased FM Pro 6. But it was also taking 3 or more minutes to open. I take very good care of my computer system, regularly run anti-virus, spyware, and other maintenance software. Also keep system defragged and backed up. My system hard drive has 75% free space and plenty of memory. Windows Registry is up to date, defraged and organized. Filemaker is the only program that has this problem. All other functions of the program are working just fine but it would be nice to get it to open normally like it used to. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am out of ideas.
  25. Hi everybody, I work in television, and our whole tape library is stored in FMPro2.1 on an old Windows95 desktop. How can I transfer the info to a Mac OSX Tiger with FM8? Regards
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