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Found 522 results

  1. Hello, I'm looking for verification that v3 of the Filemaker Pro templates included a template called invoicing and if so, I would like to locate a copy of said template for a project. Any suggestions on where I might find said file if it still is available or exists? I've tried googling to no avail (so far). TIA. Skingjack
  2. I have FileMaker Server 3.0 installed on a Appleshare server, being accessed by macs. I have been instructed to upgrade to an NT server and Filemaker Server 5.0 accessed both by mac and pc's. My question is..will the files convert from 3.0 to 5.0 with little or no problems and if they were created using client 3.0 will I be able to access them in a later client?
  3. I am a first time user of a Filemaker 3.0 Pro and I have a database that has Names, Addresses, & Phone Numbers in a list. The problem is that the Phone Numbers are a straight 10 digits (without the hyphens). I need to reformat the field to include the hyphens. There are approximately 3400 entries on this list. Too many to add 1 at a time. Is there a way to add the hyphens to the numbers all at once. I am using Windows 98 and am a relative novice to computers, but do possess some very basic skills.
  4. I am trying to publish a database I have hosted on a FileMaker Server 3.0 on the web. Has anyone done that sucessfully?
  5. I have inherited a FileMaker Pro 4.0v1 application. Unfortunately it comes with no documentation for FileMaker or the application. I made a change to the application and need to update the user's .EXE file, however I cannot for the life of me figure out how to create the .EXE (runtime?) file for the user. Could someone please give me a quick rundown on how to create this runtime file in FileMaker Pro 4.0v1? Or let me know what software I need to buy to get this going. Thanks .mark.
  6. We created an importer database in filemaker 4 for PC, in the Dutch language using European number conventions. (4.000,00 = 4,000.00). When data is imported from a simple comma delimmited data file, the numbers read (for instance) 41,99 for 41.99. However, when the data was exported to another file and used in calculations, the comma was not treated as a decimal and the number became (in value) 4,199 (as opposed to $41.99). We then converted the files to my Mac, converting to US number conventions and the same thing is occuring. We played around with all the system formats, etc. Has anyone heard of such a problem and any suggestions on how to fix it??? Thanks
  7. Corey Ballantoni

    Misaligned Printing

    My company has used File Maker for years on MAC computers, but they have decided to switch to PC's. When we transferred the database from the MAC's to the PC the layout on the screen was fine, but when we print the a sheet the layout becomes misaligned. We have sheets of data that display operation numbers in one column and they must line up with the operation data in another column. Well on the screen the numbers line up with the data, but when we print the sheet the numbers no longer align with the data. It worked perfectly on the MAC version, but when used on a PC we have that problem. What could cause this problem? Please help.
  8. We have Filemaker Pro Server v3.0v4 running on a PowerMac with lots of RAM. Both Windows and Mac users access the database with the v4.0 client (patched to the latest versions) over ethernet. Now, certain of my Windows users occasionally can't access the shared databases. There's no reason to it- Mac users have no difficulty at all. Other Windows users- no problems. But when certain Win98 users try to open FM4 and access certain files (via File->Open->Hosts), they get the hourglass cursor, and wait- often for over 10 minutes. I should add that the database appears immediately in the "Hosts" screen, the delay is when the file is actually being opened. Sometimes the database will finally come up, sometimes you have to give the 3-fingered salute. (whereupon Win98 reports that the Filemaker program was "not responding"). Copying a fresh copy of the "Claris Folder" from another windows machine, thus replacing the current Filemaker installation, does no good at all. I can't see why Filemaker would stop responding on these machines. Any clues? ------------------ ----------------- Nathan Zamprogno Baliset Solutions baliset@zeta.org.au
  9. I was after, if possible, a script or some way to have TEXT not printed if a field calculation was not used. If that particular calc. is used then the TEXT will show/print. EG. PRINT VIEW 2hrs X $50.00p/hr= $100.00 CALC USED CALC NOT USED If there is NO input for the Calc to be used (not needed), then the X & the = will not be printed. The reason i want to do this is for a QUOTE FORM. When certain aspects (fields) are not used then i dont want to see the multiplication and equalls signs on the layout when it is not required for that particular QUOTE. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. I am trying to set up Avery continuous pin fed labels. I can not seem to get the labels to print without sliding down. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. ------------------
  11. Hi I am currenlty using FM4.1 and have a file that is now approx 120MB in size - it is working fine, but I just wanted to know is there a limit to the size a DB file can be? Thanks Greg
  12. Carl


    Hi, there is my problem. We use 2 file in fmpro3.0 One is the pricing.fp3 and the second one is for quotation.fp3. The quotation and pricing are link so when I write a model number in quotation, the quotation goes in the pricing search the model and write the price and the description in the quotation file. All goes well but when I write a model that not exist in the pricing.fp3 the FMPRO make a DRWatson and close. Thanks for your help anyone anywhere...
  13. Keith Shelton

    Logical 'If' Function

    Hopefully, a simple problem for someone. I wish to apply a wildcard character or equivalent when using an 'If' instruction in a calc for the same field containing similar info, e.g. fields contain 'Door Large' or Door Small' or 'Door Medium' etc. How can I ask FM to identify all fields containing 'Door'? Thanks in advance. K
  14. I need to restore a copy of a database from floppy. The database backup is stored on 17 floppies and File Maker Pro 2.1 is on a 486 PC. I'm not sure where is the utility is located within the application. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Bruce S PAI Tech
  15. We use Filemaker Server 3.0 running on NT Server 4.0 SP5. Our existing Filemaker administrator is resigning and we are trying to reassign her privaledges to another admin. Our problem is no matter what we do only the original account has rights to all the Filemaker databases. We assigned NT administrator rights and complete file and share access to another account, yet when he opens Filemaker Pro he cannot set the database to single mode, perform backps, etc and it only works when logged in using the old admin's NT account. Our last resort is to simply rename and reassign the old account but that doesn't get to the root of the issue. I suspect we need to change a setting with the database Can anyone help?
  16. How can I lock individual records --- i.e., not allow further data entry into an individual 'completed' RECORD, but continue to allow it in other 'active' records?
  17. quote:Originally posted by ScottHaneda: I have a DB that has several thousand zip codes in at that lost a leading character...for example, 1568 should be 01568. Anyone know how I can insert a "0" in front of all of them? Replace (ZipCode, Left("00000" & ZipCode, 5)). This should give you a 5 char zip code every time, with zeros filling in the missing numbers. ------------------ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Kurt Knippel Senior Filemaker Developer http://www.database-resources.com mailto:CaptKurt@home.com =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
  18. I've 2 following related questions of how to terminate an shared FM4 database automatically from the server. 1) I've no problem to scheduled a task to excute a script in a separated FM4 to close/exit a logined FM4 remotely. But my control script doesn't work if FM4 is left at login session. It's because that FM4 is not login yet. is there anyway to terminate the FM4 process either from the Windows or from FM4. 2) If the problem in the question 1 above occured at remote workstation then I can't terminate the FM4 automatically from the server, because the FM4 will ask the guest to logout and waiting for a response of on "Ask" button. Is there anyway to force the FM4 to be terminated ? Thanx
  19. Is FMP patched to 4.1v3? Is the TCP/IP networking on the computer configured correctly and working?
  20. Hello everyone, I am having some trouble. This is the situation. I have two databases, one called Profiles(holds the Last Name of a person and some other info) and the other called Records. I want to link these through the web so that when I create a new record in the Profiles database and enter all the data in it, I want the text field that holds the Last Name in the Profiles database to transfer into another text field in the Records database. Essentially, the Records database is almost like a sub-database to the names in the Profiles database. I am ale to do this using buttons, and Input, and Form, but I wondered how I would do it simply using A HREF? The following is the code I used for a page with a button to create a new record in the Records database, after the data in the Profiles had been entered for that person: " <FORM ACTION="FMPro" METHOD="post"> <P><INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="-db" VALUE="profile.FP3"></P> <P><INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="-lay" VALUE="Layout #1"></P> <P><INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="-format" VALUE="newrecord.htm"></P> <P><INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="-RecID" VALUE="[FMP-currentrecid]"></P> <P><INPUT TYPE="submit" NAME="-findall" VALUE="Create New
  21. I don't understand why some fonts are shown only in the mac fonts menu and not in the line popup menu of the document. What difference is there between this two menus? Thanks.
  22. Using FMP4.1 I am working on a track and field Db. I need to create 6 heats each heat has to have 6 randonly selected particapants from a age group such as Juniors. Eg: Junior boys heat 1 --------- heat 2 Name 1 Lane 1 --------- Name 1 Lane 1 Name 2 Lane 2 --------- Name 2 Lane 2 Name 3 Lane 3 --------- Name 3 Lane 3 Name 4 Lane 4 --------- Name 4 Lane 4 Name 5 Lane 5 --------- Name 5 Lane 5 Name 6 Lane 6 --------- Name 6 Lane 6 Heat 3 same as heat 1 Heat 4 same as heat 2 6 heats on the same page Any suggestions? I can do a find for the Junior girls that is ok but on my layout the same name is displayed for every lane. or there is no count for the lane or there is no space between the heats depending on how I try to create it. Newbe
  23. I'm afraid I have an idiot question, but when you're desparate, idiot quesitons have to be asked. I am currently developing a database in Filemaker Pro v4 for the Mac, and, ultimately, this database will be used on Filemaker Pro v4 for Windows. Whilst it is easy to get the raw material (ie fields and contents) into a Windows version, I am having no success with exporting either the layout or the relationships. What am I doing wrong? regards Brian
  24. I'm brand new to FileMaker and I can't find a solution to this problem. I've looked through the manual and through the help files. I want to be able to subtract the time some one started a task from the time that they finished the task to show the duration of the task. I am currently just subtracting the two and its not working correctly. Is there a formula I can use and if so what is it and where do I type it in. Thanks, Jim
  25. I'd a text field in all records in FM4. I only can find the record by specifying the text up to a certain character in the string. When I specify it beyond that character, I can't find that record. But other records with same text field can be found. The text field is defined as "text with index if necessary". The text string is "Boc-LPYEGSLLLKLLRAPVEEV-HMP Resin". I can find the record only by specifying up to the 1st "V" i.e. *RAPV* (* wild card cahracter). I can't find the record if I specify up to "E", i.e. *RAPVE*, but I can find all other records with the same fields in the records. I can't figure it out why. Is there anybody can help me on this ? Thanx

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