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Found 522 results

  1. RE: Ah Anatoli. I can tell you are too full of yourself. I have programmed under so many different conditions that the platform does not matter to me. I was programming before you were a twinkle in your parents' eyes. That is possible. I am second oldest here; Lee is slightly older. Maybe you are oldest. That's OK with me. It doesn't prove anything. RE: Like DATA and INTERFACE linked. You say they don't have to be. Hmmmmm Not from what you and others have said here. What I mean by linked is that I can not take the interface (LAYOUT) and work on it and then just plop it in again. I have to take the whole database, do the work, and then bring it up again. I am updating just the interface in one installation and it is pulling data just from FM server. Totally separated. Some people are using it some not. That's OK with me. RE: If I want to edit and test a script, I have to do it on a different machine and then re-do it all into the live version after shutting it down because you can't do it while it is running. I am editing scripts and layouts every day in several installations remotely over ISDN line and Terminal services. During office peak hours. FM is truly wonderful application in this aspect. I am adding fields as exclusive user WITHOUT taking server down, without stopping FM server. Usually in night, because users have to be kicked out. RE: Very rare actually to find a FM system. Not so in California. Even government offices are using FM there. RE: Frustration sets in as I get your type of attitude and answers. Well take it or leave it. That's OK with me. I was trying to help *for free* and start from beginning. You prefer to do things your way. Hush-patch job. That's OK with me. BTW -- I have largest number of answers in this and some other forum. I've helped many users. You are refusing start from beginning. That's OK with me.
  2. I have designed a two page layout (approx 130 fields) Page one (a proposal) can have up to 2 items listed. Each item consists of 14 repeating fields. Is there any way I can mark only one of the two items (with it's corresponding 14 repeating fields) carried to the page 2 layout (a factory order form) IE: Even though the Proposal lists two items, one may be in inventory and only the other must be factory ordered. Ex: Qty Item Model Size Color (these are 2 vert repeating fields) A B
  3. Sebastiaan

    remote connection

    Hi, I'm wondering what the best way is to share a database. At least one computer must have remote access to the database. The problem I found is that with remote connection the complete database is send when a remote data request is done. Is it possible that only the requested data is send via the remote connection. I'm using FileMaker 4.0v3, do I need a FMpro 5 (server) ? Thanks, Sebastiaan.
  4. I have a setup where I am serving 11 databases using a copy of FP4.0v3 to about eight users. Two issues tend to arise. First, Filemaker will often but up a dialog on the host machine stating something along the lines of the disk containing the database cannot be updated; try moving the database to another disk, and providing the buttons 'quit' and 'continue.' If I click 'continue' everything proceeds as usual. Occasionally, the dialog returns repeatedly, but continued clicking of the 'continue' button solves the problem. I have found where this issue is mentioned on other forums, but I have never seen an authoritative response. Second, one of the databases is about 200MB with about 38000 records. This database occasionally becomes damaged if the host crashes or sometimes when a user performs a find on a quoted string. I have recovered the file, and I have imported the records into a clone of the database to fix this file. Has anyone else experienced these problems? Am I asking too much of the Filemaker client? Would upgrading to version 5 client solve these issues? Would upgrading to Filemaker Pro Server? I would appreciate any additional suggestions. Regards, Tom
  5. I've 2 following related questions of how to terminate an shared FM4 database automatically from the server. 1) I've no problem to scheduled a task to excute a script in a separated FM4 to close/exit a logined FM4 remotely. But my control script doesn't work if FM4 is left at login session. It's because that FM4 is not login yet. is there anyway to terminate the FM4 process either from the Windows or from FM4. 2) If the problem in the question 1 above occured at remote workstation then I can't terminate the FM4 automatically from the server, because the FM4 will ask the guest to logout and waiting for a response of on "Ask" button. Is there anyway to force the FM4 to be terminated ? Thanx
  6. In helping a client with some computer problems, I needed to delete preferences for FM 3.05. Now the screen view of form page is smaller than previously. as i am not well versed in FM, I'm not sure how to get the full view back. According to the book there should be a selection under preferences for view, but when i open preferences, that schoice is no where to be found. I know that you can increase the view size from 100% to 150%, but 150% is too big and 100% does seem a bit small (it only fills about 3/4 of an imac screen). Any help is appreciated. Jeff
  7. We use Filemaker Server 3.0 running on NT Server 4.0 SP5. Our existing Filemaker administrator is resigning and we are trying to reassign her privaledges to another admin. Our problem is no matter what we do only the original account has rights to all the Filemaker databases. We assigned NT administrator rights and complete file and share access to another account, yet when he opens Filemaker Pro he cannot set the database to single mode, perform backps, etc and it only works when logged in using the old admin's NT account. Our last resort is to simply rename and reassign the old account but that doesn't get to the root of the issue. I suspect we need to change a setting with the database Can anyone help?
  8. We have a daily list which is starting to print data onto the next line; ie over the top of the next record. It occurs when there is too much text in a field. I want it to truncate the view, not flow over. This is only visible on paper,(not in Preview) -and does not always occur! Steve
  9. Looking to use coldfusion to create web templates that integrate with multiple database types. Would like to stick with coldfusion across the board. I'd like to know if there are any issues with throwing SQL commands at a FMP dB from a ColdFusion template. And i'd like to know of any other common issues/problems between the two programs. So far the web sites for each product hasn't given me much information regarding this type of integration.
  10. I'm afraid I have an idiot question, but when you're desparate, idiot quesitons have to be asked. I am currently developing a database in Filemaker Pro v4 for the Mac, and, ultimately, this database will be used on Filemaker Pro v4 for Windows. Whilst it is easy to get the raw material (ie fields and contents) into a Windows version, I am having no success with exporting either the layout or the relationships. What am I doing wrong? regards Brian
  11. Using v3.0v6 on NT I'm trying to print a total at the bottom of the last page of a report. I have used the suggestion found in the support database--Adding Continued on Next Page Formatting to Reports--by creating a number field, a calc field comparing the number field to the current page number. Then setting the field in a script. The problem is the report looks fine in preview mode, but when I print it still puts the value on every page. Suggestions?
  12. Ok, I'm a know-nothing dupe that's been assigned to fix a database that someone else has already started...lol.....the problem I am having is that I have an html document that takes in different text/date/number values and stores them into a FMP sheet of fields....I need to add a few fields of my own and have both to the FMP sheet and to the html...I need to know now how to update the button I see to include importing the new fields.....the html to submit the information is a button declared like this: <input type="submit" name="-edit" value="Submit Reservation"> I assume this is a script but do not know where to go to edit it... I have tried selecting Scriptmaker in the associated FMP file, but it has no scripts listed.....thanks for the time
  13. elvis_impersonating_penguin

    deleting records

    i am having trouble deleting record from a database. i am not even able to delete them throught the mode menut at the top.. has anyone else had this problem? if so how do i fix it??? oh yeah, almost forgot.. i am using filemaker 4.1 [This message has been edited by bman (edited November 02, 2000).]
  14. Hi I have imported some old fm3-databases into fm5, most things work by now but references based on relationships don't. the usually consist of an entry-field on first database which is compared to a formula-field on the second (formula works correct, i tested). While does worked in Fm2, i dont know why not in fm5. would it be a different index- approach? some references work partly, i.e. if i put in the surname only it's ok, but if I write "Surname, Name" (delimited by comma like it worked in FM2) it doesn't work anymore would really appreciate help, tried so much for nothing ....
  15. We have Filemaker Pro Server v3.0v4 running on a PowerMac with lots of RAM. Both Windows and Mac users access the database with the v4.0 client (patched to the latest versions) over ethernet. Now, certain of my Windows users occasionally can't access the shared databases. There's no reason to it- Mac users have no difficulty at all. Other Windows users- no problems. But when certain Win98 users try to open FM4 and access certain files (via File->Open->Hosts), they get the hourglass cursor, and wait- often for over 10 minutes. I should add that the database appears immediately in the "Hosts" screen, the delay is when the file is actually being opened. Sometimes the database will finally come up, sometimes you have to give the 3-fingered salute. (whereupon Win98 reports that the Filemaker program was "not responding"). Copying a fresh copy of the "Claris Folder" from another windows machine, thus replacing the current Filemaker installation, does no good at all. I can't see why Filemaker would stop responding on these machines. Any clues? ------------------ ----------------- Nathan Zamprogno Baliset Solutions baliset@zeta.org.au
  16. John Chamberlain

    Cross Platform Problem

    I am a volunteer developing a data base for a non-profit. I use a Mac for all my work, but have to port the files to a PC for them. I find that many of the colors appear much darker on their PCs than they do on my Mac, and buttons that are invisible on the Mac appear as filled with white on the PC. Can anyone tell me what to do about this, please? Thanks, John Chamberlain
  17. I am currently using Filemaker Pro V.4 I need to hook up a second computer in my home to share files. I don't want to upgrade to v.5 To share files I need to install another V.4 on the second machine with a seperate serial number. Can I purchase an old filemaker V. 4 from someone ?
  18. Hi, folks! Under Mac OS X, FileMaker Pro 4.0 (and I imagine other "classic" versions) have layout problems. I read in the posts a couple different kinds, one of which is the dragging of fields/objects and their resulting duplication instead of relocation. It's as though you are OPTION-dragging them but you are not. To get around this, I have been moving objects in layouts with my cursor arrows, and although this works, it is an exercise in patience to say the least. If you have found a better solution/workaround, please tell me. I have a nifty 17" G4 PowerBook but cannot boot in Classic. I am working on a couple low-budget web projects and going to use FMP4 for web publishing instead of FMP Unlimited, but the databases will be directly accessed by users, too, so some layout work is necessary. Thanxalot! I hope I am not rewarded with the Sounds of Silence on this one... --ST
  19. I've just discovered several Filemaker II (Mac) files created ca. 1992 which I neglected to re-save in subsequent versions. Now my Filemaker Pro 3.0 won't open them
  20. I want to make format changes to *already entered* text in fields of multiple records. The text has already been input (pasted) in the fields, the format (font size, etc.) differs between various records. I want to make the format the same for a given field in all records. Since the data was input in Browse mode, the format attributes in Layout have been overridden; existing data cannot be changed via Layout (right?). How can I easily change the format of already entered text across an entire file, without having to repeat the same change for each individual field or record?
  21. Is FMP patched to 4.1v3? Is the TCP/IP networking on the computer configured correctly and working?
  22. We are using FM4 for our real estate office. Vaghan has provided some useful information previously. Now have another problem. The DB has been going for about 4 years now and undergone many changes and enhancements (and several crashes and recoveries). We were having constant crashes associated with large DB with photos. Following Caughan's advice we are running the DB on a fast machine, using opener files on the other PC's, have the photos in a separate DB (now 800mb) and it works fine and we have had no recent crashes except--- As the db is old it has a lot of unused fields, test fields etc. I want to clean it up and delete these unused fields but when ever i go to delete a field I dont want it give you "file damaged, continue exit" and then I get a GPF and it crashes. When restarting it is usually able to fix itself, but a couple of times I have had to do a recover form he backup (whish FM does using a script for each day when we close it) I have tried saving a copy and also a clone, no records and tried deleting the unused field in both of them. Same problem it crashes. Even though the Db works fine on a day to day basis, I am worried that there is some terminal damage that will eventually cause an unrecoverable error some time in the future. Any suggestions? I dont really want to have to export all the data into as tab delimited and import it into a brand new DB as I will then have to rebuild all the layouts (approx 20) and the scripts (pprox 30) Advice appreciated
  23. Is there anyway of restricting what a person can do when they just open FMP? Like making it so they can not create a new file or mess with the preferences?
  24. When I login FileMakePro4 from a workstation on the network to the server I've this problem that layout pop-up menu in status panel under Browse mode doesn't display the list of layout any more. But it's OK on other workstation using same login (superuser privileges. Even I reinstall FM4 it still doesn't display the list of layouts from layout pop-up menus in status panel of browse mode. Is there anybody know how to fix it? Thanx FM 4.0 user at AnaSpec, Inc, George Hsu
  25. I've attempted to have a page number print in preview mode by following the instructions to click on the layout where I want it and then to go to Edit, Paste Special, Page Number and the double ## appears but doesn't print. What am I missing. Thank you.

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