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  1. I have a filemaker 6 database. I have been using calculated values for several date fields. All has been well, but now some dates are way off some are right. I am taking a user inputed date and adding 364 for one(it has never failed.) The next two always fail together calculted off the same field as the other(Approval Date). The two fields add 350 or 400 and must be in date form. They come out in date form just not the right year some time 2003, 2004,2006 but rarely 2005 like they should be. I can not see what is wrong why one is working add the others are not all are calc. off the same field. Any sugestion would be very helpful. Here are the exact formulas i am using for each. Expiration Date date Index, auto-enter,calculation Expiration Date= Approval Date + 364 must be date format renewal date auto-enter,calculation renewal date=Approval Date+350 must be date format termination date 2 auto-enter,calculation termination date 2= Approval Date+400 must be date format
  2. I'm new to this forum so I hope that this is the right section for this post - if it would be preferable to post in a different section please let me know. Here's the situation: Some workstations (local on the LAN) get disconnected for no apparent reason while they are running FileMaker Pro Server is running FileMaker Pro Server version 5.x on Windows NT sp6a I believe the server is a PIII ~ 600 Mhz with 512 Mb of RAM, IDE mirrored hard drives (this is a non-profit corporation, most hardware is donated) I've looked at the FileMaker Server options and they "seem" to be ok - nothing obvious that would seem to be a likely cause of the disconnects. Workstations are mostly PIII with 128 to 256 Mb RAM running Windows 2000 - FileMaker Pro version 5.x (several are still on Win98)- The users run the application by launching a local copy of FileMaker and then opening a HOST connection to the database on the FileMaker Pro Server using TCP/IP. Network is 100 Mb - inexpensive switch, mostly generic 100 Mb nics IP addresses are all fixed (workstations and server) There are usually 10 to 15 users in FileMaker at any one time. Sometimes a user will get "kicked out", some users more than others, very sporadic. Only one user is usually disconnected when it happens (everyone is not kicked off at the same time). This tends to happen more later in the day but we cannot associate that with anything that makes any sense. No other applications are running ON the server, some file sharing and print sharing but it's fairly minimal. This is a new office, with new wiring so that should not be a problem. There is only one FileMaker application that is being run and I believe it has a total of about 29 files. File sizes are relatively small (total of all files is less than 100 Mb). Several other non-profits who use this same FileMaker application say that they are not having this type of problem but they have only about 5 or 6 users. We have not been able to find anyone using this application that has roughly the same number of concurrent FileMaker users as we do. Any thoughts on what might be happening or how we can go about troubleshooting this problem would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Dave Dunlap
  3. I sell small ads in weekly newspapers in the Southeast US, and I need to generate a report (invoice) for each newspaper showing how many ads each advertiser ran during each week of the month. I have a file that includes five fields: Newspaper Name, Date, Advertiser Name, Number of Ads, Cost of ads. Each time an ad runs, I create a new record. (Newspaper Name is a lookup from the related 'Newspaper Contacts' file.) I created global fields (fDate1), (fDate2), (fDate3), (fDate4), (fDate5) to hold the date of each week, and I created a calculation field that compares 'Date' to "fDate1' and returns 'Number of Ads' when they match. However, I am getting a result for every advertiser, and every date. Advertiser Invoice help.zip
  4. Ok, so I do my Print Setup ... then I create my print script ... but it won't go back to the printer I've set for a specific print script! AGH. It just keeps the one that's currently active. For example: I have a brother printer select ... I run my print script and it uses the brother printer. I have a PDF driver selected ... run my print script and it uses the PDF driver! NO NO NO NO ... that's NOT what I want!!! PLEASE HELP ME. .... I did use: Restore Print Setup. Anyone?
  5. Hi. Please bear with me. A friend of my wife's has asked if I could 'fix' her Filemaker application on MacOS 9.x (not sure which version, guessing 5/6). She bought a home-based aromatherapy business including the iMac and its applications and client base (I guess). The original owner/programmer is unreachable. The problem is, when she prints labels, there is a field that doesn't show in the label document. It's a warning, "External Use Only". I have looked around in page/print setups, document prefs, layout views, etc., etc., and cannot find this field. She wants to modify or remove this line from the labels. Can some kind soul point me to how I can locate this field for modification/deletion? Thank you very much for any assistance.
  6. I created a database with many files that are related to each other, what script do I use or need to send me to that specific field? e.g. file name X file name Y ((File name Y-1)) etc... (Field name Y-1) etc... Please help me
  7. I've read that FileMaker Pro 6 uses the same file format as FileMaker Pro 5 and will open *fp5 files without converting them. If I have a file created in Filemaker Pro 5 can I host it on Filemaker Pro 6 and have Pro 5 clients connect to it? Thanks. Will
  8. Hi, I'm trying to write a script to use information in a field, but can't get it to work. I've managed to get a new outlook email window to open with the email address from a field, but can't get a new web page to open from an web address in a field. Any ideas?
  9. I have FileMaker Server 5.5, and FileMaker Pro Unlimited 5.5 running on a Mac OS 9.1. When I chose open remote from another computer running FileMaker Pro 6 it finds the database on the server. When I go to the Mac to open the remote database there is nothing listed. I thought this was funny because the database is sitting on the Mac but I can't even see the computer. What's the deal? Mark FileMaker Version: 6 Platform: Windows XP
  10. Hi Folks, New user, Long time programmer, new to FM. Kenneth2k1 (back in 2003, msg #83872) mentioned that Bob Weaver had posted a technique to generate an analysis of an application without the use of DDR and/or "FM Developer". Can anyone point me to that article, I'm having trouble finding it. I'm trying to modify a client's application which was developed by another person and need to determine what the dependencies are as I seem to break more things than I fix Thanks Marc Champagne Montreal, Canada FileMaker Version: 6 Platform: Windows 2000
  11. I have been using Filemaker for a number of years here at work, but want to take our department database to the next level. Until now, we have been working with one database that we either copy to our desktops, modify and return to the server, or sometimes opening multi-user mode, which has generally been extremely slow. I assume that if I were to use Filemaker Server, things would improve on the speed front, but don't know for sure. What I want to do, and want to be sure Filemaker can't do it before I abandon it, is create a custom application that uses a database as the backend. I don't want to work in Filemaker anymore, but instead want to write a program to enter and manipulate data in the database. I get the sense from the filemaker website that one can program Java front ends, but I think I'd to try and write my program using xCode, as I don't think Java will be robust enough to do what I need to do. Is this possible? Also, I want to use a client/server model, where individual users can work on the database locally, without network connections, and then come back later and sync the changes they've made in with the server version of the database. I can't quite figure out how to make filemaker do this. And, maybe it's just me, but I just can't wrap my head around Filemaker's relationship paradigm. I know a little Access and Openbase, and like their use of tables with primary keys. As far as I know, multiple database files have to exist to do the same thing in Filemaker? Why? How do people deal with tens of filemaker files? Do they create packages, or move the files together in folders, if they need the database to move from computer to computer? Maybe I need to learn more of the advanced function of Filemaker. I really like scriptmaker, and notice that Openbase doesn't have anything near as friendly. Are there any really good, deep books on the advance functions of filemaker? Websites? I'd like to stay with the database we have been using for years, but worry that it's not robust enough to do what we need to do. Any help would be appreciated. James
  12. I am new to Filemaker and I am trying to customize the "Contacts" template for my medical practice by changing the "Company" field to "Specialty." I did that succesfully by redefining that field's name, however on the tab on the bottom right, "related contacts" there are choices to show contacts related by Name, Company or City (with "radio" buttons). I want to change the button for "company" to read "Specialty" but I can't figure out how. I would appreciate any help. Thanks. Version: v5.x Platform: Windows 95/98
  13. Hi all, Not sure what words could be appropriate. Here is the case. I have a script that generates in a loop from 20,000 to 30,000 records. When the loop is over, FM needs obviously some time to index all what has been entered through the loop, which somehow "locks" the user that had been driven to another file. I'd like to make them wait in another layout with a "please wait" message, but how can I control how long they should stay there. Pausing the script won't solve the problem I think (Am I wrong ?). The script ends with SetField(g_time, Status(CurrentTime)). I currently set the time gap to 1 minute, so that if they try to exit (from a button on layout), the script checks the elpase time from the g_end ...but 1 minute is what I guessed. Hmm... There must be another way to do it. Also, but this is less problematical, while creating all this script in a test file, I noticed that triggering a delete all records when there are currently 20,000 records in that file, leads to an awfully long "Search for unused blocks" (not sure of the translation). Is it always the case ? I'm not that familiar with delete steps. I'm that kind of guy that keeps everything since I was 15 Thanks as usual for any comments.
  14. I created a layout and placed a global field in the header. When I was testing I had the layout in "View by Form" mode. As soon as I switch to "View as List" of course it stops working. I can see the logic of this in a List view with regular fields. But with Globals, it would seem that it would handy if they worked in List view as well. I am using 5.5. Is this resolved in 6.0? Or any other helpful ideas? My mission is to have a popup in the header that drives a find. So the user will select a value into the global, and then I will run a script that uses that value to perform a find and a sorts. Works like a charm in Form view. The problem is the form view show a rather short list . . . . Thanks for any ideas. Maybe just upgrade? That would be simple enough. Bob
  15. Hi all, I have been working on a new FileMaker system for our company for quite a while now. We've done some initial testing and it's going well. We have decided on a day in October that we will make the switch - from the old system to the new. The old system was made up of around 95 totally independent flat-file / repeating fields everywhere databases. The new system has 70 files and is very integrated with a common interface. There will be around 30 full time users. The system includes cost and time tracking, invoicing, estimates, shipping, inventories, administration, work requests, calendars, scheduling and contacts. Just looking for general advice from others who have made - or have been part of a similar switch from an existing system to a new one. Please post good and bad experiences, things to avoid - things that are a must - from a user and administrator point of view. I'm very interested to hear some stories and experiences... Thanks, Jerremy
  16. Hi there, I have created a runtime solution system which contain 24 database files. This system i run with kiosk mode. I found that sometime if i keep on using for long time, the system will hang after i press some button. The mouse will change to loading icon as usual, but the system will hang on that time. The mouse still can move but it can perform any action. The only way i can go out is i press(Alt+Ctrl+Del) to exit. But after i open again, the system will run as normal, and the button that make the system hang also function correctly. I have using try this system for few days and face this problem 3 time. One time happen when i click on the button with insert picture script and the other 2 time is on the button with exit application script. So, can anybody tell me how to solve it. Thank you Regards, Henry
  17. I am working on a relational database to take the place of a (terrible) flat one. The original has almost 50,000 records. A lot of the data contains typos and mistakes which is one problem. I have populated my tables with accurate data but after the import of the old records into the new db- I will still have bad data. Other than going through each record- is there anything I can do to speed up the process? Thanks
  18. Why can't I do a search in the header area? I need a layout to show the title of the project and then all the related items to that project. But I don't want to have to show the Project title, with every single record. The layout is in a column. I have the project title in the header, with all of the records in the body. Any ideas? Paul
  19. I'm not sure where to post this but here we go: I have designed a sales report that basically takes the information out of my database does some calculations and drops all of the information into a form which I created, which in essesnce looks like and Excel spreadsheet. Accross the top of each column are the months and the rows are labeled as separate sales categories. What I want to do is have the report print out normally Jan-Dec, then the following month I want the report to start with Feb and go to Jan. Is there an easy way to do this without changing all of my field definitions along with making 12 separate layouts? Thank you
  20. I have noticed that there is a very usefull function in FMP v7. It enables you to change the file paths to the other files. While upgrading my database to v7 I noticed that there is a list of different file paths for just one script or relation file. One relative path and one to the root of my HD. Is there a way or a utility around, that enables me to change the filepath of my FMP v5 database? This would really save me a lot of time having to do this in v7. I have noticed that relocating the file does not really do the trick. Even buggy at some point. With filemaker Pro the file is located but when I make it Runtime it can't find the file. thanks...
  21. As you can see from my pics, I inputed multiple entries into my "daily order" form, but only the first entry from "daily order" gets populated into the "shipping detail" form. How can I get the other stuff to come over? Thanks. Hope my explanation is not as confusing as my thought right now (((( Thanks a Lot for any thought and help (You actually could copy image to the desktop to see the writting bigger
  22. I have no idea how to check a checkbox in a script, i have tried Go to Field[select/perform, "field name"] sorry for a dumb question
  23. I have a database that groups records according to a category with a component to check for New Record ID number duplications. A script automatically summons a separate table, Current ID Numbers In Use, to display all the found existing ID numbers for the selected category. The table uses a portal with a related field, ::ID_#_[Fabrication], from the main database component. The table now lists the entire database's ID numbers, not the found set which the main component has isolated. What do I need to do to display only the found numbers? TIA
  24. I'm using FileMaker Pro to compile a dictionary of a language. Part of my work requires that I index words into groups of "families." Conceptually, this just involves giving each member of a group a shared, unique identifier. But what baffles me in FMP is how to access non-contiguous records when one is at a given record. In forms view, is there any way to access (and edit) other records while remaining on the record one is on, i.e., is there no way to edit two non-contiguous records simultaneously? Ideally, what I'd like to be able to do is split my screen-space in two and be able to access two records independently of the other, and edit each on the basis of the content in the other. Thanks!
  25. I'm sorting records by last name and then first name and seem to be getting wierd results. When I sort last name of St. John it shows up in the J's. Likewise with all names with two names such as Von Kampen. How do I need to enter these last names to sort correctly? Thanks for any help.
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