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  1. Using Filemaker 5 (win) and want to store images in a container field. The database also needs to be accessed through a network, and when I enter an image and store the reference as opposed to the actual image, network users cannot access that image from a different machine. Any hints on how to get a network user to read a path that will find the image? Or any hints on any way to make it work over a network?
  2. Have FileMaker Pro files open on one Mac and want to log in as a guest from another Mac. Launch FMP on second Mac, FILE - OPEN - HOSTS and get the following message "FileMaker cannot host or be a guest of a file because ." Really, it doesn't say WHY! Any suggestions??? Host: iMac running 10.2.1 FileMaker Pro 5.5v2 Files are set to Multi User Network is TCP/IP Guest: eMac running 10.2.3 FileMaker Pro 5.5v2 Network is TCP/IP - can log onto host as a guest from the Finder Ran disk Utility and repaired permissions between tries Threw away FMP preferences to see if that would help, no. Thank you very much for your help!
  3. I have a new problem. I have two fields in a portal window (which points to an external related file) Amount and Phase. I want to total all the rows in the portal window that correspond to the Phase. For ex: Amount Phase 10 A 20 B 5 A The total for A should be 15, and for B, 20. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hiya I have a layout that matches some legal sized state forms. I tried to publish it via Web Companion, but it only shows the upper 11" of the page. Is there something I missed in the documentation? Thanks cblake@uh.edu
  5. I have a multiple part question. I am setting up a Job Log Database for our Creative Services group. Our clients could be any of our internal departments. I want the job number to be comprised of the Division Code, Department Code and a sequential number based on that unique division and department combination; i.e., 001-200-1 I set up a second database with the department and division (value lists) and department and division codes (calculated using the case function). First: Is there an advantage to having these values in another database vs. in another layout of the job log database? Second: If they should be in the same database, how do I copy the fields with all their accompanying definitions and formats? Third: How do I concatinate the fields to create the numbering system I specified above. (Division Code, Department Code and a sequential number based on that unique division and department combination; i.e., 001-200-1) I'm getting lost in the manual and any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!
  6. I'm sorting records by last name and then first name and seem to be getting wierd results. When I sort last name of St. John it shows up in the J's. Likewise with all names with two names such as Von Kampen. How do I need to enter these last names to sort correctly? Thanks for any help.
  7. I want to make sure my solution handles data correctly. I want to make sure that I have the data in the right files! No matter how well a database is designed, there are always changes we make over time to both appearance and functionality. I guess my thought process is
  8. Hi there, I have created a runtime solution system which contain 24 database files. This system i run with kiosk mode. I found that sometime if i keep on using for long time, the system will hang after i press some button. The mouse will change to loading icon as usual, but the system will hang on that time. The mouse still can move but it can perform any action. The only way i can go out is i press(Alt+Ctrl+Del) to exit. But after i open again, the system will run as normal, and the button that make the system hang also function correctly. I have using try this system for few days and face this problem 3 time. One time happen when i click on the button with insert picture script and the other 2 time is on the button with exit application script. So, can anybody tell me how to solve it. Thank you Regards, Henry
  9. Can anyone please help. I am creating a client database and have created three files 1)organisation - hold company info including Address etc. 2)contacts - holds specific peoples contacts with organisations requiring many to one relationship 3)Main - where I am trying to put all my layouts. My problem is that i want to put a layout for creating a new contact in the main file but it is creating a new record in organisation as well. How can I get around this.
  10. Hi there- Our customer database is broken down that each product a customer requests is it's own separate record. So each customer has multiple records. For this report, I want to be able to see each customer, what is the potential sum of all their requests, the actual sum of what has been purchased and the difference between the two. I can do that for each customer, and it now looks like this: (list serial number) (list serial number) (list serial number) (customers last name)(potential sum)(actual sum)(difference) However I can only do this for one customer at a time because the summaries will summarize all the records in the find. And I want to get rid of the multiple 'list serial number' and just have a summarized version, so it looks like this: (list serial number)(customers last name)(potential sum)(actual sum)(difference) The next level of my summary problem is that I need to be able to find all open accounts, or all accounts for a particular year. But when I find multiple accounts the summary will summarize the whole group that has been found, and gives me outrageous numbers. What I can't figure out is how to summarize the multiple records for each customer into one and then have each customer have it's own separate sum displayed indivdually. Then be able to list all open accounts together in a extended columnar report. So I want it to look like this: 1(date)(list serial number)(customers last name)(potential sum)(actual sum)(difference) 2(date)(list serial number)(customers last name)(potential sum)(actual sum)(difference) 3(date)(list serial number)(customers last name)(potential sum)(actual sum)(difference) Does that make sense? I would be most grateful for any insite into this problem.
  11. mPhillipps

    Save as ver 4

    I have a FM 5 data base I need to use on ver 4. How can I save FM5 to be opened on ver 4?
  12. We just got a new pc in the office, and were using filemaker pro 3. I wanted to set up the new pc as the server because its a lot faster (800mhz duron) than the previous (120mhz pentium). Unfortunately we could not locate the filemaker pro 3 install cd. I tried just copying the files and running it, and it seemed to open the files as multi-user and work fine, until i tried connecting a client computer to it, it would not find a host for the files on the network. So i thought it must be because the program was copied and not installed, maybe it puts stuff in the system folder that i missed. We went out and got FMP 5 and installed it on all the computers (there's only 4 of them) I converted the files and tried connecting to it with the same results, no hosts detected. I spoke at length with the guy who originally created the database for us, and he is using 5 now also. he had me set local data access companion on for the 6 files being shared, but that didn't work either. also closing and reopening filemaker didn't help (he said that might help.) Let me just mention that we are using IPX/SPX as the network protocol. All computers do see each other through Network Neighborhood, and i know ipx/spx works because we can play games of quake over the network anways, i went to the official website and couldn't find anything, and i searched the forums (although maybe i'm just not looking for the right name of the problem.) If there's anything you all could think of please post it, we're getting more desperate by the day. Thanks in advance, Dave
  13. Someone in our school district has created two separate dbs with the same fields. When she creates a record in one database, she wants it to automatically create the same record in the second database. I suspect that this requires a script. Can someone offer some advice, please?
  14. I'm using FileMaker Pro to compile a dictionary of a language. Part of my work requires that I index words into groups of "families." Conceptually, this just involves giving each member of a group a shared, unique identifier. But what baffles me in FMP is how to access non-contiguous records when one is at a given record. In forms view, is there any way to access (and edit) other records while remaining on the record one is on, i.e., is there no way to edit two non-contiguous records simultaneously? Ideally, what I'd like to be able to do is split my screen-space in two and be able to access two records independently of the other, and edit each on the basis of the content in the other. Thanks!
  15. I created a database with many files that are related to each other, what script do I use or need to send me to that specific field? e.g. file name X file name Y ((File name Y-1)) etc... (Field name Y-1) etc... Please help me
  16. Does anyone know if it's possible to automatically jump to the next field when the current field is full (for example with one character). If it's possible, how does it work? [color:"red"]
  17. I sell small ads in weekly newspapers in the Southeast US, and I need to generate a report (invoice) for each newspaper showing how many ads each advertiser ran during each week of the month. I have a file that includes five fields: Newspaper Name, Date, Advertiser Name, Number of Ads, Cost of ads. Each time an ad runs, I create a new record. (Newspaper Name is a lookup from the related 'Newspaper Contacts' file.) I created global fields (fDate1), (fDate2), (fDate3), (fDate4), (fDate5) to hold the date of each week, and I created a calculation field that compares 'Date' to "fDate1' and returns 'Number of Ads' when they match. However, I am getting a result for every advertiser, and every date. Advertiser Invoice help.zip
  18. Hi, Did anyone ever experience wierd date readings on FileMaker 6 running on OS 10.2? I should add that the files are being served from FileMaker Server 5.0, but this shouldn't make a difference. In addition, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the changes, because other date fields (identical ones) show up properly. For example: Date of Birth shows up as "1/12/2045" but is really "1/12/1947". FM 6 just added 50 years. But other date fields show up exactly as they should. BB
  19. I posted this a few days back in the Script section and got a single reply from a kind gentleman from Australia. Any other thoughts, please. *** Moderator *** Please let this post remain here. Thank you. I have a script which is run upon opening my solution. The solution is password protected with a master password and "No password" for the user, making the password transparent to the user. "User abort off" is the starting script step. Upon the opening the solution, if one strikes the Esc(ape) key at just the right moment, the script is bypassed. Any thoughts? Respectfully, Eun Mi
  20. Please help, My company uses Filemaker pro 5 for a database that is stored on a Novell server (called Jupiter by my company) and we are getting strange behavior. Sometimes when our employees save data back to the server when they go to open it back up it is missing (the employees are running Mac OS 9.2). I have no idea why it is doing this and it is not isolated to one employees computer. There seems to be no pattern - it happens off and on. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  21. I have noticed that there is a very usefull function in FMP v7. It enables you to change the file paths to the other files. While upgrading my database to v7 I noticed that there is a list of different file paths for just one script or relation file. One relative path and one to the root of my HD. Is there a way or a utility around, that enables me to change the filepath of my FMP v5 database? This would really save me a lot of time having to do this in v7. I have noticed that relocating the file does not really do the trick. Even buggy at some point. With filemaker Pro the file is located but when I make it Runtime it can't find the file. thanks...
  22. Hi Folks, New user, Long time programmer, new to FM. Kenneth2k1 (back in 2003, msg #83872) mentioned that Bob Weaver had posted a technique to generate an analysis of an application without the use of DDR and/or "FM Developer". Can anyone point me to that article, I'm having trouble finding it. I'm trying to modify a client's application which was developed by another person and need to determine what the dependencies are as I seem to break more things than I fix Thanks Marc Champagne Montreal, Canada FileMaker Version: 6 Platform: Windows 2000
  23. I have a database that groups records according to a category with a component to check for New Record ID number duplications. A script automatically summons a separate table, Current ID Numbers In Use, to display all the found existing ID numbers for the selected category. The table uses a portal with a related field, ::ID_#_[Fabrication], from the main database component. The table now lists the entire database's ID numbers, not the found set which the main component has isolated. What do I need to do to display only the found numbers? TIA
  24. I have come across a problem in my database that I did not foresee. Each product has a set of "testing areas" that we need to watch for. For example "Product A" has 4 testing areas that may fail. So when you are entering information for "Product A" and "Test 1"fails you need to enter the number of product A's that failed in the "Test 1" area. Down the road as a "Product A" changes it's "Testing areas" will change. What is the best way to set this up so that when "Product A's " testing areas change, I can make the changes to the "Testing areas" and the old records will stay the same?, and the old reports will stay the same? Basically, I need to be making changes to certain fields on let's say a monthly basis and keep past data reporting and collecting the same.
  25. Two methods will accomplish this. Both involve the use of some kind of "flag" to indicate the status. This "flag" could either be a single field or could be the result of the data in several fields. You can use record level validation in Filemaker 5.5 and set the editing validation to only be allowed when the results of the lock status is equal to 1. (i.e. Flag = 1 or InvoiceStatus <> "Complete") You can also use an editing layout which is seperate from the browse layout. Then you only allow users to access the editing layout when the lock status is equal to 1. Basically the calcs are the same either way, only the actual implementation is different.

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