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Found 2,586 results

  1. Hi All, I'm a newbie but have fallen in love with FileMaker!! One of the hospitals in our area started using FM for EMS run reports... I wanted to enhance the system we were using (Basically a word file..) to a database. Since the hospital was using FM, I bought a copy and started in... All I can say is Wow!! Anyway, since the application is for EMS run reports where a fair amount of medical terms and drug names are specified, I was looking for a medical dictionary to help with the spell checking. I have searched the forum and the web and have not any product that states it explicity supports FM. I was wondering if anyone could point me to a product that they know of.... Thanks, -Don
  2. Hello, All! I am an aspiring developer for Filemaker. The company I work with is stuck in the past working off of Filemaker Pro 4.1 I was given the task of bringing us up to Filemaker Pro/Server 13. So far my conversion prototypes are successful but we recently had a layout issue that can only be fixed in versions 3-6 (as the file is an .fp3) I work off of a macbook while our network is all Windows 7. In order for me to repair the layouts without tampering our active database, I decided the best option is to repair a copy of our solutions off the network. Unfortunately, when I go to download the trial version of Filemaker Pro 6 off of the respected website, the file is corrupt! I've tried multiple times, with different extraction apps and in different directories. My question is; Does anyone know a place where I could obtain version 6 (or better yet, 4.0) for an OSX computer? I've looked everywhere! Thank you for your time, Tumma K.
  3. I'm hoping my question can have a happy ending. In the mid-90's, I purchased Filemaker 3. When Filemaker 5.5 Pro was released, I bought the update CD, which requires the user to either have FM 3 installed or to have the installation CD for FM 3. I've used it all these years, most recently with Windows XP Pro, and it has worked just fine. The databases I began with were long ago converted to FM Pro 5.5 databases. I'm still using FM Pro 5.5 on a laptop with WinXP Pro, but in 2013, I purchased a PC with Windows 8. I haven't been able to install FM 3 on it, therefore can't install FM Pro 5.5. I am retired and rarely use Filemaker, but I have a few Filemaker databases I'd like to add to my Win 8 machine. I don't feel it's worth upgrading FM for the sake of using a couple of databases. Has anyone else run into this situation and/or have a (possible) solution? Is there perhaps any other software that can read FM 5.5 databases? Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. I am using a custom filemaker solution for medical office billing written with fp5 running on a mac with snow leopard. In addition, I have a patient management db (which I wrote) that is linked through pt. ID number to the billing program allowing transfer of some demographic information (name, DOB, etc). Other than being limited by hardware restrictions, the billing program serves our needs for now and upgrading to fp12 will take some time (and money). In the meantime, I am upgrading my pt. management program to fp13 and would like to move new patient demographic information from the billing program ( fp5 running on snow leopard through Parallels) and the new pt management program ( fp13 running on OS X 10.9) on the same mac. Ideally, demographic information would be entered once into fp5 and then a scipt would make the data available for fp13. Any ideas on how to make this work?
  5. Hi, can anyone tell me why my on-line database might have stopped allowing me to delete records? All of my access privileges and passwords are correct. thanks!
  6. Hi, I still use filemaker 5.5 and am very happy with it and don't want to upgrade. Does anyone still host filemaker 5.5? Thanks!
  7. Hello, I'm seeking the updater to FMP Developer 6.0v4 on windows platform. Download from FM is no longer available Does anyone still have it? Thanks in advance! Erwin EDIT: "OK, we found it back on an old backup system."
  8. Suddenly, after several years of use, FMP 6 won't open. (this happened on two not-connected computers). I get an error message "The feature you are trying to use is on a CD ROM or other disk not available. Insert FMP 6 disk" When I insert the original disk, it still doesn't work. When I uninstalled and reinstalled the program, it still doesn't work. I also notice that there is no filemaker pro.exe file in the Filemaker Pro 6 directory. There are FM subdirectories and many .dll files, but no .exe Any ideas? And, if this is a dead end, what steps can I take to get my data? 1) would the data import with a newer version of FM? I would rather not purchase 13. maybe a discounted 7 or 9 found on ebay? 2) Is there any other program I could use just to import my data? My database is a very simple address book? Thanks for any advice.
  9. FM6 and ODBC to MySQL

    This is hurting my head trying to remember this far back. I'm trying to put together a test platform for an FM6 application. The current production platform pulls data from a MySQL database (that resides on the same physical server with FM6). The client wants to have the MySQL hosted offsite so I need to test pulling the data while MySQL is installed in a different city/state. It should work but while trying to define the host in the "Import Records" script step I can't get the host to present the tables. I have placed a copy of the entire FM6 project on a separate laptop with FM6ProDev installed on it. On that same PC I have defined a DSN for the new MySQL installation in the ODBC manager and successfully tested the connection. I can step through the script with "Perform without dialog" unchecked in the "Import Records" step and that works fine. When I'm prompted to select data source the DSN I created is there. When I select it I'm prompted for a user name and password which I enter (I've also made sure that I check "Save User Name and Password"). When I click OK I can see the new connection at the MySQL server and I'm able to complete the remainder of the import steps as expected. However when I go back to the script in the script editor it still has the old (production) DSN in the script step. If I attempt to define the file and click on the "Hosts" button I cannot for the life of me get the Hosts dialog to present the database. I've clicked "Specify Host" and tried typing in the name of the server (MySQL.companyname.com), the DSN and even "DSN:<DSN name here>". In every attempt the "Open" button continues to be greyed out. I suspect that it has something to do with having to log in the database but I thought that was why I created the DSN to begin with. When I try the "MySQL.companyname.com" FM goes into hourglass mode for about 10 seconds but I never see an attempt on the MySQL server to connect and then I'm returned right back to the same dialog. What am I missing? Any help will be appreciated. - Steve
  10. Hello All! I have a hugh problem. Today it works fine on my XP SP3 but the day I have to change computer I have to change platform from XP to 7 or 8. I have a huge number of registers working together so its no option to migrate those to FP7 format or re-write for FP7 as it would take to long time. Today I work with Shubeck Pdf plug-in which combine several pdfs within my script and put out an email with the pdf as attachment. It works great with ghostscript version 8.5. I have borrough a computer with Windows 7/64 Bit for testing purposes. I found ghostscript 9.01 for windows 7/32 and installed it. Seems to be OK. I then installed Schubeck plug-in but under installation I got an Error-messeage with a lot of 0 and 705 at the end and it tells me that it couldnt found the printer drivers (which must be the ghostscript?). With a lot of work I can re-write my pdf-printing scripts if some other multi page pdf-printer for FM5 is avaible and works on W7/64. I hope some of you have some ideas which can help me and maybe have a plugin to sell. -Per
  11. Hello, I lost my Filemaker Pro 3 CD, but it is still running under Windows XP. Now I want to change to Windows 7. I have an Filemaker Pro 5 Upgrade licence but I still need a CD for Filemaker Pro of a previous version, which I can also install under Windows 7. Does somebody know if it is possible to install FM 2-4.1 under Win 7 and where to buy it? Thanks!
  12. FM5.5 Access Privileges

    I know, why would anyone be using FM 5.5! I have a client that uses FM Server 5.5 and FMP 5.5. They somehow have the access privileges configured to the layout and field level with no groups. This setup also has standard users (by their shared password) set to not be able to edit records in the Access Privileges Dialog, yet they can create new records and edit the new record. I had to add some new fields for them to use. The standard users cannot edit these new fields. They can edit the already existing fields. WTH? I need to have it so a standard user can only edit a new record that they just created but also be able to edit the new fields I just added to the database. They can edit the new fields if I put a checkmark in Edit Records in the Access Privileges Dialog, but then they can also edit records made in the past and the client does not want this but wants them to only be able to edit a new record they just created. This makes no sense to me. Can anyone help? Dave
  13. Hi guys -- I've FM 5.5v1 running on Mac OS 10.6.8. On one of the databases, everytime I created a new field FM would automatically enter it on the Table view but some weeks ago it stopped doing it. The database is around 90 fields so it's not too large. Does anybody know why and how to fix it? Best!
  14. Hello all, This is my problem and I hope someone has a solution or suggestion for this as I've been researching and I can't fix this issue I have with the company I work for, we currently use Filemaker 6 (.fp5), Our company gathers order from different websites, we download the order from a centralized place in a csv file, then we run a process manually 3 times a day where someone does the order processing batch which is an automatic process. I would like to know if there is any possibility of blocking users from entering or modifying records while this process is being done, most of the time someone is clicking on a record somewhere which makes the database being locked up (we process the csv file & manual orders being input in the system at the same time). This issue leads to many things, not changing the status of the order, not running the credit card payment process which we use the eAuthorize plugin, and many other things. It came to a point where I need to lookup on this as we're having problems with customers by not having the order processed correctly. If there is something that can be done like for example, every time the process starts switch all the users to a black screen that says "processing new orders" or something similar which will lock them from modifying records please let me know. Thank you very much in advance.
  15. Hi all! Does anyone of you run FM 5 on Windows 7 or 8? Do you have plugins from Schubeck pdf? Does it work? -Per
  16. I need to open up a file that runs a startup script without running the script. I have forgotten how to do this. Thanks, Daryl
  17. Hi Everyone, Very soon I'll be transferring files from FM6 to FM11. I'm using some external plugins and expect some work to be done to transfer all files. I was wondering if it's possible to run both versions of FM alongside each other so I can take a couple of weeks to get all my files in order again? Thanks, Peter
  18. Hi there, I'm currently developing an ongoing solution where I have used decimal times. ie. 1.5 = 1hr 30mins, 3.75 = 3:45 etc. The reason I used decimal was clear to me at the time but now I would like to dispay the resulting calculation in "proper" time format. I could probably nut it out using some convoluted method but was hoping that someone has a more elegant solution. Cheers, Steve.
  19. I have a couple of errors on the server and I am new to Filemaker. Below are three errors that have reported in the event viewer, application logs. 1. File "Promissory Note.FP5" could not be opened: either allow FileMaker Server to host Single-User files or set the file to Multi-User in FileMaker Pro. 2. File "Receipts.fp5" could not be opened: maximum number of files already opened. 3. File "Credit Card Charges.FP5" could not be opened: a database with that name (or the same initial 31 characters) is already open; please rename one of the files. The only one that I could find information about was #3, and it was more than 1 file that I had to rename it was like 20. I just added a 1 to the end of the file name in the databaseBackup folder and those problems seemed to correct themselves (after I did a stop and start of the Filemaker Server service). Not sure on #1 and #2. Any advice on how to resolve these issues are greatly appreciated twells@uca.edu
  20. Need help with security

    Hello guys, Ive never used FM bofore and have the following problem: A client of my company uses FM for a mail tracking app, there's only two users. One of the users can create and edit records but the other can't. I have included screenshots of the security configuration and other settings that might be useful. Please help Im totally lost.
  21. length sound

    Hello, Problem is, work with FM 6 and Win XP, i need recording sound into a container field but the length sound is 30sec. I need a 5min, it's possible? Thank you, Alex
  22. Exporting Containers

    I have an older FileMaker soluation (.fp5) with several hundred entries in it. Each of those has a container and I'm trying to find a way to make a script to download all of those files into a location on my machine so I can reuse them for a solution on a current version of FM. The problem is I can't seem to find a way to automate that process with the older FM specifications. I would like to think it's doable because manually downloading those 500+ containers doesn't sound appealing at all... Anyone have any suggestions?
  23. .fp5 with Lion?

    Hi mates Is there any chance to get FileMaker Pro 6 work under Lion? Cheers
  24. Hi Anyone got the bug fix file FMP 5.3 updater on their hard disk? The ftp link on the Filemaker website is dead. I had a copy of the file on a hard disk but have lost it. It is the update \ bug fix that fixed the display of zero's after the decimal point, (as in a currency field), amongst others. TIA Steve
  25. I have a legacy (Read: Extremely old) FMPro 5 database that I was just tasked to support/fix due to a recent misconfiguration made a couple weeks ago. I am now about 2 days in to my FMPro5 experience. They have no manuals/documentation and finding support for FMP5 online is hard, at best. So the issue, and I am hoping it is an easy answer (Good or bad for me), is this: When adding someone to a script definition in Script Maker and exiting, the "Keep or Replace" dialog box came up and REPLACE was selected instead of KEEP on 'FIND REQUESTS' Radio button. As such, the stored options used in a "Perform Find [Restore, Replace Found Set]" is now essentially null. So as the script runs, it now finds all records rather than those it is supposed to find. From what I am finding online, in later versions of FMPro, I could use a section entitled "Specify Find Requests". This doesn't appear to be available in FMP5. From the documentation within the application (Help) it basically says that you first create the find and then create the script and it inherits the settings. Okay, so I understand how it works to create it. My problem is this. I restored the database from 2 weeks ago and was hoping I could find a way to find out the parameters that the 'Restore' option was placing into the Perform Find, but I simply cannot find a way to find this. Is there any way to do this, or am I out of luck because it wasn't documented by the creator of the database? Or any other advice? I appreciate any help/advice you can offer. Thank you much for reading the post. Josh Hammel

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