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  1. Have FileMaker Pro files open on one Mac and want to log in as a guest from another Mac. Launch FMP on second Mac, FILE - OPEN - HOSTS and get the following message "FileMaker cannot host or be a guest of a file because ." Really, it doesn't say WHY! Any suggestions??? Host: iMac running 10.2.1 FileMaker Pro 5.5v2 Files are set to Multi User Network is TCP/IP Guest: eMac running 10.2.3 FileMaker Pro 5.5v2 Network is TCP/IP - can log onto host as a guest from the Finder Ran disk Utility and repaired permissions between tries Threw away FMP preferences to see if that would help, no. Thank you very much for your help!
  2. Using Filemaker 5 (win) and want to store images in a container field. The database also needs to be accessed through a network, and when I enter an image and store the reference as opposed to the actual image, network users cannot access that image from a different machine. Any hints on how to get a network user to read a path that will find the image? Or any hints on any way to make it work over a network?
  3. Hello! What does the checkbox "Save Relative Path" means when you save a file? Thanks! Danny
  4. Hi there- Our customer database is broken down that each product a customer requests is it's own separate record. So each customer has multiple records. For this report, I want to be able to see each customer, what is the potential sum of all their requests, the actual sum of what has been purchased and the difference between the two. I can do that for each customer, and it now looks like this: (list serial number) (list serial number) (list serial number) (customers last name)(potential sum)(actual sum)(difference) However I can only do this for one customer at a time because the summaries will summarize all the records in the find. And I want to get rid of the multiple 'list serial number' and just have a summarized version, so it looks like this: (list serial number)(customers last name)(potential sum)(actual sum)(difference) The next level of my summary problem is that I need to be able to find all open accounts, or all accounts for a particular year. But when I find multiple accounts the summary will summarize the whole group that has been found, and gives me outrageous numbers. What I can't figure out is how to summarize the multiple records for each customer into one and then have each customer have it's own separate sum displayed indivdually. Then be able to list all open accounts together in a extended columnar report. So I want it to look like this: 1(date)(list serial number)(customers last name)(potential sum)(actual sum)(difference) 2(date)(list serial number)(customers last name)(potential sum)(actual sum)(difference) 3(date)(list serial number)(customers last name)(potential sum)(actual sum)(difference) Does that make sense? I would be most grateful for any insite into this problem.
  5. I am running Server 5.5 on Windows 2000 Server. If a user login to check backup schedule from FileMaker server console, he won't be able to see any schedule at all. (But he can create a backup schedule but it will disappear when he logs back in) But i can see all the backup schedule if i log in as administrator. Does anyone knows how to make a non-administrator privilege person to see/edit backup schedule from Task scheduler in FileMaker server console??? Thanks in advance. FileMaker Version: 5 Platform: Windows 2000
  6. I have a new problem. I have two fields in a portal window (which points to an external related file) Amount and Phase. I want to total all the rows in the portal window that correspond to the Phase. For ex: Amount Phase 10 A 20 B 5 A The total for A should be 15, and for B, 20. Thanks in advance!
  7. Is there a way to format a date field so that the slash marks are already inserted in the field and all you need to enter in the date field are the numbers?
  8. I have many files that need dates entered into its records. For one file, I built a file that's a small calendar that pops up when a date is clicked on, then the user picks a date and that date is issued to the date field of the original file. So far I've figured out how to make this work for various fields in one file, but how do I make it work for various fields in various files with only on calendar file? Thanks.
  9. Please help, My company uses Filemaker pro 5 for a database that is stored on a Novell server (called Jupiter by my company) and we are getting strange behavior. Sometimes when our employees save data back to the server when they go to open it back up it is missing (the employees are running Mac OS 9.2). I have no idea why it is doing this and it is not isolated to one employees computer. There seems to be no pattern - it happens off and on. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  10. Is there any way to activate the second button in a "show message" command without using the mouse?
  11. It seems that printing scripts (with the page setup restore function) from 5 does not transfer well into 5.5. All my layouts that were automatically printing are now printing in the portrait orientation rather than what I had specified earlier. Has anyone run into this? This is going to be a pain for me if there is no resolution - I have programmed many many forms in this dbase and will have to reset these settings again script by script. Any suggestions? Thanks
  12. This maybe easy or hard... I cant tell. In the database I am creating I must take care of tracking specific parts. Therefore I wanted to create a database of just items where each item would be its own record. With this item record would be fields: "Part Number" - (So I can ID the part) "Status" -(where the item is, ON ORDER, IN STOCK, SOLD, ECT) , "PO#" - (So I can look up where it was purchased from for RMA's), "Invoice#" - (So I know who I sold that part to), "Serial#" - (So each part can be tagged with this number" and "Price" ect... Now I can easily create these parts from a sepreate Purchase Order file. What I need to know how to do is; make it so when I add an item to an invoice in the Invoice file, It automaticly does a look up in the Item file and finds the lowest "Serial#" with the "Part Number" I input that has a "Status"=IN STOCK and associates/inputs the invoice number onto that item. I realize I may have to use a script to do this instead of a portal, but I was hoping to just use a portal instead if at all possible for easy of use. Eaither way I could use some help. Thanks in advance Gary
  13. I created a database with many files that are related to each other, what script do I use or need to send me to that specific field? e.g. file name X file name Y ((File name Y-1)) etc... (Field name Y-1) etc... Please help me
  14. I am a novice when it comes anything beyond static web pages although am getting to grips with CDML. Can anyone please tell me how the navigation history is shown on a web page such as: Home > Technical Support > Downloads. Where each page reference is a dynamic link back to that page. Yours hoping and to be eternally grateful GARY
  15. Hi. I posted a little while ago with some questions on legacy versions of FM. The answers were really helpful. Now the company I work for is about to make the jump to OS X and I have a question I can't find an answer to anywhere else. The office needs just three people to use FM and one file on it. Including the server, there are four people. If I buy ONE copy of FileMaker for the office, can it go on all four machines? Or will FM do a network check like MS Office does and only allow one machine to run it at a time? This is a small office and every dollar is really examined. The cost of FM and similar software may very well decide if the office wills switch to OS X or not, or at the very least when. I am NOT looking to pirate any software. I just want to know if there is some issue with installing a legal copy on more than one machine in an office. Thanks, all.
  16. Hi, can anyone tell me if in FM5 you can enter non roman characters, such as Japanese? Thanks, Nati
  17. Hey there! We're running Windows NT 4.0 in a Novell-Network. We've got big problems with FileMaker! After using FileMaker the whole Machine is getting VERY slow...This stays till a Reboot! We have this Phenomen on EVERY Machine FileMaker is running on! I need a Fix for this Problem or we have to kick FileMaker!!;-(
  18. Is there any way to use a pull down list in the header of a list (using a plugin or otherwise)? I've never been able to figure out why this isn't available, esp. when using global feilds.
  19. Clancy

    Error 1723

    Dear All, We have been installing FileMaker 5.5 on some new PCs (running Windows 98 SE) and have encountered the following error on one single PC when trying to install Error 1723. There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A DLL required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor. We have setup each PC identically and this PC is the only one affected. We have contacted FileMaker Technical Support in the UK and they didn't have any idea why this would happen and could only suggest reinstalling Windows. Does anyone have any idea why we are getting this error or does anyone know where we can get a list of all the DLL files (FileMaker and Non-FileMaker) which FileMaker requires to run successfully. Regards, David.
  20. Sharing datatbase, peer-to-peer, 4 users. FM often quits when either of 2 different client machines (one running 8.6, th other 9.04)is on AOL 5.1938 (POTS 24KB). Client must be restarted to re-open FM because of "maximum number of users" message. Source machine is rarely affected.
  21. Anyone have any problems with printing to Acrobat 4? Acrobat 5 seems to have solved a few bugs with printing out of FM 5.5. Any other experiences out there? Thanks, GTG
  22. I created a layout and placed a global field in the header. When I was testing I had the layout in "View by Form" mode. As soon as I switch to "View as List" of course it stops working. I can see the logic of this in a List view with regular fields. But with Globals, it would seem that it would handy if they worked in List view as well. I am using 5.5. Is this resolved in 6.0? Or any other helpful ideas? My mission is to have a popup in the header that drives a find. So the user will select a value into the global, and then I will run a script that uses that value to perform a find and a sorts. Works like a charm in Form view. The problem is the form view show a rather short list . . . . Thanks for any ideas. Maybe just upgrade? That would be simple enough. Bob
  23. Hi All, I would like to know that let's say I have 2 files , File A and File B . From File A , I create layouts so that I could manipulate data of File B, like I could delete or add data of File B or I can view data of File B. It is just like ACCESS . Can it be done in Filemaker?? Somebody can give me a hint, I really appreciated it. Thanks Anh Tran
  24. I'm using FileMaker Pro to compile a dictionary of a language. Part of my work requires that I index words into groups of "families." Conceptually, this just involves giving each member of a group a shared, unique identifier. But what baffles me in FMP is how to access non-contiguous records when one is at a given record. In forms view, is there any way to access (and edit) other records while remaining on the record one is on, i.e., is there no way to edit two non-contiguous records simultaneously? Ideally, what I'd like to be able to do is split my screen-space in two and be able to access two records independently of the other, and edit each on the basis of the content in the other. Thanks!
  25. Hi all I've used FMPro for some years but only for basic flat databases which is all I really need. I have v5.0. Familiar with basics of defining fields and altering layouts and format to suit, but I'd be a novice with anything more and need steps to follow. Never done scripts or anything like that There are just a couple of extra things I'd like to do, but don't know if they're possible. Haven't found what I think I'm looking for in Help, or else haven't properly understood what it's telling me. (1) Picture container fields Can you have a DB with an optional picture container field as required, so that where no picture is available or needed, another (text) field can be expanded to contain more info per record? This would mean being able to run two layouts or sets of field definitions within one DB so I'm not hopeful, but maybe there's a way? Or some workaround which would achieve the same result? (2) 'Find' over more than one database Can you link two or more databases for search purposes only, so that one combined set of appropriate records from different DBs is returned (the DBs needed might vary from search to search)? I realise DBs can be linked, and tried it, but it didn't work for me so either I did it wrong or maybe what I had in mind can't be done? Glad of any help or suggestions. AJ

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