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  1. I want to make sure my solution handles data correctly. I want to make sure that I have the data in the right files! No matter how well a database is designed, there are always changes we make over time to both appearance and functionality. I guess my thought process is
  2. This happens across all databases in the particular FM 5 install. If you are in layout mode and you want to drag a field to move it elsewhere in the layout it duplicates that field instead. How can I get it back to just move a field when I drag it? I checked all the preferences and menus but can't find any setting that would seem to create this behavior. Thanks for your help.
  3. 1. Date format controlled by Windows even when a custom date formatted field is created.(i.e., try setting to yyyy/mm/dd) 2. Importing data from one Filemaker Pro database into another causes font size to be inherited into a field that was formatted with a different font size. [This message has been edited by SSwettenham (edited November 20, 2000).]
  4. Is it possible to convert File Maker Pro files on a File Maker Server without actually opening the files?
  5. I have a new problem. I have two fields in a portal window (which points to an external related file) Amount and Phase. I want to total all the rows in the portal window that correspond to the Phase. For ex: Amount Phase 10 A 20 B 5 A The total for A should be 15, and for B, 20. Thanks in advance!
  6. I have an email script with an email form that takes the address from a field in my DB. The generated email for Apple Mail is right for everything but the email addresses for To: and cc: For some reason they come out with two email addresses concatenated together. It looks like a bug but I can't find anything on it anywhere.
  7. because i want to test a filemaker application tat is based on sharing files through my network i need two different license packages. well i do have filemkaer 5.5 developer for OS X. i also have a Filemaker 5 pro for classic. Now i want to upgrade this 5 pro for classic to 5.5 for OS X. I really have no idea if that would be a free upgrade. so what i wanted to do was to locate an upgrader form 5 to 5.5 or the 5.5 imstaller. My problem is that i can not find an upgrade installer nor the 5.5. my Q is can i upgrade my 5 pro for classic to 5.5 for OX. where can i find the installer ? Thanks Jitse
  8. A little background: I have a small network -- two desktops, one laptop -- that has a wireless router. Originally, one of the two desktops was wireless, the other wired. I had problems with dropped connections on the wireless desktop, so now it is wired as well. I have FM Pro 6.0v4 on Computer "A". I have three [very simple] files that were created. They were stored on Computer "B". During the dropped connection period, I moved these files from Computer B to Computer A. Now I can't access them. I get ""software.fp5" is write-protected or in use. You will not be able to make changes." Which sounds like I'll at least be able to open the file, but I can't. I also can't copy, delete, or move the file in Windows Explorer. I also can't import from the file (I had the structure of the databases elsewhere, so I tried zapping all the files out of it and importing this data). I am in big trouble because -- of course -- I don't have a back-up (I recently moved, and hadn't set up my back-up system yet) and I need to get to this data. The properties in Explorer do NOT have Read-Only attributes. Any ideas? TIA Julia Flint
  9. It seems that printing scripts (with the page setup restore function) from 5 does not transfer well into 5.5. All my layouts that were automatically printing are now printing in the portrait orientation rather than what I had specified earlier. Has anyone run into this? This is going to be a pain for me if there is no resolution - I have programmed many many forms in this dbase and will have to reset these settings again script by script. Any suggestions? Thanks
  10. Is it possible to have a script play a sound that can be heard on each computer running on a network? (for a message system) Thanks for any comments. FileMaker Version: Dev 6 Platform: Windows XP
  11. Using Filemaker 5 (win) and want to store images in a container field. The database also needs to be accessed through a network, and when I enter an image and store the reference as opposed to the actual image, network users cannot access that image from a different machine. Any hints on how to get a network user to read a path that will find the image? Or any hints on any way to make it work over a network?
  12. Hiya I have a layout that matches some legal sized state forms. I tried to publish it via Web Companion, but it only shows the upper 11" of the page. Is there something I missed in the documentation? Thanks cblake@uh.edu
  13. hello, I have owned FMP5 since it was launched. All of a sudden it has become so sluggish.As examples, I can't select a word by double clicking; it takes 6 seconds to open an item in the Menu; copy/paste takes 7 seconds ;if there is a relationship, well, it's an eternity ;in fact, everything is slowed down. I tested with a database with one record ,one text field,no relationship. The version is 5.0v3 English. The system is Mac 8.6, on a PowerBook 3400,240Mhz, 64Mo. Virtual memory is on. In the Get Info>Memory of the application, I allocated to Minimum: 6000k and Prefered: 10200k. One detail. If I look at the cache size in Edit>Preferences>Application>Memory, the size is 8258k the first time I look. But if done repeatedly , it drops every time and is only 5000k the sixth time. Only FMP5 does that. As I said at the beginning, it happened suddenly. And it happened only to FMP5. Nothing was changed recently in my system, nothing was added. I did rebuild the desktop. Does somebody knows why? Thanks. [ May 12, 2001: Message edited by: gbenic ]
  14. Hello, I have spent an hour trying to find this info here, but to no avail. I am trying to help someone with the following problem. There is a FM5.5 server running 2 databases on TCP/IP. The databases are usable via remote TCP/IP when using FM pro 5 and 6 on windows, and in OSX on the mac. There are several OS9 machines using FM5 and FM6, but when trying to connect to the remote database xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx, a empty window is all that is shown. The problem is the same on every OS9 machine running either FM5 or FM6. Thanks in advance for any help that will prevent me from jumping off of a small bridge.
  15. I'm using FMP 5.0v3 and have 1500 records. All records contain a photograph within a container field, some in tiff and some in jpg format. I upgraded my Mac OS to v9.2.1 and I'm now having problems with FMP crashing when I scroll the records. I'm getting an error code 2. When I restart the program, I get a message about the number of users has been exceeded. I called FMP help desk and they told me this problem is caused by crashing, and to zap the p-ram to fix the problem with the "number of users exceeded" message. Well, it gets rid of the message... until the next time FMP crashes ( a few time I get a Mac bomb and I must restart my Mac). Running with extensions off seems to help, but then I can't view the .jpg images (I just store a link to the image.) I suspect the problem is something to do with the jpg image in a container field, with the new Mac OS system. Any ideas?
  16. I can't seem to discover how to make text entry fields not print out with horizontal lines in them along with the text entered. Silly question, I know, but I can't seem to solve this problem on my own Thank a bunch for your help Manca
  17. I have noticed that when some of my databases are opened, they occasionally begin a sort process, keyword occasionally. While there may be a script causing this, I wondered if this might be a standard thing for FileMaker when a particular threshold is tripped. The databases I use were inherited and I am not a FileMaker expert, so I will dig deeper in an attempt to locate a custom sorting script that is being triggered, but if anyone can save me time by letting me know if this is normal behaviour for FM, I would appreciate it.
  18. Don Williams

    web publishing fm5

    I expect to inherit a FM Pro 5 database with approx. 4000 names, addresses, etc. I would like to maintain the database on the web with an interface for updates and searches. I was told by my web host that they "do not currently support ASP or JSP," and I wonder therefore if it possible to use FM5 with this host. Excuse my ignorance - I'm very familiar with HTML stuff but not with database software. Any help will be much appreciated. Don Williams www.cgjungpage.org
  19. Hello. I am new to this forum, and I have a question about FMPRO 6. Currently, I have repeating fields setup where I populate all of my data. However, sometimes not all the fields will be used. I want to make a layout where it will check the value of the Resolution field. If the box is unchecked I want the data across that row to show up on my report. If the box is checked I don't want the data to show up. In my picture all the data across the first row will show up, but not the second. Also, sometimes I will have all 10 rows populated, but some of those fields will not need to show up. Thus, I don't need to have all 10 of the rows in my layout taking up space (prepping for the worst possible case). I need it to be dynamic, and depending on how many boxes are unchecked that's how many rows I need to display on my report. I have not had any luck making a script for this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  20. I have installed Filemaker 5 on a windows 2000 machine and cannot seem to get the shortcut to Define Fields (Ctrl-Shift-D). I can get other shortcuts to work like layout and browse mode. I have reinstalled and still no luck. Has anyone else experienced this and found a solution? Thanks Sorry for the Mac icon, this is a PC question. [This message has been edited by George (edited November 24, 2000).]
  21. What the heck? We've been using FMP via Ciitrix for some time, then this morning we came in and EVERYTHING in FMP is in the Greek alphabet on ALL the PCs. The other apps seem to be fine, so it's not a keyboard or system setting as far as I can tell. How do I change it back to the old fashioned queens english? It's a little amusing, but very frustating. Are the PCs possesed or is this a trick of Billy Gates gettign back at us for not using Abcess? Any help will is gratefuly appreciated.
  22. OffTheDeepEnd.com

    Repeating Fields

    Hello, Maybe there is a solution to this but I just cannot think of one. What I have is a Purchase Order Database that has 7 repeating fields with 18 repetitions. The Fields are "Qty.", "Mfgr Part #", "our Item #", "Desc", "Min Pur", "Cost Ea." and "ext'd". There are lookups on our item number that populates the description, mfgr part #, min pur, and cost ea. What I need to do is switch over to a line items database so that way the data can be analyzed better. What would be the best way to export the data into the new database?
  23. What is the best way to automate the creation of graphs from data within filemaker? Should I learn Applescript and automate the export and generation of graphs in Excel or Appleworks? How steep is the learning curve? Would QuickKeys work for this one purpose? I appreciate any suggestions!
  24. Hi to all. I have purchase order database related to order details database(OrderDet). I am trying to write scripts that copy product list (from Product database) to order details portal of my purchase order database. I defined relation(PRD) to Product d/b from order d/b using global field and use Set Field["OrderDet::PRDname","PRD::Name"]. Unfortunately it copies just first record from Product d/b. Also I can't delete records(portalrow) in my portals(using scripts). Is there anyway to display product list in my OrderDet portal in grouped view by categories. I can display categories in front of every product but it looks clumsy. Any ideas? Thanks
  25. I am new to this forum and do not know the rules. I have filemaker pro 4.0 on a Mac. I have a 15000 record database with a name field which includes first and last names of individuals. I want to split the names into a first name and last name field. How can I do that?

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