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  1. This might be an obvious question, but I thought I'd throw it out there. I have a few related databases. I'd like to create another database and get it populated with the info from the existing databases. There is a field that I've based the relationships between the existing databases on. The new database is set up but I'm not sure how to get the info into it! Thanks for any help.
  2. jth5898

    Auto Calc

    I have a filemaker 6 database. I have been using calculated values for several date fields. All has been well, but now some dates are way off some are right. I am taking a user inputed date and adding 364 for one(it has never failed.) The next two always fail together calculted off the same field as the other(Approval Date). The two fields add 350 or 400 and must be in date form. They come out in date form just not the right year some time 2003, 2004,2006 but rarely 2005 like they should be. I can not see what is wrong why one is working add the others are not all are calc. off the same field. Any sugestion would be very helpful. Here are the exact formulas i am using for each. Expiration Date date Index, auto-enter,calculation Expiration Date= Approval Date + 364 must be date format renewal date auto-enter,calculation renewal date=Approval Date+350 must be date format termination date 2 auto-enter,calculation termination date 2= Approval Date+400 must be date format
  3. Is it possible to run Server 5 and Pro 5.5 on same box without causing problems? This is a dedicated FM server machine, (Win2k Server). Our database admin wants to run Pro on the server to modify files without having to move them to a separate machine. I can't seem to find a definitive answer on this.
  4. We use a FM Calendar to transfer files to our website. Our current calendar ends at the end of Dec '04. How can I create/add months for 2005? I have tried all (I think) of the functions in drop down menus along the top of FileMaker... File, Edit, View, Records, Scripts - and I can't seem to find a way to simply start entering months for the calendar year of 2005. Anybody know how to do this? Much thanks. note: I have tried using the "Add New Record" under the "Records" tab, and it does create a month that would serve as Jan '05, but there is no year or place to enter a year, and I can't input data into the month. I receive an error message saying that the dates in my "January" month do not have valid names. [color:"purple"]
  5. I have an Axim (Dell). I have set up FMmobile 2.1 on it. I have files that say they are configured correctly to be used. Once sync'd, I see the field, but no buttons, or field names. There is limited direction on using the program. Can anyone enlighten me?
  6. Hi, I wonder if it is possible to have a a table as a field? I'm aware of the table function, but apparently that pertains having records in rows and fields in colums. I guess what I'm looking for is something akin to a repeating field for which I could have multiple rows and assign headers. Thus, each "row" would behave as an entity and "cell" of that row a seperate data item attributed to that row--all wrapped up in a single field. Thanks in advance. I searched the forum and could't find an answer.
  7. Hope someone can help. Let's say I want to create a database that has all my employees. In that database I want a couple fields named.. Total Employees and Total Engineers ect....How do I do these total field? I think I need to do some sort of calculation for that field but I have no clue on where to start. Thanks, Jaser
  8. Hi, Did anyone ever experience wierd date readings on FileMaker 6 running on OS 10.2? I should add that the files are being served from FileMaker Server 5.0, but this shouldn't make a difference. In addition, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the changes, because other date fields (identical ones) show up properly. For example: Date of Birth shows up as "1/12/2045" but is really "1/12/1947". FM 6 just added 50 years. But other date fields show up exactly as they should. BB
  9. Hello Everyone! installed filemaker pro 5.5 on PCs & Macs. I am only able to connect to the host (filemaker server) from PCs. The Mac OS 9 clients can't see the server via the Host option from within filemaker pro 5.5. first time ever installing/configuring/working with any version of filemaker. Thanks for your help!!!
  10. I have a few client FM5 here on Mac's OS 9.2 while Appletalk is on and they try to open FM they recieve an error stating that the maximum amount of users is on. My users all have their own client and we have checked the serial numbers on each machine and there are no duplicates. These are for their own individual databases that aren't shared with anyone. If we turn Appletalk off we are able to open the application of course this is not a solution that will work for us since they use Appletalk to print. Any suggestions would be appriecated. Thanks. Tracie
  11. I want to make sure my solution handles data correctly. I want to make sure that I have the data in the right files! No matter how well a database is designed, there are always changes we make over time to both appearance and functionality. I guess my thought process is
  12. Whenever I launch FMP 5.5 for Mac (OS 9.1), as the splash screen comes up, I start to dial out to my ISP. I have disabled the plug ins for auto updates, but this still happens. Is there another setting I should be looking for? TIA Lefo
  13. hello, I have owned FMP5 since it was launched. All of a sudden it has become so sluggish.As examples, I can't select a word by double clicking; it takes 6 seconds to open an item in the Menu; copy/paste takes 7 seconds ;if there is a relationship, well, it's an eternity ;in fact, everything is slowed down. I tested with a database with one record ,one text field,no relationship. The version is 5.0v3 English. The system is Mac 8.6, on a PowerBook 3400,240Mhz, 64Mo. Virtual memory is on. In the Get Info>Memory of the application, I allocated to Minimum: 6000k and Prefered: 10200k. One detail. If I look at the cache size in Edit>Preferences>Application>Memory, the size is 8258k the first time I look. But if done repeatedly , it drops every time and is only 5000k the sixth time. Only FMP5 does that. As I said at the beginning, it happened suddenly. And it happened only to FMP5. Nothing was changed recently in my system, nothing was added. I did rebuild the desktop. Does somebody knows why? Thanks. [ May 12, 2001: Message edited by: gbenic ]
  14. I searched for the answer to this question because I thought it might be a commong one, but came up empty handed
  15. I posted this a few days past in the Scriptmaker section and am still looking for an firm answer. Appreciate your response. The default size of the "Script Definition" window (the window where the script steps are on the right and the commands are on the left when you are editing a script) is rather small. Is there a way to make this window maximum size without stretching it each time it is opened. I've read back for a year and did a search...without success. Respectfully Eun Mi
  16. darrenN

    Date Problem

    I' m importing a tab seperated text file, it contains dates which look like this; 10/10/00 when I import the file the field that holds this value (which is a date field) shows the date with the year as a 4 figure number, but instead of showing the year as 2000 it shows it as 1900. Seems strange? Is this a FileMaker error and is there a solution to it ??
  17. cmcfarling

    RecordID Sequence

    Could someone explain to me why in world RecordID numbering jumps from 127 to 32768. I can't think of any logical explanation. Also, is there any way around this. Documentation on this is non-existent.
  18. Sharing datatbase, peer-to-peer, 4 users. FM often quits when either of 2 different client machines (one running 8.6, th other 9.04)is on AOL 5.1938 (POTS 24KB). Client must be restarted to re-open FM because of "maximum number of users" message. Source machine is rarely affected.
  19. I have to process a form and i use the CDML of FMPro 5, i can do a Targhet in a my "Format" ES: <input type="hidden" name="-Format" value="/quippe2/e-commerce/societa/[FMP-Field:ricerca::codice_gruppo]/Standard.htm" Targhet="_top"
  20. We have installed FM Server 5 on a Win2K dedicated workstation. Have installed FM PRO 5 on win95, win98 and win NT 4.0 Workstations. The Win 95/98 Workstations work fine and access speed is great. The Win NT 4.0 (with Sp 5 or SP 6 installed) are painfully slow. The operator can go for coffee while it loads. All workstations are set up identical with the exception of the OS. How can this be fixed without reverting the NT 4.0 machines to Win98 ? UPDATE ____ The NT machines in question have Novell Client for NT installed (Ver 4.8). Without the Novell Client installed access to Filemaker is at a good speed. When Novell Client is installed access is SLOOOOOOW. Any fixes that anyone knows of ? [This message has been edited by dobrorod (edited October 25, 2000).]
  21. I have a database field with a set number of possible values, say 10. I want to be able to count the number of each type of record in that field and display the results of each count. Can anyone help please?
  22. Is there a way to export selected records instead of the entire set of records that I see in a portal? For example,I like to export the most recent record that's entered in the portal of a relational DB. Also, it seems like when I export records into a new .csv file, they always overwrite the existing records. Is there a way to ADD newly experted records, rather than REPLACE the existing ones, on the new file?
  23. Hope you can help me with this, I'm building a library database that will be published on my company's intranet. The records includes many types of documents, either on paper or as computer files. I need to create either a button or an hyperlink that will permit a user to download a document by clicking on the link appearing on the fmp results web page. I was able to make such a button to work in fmp, but its not working when published on the web. I use FileMaker pro 5 Any suggestions? -- Guy G
  24. Hi, can anyone tell me if in FM5 you can enter non roman characters, such as Japanese? Thanks, Nati
  25. I have used Filemaker 3.0 on Macs for several years and am quite familiar with the product. I recently installed Filemaker 5.0 and updater .03 on my PC which runs Windows 95. For some reason when I'm in LAYOUT MODE and I copy and paste a field (in the same layout or other layout in same file) the pasted field does not appear when I switch to BROWSE MODE. The repasted field appears as though it is still in LAYOUT MODE and cannot be accessed. Is this a feature/problem with FM 5.0 or is it a problem with my installation? Thanks, Vince.

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