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Found 10 results

  1. When I try to activate 360Works_FTPeek (v1.67) on my freshly installed OS X Yosemite with FileMaker Server 14, nothing happen in the web UI (except that the logs say that FileMaker ScriptEngine crashed suddenly) I then took a look at FM logs, and found this (files cleaned just before enabling the plugin) : stderr: Unable to find any JVMs matching architecture "i386". No Java runtime present, requesting install. 2015-08-14 15:41:14.499 fmsased[296:1827] JLRequestRuntimeInstall: Error calling: CFMessagePortCreateRemote stdout: (C++ Fri Aug 14 15:41:14 2015) Unrecognized manifest key: Permissions (C++ Fri Aug 14 15:41:14 2015) Unrecognized manifest key: Codebase (C++ Fri Aug 14 15:41:14 2015) Finished reading metadata; (360Works FTPeek) (F3TP1YnYnnn) (File Transfer Protocol (FTP) plugin. Also supports secure connections with SFTP and FTPS.) (1.67) (C++ Fri Aug 14 15:41:14 2015) INIT - Creating new log file (C++ Fri Aug 14 15:41:14 2015) *** INIT for 360Works FTPeek_ServerScripting64 at Fri Aug 14 15:41:14 2015, headless mode 1, appTypeShort 7, JaCK version 2.0 (C++ Fri Aug 14 15:41:14 2015) Detected 64-bit environment. Will look for 64-bit JDK home. (C++ Fri Aug 14 15:41:14 2015) Java home dir was dynamically read: /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.8.0_51.jdk/Contents/Home (C++ Fri Aug 14 15:41:14 2015) Opening dylib at /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/JavaVM I have Java SDK 1.8.0u51 installed in the standard location (as seen in logs). And at FileMaker Server installation, as there was not yet any JDK, I let it installed JRE 1.8.0u51 so I have both. Any hint on what's happening here? Should I install an older JDK for this plugin?
  2. Weird issue here. Running FMS 13.0v5 and FTPeek 1.66 enterprise on OS X 10.10. I am working on a script A calling FTPeek upload to FTP. Script B calls script A as part of an overall process. When i call script B from script A with usual Perform Script, everything works fine. However when i call it with Perform Script on Server (PSoS) - which is supposed to be supported by enterprise license - the script basically hangs. Then the FMS Admin-Console Activity/Clients shows a client connection as "FileMaker Script" which will basically won't leave the queue - even if I send a disconnect message. Only way to solve the issue is restart the entire host...! When running in debug mode from FMP, the moment script B calls script a with PSoS, FMP just freezes and I need to force quit it. I understand that 1.66 brought support for PSoS but that only applies to enterprise license which is what i have as my order confirmation message tells me so... Any idea anyone ? Logs attached. Thanks 360Plugins_ServerScripting64.log
  3. I just upgraded from FMS12 to 14 and I'm having trouble getting the FTPeek plugin to install. During the FMS upgrade I upgraded to Yosemite. Here's what I'm seeing: Go to Admin Console UISelect Database ServerSelect Server Plug-insSee 360Works_FTPeek.fmplugin in bottom window & the plugin is "not loaded"Click "Enable FileMaker Script Engine (FMSE) to use plug-ins"Click the checkbox for the row of the FTPeek plugin.Check box gets clicked.Toast message appears that says FTPeek plugin has been enabledthe Check box immediately gets uncheckedError is logged: Plug-in failed to load: 360Works_FTPeek.fmplugin I found the thread below and followed the directions installing the Mac Java version but still no luck. Any ideas.
  4. I just upgraded Server & Clients to FMP14, but when I try to activate the FTPeek plugin on my client I receive the following error: I'm using Mac if that matters. Any idea what this means?
  5. I have a client using Windows 8 that is getting an error when trying to auto-update the new version of FTPeek. We're using the 360Works hosted update database. It worked fine on a Mac at the client location using the same database. The error is "FTPeek failed to initialize". When I looked in the extensions folder, the new plug-in was there with a .new extension and the old one was intact. Any ideas what would cause this?
  6. Having trouble registering FTPeek on a new windows server that we are upgrading to. Interestingly, it was working fine on our old FileMaker 12 server, but can't get it to register on the new FileMaker 13 server. If I use a filemaker client and run the script it registers fine and reports back: 360Works FTPeek v1.642 Major Version: 1 Type: Enterprise License On the server it loads and enables the plugin, but when I try to run that same script it hangs on the register script step (I played around with where I put an exit script step and am sure it is on that one script step). It never finishes that script step and the routine just sits there and runs forever. Have tried rebooting the server, and restarting the script engine. Also played around with different Java versions, and can't seem to get it working. Current configuration is: FTPeek 1.642 FileMaker Server 13.03 Window 2008 Server Java update 51 (64 bit) Java update 67 (32 bit) - note I also tried the 32 bit version of Java Update 51 which had the same behavior before I upgraded to the latest version to see if that would work. Any ideas of what else I can try? I am sure I have the plugin installed and running in the right spot and I can see in the logs that the plugin is enabled on the server. --Matt
  7. Greetings all, I have a brand new server install as follows... Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter, SP1, 64 Bit Filemaker Server 13.0.1, 64 bit install (32 bit unavailable under 64 bit OS, as I understand it) FTPeek with Enterprise license Java (as 32 and 64 bit installs) The FTPeek plugin is reported to require Java 1.5 or greater, 32 bit. Installing Java 32 bit, cripples the FMS Admin console, both on the server itself, and thru remote access, both of which worked under 64 bit Java. Reverting back to 64 bit Java fixes the admin console access, but won't allow the plugin to load. It seems the plugin is severely limited in it's usefullness, unless there's something more to this that I'm not seeing. Any insight is appreciuated. Mark
  8. GetFileList is empty

    Hi, I'm trying to set up an automatic download to field and processing of an electronic ordering process. When I tested it on our own server with mock files and everything, it worked fine. However, when I connect to our clients FTP FTPeek returns an empty file list through FTPeek_GetFileList. I am in the right directory. I tried connecting with the sample client to verify the problem and the client also showed an empty directoy. I get no error from GetLastError. The folder is a virtual folder set up by the client to be seen through the FTP. FileZilla on the other hand sees the files as they are and I can download them as files. I don't want to though. The log looks like this: 2012-jan-25 16:22:59 com.prosc.fmkit.PluginBridge$3 run KONFIG: === Executing plugin function FTPeek_ConnectFTP on thread AWT-AppKit === 2012-jan-25 16:23:00 com.prosc.ftpeek.GenericFTPModel connect INFO: Connected to server btsftpi01.wm.net 2012-jan-25 16:23:00 com.prosc.fmkit.PluginBridge$3 run KONFIG: === Executing plugin function FTPeek_GetFileList on thread AWT-AppKit =$ 2012-jan-25 16:23:00 com.prosc.ftpeek.GenericFTPModel getFileList INFO: Getting FTP file list from specified directory 2012-jan-25 16:23:00 com.prosc.ftpeek.GenericFTPModel getFileList INFO: pwd: /ftp/laromedia 2012-jan-25 16:23:00 com.prosc.ftpeek.GenericFTPModel dirDetails INFO: dirPath used for getting files:/ftp/laromedia 2012-jan-25 16:23:01 com.prosc.fmkit.PluginBridge$3 run KONFIG: === Executing plugin function FTPeek_LastError on thread AWT-AppKit === 2012-jan-25 16:23:01 com.prosc.fmkit.PluginBridge$3 run KONFIG: === Executing plugin function FTPeek_Disconnect on thread AWT-AppKit === 2012-jan-25 16:23:01 com.prosc.ftpeek.GenericFTPModel disconnect INFO: Disconnected from server btsftpi01.wm.net It doesn't really tell me that much. Help?
  9. FTPeek Download File

    Hi There, I am trying to automate a download of a text file that is sitting on an ftp site. The file has a file name which looks something like this "Filename_Date_Time_.csv" eg "Filename_20111107_155324_.csv" The problem is for ever new file there is a new time stamp and I am not able to automate the download as I never know the full name of my file. I have no problem scheduling the download from a file that I know the full name of. (the company I am doing the downloads from won't remove the time stamp from within the file name) What I am trying to do is download the file only knowing the files prefix. Is there a way I can download the file just knowing the first two values i.e. the file name and the date of the file... The time will always be different. I would like to download the file with todays date (FTP_DownloadFile), then remove it off the server (FTP_DeleteFile), then check if there are any other for today? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jake
  10. I am trying to use the funtion FTPeek_UploadFileFromField. The contents I have in the field looks like this: AGCD Sale1|Mr bob brown|1254878956234| Sale2|Mrs Sarah Graham|23434543 2 Total When I use that function it wont upload the .txt file with the return keys that appear in the field, agcd should be on one line, sale1 is on another line and sale2 is on the third line. The result I receive is: AGCD Sale1|Mr bob brown|1254878956234| Sale2|Mrs Sarah Graham|23434543 Is there a way for me to export to .txt file and upload the contents of the field to a .txt file to look exactly like what it appears in the text field with all return keys?

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