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Found 415 results

  1. Hi guys, We are using FX.php to communicate with Filemaker as an interim measure as we develop a Drupal website. There are a number on non-Drupal HTML/PHP pages that use FX.php to talk to our Filemaker Server. However I am having trouble getting the pages to connect to Filemaker. This is the error I get: Fatal error: Cannot use object of type FX_Error as array in /mnt/gfs/acwa2djszbbyvu/sites/default/files/subsites/Pages/showfoundcourses.php on line 140 I have attached 2 files - a course search form and the php page that is supposed to display the search results. The code worked perfectly on Backspace our previous environment but its not working on Acquia.
  2. PHP Error 230?

    We are using PHP v5.5 and a plugin called PHPMailer. Yesterday our registration system froze where the plugin generates emails to customers notifying them that their registration has received. An error code 230 is being reported by $errors and its not on my list of errors. Does anyone know what the error means? One post on another forum I found said its DNS related.
  3. I'm sure this was discussed years ago, but I can't find any refernece to it. I have separate projects on separate servers using FX.php and FM's API, which I'd like to bring together onto one server hosting FMS13 on Win2012. Is it possible to run these simultaneously, and if so, is there any documentation or thread someone could point me to to help? Michael
  4. I have a web-based page that allows a user to paste information into a text field. This data is sent to FileMaker 13 using FX.php. When returned, so the user can preview what was entered, some of the glyphs appear as empty boxes in Internet Explorer, or number-filled boxes in Firefox. This includes various quotes, apostrophes, emdashes, etc. I don't recall this problem before we moved up to FM13. The data looks fine within FileMaker itself. The web page uses a font family of Verdana, Arial, Helvetic, san-serif. I've tried creating the text in a variety of different fonts before pasting into the web page, and have the same result each time. Right now I have a php function that replaces html entity names so the characters will appear correctly, but that isn't a great solution because I'm always finding more problem glyphs. Does anyone have any suggestions? Below are some the html entities that give me problems: 򢀔 (I replace with —) //emdash 򢀜 (I replace with “) // left quote 򢀝 (I replace with ”) // right quote 򢀙 (I replace with ’) // apostrophe 򢀓 (I replace with —) //emdash � (I replace with —) //emdash 򢀘 (I replace with ’) // apostrophe
  5. We are trying to connect a Filemaker database to Drupal. heres the 802 error: http://acwa.asn.au:8080/fmi/xml/FMPXMLRESULT.xml?-db=test1.fp13&-layoutnames We've being using the following: https://github.com/yodarunamok/fxphp W can't figure out why Drupal can't find the Filemaker databases.
  6. I have upgraded my FM11 databases to FM13 and their corresponding webforms. I have one find that build a dropdown list that cannot connect to the database to find the list of options. Everything else works other wise including the submission of the form which successfully writes to the database (when that form pair is commented out). Switching my includes back to the old FX and adding .fp7 back on allows the form to see the old database and reflect the list. I can't figure out what has changed from 11 to 13 that now prevents this function call from working. Does anybody have any similar experiences?
  7. Hi there, We are building our new website in WordPress and looking for a simplest way to integrate our PHP driven form pages. I know there are various plugins around: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/using-php-in-wordpress https://wordpress.org/plugins/insert-php/ http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2810124/how-to-add-a-php-page-to-wordpress If anyone else has gone through this process Id love to know how you did it. Kind regards. Steven
  8. Hi there, I want to set up an Events Calendar on a web page which displays events by month. In order to avoid calling the database 12 times (once for every month) using FMFind is there a way to call it once but filter which records display in each monthly events list? All advice gratefully received.
  9. FX.php email issue

    Recently I moved my website to a new host and now find that when a logged in user sends and email through FMPro I am not receiving the email. The FMPro Database (v10.0.1) is hosted by Triple 8 and that works fine with logged in users able to place orders and look at their records. It is just the email issue. The emails are not being sent. An example would be a user places an order and I would, in the past, receive a confirmation email. Now I get no email. Is there are setting that should be changed when moving to a new web host? Thanks in Advance - Sam
  10. With FX.php we call various databases using standard code provided by Chris Hansen's documentation. The server_data.php file has a standard username and password combination for accessing the databases and the related database security account gives full access to the databases. Ive been advised that we should have tighter security so that hackers cannot access our databases via the web. Now we need to be able to write to the databases in the case of FMNew and FMEdit database calls so we cant have read-only security across the board. But for FMFind database calls read-only security might be OK. So how do we set up the security for different kinds of database calls? The server_data.php file only mentions one username/password combination. If we had different accounts for FMNew/FMEdit/FMDelete and FMFind, how do we set this up in server_data.php - do we need 2 server_data.php files perhaps?
  11. We are trying to get our website to work with Filemaker 13 and finding that search forms don't work if there are a lot of variables being passed. With Filemaker 11 we had no problem but with 13 the form finds no records. We use the same form processing page for a basic and an advanced search and for the basic search the form processing page just disregards all the empty form variables. I understand that an array can be introduced so that only populated form variables are applied to the search but what I don't understand is why this simple code works perfectly well with Filemaker 11 but not with 13. Here's the code: $course_search=$_REQUEST['course_search']; //used for basic search //used for advanced search $newcd=$_REQUEST['newcd']; $cdn=$_REQUEST['cdn']; $course_name=$_REQUEST['course_name']; $course_code=$_REQUEST['course_code']; $starting_date=$_REQUEST['starting_date']; $venue=$_REQUEST['venue']; $presenters=$_REQUEST['presenters']; $stream=$_REQUEST['stream']; $keyword=$_REQUEST['keyword']; $semester=$_REQUEST['semester']; $type_of_search=$_REQUEST['type_of_search']; if(isset($_REQUEST['skip'])){ $skipSize=$_REQUEST['skip']; }else{ $skipSize='0';} $groupSize='20'; $Course_Search=new FX($serverIP,$webCompanionPort,'FMPro7'); $Course_Search->SetDBData('Course Information.fmp12','Course Information',$groupSize); $Course_Search->SetDBPassword('fmsadmin','fmsadmin'); $date = explode('/', $starting_date); if(count($date)==3) $starting_date = $date[1] . '/' . $date[0] . '/' . $date[2]; $Course_Search->AddDBParam('Course_Search', $course_search, 'cn'); $Course_Search->AddDBParam('New_Course', $newcd, 'eq'); $Course_Search->AddDBParam('CDN', $cdn, 'eq'); $Course_Search->AddDBParam('POST','Yes', 'eq'); $Course_Search->AddDBParam('Year','2014', 'eq'); $Course_Search->AddDBParam('Course_Name', $course_name, 'cn'); $Course_Search->AddDBParam('Course_Code', $course_code, 'eq'); $Course_Search->AddDBParam('Course_Date_First', $starting_date, 'eq'); $Course_Search->AddDBParam('Venue_Name', $venue, 'eq'); $Course_Search->AddDBParam('Semester', $semester, 'eq'); $Course_Search->AddDBParam('Stream_Name', $stream, 'eq'); $Course_Search->AddDBParam('Course_Outline', $keyword, 'cn'); $Course_Search->AddDBParam('All_Presenters', $presenters, 'eq'); if ($type_of_search == "OR") { $Course_Search -> AddDBParam('-lop', 'or'); } $Course_Search->AddDBParam('customisedCourseDescriptionFlag', 'No', 'eq'); $Course_Search->AddSortParam('Sort_Order','descend'); $Course_Search->AddSortParam('Course_Date_First','ascend'); $Course_Search->FMSkipRecords($skipSize); $Course_SearchResult=$Course_Search->FMFind(); $returnedCount=$Course_SearchResult['foundCount'];
  12. In the previous set up with Filemaker 13 we had 3 websites on our web server each with their own domains and all able to talk to various Filemaker Pro databases. Now it looks as though we can only put one website inside the htdocs (root level) folder of the new Filemaker pro 13 web server. Does anyone know how we can manage our other 2 websites at the same time? Each has a home page called index.html or index.php so they need to be in separate subdirectories.
  13. We have managed to get our website to talk to Filemaker Pro 13 via FX.php. However the web pages keep displaying minor error messages such as Undefined variables. We have checked that the php.ini file has display_errors turned off and it does. The php.ini file was found on Filemaker Server in Web Publishing/publishing-engine/lib/php/php.ini I have attached 2 screenshots - one of the errors displaying on a web page and another of the php.ini code for display_errors. is there something else I need to do to hide these errors? All advice gratefully received. sorry forgot to attach the screenshots - here they are
  14. We are having trouble getting our FMPro13 databases to talk to the website via FX.php. When we installed FMPRo 13 Server we ticked the 3rd party PHP option as we aren't going to be using the Filemaker PHP API. For FMPro11 we have the following settings in the databases security privileges area (which works fine): Access via Instant Web Publishing Engine - ticked Access via ODBC/JDBC - ticked Access via Filemaker Network (fmapp) - ticked Access via Filemaker Mobile (fmmobile) - not ticked (not being used) Access via XML web Publishing - ticked Access via XSLT Web Publishing - ticked Access via PHP Web Publishing - FMS only (fmphp) - not ticked In the Filemaker Pro 13 version of the same databases we have the following options: fmiwp Access via ODBC/JDBC (fmxdbc) Access via Filemaker Network (fmapp) Access via XML Web Publishing Engine - FMSA (fmxml) Access via PHP Web Publishing - FMS only (fmphp) Access via Filemaker WebDirect (fmwebdirect) + 2 settings for Filemaker Go which we aren't using Which of the above settings do we need to have ticked for FX.php to work? All advice gratefully received.
  15. We have a free-standing website (not IWP or WebDirect and not WordPress, Drupal etc) which talks to FMPro11 vis FX.php. I need to test that a copy of our website is talking to FMPro13 via a copy of FX.php. We have duplicated all databases and upgraded them to FMPro13. We have duplicated FX.php and pointed it to the new website location and the new database location. We have set up a test domain. We simply want to view the website copy via this test domain and ensure that it is communicating with FMPro 13 via FX.php. However there is a web server inside FMPro13 Server which keeps switching off the external web server. FX.php for the current website is: <?php /******************************************************************** * This file is where you set the data related to your server. In * * order to get these FX.php examples to work on your system, you * * need to set $serverIP to the IP address of your server. Also, * * be sure to set $webCompanionPort to match the port configured * * for Web Companion (for FileMaker 5/6) or your web server software* * (for FileMaker 7 and later.) * ********************************************************************/ error_reporting(E_ALL); if (! defined('DEBUG')) { define('DEBUG', false); // set to true to turn debugging on } if (! defined('DEBUG_FUZZY')) { define('DEBUG_FUZZY', false); // set to true to activate the fuzzy debugger } $serverIP = 'gateway.acwa.asn.au'; $webCompanionPort = 80; // for FM 7, 8, or 9, this should we the web server port $dataSourceType = 'FMPro9'; $webUN = 'fmsadmin'; // defaults for Book_List in FM7; both should be blank for Book_List in FM5/6 $webPW = 'fmsadmin'; if (strtolower($dataSourceType) == 'fmpro9') { $bookListFile = 'Book_List.fp7'; } else { $bookListFile = 'Book_List.fp5'; } $scheme = 'http'; // generally this will be 'http'; 'https' for SSL connections to FileMaker ?> For the copy of the website and FMPRo 13 databases, FX.php is as follows: <?php /******************************************************************** * This file is where you set the data related to your server. In * * order to get these FX.php examples to work on your system, you * * need to set $serverIP to the IP address of your server. Also, * * be sure to set $webCompanionPort to match the port configured * * for Web Companion (for FileMaker 5/6) or your web server software* * (for FileMaker 7 and later.) * ********************************************************************/ error_reporting(E_ALL); if (! defined('DEBUG')) { define('DEBUG', false); // set to true to turn debugging on } if (! defined('DEBUG_FUZZY')) { define('DEBUG_FUZZY', false); // set to true to activate the fuzzy debugger } $serverIP = 'navigator.acwa.asn.au'; $webCompanionPort = 80; // for FM 7, 8, or 9, this should we the web server port $dataSourceType = 'FMPro9'; $webUN = 'fmsadmin'; // defaults for Book_List in FM7; both should be blank for Book_List in FM5/6 $webPW = 'fmsadmin'; if (strtolower($dataSourceType) == 'fmpro9') { $bookListFile = 'Book_List.fp7'; } else { $bookListFile = 'Book_List.fp5'; } $scheme = 'http'; // generally this will be 'http'; 'https' for SSL connections to FileMaker ?> The only difference is the $serverIP
  16. My client recently upgraded their FileMaker Server, an xServe, to OS X 10.9 and FMS13. As a result, an existing php web site, pulling FileMaker data using fx.php, is now broken. I perform a simple query, looking up a user by their account name. After the upgrade, I am returned 0 records with an error of '4'. The weird part is, when I run my script with debug on, and I manually click on the resulting query URL it works as I would expect. The XML result is the one record I asked for. I can't seem to find other forum posts, from others who have had this issue after upgrading to FMS13. Is anyone aware of any differences in FMS13 which might cause this failure? any thought or suggestions are welcome. Thanks Dave W ---- Here's the query ------------------ // === GRAB THE LOG IN INFO === $_SESSION['account_name'] = $_REQUEST['account_name']; //define("DEBUG", true); // === required FX files require_once(/*$_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . */"FX/FX.php"); require_once(/*$_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . */"FX/FX_Error.php"); require_once(/*$_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . */"FX/Developer/FMErrors.php"); require_once(/*$_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . */"FX/server_data.php"); $database = 'MyFile.fmp12'; $layout = 'web_login'; // === LOOK UP THE LOGIN INFO == $login= new FX($serverIP, $webCompanionPort, $dataSourceType, $scheme); $login->SetDBData($database, $layout); $login->SetDBPassword($webPW, $webUN); $login->AddDBParam('login_name',$_SESSION['account_name'] ); $loginresult = $login->FMFind(); $resultcount = $loginresult['foundCount']; $resultdata = $loginresult['data']; // == ADDED JUST TO HELP DEBUG THIS ISSUE == echo $resultcount.' count<br>'; echo $loginresult['errorCode'].' error'; die; ------------ End of the query ------------------- --------------Here's the result ------------------ Accessing FileMaker Server 7+ data. Using FileMaker URL: http://USER:PASS@ 0 count 4 error
  17. One of my clients has a system that uses a 2004 version of fx.php with FileMaker Server 11, Apache 2.2, php v5.3.2. Will I likely be ok upgrading to fx.php v5? is this a "good thing" to do? (we are experienceing some slow performance that we are hoping this might address) mark
  18. Hi, I'm trying to install in a drupal site the connection with Filemaker. I am developing the drupal site in my machine using MAMPRO as a web server and I have my database file hosted in a shared Filemaker server. After installing in Drupal, the Filemaker modules, and the FX folder with FX.php in the libraries folder, whenever I try to use the filemaker module I get the following notice "Can not find FX.php. Please place FX.php at sites/all/libraries/fxphp/FX." I'm sure that I've installed in that location the FX folder. So I am lost. I'd appreciate any help, thks. Armando
  19. Currently our web pages call Filemaker using the following code: $newregistration = new FX($serverIP,$webCompanionPort); $newregistration -> SetDBData('Web Registration Information.fp7', 'Web Registration Information'); $newregistration -> SetDBPassword($webPW, $webUN); If we migrate to Filemaker 12 which seems inevitable, do we have to change the database file extension to .fp12 on every php web page? Or does FX.php have a work around that makes this unnecessary?
  20. Hi all, I'm just getting started and trying to figure out the difference between fx.php and the filemaker php api. Can anyone enlighten me as to the differences and why one might be better than the other?
  21. I'm moving my FX solutions from FMS11 to FMS12 and there are a few problems along the way. I'm finding that passing the current record number into the parameter '-recid' does not result in a successful edit. I get an error 101. Is there a change with Filemaker 12 in the name or syntax of the current record id? Gary
  22. Update for those of you bitten by the FMS12 bug that pushes the INCORRECT number of COL elements in the FMPXMLRESULT grammar (fms12 only - CWP, as export and import for this grammar is ok!). Background: if you have a layout with portals, you *should* get something like this for each record: <ROW> <COL><DATA>parentfield</DATA></COL> <COL><DATA>childfield</DATA><DATA>childfield2</DATA></COL> <ROW> <COL><DATA>parentfield</DATA></COL> <COL><!-- empty portal, no children --></COL> What the bug produces: <ROW> <COL><DATA>parentfield</DATA></COL> <COL><DATA>childfield</DATA><DATA>childfield2</DATA></COL> <ROW> <COL><DATA>parentfield</DATA></COL> <!-- OOPS! no column for empty portal --> We all had hoped the v2 FMS12 update would fix this, but alack alas did NOT. TO THE RESCUE: Chris (a.k.a iViking) Hansen has agreed to put the fmresultset grammar into the FX.php code. While we await formal "announcements", let me tell you it's going to be in there. You specify the alternate grammar and your code should work "as-is". Beverly
  23. I have a client with an php web site developed in fx.php in FileMaker 11. We switched them to FMS 12 on IIS 7 and Windows 2008 server. For some reason the web pulishing engine stops responding to new requests after a certain amount of time. We tried using both native PHP 5.3 and the FIleMaker supplied one, but the problem is still happening. The only solution so far has been to reset the web publishing engine. Any one else having this problem?
  24. Just a week away! Please note the NEW ROOM: Flicker 1-2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CWP USER GROUP AT FILEMAKER DEVCON 2012 For the sixth straight year, people doing Custom Web Publishing are getting together at the beginning of the FileMaker Developer Conference to share projects, tips and ideas. This year's DevCon has only one (only one!) regular session that addresses CWP, so come get your CWP groove on at this year's CWP User Group meeting. DATE: Monday, July 16 TIME: 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. (before the 6:30 keynote) ROOM: Flicker 1-2 <<= New Room This will be a friendly, informal chance to share some of what we have been doing with FileMaker and CWP. All web-related tools and technologies are relevant. This year we may see some FM12 media streaming, RESTful development, CSS preprocessing, "google-style" searches, LDAP/TS integration, an FM-based web-development framework, and more! Everyone's welcome. Come join us! http://jsfmp.com/cwp-user-group -Joel ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Joel Shapiro FileMaker Pro : database design : web development http://jsfmp.com 415-269-5055 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ http://twitter.com/jsfmp
  25. Can someone give me a basic script to test the FM connection. I've tried an fx script and a filemaker.php script, and can't tell by the errors if it's connecting or not. Here are the two files I've tried: <?php error_reporting (E_ALL); define('DEBUG', true); require_once('FX.php'); require_once('FMErrors.php'); define('FM_IP', 'xxx.xxx.x.xxx'); define('FM_PORT', '80'); define('FM_VERSION', 'FMPro7'); define('FM_USERNAME', 'xxx'); define('FM_PASSWORD', 'xxx'); $returnCount=200; $instanceName=new FX(FM_IP, FM_PORT, FM_VERSION); $instanceName->SetDBData('Web_Forms', 'Orders_ListView', $returnCount); $instanceName->SetDBUserPass(FM_USERNAME, FM_PASSWORD); $instanceName->AddDBParam('Order_Number', "TSR179412"); $Result=$instanceName->FMFind(); echo $Result."<br>"; echo "Hello Trish 1"; The page I get has this: Accessing FileMaker Server 7+ data. Using FileMaker URL: http://web:web@146.2...TSR179412&-find Catchable fatal error: Object of class FX_Error could not be converted to string in E:InetpubwwwrootFormsBuildings.php on line 24 Clicking on the link takes me nowhere, so I’m not sure if it’s getting connected or not. The second script I tried was with filemaker.php: <?php require_once ('FileMaker.php'); $fm = new FileMaker(); $fm->setProperty('database', 'WEB_Forms'); $fm->setProperty('hostspec', 'http://xxx.xxx.x.xxx/'); $fm->setProperty('username', 'xxxxxxx'); $fm->setProperty('password', 'xxxxxxx'); $connected = $fm->listLayouts(); If(FileMaker::isError($connected)){ echo "not connected"; } else { echo 'connected'; } ?> and get this response: Warning: require_once(C:Program FilesFileMakerFileMaker ServerWeb Publishingpublishing-enginephpincludesImplementationParser/../../Layout.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in C:Program FilesFileMakerFileMaker ServerWeb Publishingpublishing-enginephpincludesImplementationParserFMResultSet.php on line 2 Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required 'C:Program FilesFileMakerFileMaker ServerWeb Publishingpublishing-enginephpincludesImplementationParser/../../Layout.php' (include_path='.;C:Program FilesFileMakerFileMaker ServerWeb Publishingpublishing-enginephpincludes;E:InetpubwwwrootFormsFX;E:InetpubwwwrootFormsFileMaker;E:InetpubwwwrootFormsFileMakerImplementation') in C:Program FilesFileMakerFileMaker ServerWeb Publishingpublishing-enginephpincludesImplementationParserFMResultSet.php on line 2 13 minutes ago · Like

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