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Found 9 results

  1. Hello I have some buttons which allow me to define some values which will help choosing the kind of report which should be created. The button sets a variable value (for instance to "details", "daily", "monthly") and the script acts accordingly. My questions: • is there a way to show the value of the variable on the current layout? (found it after a much needed coffeebreak... ) • would it be wiser to use a global to store the choice? Thank you for your short answer. Cheers
  2. Hello All, Hoping one of you fine folks can help me with a strange little problem I've got. I'm trying to create a field that you can type a value into once, and have it show up as that same value on every single record in the table. I tried just doing a global field at first, but I quickly found out that doesn't work with shared files. Silly me for actually expecting a global field to work "globally". Next I tried making a value list based on the index of said field, and then displaying it with an unstored calculation defined as the contents of that value list. I thought this was a pretty good workaround, but it turns out that it affects the performance of the database horribly when viewed on FM Go, as it is recalculating the unstored calc everytime someone does a find, resulting in 45-plus-second searches. So for my next attempt, I'm thinking about maybe putting the title in a single record in a separate table and relating it to the original table somehow. I can't figure out how to relate the table in a one-to-many relationship, though. Does anyone have any better, simpler ideas? Or any suggestions on how to relate the one-record table? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hey and good morning from Europe! I have a problem saving javascript in global field. When I quit Filemaker, changes goes away and reverts back to old one. Is there a workaround for this? This raises question for other people who needs to run the javascript? We are using Filemaker 13.0v3 & Filemaker Server 2013 Would one solution be to save it as normal field and make a script to update the global field which triggers when user need's the script? Or is there a better solution for this? Thank you for all the help I can get!
  4. I am using FM 12 advanced  I have a Membership application. It has a global table that holds things like: Organization Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone etc...  The problem centers around the fact that there are multiple versions of the program. If I 'release' version 22 it is released with sample data for first time users. But, a previous user needs to import their data from the previous version 21.  I just discovered tonight that my global table (which only holds global fields) has 18,000 records.... all duplicates ....  Yikes. This is the result of my treating the global table like any other table when I did my import.   But, I don't know the best way to a) delete all the fields in the target global table and then import the current record in the Source table. I don't see any record level controls in the Import Script function... Or, am I missing something?  Your thoughts and ideas are appreciated.  Ron  Â
  5. As I put together a solution that I intend to offer to several different clients, I'd planned to have a table called SETTINGS, populated by global fields, where they could adjust some variables. For example, I can write the calculation that opens event registration X days before the event, but they can decide how many days that needs to be. Another example: I can write in email functionality that they can use if they want to provide their own SMTP server data. I'm just learning, though, that global information can end up purged on a hosted file. And while there might be workarounds for that, it means that this isn't a rock-solid solution, so I'm in search of another one. These are variables I definitely want the client to be able to alter, so they can't be hard-coded in auto-enter calculations and stuff, and I'd like to include them in a graphic layout (so I can use tabs to simulate a wizard for some less-intuitive stuff that some folks aren't used to thinking about - like those SMTP credentials). They're not variables, because the ideal case is 'set and forget.' I'm looking to have them all grouped together so that a client can find them - maybe behind an "administrator's" account whose privilege set extends to a dedicated layout. Looking for creative, effective ways that you might have solved this in the past.
  6. Hi Everybody, I am newbie with FM and I have a global variable that contains several values in different lines. I would like to insert automatically these text values in a field as a value list with checkboxes, could anyone help me to solve it? Thank you very much, Wardiam
  7. Hello,   Trying to add records in a portal and have them link to a specific foreign key. Normally filemaker would do this automatically, but the layout I am on is not the table I am trying to link these new records to. The reason is because I already have another portal on this layout, and I need to add records to it as well. That portal, is the one I need to link my second portal to.  So I have my first portal, which is working fine, called levels ( as in levels of a house ie Basement), then I have my second portal, rooms. I have a select button on the first portal which, when clicked, executes a script that saves the primary key to a global variable. Then when I create a new portal record on my second portal, it runs a script that sets that saved primary key as ITS foreign key.  But - it doesnt work. The records get all kinds of weird results. Mostly, it seems like the newly created records are always linked to the primary key of the FIRST record in my other portal, rather than the one I selected last via my button.  How can I make this work? Right now my work around is sending the individual to another layout, which looks exactly like this layout but is linked to the correct table. But that method isnt that great, because it confuses the user when they now cant add records to the first table without hitting a button.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. In part one, we built a basic navigation bar made from repeating fields. In this followup article we take the formatting of the navigation bar further by introducing highlights. We also adjust the construction of the navigation, and introduce a custom menu implementation that can be used in conjunction with, or in place of the navigation bar. Read the Full Article Here…
  9. I have a parent table that contains a global variable named gStartDate. In a child table I have placed a global variable with the identical name. It has a calculated value: ParentTable::gStartDate However, it appears that it never copies the date from ParentTable::gStartDate. How can I correct this? Thanks in advance to all for any info.
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