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Found 14 results

  1. Joost Miltenburg

    mailit - google mail - sent messages

    Mailit version 4.0.14 FMDev 11v4 MacOS X 10.7.1 Hi, I am trying to receive / import emails that are in my 'Sent Messages' folder in my Google Mail using this plugin. I do get the folder in my folder list, but when I try to get the messages mailit just returns 0 messages. Looking online or in my sent mail folder in my mail client I multiple messages. Why can't I see them ? Any ideas ?
  2. dbservices

    FileMaker Google Calendar Integration

    Are you wanting to have a calendar in your FileMaker application, but don't want to build a custom one? Why not use a calendar app already available? Learn how to integrate with Google Calendar! Includes free demo and file. FileMaker Google Calendar Integration David Happersberger DB Services
  3. dbservices

    FileMaker Google Route Optimization

    Do you travel a lot for your job and need the best route possible to save time and money? Learn how to connect your FileMaker solution with the Google Maps Directions API for route optimization! Free sample file and video included. FileMaker Google Route Optimization David Happersberger www.dbservices.com
  4. Do you travel a lot for your job and need the best route possible to save time and money? Learn how to connect your FileMaker solution with the Google Maps Directions API for route optimization! Free sample file and video included. https://www.dbservices.com/articles/filemaker-google-route-optimization/ David Happersberger www.dbservices.com
  5. Does anybody know a way of directly attaching a file to gmail (via the webclient) using mail to or via the send email functions. We have multiple users that move around the building so setting up outlook for each user is becoming a nightmare. They use iPads so the send mail script function works here, but on a desktop we would like it to force open GMail or use Mailto: and take the attachment with it. I've tried everything i know about mailto and i'm at a dead end. I did think about trying to integrate google drive HOWEVER i have no experience with Googles API's.
  6. chakali

    Oauth 2.0

    Hello, I have been reading a lot from this forum but this is my first time posting a thread! I would like to import into my Filemaker solution some information from my Google Contacts. I know that Filemaker could couple with web services, but accessing to this kind of information requires an Oaut 2.0 procedure from Google with Client Access key and secret. Does anybody know how to implement an Oauth 2.0 authorization in Filemaker? Thank you vert much, Roberto
  7. Hi everyone, I was wondering if any-one could help. Im going to create a free for all and open source End of day Yahoo and google stockmarket qoutes downloader I do know there is one available at the moment http://www.swconsulting.com/whatwedo/filemaker/index.asp I would like to design a new system with the option of downloading From yahoo or google or other websites for that matter. Is this possible and could you please provide an example file on How to retreive from yahoo. Thanks jeffe
  8. Hi All, I am trying my very first FM Go layout and I am having problems with showing an address's location in the web viewer. Basically it's too small, the map isn't even visible as the view area is taken up by the Google sidebar. I am using the following in the web viewer ; "http://local.google.com/maps?" & "q=" & /*Address=*/ Phone_Test::GPS Is there a way to get rid of the sidebar and just show the map or can I use something other than the web viewer ?
  9. Morning, Ive had this issue, along with others, for a few days now just after transferring our web server over to a new server. The Error now im getting is: com.prosc.security.LoginFailedException: Could not authenticate to Google with token The Current configuration is: Dual Mountain Lion servers. Both running 10.8.4. One master (database server) and the other the WPE and web server Zulu running on the slave version 1.3403 Now the account details are correct I have double checked multiple times, I have also tried with another google account. I have performed a complete google reset and manually deleted the file from the sync file in filemaker server folder. Any Suggestions on how to reset it completely would be excellent. Thankyou,
  10. Joost Miltenburg

    Google Drive

    LS, Does anyone know of a plugin with which I can create/upload/open a document to GoogleDrive ? Tia, Joost
  11. dbservices

    FileMaker Radius Search

    Learn how to perform a radius search within your FileMaker solution by using Google Maps API! Includes a free sample file and YouTube video! FileMaker Radius Search
  12. Our Zulu has completely stopped working with Google...it's not syncing in either direction. We have rebooted the server but it has not corrected the problem. Urgent...Please advise!
  13. I'm looking for a method of authenticating with google via FileMaker. I would like to run post commands via the Insert from URL command to allow my FMDB to publish Cal Events to a specific calendar. Realistically I'd want this to be automatic when an appointment is assigned on the system. At the moment, I can get a post to work, but it returns an error. I imagine this is because the authentication hasn't taken place. Has anyone managed to get a working OAuth 2.0 setup/Google Login on Filemaker that will work with POST and GETs. Once I've got Calendar to work, then I want to start on Drive and Gmail. Thanks!
  14. Hi. I just tried implementing OAuth using Google for FM16. When I set up my OAuth client ID on Google I stupidly put HTTPS instead of HTTP in the URL of our Filemaker server. So when I clicked on sign in with Google from FM I get an error 400 from Google. So I went back to my Google Console and fixed the URL. Everything saved fine. But still when I click on sign in with Google from FM it tries to use the incorrect address with HTTPS. It's like it is cached in a preference somewhere and I don't know how to get rid of it. So far I have: Restarted FMS Restarted the server Turned off Google under client authentication, restarted the server and started again. Tried a fresh install of FM Client on a different computer. Completely deleted my credentials in Google and started with a fresh client ID and done all the above again. Still it tries to use the wrong URL for my server. Although the URL has updated with my new client ID from Google. I have ran out of ideas. Any help appreciated.

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