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Found 7 results

  1. Hey, I want to use the same header on all my layouts in FileMaker Pro 15 Advanced but I can't seem to find a way to accomplish it. I read on Google and other forums that there is no way to do it, however the posts I found are all at least a year or two old. Did they add a way to do it in FileMaker 15 or do I still need to duplicate a layout to get the same header on a different one? Thanks in advance, Mike
  2. I want to remove the layout option on the menu header bar since, basically, I do not want the user to be able to change layouts except through the my built in navigation. Is this possible?
  3. I am trying to freeze a certain portion of my record template so it stays in place while I scroll through the rest of the layout much like freezing columns/rows in Excel for convenient reference. In essence, I want to make sure I can still see things like the patient name/date of entry when I scroll down on the layout. Any suggestions?
  4. Freeze Header Section?

    I am using FM 12 03 in Windows 7. Question: Is there a way to freeze the header on a layout so that when the user scrolls down, the header stays fixed and visible? (Like you can do in Excel) Just wondering... Thanks
  5. I need to figure out how I can add a header, a footer, a page #, and current date onto the Table View?
  6. Header that moves horizontally?

    Hi, I have some layouts presented in table view (only), and with a header that contains a series of buttons arrayed horizontally across the screen. This is to help colleagues that are more accustomed to Excel style data entry. However when a table contains many fields that go beyond the screen it becomes very inconvenient for the users to scroll back to the far left to use those buttons. Is there a way to make the header scroll sideways? Or more likely, an alternative that allows the user to see the button even if they are far far to the right side of the screen? Thanks for your help and advice! MacGuffin
  7. I have a simple report layout for my CRM database that shows a sales rep's activities. The CRM has tables for contacts and related activities. The layout shows records from Activities, with a summary count field for each contact in a trailing sub-summary, so you can sort the layout by Contact and see just one line per contact. There is no Body part in the layout, just the sub-summary. I control what the report displays using three global variable fields in the header: the sales rep's name (actually the ID underlies the name), the beginning date for the report and the ending date. Once you set those, then I have a "GO" button that runs a script that finds a set of activities matching the 3 criteria, then sorts the records so the sub-summaries show up properly. Problem is, when I get a found set of more than one record, then go back to any of the global fields to change them, they're frozen. The rest of the header's OK, as I have other buttons there that work. I can solve the problem easily by just clicking anywhere in the sub-summary section, then going back to the global fields, which are now active again. However, I don't want my sales reps that'll be using this report to have to remember that step --- the globals should always be available to change without having to click somewhere else on the layout. I've tried to put steps in my GO script to fix this, like "GoTo Field", "GoTo Object", or "GoTo Record", but that doesn't work. Anyone have an idea for either 1) a script step that will replicate my clicking in the sub-summary or 2) some other way to solve the freeze problem? It seems like a bug in Filemaker, and I'm using FM 11.

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