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Found 16 results

  1. I am going with a mac mini, maxed at 16gb, and with four cores, either the current or the new ones, which I expect to have pci ssds (which is no big deal if you'll be running your db from ram anyway), for a 50 strong company with 1-6 concurrent connections, for the time being. I ‘ll have for starters about 2-3 go clients, 5 desktop clients, and the rest will be webdirect. On average I would expect 3 people to be inputting at any time and about another 3 browsing the db. Are there any red flags that I should be aware of?
  2. I'm unsure where exactly to post this so I'll try it here. If there's a better place please move this but it seems to be the correct category. I'm looking to setup hosting for a 15 member team who will be primarily accessing the database via WebDirect. However, I'd like to connect the solution to MySQL and open up parts of the database to 50 other users via Custom Web Publishing (php). I'd appreciate any feedback on hosting companies who can handle some or all of the following: licensing, WebDirect, Custom Web Publishing and ODBC. I looked into FileMaker Cloud but it doesn't seem to be able to handle CWP. Someone mentioned today that you can go with AWS apart from Cloud and I'd love to hear feedback on that as well. Anything you guys can share on good and less than desirable solutions would be most appreciated. Feel free to recommend your own company or PM me and tell me why I'll like working with you. Thanks!
  3. Summer is over and our weekly FileMaker webinars are back! Our first one is this Thursday at 11am PDT, on “Relationships for Beginners”. Register Here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/6892433068111504642 We will spend 30 minutes covering a specific topic. Then the last 30 minutes will be an open Q&A on any topic. Topic List: Sept 13th: Relationships for Beginners Sept 20th: Find Records, Date Ranges, and Special Operators Sept 27th: Conditional Formatting (Can I making something Red?) Oct 4th: Automation (Repetitive Tasks can become Scripts) Oct 11th: Reporting & SubSummaries Oct 18th: Merge Fields and Hiding Objects (Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak) Oct 25th: Sharing your FileMaker App with Co-Workers Nov 1st: Basic Concepts for Building Mobile Apps All the best, Richard Carlton CEO & Video Trainer
  4. NEWS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - December 10, 2012 POINT IN SPACE ANNOUNCES LASSO 9.2 AVAILABILITY CARRBORO, NC, December 10, 2012 - Point In Space Internet Solutions today announced immediate availability of Lasso 9.2 hosting, available at the same pricing structure as previous versions. "Lasso 9 is a complete rewrite from 8, continuing the ease-of-use that Lasso has become known for and outperforming other languages," says John May, Point In Space's President. Point In Space is offering Lasso 9 hosting, available immediately, with a number of packages to choose from including FileMaker Pro and MySQL connectivity.  See their web site - http://www.pointinspace.com/ - for a complete listing of available account features and pricing. About Point In Space Internet Solutions Point In Space Internet Solutions is a North Carolina based company specializing in FileMaker Pro, MySQL, PHP, Lasso Professional, Web, E-Mail, Listserv and FTP hosting solutions.  For more information, visit Point In Space's web site at http://www.pointinspace.com/ , or contact them at info@pointinspace.com or (800) 664-8610.  
  5. Hi Folks, I'm having a bit of an issue with my hosted Filemaker Maker 12 Pro file. I just changed the host server to a new computer and got it up and running to share my filemaker file. I can access the remote file from other computers with Filemaker 12 installed no problem, but my Ipads with Filemaker Go on them cannot find the host, or the hosted file. I have attempted to add the Host by using the host IP address on the Filemaker Go 13 app (and even double check it was the correct IP by viewing the remote file on my laptop) but I still cannot get the Ipads/Filemaker Go to find the Host or the Hosted remote File. I had no problem serving the file from my laptop before switching over servers. I find it curious that my laptop find the remote file and host no problem but my Filemaker Go Ipad app seem to be un able to find the Host or remote file. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.
  6. NEWS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - June 8, 2015 POINT IN SPACE ANNOUNCES FILEMAKER PRO 14 HOSTING ON FILEMAKER SERVER 14 CARRBORO, NC, June 8, 2015 - Point In Space Internet Solutions today announced immediate availability of FileMaker Pro 14 database hosting on FileMaker Server 14. "FileMaker Pro 14 provides many updates to the FileMaker product, including new scripting, design and performance features" says John May, Point In Space's President. "By hosting on FileMaker Server 14, all of these new features are available to our clients." Point In Space is offering FileMaker Pro 14 hosting, available immediately, at the same price as their other FileMaker accounts. Current Point In Space customers should contact the company directly regarding details on migrating from previous FileMaker versions. For complete details on Point In Space's FileMaker Pro 14 hosting, visit http://www.pointinspace.com/filemakerpro14hosting/ About Point In Space Internet Solutions Point In Space Internet Solutions is a North Carolina based company specializing in FileMaker Pro, MySQL, PHP, Lasso Professional, Web, E-Mail, Listserv and FTP hosting solutions. For more information, visit Point In Space's web site at http://www.pointinspace.com/ , or contact them at info@pointinspace.com or (800) 664-8610.
  7. Hey, I have a question about hosting my filemaker database. If I buy a license for 5 people form here: https://store.filemaker.com/filemaker-cloud , will I also need to purchase 5 normal FileMaker 16 Pro Client licenses so people can actually connect to the database? I don't quite understand how this works yet, maybe someone can help me out. Do I get the client licenses with the purchase of a server license? I need 5 people to be able to access it. Thanks in advance, Mike
  8. I run a small, one-person business and would like to find a hosting solution for a few small, low-use databases. Mostly I just enter some customer charges and lookup passwords, at most three times a day. The cheapest I have found is $29/month and that is more than it is worth to me. Is there any solution out there for around $10/month? Thanks, Paul
  9. We are writing a FM Pro 13 solution for our company and would like to have it hosted by a good provider (we are Florida based). We have a trial running with one provider, but cannot get them to answer the phone - a concern for when we go live with our solution. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Does anyone have anyone have any experience with shored hosting with the company FM Connection? We're looking for a hosting company that charges in Euros, and that's the only one that I've been able to find so far. Thank you!
  11. dun90

    solutions wanted Hosting in the UK

    Hi there, I'm looking for a Filemaker Pro 14 host based in the UK. Can anyone recommend any providers who would be appropriate? We've got about 25 users, 1 FM database (about 200mb) and around 19GB of external content. Thanks.
  12. Dear FM community, I got asked by one of my clients to arrange some FM-hosting. As i have a dedicated server on a good line, i want to host it there (i like to keep control). My question is; What are the possibilities for managing quotas? In example: -Number of databases per customer -perhaps disk space/bandwith per customer I see numerous hosting providers which have these conditions, i came as far as administrator-groups, but i can't seem to limit anything there. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Kind regards, Luuk
  13. Request for Proposal American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education, a small, Colorado-based, 501c3 charitable organization, seeks FileMaker and web hosting. Specifications: 1. Host one small FileMaker database. Low traffic. 2. Host aiare.info web site with domain name and PHP-Filemaker CWP. Low traffic. 3. Host SuperContainer by 360Works for AIARE documents library. Initial library size will be approximately 2gb and may grow to 10gb. 4. Host SSL certificate for AIARE shopping cart; allow encrypted transmission of credit cards to authorize.net. 5. Provide usual backup services; ability to download FileMaker backups; FTP access to web files; robust and speedy Internet connection; energy redundancy. 6. Pricing appropriate for very small non-profit organization. We already have the domain and certificate and development service. This is a request for hosting only. Please quote monthly or yearly price. Respond to Gary Sprung / Gnurps Consulting: (303) 859-9331 or gary@gnurps.com
  14. Hey Guys, I'm new to the forum and also pretty new to Filemaker 13 so please be nice! I am using Filemaker to help manage my inventory of a website (ecommerce) but finding it hard to find details on using an external image server (aka image directory of website) So far I can managed to get the images to display from my external server (images.website.com/image1.jpg) using the Web Viewer and also managed to removed the borders and fix the scaling by adding in HTML code into a field called ImageCode data:text/html, <html> <body> <img src='images.website.com/image1.jpg' style='width:100%; height:100%'/> </body> </html> Now I would like to link the field content of Product::Image1 (this is where my url is located) to replace "images.website.com/image1.jpg" link which I manually entered into the ImageCode field. Can anyone advise the best way to do this? or if there is a guide for designing filemaker db's for use with external image servers. Thanks J
  15. I am closing a down server I have been running housed at Telx in Northern NJ. 96GB, x 6-core Westmere processors 3.4ghz (24 virtual processors) 2TB of storage. Locked cage; ISO 27001-compliant Very low latency to Greater NY and CT If you have a client that needs that kind of resource the cost is reasonable ~$500 per month. Comes with tech support that is excellent. Let me know and I can put you in touch with the Vendor: they will probably dismantle it midweek next week if no-one wants to keep it running. Note I have no financial interest in this situation. oreid@firstgm.com
  16. I have a file 73.3mb hosted with fmphost with a starter filmmaker host. I am running 16 on my machines and it is hosted on 14. It has recently become incredibly slow. I have not added any new scripts and I have removed some to see if it makes any difference. Any insights as to why this might have happened recently? I realise that may a very difficult question to answer without seeing the solution. Would I be better off with dedicated hosting with 16? At the moment I am toying with going back to keeping the file in dropbox and not using go.
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