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Found 4 results

  1. Hi. I searched around the web for this but cant quite get a definite answer. I'm developing an ios app and my boss would like to setup and use filemaker as the backend for it (since he has other uses for filemaker too). I was thinking of using the xml api to request data such as regular records and images (through http/rest calls) but would it allow me to add/update records or create new layouts/tables as well? Thank you in advance. ;)
  2. Has anyone used the 'Import XML data over http' feature at all? It could be one of the most powerful tools in the product if only they had developed it properly and finished the job! Sorry I'm having a bit of a whinge here as I cannot quite believe that no facility has been created for allowing proxy details to be entered. This is one of those slightly hidden or 'less-known-about' features of Filemaker which could now prove to be one of the post powerful. As demand for web usage and interoperability increases etc. how can this feature be left not fully developed?! I'm staggered. The reason we want to use this - and I'm interested to know if anyone else has used it, is we develop shrink-wrapped 'application'- like databases that are locked down but upgradeable. This means that the database has to behave like a real compiled application. It will not be accessed by developers once installed on the customer's computer and has to stand on its own feet, as it were. Customers' data sets are imported and exported in their entirety. But we were looking for ways for the database, once out there on its own, to access critical data (usually some sort of 'meta' data) from our servers. This allows us centrally, to control some of the behaviours of the product in copies already out there. Now the import xml data over http is such a slick and easy way to allow a database to 'draw-in' data without having it fully 'connected' to another database. All you need is an 'http' URL. It's utterly brilliant… Except, of course, Filemaker have only done half a job. They've implemented this feature without any proxy control. That means that this feature will not work on any organisation networks where they don't allow unfiltered internet on port 80. If any proxies are involved and the router/firewalls are not set to accept requests on port 80 it's utterly useless. In actual fact, that means this feature is useless in 90% of educational establishments, most of Asia where proxies are normal even on home connections and certainly a majority of businesses where their IT departments are particularly security-minded. So… that's most of the world then. Filemaker, how and where are you intending this feature to be used, exactly? Sorry to sound so irritated but, really! I think what winds me up so much about this is just how good this would be if it were finished off! The fact that Filemaker Server can serve xml data as a specific service is an indicator of how seriously Filemaker has taken it at that end of the equation. So how on earth is it that this feature can ever be used?! Does anyone use it successfully? And if so how are you getting around the proxy/gateway issue? Many thanks for reading by rant! I'm just so disappointed. Will
  3. Ian Murphy

    pc retrieving XML from FMS13

    Happy new year, everybody. I'm going to ask my narrow question, but then also give the background of what I'm trying to accomplish. If experienced users have a recommendation for solvinig my problem a different way, I'm open to it. The narrow question is this: I believe that FMS is publishing XML data, and I have access to the machine where it would be found, but I don't know where to find it. In other words, when I visit (fake IP addresses for the sake of simplicity), I get the FMS start page. But I don't know where to go next to find the XML data for my databases. Different port? Note getting responses at ports 443, 2399, 5003. (At port 80, I get this error: Secure Connection Failed - An error occurred during a connection to SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length. (Error code: ssl_error_rx_record_too_long) * When I say I believe that FMS is publishing XML data, here's what I mean: I haven't yet touched the live databases that staff already use for events (because they're live), but I have created a simple one-table database called XML_publishing_ test that shows a solid dot under the XML column in FMS admin. There is also a file called FMServer_Sample.fmp12 that is up and running, if anyone wants me to look at that for debug purposes. The background information is this: a contractor is just about done putting together a new Web site for the public library. It's built on DotNetNuke. The two chief sets of "moving parts" will be editorial content (added & edited by staff direct in the CMS) and a calendar list of upcoming events (porting directly from FMS to a MySQL database underpinning the CMS). We think the smart way to acconplish this is via XML publishing but I am open to taking a different approach (including, if necessary, reorganizing the database structure), if there's a reason. We do not need bidirectional support at this time but I would like to leave the door open for it in the future (meaning patron registration for these events). I mention that only in case it affects a recommendation. I might be open to a solution that involves patrons clicking away from the library's CMS to some dedicated FMP web service fro a detailed calendar view, but this data does need to be streamed at least into the home page (and I'd prefer to keep the entire user experience inside the CMS).
  4. i want to import into filemaker from a text file which is a result of a http request. (in filemaker 11!) actually, what i get back from the http-request in a browser is a simple OK 1204888105 now, if i do this via filemakers script step “Import Records” and XML Data to be able to write a http request, i get the obvious error: XML parsing error: invalid document structure Line Number: 1 Column Number: 1 so i was wondering, if there is a possibility to write a XSL style sheet, that can help me grabbing this text into a record. a style sheet, that presents this short text to filemaker as XML data ? thanks for any thoughts ! klaus

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