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  1. Hi All and Happy New Year! We would like to have a shortcut to our database on the iPad, so instead of clicking on Filemaker Go and going to the launch center and it displaying databases., we want the endusers to click on the database shortcut so it goes right to the login screen to make it one step and more intuitive for the users. We have an offline file on the iPad, and there is also the file hosted on the Filemaker. We sync the offline with the online version via MirrorSync. Anyway we trying to eliminate confusion on which file to open. Thank you, any help is always appreciated!
  2. The new version of the popular hardware integration plug-in now adds support for iOS Prague, CZ — February 25, 2019 — 24U has released 24U Phidgets Plug-In 3.1 for FileMaker Pro 14 through 17. The popular plug-in for integrating FileMaker solutions with hardware devices, such as relays, environmental sensors, RFID, and more, now brings support for iOS and re-designed examples. What's new in version 3.1 Version for iOS lets custom FileMaker apps control Phidgets directly from iPhone or iPad Better and nicer examples for exploring 24U Phidgets Plug-In even o
  3. Check out our newly updated video training course for FileMaker Go 16! http://learningfilemaker.com/FMGO-16/fmgo16.php Most Recent Upload https://goo.gl/Dbn9fm Get up to speed with the FileMaker Pro 16 Video Training Course! Top Rated Course by FileMaker Expert, Richard Carlton. http://learningfilemaker.com/fmpro16.php Experience Richard's dynamic and exciting teaching format, while learning both basic, intermediate, and advanced FileMaker development skills. With 26 years of FileMaker experience and a long time speaker at FileMaker's Developer Conference,Richard
  4. Hello there, Is there a way to download the mirrorsync link directly on an iPad? In my final workflow I'll send the link with the newest version and users will open it directly from the ipad. Is there any integration with even other 3rd parties software to download the file on the ipad and then run it from Filemaker? Thanks.
  5. San Diego, CA - April 12, 2016 - Productive Computing, Inc., a Platinum member of the FileMaker Business Alliance, is proud to announce the release of Vessel Service Solutions (VSS) version 2. This vertical solution was designed for the marine assistance industry and operates as a virtual command center to manage vessel assistance orders. VSS version 2 offers additional features and modules, a completely redesigned UI, and improved processes for users. What is VSS? VSS was built with a “paperless and efficient” philosophy and allows users to fully digitalize the entire tow o
  6. I had a request to print PDFs from an iPad. In the past I created a bot that based on Sic Fried Rice's (if I'm not mistaken) technique would print a label on a label printer by triggering a script from the iPad. I would like to be able print without setting up a Bot, PHP or using a plugin. I got close but for some reason I'm stuck on the last bit and I'm sure other developers have done this before. So the process I came up with so far is: 1, I found a lightweight utility called SumatraPDF which I copied to the Doc folder on the Windows FM 14 server 2. I populated
  7. I have a solution I use primarily on a desktop which opens a browser to my inbox/gmail account that I use as my to do list. I have created and if statement that means this step doesn't take place on my ipad. I have the inbox app on my ipad and want to know if there is a script step that I can write to open the inbox app on my ipad. thanks in anticipation.
  8. [FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE] 24U announces 24U Phidgets Remote for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch The first iPhone/iPad app to let your iPhone or iPad interact with Phidgets to touch the physical world around Prague, CZ -- November 6, 2015 24U Software announces free download availability of a new mobile application for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that allows for controlling and monitoring Phidgets devices connected to the network with the help of various control layouts. 24U Phidgets Remote can manage electrical devices available on the network, get data from thermometers, pH
  9. We operate a FileMaker-based event registration system that communicates with a SQL back end. Our customer will be using it for two demo tours they are running, 1 in France and 1 in Germany. Both tours run from April 2016 – June 2016. They have their events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and we are looking for help providing on-call phone support during their European hours of operation. I don’t have their exact event schedule yet, but each tour will have 8-10 stops – occupying most weekends April - June. The tour staff speaks English. Preregistration records are downloaded from the SQ
  10. I have an application that works fine with all supported browsers and OS's but I experience problems with the latest Chrome 40.0.2214.69 update on the iPad. In particular, input disappears from a scrolling text box when focus is moved off the textbox to a new input field or button. This isn't a problem with Safari on the iPad, I tried erasing/reinstalling Chrome and I have played with the browser settings. Any ideas?
  11. From time to time, I'm asked to restore a backup of a single fmp12 file on my Filemaker Server 13 installation. Up until now, I've been going into FMS Web Control Panel, closing the file, downloading the current file, downloading the latest backup file (every two hours, a backup is done), deleting the current file, and reuploading the backed up file using the "Share" button in Filemaker Pro 13 on my Mac at the office. This procedure isn't very sophisticated, and is really just for occasional use. I've been thinking about how the same result can be achieved by logging onto the FMS Server'
  12. I need to segregate some FMGo13 files with the same names into separate folders by date, and then move db files into those folders. I use Disk Aid for the transfers. Can this be done? Thanks.
  13. Hello - I've hired an idiot. I mean - I hired this guy to manage our stock control and ensure that when a customer orders a product, the product is popped in a box and despatched out to the right address. Unfortunately the person I hired to complete this task was an idiot. We already have a neat FileMaker CRM solution for customers - so I figured I'd build a neat little stock control FileMaker database to help our new employee. I admit - I took it a little far. I drew some lines and made some calculations that would rotate and expand the lines to emulate code 39 barcodes so that
  14. Hi, reading through the different approaches to timers for elapsed time capturing, I cannot seem to find the right lead or approach: For a quiz scenario on an Ipad, I would like to press start that triggers a timer to start counting up the seconds. While they are visibly running, the user will perform a quiz and answer questions, switching layouts. When he is finished he will press stop and the used time (the one displayed on screen) is saved. Any leads how this could be done? My head is spinning on the thought of a javascript count up of seconds... Thank you!
  15. I've found Google Chrome for iOS works much better than the default Safari iPad browser when accessing FileMaker Server Admin Control Panel.
  16. I thought I'd post this here since I'm primarily attempting to get this working on an iPhone & FMGO12. I'm trying to run a script during "OnLayoutSizeChange" using the "Get (WindowOrientation)". Basically, if the orientation on the iPhone changes, it should change to the appropriate layout. What am I missing here? If [Get ( SystemPlatform ) = 3] Set Zoom Level [100%] Refresh Window [] If [Get (WindowOrientation) < 0] Go to Layout ["iPhone 4 Landscape"] Else Go to Layout ["iPhone 4 Portrait"] End If Else Go to Layout ["Data Entry - MBP"] End If
  17. I have a FM Go13 database that requires me to print a report. I've scripted the print routing with both a page setup and print command. In the print command I request a PDF be created. I understand, after reading the FM 13 user manual that FM GO doesn't support creation of a PDF format. Is there any way that I can create a document that can be emailed? The mobile users won't have any access to a local printer. Without a PDF type solution, the database is really compromised
  18. As I've been marveled at the little size of my knowledge and at the willingness to help available in this forum, I'd like to make a simple question that, although not totally fmp, is going to help on it. I have a database of read articles. My articles are stored completely, and I highlight portions of them. "Comment", from this forum, helped my way out on implementing background color in it, using a GetAsCss (full link: http://fmforums.com/forum/topic/90644-workflow-fromtext-color-to-highlighted-background-incl-print/), and it was amazing, but I want one more thing yet. I'd like to kno
  19. Hi, I have a database which contains many photos. These photos are stored in my Dropbox, and are linked to the database through a container (only the reference is stored). On my MacBook Pro, no problem. But if I open my database on my iPhone (the database is hosted in the cloud by a provider), the link to the photo is, of course, dead. How could I create another link (in another field) or script, to open the photo directly in the Dropbox app on my iPhone ? One solution would be to store in the database the Dropbox URL for each photo and open it in the Web viewer but it i
  20. Hi Guys, I've built a iPad registration kiosk for a client at his business place. Everything seems to be working just fine, but on the last step to complete the registration I need the iPad to print the registration out for the back office. That also works fine, but the Print Dialog box on ipad is un-avoidable according to FileMaker Go Documentation. This dialog throws off most customers and hinders the registration process. I need to find some type of work around for this so customers are not prompted with the print dialog. Also, my client doesn't want to have to have to print manuall
  21. MetaBiz Highlights: Multi-platform business management software that handles several aspects of Workflow Management and Customer Relationship Management. Interactive Analytics helps you realize effective organization management and efficient operations. Accelerate growth, increase your revenue and improve business processes with this software. MetaBiz caters to all sizes of business organizations. Metabiz offers solutions in the following areas: Customer Relationship Management – Manage your clients and contacts in an optimized way. Personalize your communications with your clie
  22. FileMaker Sync Gets Easier We're thrilled to announce the latest version of GoZync: GZ4. After almost 3 years of syncing FileMaker Go solutions, we're really dialing this in. What is GoZync GoZync is the easiest way to sync your offline FileMaker Go files. Bolt GoZync on to your mobile files and you can push and pull data knowing that you have reliable transactions doing the work begind the scenes. And since GoZync is built solely in FileMaker Pro (no plugins or 3rd party stuff) you can get in there and change the sync to matc
  23. Free update to GoZync The newest build of GoZync offers substantially faster syncs down to your FileMaker Go files. We've been working to optimized the scripts in GoZync and have made some big improvements: many syncs are now 6x faster. And you can take advantage of this update by just changing a few scripts in GoZync. Instructions for updating your existig deployments can be found here: GoZync change log. Backstory If you're interetsed in what actually sped this up, check out our blog post on this speed bump. Like many things, we started out working on a different
  24. Hello, I am running Filemaker pro advanced 12 on windows 7 I have been searching allover the internet for an answer to this question but i can seem to find exactly what i am looking for. I am now using forums as my only hope. I am really new at all this and I am presently working on a project for a client. Basically, I am trying to create a video database for a production company that will allow every computer in the office to acces, add, remove and download different videos within a database that i have created in our server. I have developed the database template but I am having
  25. Hi! I have FileMaker Go on iPad. And i want to make a system to register time when workers in our company come. When they come to ipad they need to tap a button on ipad screen - with their name and then a front camera make a shot of them. That's meen that they come to work. So, i need no menus while taping a button "come" - but on FileMaker Go appears menu with choice camera, audio, signuter etc. But i don't need it. I need only front camera. What can be solution to except this menu. And make a photo just on on a click? Thank u very much.
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