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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, I'm new here so I hope I get everything right. I've done a search already, but I can not find my issue listed. Sorry if it's been covered before. OK, here goes..... VMWare Server running on HP Prolient G7 tin 2 Virtual Cores 4Gb RAM Windows Server 2012 R2 DataCenter x64 IIS v8.5 (Default for 2012 R2) FileMaker Server 12 FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced with Bonjour JRE v7 This is a brand new build specificity for this use. I've installed FileMaker Server 12 on to the above setup with Custom Web Publishing using PHP I followed the deployment wizard and deployed for a single machine setup. I allowed FMS to install the provided version of PHP with it's own configuration. There is NO SSL configuration on the server at present. The admin console shows three green ticks to indicate that everything is happy. However, when I run the PHP Custom Web Publishing Test, I get the page displayed correctly, (PHP is working) and it identifies the name of the server, but below the main information box, I get the following error message: The PHP connection to the FMServer_Sample database failed. The PHP test was not able to communicate with the Web Publishing Engine. Make sure you have PHP publishing enabled and the database has the fmphp extended privilege enabled. (Error 22; Unknown error) The sample database is installed and it is listed in the admin console, status, normal and dots across the line. I can't imagine that it wasn't installed with the correct Extended Privileges for CWP and I would not be 100% confident to know what I should check for. I am viewing the CWP Test webpage on both the server and a client and getting the same error message. Can anyone suggest any further areas that I should be looking at? Cheers in advance, Barry.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm working on some security enhancements to our FileMaker 12 Server Advanced server with our network administrator. We're planning to move to Server 14 this summer, but we'd like to tighten up security as much possible in the meantime. Wondering if anyone here has any experience with .Net Framework 4.0 and FMS 12 Adv. Thank you for any info you can provide. Our network admin is asking: I’d like to disable some insecure IIS Cryptographic protocols on my Filemaker Server (on Server 2008r2). I’d like to use the IIS Crypto tool, but IISCrypto requires .Net Framework 4.0. Does anyone know if installing .Net Framework 4 will cause any problems with Filemaker Server Advanced FM support does not know if .Net will conflict or not.
  3. Does anyone have experience with installing FM 11 server advanced on a Windows 2008 R2 standard server that also runs Kerio Connect. I am unable to get FM to conenct to IIS. I have changed to port for the default website in IIS to 8080, since Kerio is using port 80, but still no luck. I get an error message web server test failed. return code =-1. Thanks
  4. I have two (sometimes more) clients using IWP on a dedicated, shared FM 12 Advanced server running on Win 2008. I rewrote the imp_home.html, imp_auth.html, and the imp_home.css pages, and added websites to IIS, so that each client had a custom index.html home page with their logos and a link to their database. When they logged out, they were returned to their custom home page. This worked flawlessly in FileMaker 11. I cannot seem to make it work in FileMaker 12 except for the default domain, possibly due to some security changes in FM 12 - at least I have found similar code online that broke with FM 12. The client home page link (http://website/fmi/iwp/cgi?-db=dbName&-startsession, for example) returns a 404 Page not found. FileMaker only responds to the default website address or the raw ip. The problem with that is the modified imp_home.html page redirects the user back to the website address in the original link, so the only place they can go on logout is to the default website index.html page on the server, not to their custom home page. Does anyone know what could cause this change or if there is a work-around? Thanks- Don
  5. I just installed FMS 15 on a Windows 2008 R2 machine - everything checked out and the install went smooth. I then purchased a Wildcard SSL certificate from Go Daddy. I generated a CSR from the FMS Admin Console and pasted the encrypted text into Go Daddy's text box to setup my SSL. Here is the problem: The CSR generated from the FMS Console set the domain as mydomain.com instead of fmpserver.mydomain.com Where does Filemaker Server Console get the information used to generate the CSR? How do I get FMS to generate a CSR with the correct sub-domain? It is a FQDN (sub) that resolves directly to the Public IP on my server. Thanks in advance for your help! Jim.
  6. Because the security capabilities of SC alone are far under what my application requires by law, I need something that will allow me to completely block access to all SC folders/URLs, no matter what, unless users login to each folder (URL) individually, preferably synced w/ LDAP, or at least blocked based on access to each database. I do plan on using UUIDs, but that doesn't prevent access via URL in general. I don't wan't people uploading various junk files simply because they understand how SC works. I have read that running Tomcat as the primary web server can do this, but I also see in the SC documentation the following: "Option 3: Installing SuperContainer with Tomcat This approach is recommended for advanced users if you are running Linux, Solaris, or any other computer not running FileMaker Server Advanced." We're running Windows Server 2008 R2 w/ IIS, and we're running FMS Advanced 12. Am I able to run a copy of Tomcat simultaneously w/ IIS just for using with SC, or am I completely out of luck? Thanks!
  7. I have been successfully running FileMaker 12 Server Advanced for Instant Web Publishing (IWP) at db.npco.info, and am now trying to use PHP Custom Web Publishing (CWP). I've tried to follow instructions to make use of PHP API, but haven't succeeded yet. I will appreciate help or tips on the issue below. When clicking a link to test pages from a page on the server PC, I receive an error: Not Found HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found for Instant Web Publishing Test and PHP Custom Web Publishing Test (at and, respectively.) The server is FileMaker 12 Server Advanced on Windows 7 Professional (SP1), running IIS 6.1 as a web server. PHP was installed while setting up the FM server. Tried to run a PHP turotial, and gives the same 404 error message. Noticed something must be wrong: http://db.npco.info/PHP/Tutorial/English/index.html is correctly displayed, but gives the 404 error. I use a proxy server to redirect db.npco.info to Actually, http://db.npco.info/fmi/iwp/res/iwp_home.html is displayed correctly, but throws a 404 error on the server PC. At http://db.npco.info/PHP/Tutorial/English/Lesson1/home.php it crashes at $result = $findCommand->execute(); and displays FileMaker Questionnaire System Welcome to the Questionnaire Tutorial. Error: Communication Error: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404 - This can be due to an invalid username or password, or if the FMPHP privilege is not enabled for that user. I must be missing something obvious..., but haven't been able to figure it out :-( Will greatly appreciate any tips or pointers.
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