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Found 25 results

  1. Scribe 4 - FileMaker OCR: Extract Text from Select Areas of Documents and Files Automatically We are back with a new demo for 360Works Scribe 4 featuring OCR in FileMaker! This time our focus is on extracting text from select areas of your PDF document or image file. If you have a stack of files (i.e., forms, receipts, photographs) with text in the same select area and you need to pull this text into FileMaker, you can easily automate this process with Scribe. Watch the Video In this demo video, we will show how you can use the new drag-and-drop and coordinates functionality in Scribe to extract text from documents and images in select areas, to then store the data in FileMaker automatically. Watch the Video Stay updated with 360Works
  2. I have a table of pictures related to jobs, and currently I have a layout where my users add a record and they insert a picture into the container field. This works fine, but the process is slow, as they must add each picture one at a time. Is there a way to do a multi-select of pictures from the Camera Roll to add multiple pictures at once?
  3. Dear 360 Works Team In our FileMaker Solution we want to create an Excel report including text, numbers (dates) and images via Scribe. The FileMaker export of text and numbers works fine. But we have a problem with the export of images in the xlsx. After the Creation of the Excel reports all text- and number elements are in the .xlsx but the image not. When we open the generated .xlsx, Excel shows the attached error massage: For the export of the pictures, we test following script commands: ScribeDocValue[Name:“F5“;Value: table:: cell] ScribeDocWriteValue("Table1!F5", table::cell) SetVariable[$PicXYZ; Value: ScribeDocWriteValue("Table1!F5", table::cell)] Do we make a mistake, or could this be a known bug? Our Systemconfig: FileMaker Pro Advanced Excel 2010 and Office 365; 360 Works Scribe 3.08 and Scribe 3.09 Server: FM Server Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601 Could you help me please? Thanks
  4. I am using FM 11v.4 with mac os 10.6.8. I have a database containing 832 entries and image has been associated with each entry, using store only a reference to the file. I would now like to store the image file within the database, rather than the reference only. Is there a way to convert the existing data base without making the change to each individual entry? thanks Vince
  5. I have large db (Mac ver 11) however I am unable to create a script to export to a specified folder every single picture from the container field and keep the original file names Is it possible to create a working script to do this? Kind regards
  6. Hi everyone i'm new in filemaker, i'm using filemaker 17 and currently i'm involve in a proyect but i have a problem that i can't resolve, maybe someone of you have had the same problem. I'm saving images in base64 format in a database to show them in a layout with web viewer,that doesn't has any problem, the problem is that i'm using a portal and i didn't know that portals don't support web viewer. I have to display those images but i can't remove the portal since i didn't do that layout and it has scripts using it along with the portal, is there a way to show images saved in base64 without use web viewer? (I've already tried to use container field but it only show a "?" image 😓 ) My English is not the best but I tried my best ,Thanks for your help
  7. I have a desktop solution that has images that are stored in a shared folder on the server. To view the images I mount the shared folder on each workstation and use calculation fields to display the images. Here are examples of the calculations: imagewin:/O:/Images/1100231/Initial/Portrait Profile.jpg imagemac:/OEFiles/Images/1100231/Initial/Portrait Profile.jpg I am writing a FileMaker Go solution to work alongside our desktop solution. I need to display the same images in FileMaker Go and have tried numerous ways. Examples: image:/ Profile.jpg image:// Profile.jpg image:/// Profile.jpg file:/ Profile.jpg I have given full access to Guests on the shared folder. I do not want to use SuperContainer. I do not want to store the images in container fields (our clients can have 1-40 GB of images, which causes other problems for us). I know I can setup a web server to share the images, then use web viewers to display them, but I would like to see if it is possible to display them using calculations first. Does anyone know how to accomplish this?
  8. In this article I demonstrate how you can use image maps with web viewers in FileMaker. In doing so, you can display images that, when clicked, can report the coordinate chosen back to FileMaker to handle in whichever manner you wish… Read the Full Article Here…
  9. Hello! Disclaimer: I have worked with Filemaker for a few years, but I only have experience constructing simple scripts. In the database I am working with, each of my records has an image container field where I enter .jpg files. I need to export these jpgs. Because there are thousands of records, I don't have time to export them one by one by right-clicking the container and choosing "Export Field Contents". I need to find a way to batch export the images from this container for all records. I found this FM forum that seemed promising: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5822/~/exporting-the-field-contents-of-a-container-field And constructed the script from the instructions: Go to Record/Request/Page [First]Loop Set Variable [$filePath; Value: Get ( DesktopPath ) MyPics::Description & ".jpg"] Export Field Contents [MyPics::Picture; “$filePath”] Go to Record/Request/Page [Next; Exit after last]End Loop This script "works" for me, so I must have done something right, but it only exports the image from the active record. So, either I did something wrong or misunderstood how the script works. I assumed the loop would perform the script for all records from "first" to "last" but it did not. Is there anyone out there who perhaps knows what I am doing wrong or knows of a better script I could use to perform this seemingly straightforward operation? I would be very grateful.
  10. Hi, Â I've created a layout that uses 2 images to act as buttons running scripts. The problem I have is that the bigger my database gets the slower it is to navigate and it's due to the images. Â I've attached a screen shot of my layout. The images are on the far right of the body section. They're just very small jpgs. Â I'm guessing filemaker is loading this image for every row (rather than once and repeating) so does anyone know of a technique I can reduce the load I'm putting on the file? Â I've set up a few filters to reduce the list to the most recent/relevant records but it can still be a bit laggy. Â Using Filemaker 11. Â Thanks, Chris
  11. So i'm dealing with two tables. 1. VisitTable. 2. GraphicsTable in a VisitTable layout, i have one or two portals related to the GraphicsTable, each related by a different factor. One portal would be related by a Date field, the other would be a ClientName field.. My desire is to click on a thumbnail in either one of these portals, and have that selected image be displayed in a separate/larger image window (which could be a container field in the current table, Or another portal? I don't care how - i just need to have it show up) I don't know the best method for doing this (ie., click thumbnail to have image fillin a separate location). In this particular instance, I don't want this to be a separate window, but to display in a container field view on the current window/layout. how do I accomplish this? thx
  12. Hi all, I'm wondering what the best way to store images in a container field is if I would like to do the following. - Have the images be stored outside of the database - be able to access the images with and iPad or iPhone I'm setting up a wordpress to ecommerce store that will grab images from the filemaker records and post them to the WP server. My thought was that having the images outside the database i.e setup through the 'manage container' dialog, would be easier for resolving to the file path for the image. This method gives me good response on one machine, and If I add the images to a network drive I can access the database and images over a network. Also no problem. However, if I want to access the database on an iPad or iPhone, the only way I can get the images is by adding them as a 'reference only'. How can I can get the best of both worlds? I Don't want to store references of images, but I also would like to have access to them through an iPad. Thanks!
  13. I am running FM11 Single user on Mac OSx 10.6.4. Image database with 30,000 records, with jpeg images stored as reference in a folder within the same folder as the dbase. When i move the whole thing to another computer, the dbase loses the image files. there was never a problem with earlier versions of FM. anyone out there seen this? jhfwolf
  14. I have a customer that has 3TB of photos in the program Picasa. They use it to edit images and then put some in Filemaker. Currently the images are on a NAS. The problem is it seems to be getting slower and slower. Picasa is discounted so I'm looking for a replacement that can handle the large amount of images they take on the job site and interact with Filemaker, seamlessly. they run on a windows platform but would like to perhaps introduce iPads to the mix in the future. Not sure if this is the right place to post this question but I thought I'd give it a go. Any guidance on the matter would be greatly appreciated.
  15. I am trying to display an image (from disk) in a web viewer. The following is the calculation entered into the web viewer (by means of a calculation): data:text/html, <body> <p>Hello</p> <div> <img src="Maths_AS/Questions/q1.png" style="width: 700px"> </div> <p>Good-bye</p> </body> The text displays, but the img tag just produces a small box with an X. When I use the following in a simple html file and display it using a browser (Firefox, Chrome), it displays correctly. In both cases the file references are relative; both the FMP file and the html file are stored in the same directory, from where the image is referenced. <html> <head> </head> <body> <p>Hello</p> <div><img src="Maths_AS/Questions/q1.png" style="width: 700px"></div> <p>Good-bye</p> </body> </html> I am using Windows 10 Professional with FMP Advanced v.11. I would be most grateful for some help here! Thanks in advance Bruce
  16. Hi, new to supercontainer. I have a dataset with over a 100,000 images in a Filemaker container (v16 on FMServer). I am trying to find a method that allows an individual to download images from a found set all at once. I've been able to get a script working within Webdirect but it seems to require selecting a button to download images one at a time which is not convenient to say the least if you have 100 or so in a found set. Does supercontainer allow this sort of download? Thanks.
  17. During and initial sync of ~5200 records from an 'images' table we received this error: Oct 22, 2016 11:39:39 AM com.prosc.mirror.config.server.SyncServer$3 call SEVERE: Sync between filemaker8.oda.state.or.us / BeFoodSafe5 (FileMaker Server) and kwiddicombe macOS Desktop BeFoodSafe( username 'developer', running ProAdvanced 15.0.2 on, ping time: 215 ms, machine name: 'Developer' ) Last sync failed: com.prosc.sync.AbortException: Failure while recording changes from FileMaker Server filemaker8.oda.state.or.us/SyncImages: 0 Ultimately we removed all records in the Images table and added them back to the spoke table 1000 at a time and were able to get them sync'd to the hub table. We also routinely received this error but were able to sync again and complete the sync: Oct 22, 2016 5:57:08 PM com.prosc.mirror.config.server.SyncServer$3 call SEVERE: Sync between filemaker8.oda.state.or.us / BeFoodSafe5 (FileMaker Server) and MSD macOS Desktop BeFoodSafe( username 'developer', running ProAdvanced 15.0.2 on, ping time: 65 ms, machine name: 'Developer' ) Last sync failed: com.prosc.sync.AbortException: java.lang.NullPointerException we updated from 3.1007 to 3.11 today, and uninstalled and reinstalled MirrorSync as well to no avail.
  18. G'day all! Just posted a new article over at FM Weetbicks, hope you enjoy it. This is a technique that I've used in a few solutions now, mainly for login screens or splash screens where I want to present a pretty backdrop image. The issue is that when the user resizes their screen or rotates their device, the image can often stretch, distort, or end up with gaps of space if it is set to maintain aspect ratio. This article presents a way around that, hope you enjoy! https://www.teamdf.com/blogs/dynamically-resizing-backgrounds/
  19. Hi all, thanks for your help in advance. I am sure there is an easy solution. I'm a self-taught beginner/intermediate user. I use Filemaker Pro 12 and sometimes 14 (depending on where I am working, home or university) on a mac. PROBLEM: I am using a script to export the full size image (jpg) contents of all records for a particular container field. My problem is that they export as images within text files and I need the original unmodified jpg image. Specifically, they export as filetype "TextEdit Document". My script uses "Export Field Contents", where I enter the container field followed by a semicolon and $Images. This sends the images to the desktop** just fine, only they are text docs--that's my problem. Note that the script also uses "Get ( DesktopPath )" to name the file, which includes essential details pulled from other fields in the record, such as the record's unique ID. The full script with Loop commands is visible in the attached screenshot. So, how can I get the images to export as the jpgs they are? Thank you!! **A separate issue if anyone has ideas!: I tried to get them to export to a particular output folder location on my computer, but I always get an error when I do this and try to export, so I stuck with the default $Images which sends them to the Desktop. Manageable but not ideal.
  20. I have an older filemaker database that was converted from filemaker pro 6. We have been converting the CDML to use php code. I'm having trouble pulling images from the container objects with this database. I've set up the questionnaire demo and it works fine. So I know there is nothing wrong with my configuration and that my containerbridge.php code works. Any ideas of what the differences in the database might be. Here is the broken image string I'm getting is: <img src="BLContainerBridge.php?path=%2Ffmi%2Fxml%2Fcnt%2FUntitled.pct%3F-db%3DBig_Lake_Database%26amp%3B-lay%3DChemical%2520%26amp%3B%2520Physical%26amp%3B-recid%3D10%26amp%3B-field%3DDOGraph%281%29">
  21. Hi there, I have a huge file with a single table that is only for files and photos. The file size is 27 Gb (200k+ images)! We need these photos for our reports. I am considering the supercontainer plugin, but I would like to know how others manage this many image files without the plugin. I can't store the reference since most workers are work from their home. The FP7 is used by our main database as an external data source. Thanks
  22. Hi I'm successfully using JS/PHP to drag and drop an image to a webserver via a webviewer during a product creation process. The goal is to construct a product, send to an online shop using its API, continue and finalise the product in FMP12. The problem is, when uploaded successfully, I then need to populate a container field on my local file with the same image so FileMaker can use it. Short of making my user drag and drop twice which is going to look silly (webviewer and container), does anyone know a graceful way to insert/embed an image to a container from a webserver? Obviously I can return a URL to the image by getting the web viewer contents, I just need to know how to get this into a container so FileMaker can use it. Any ideas? Thanks! John
  23. I am working on an iPad solution designed to browse an art collection. A container field will display the work of art and there will be some descriptive fields beneath it. Very frequently, the user will want to view the image 'full screen' by tapping on it. This works great, but in this case it's unfortunate that there's an intermediate step where the user is to select from a number of Actions' -- which includes the 'View' option I want. This layout won't be intended for doing anything but viewing the art (no need for replacement, deleting, etc.). So, my question is whether there's a way of omitting that intermediate 'Action' step so that the use can simply tap once to view the large image? Albert
  24. Hey Guys, I'm new to the forum and also pretty new to Filemaker 13 so please be nice! I am using Filemaker to help manage my inventory of a website (ecommerce) but finding it hard to find details on using an external image server (aka image directory of website) So far I can managed to get the images to display from my external server (images.website.com/image1.jpg) using the Web Viewer and also managed to removed the borders and fix the scaling by adding in HTML code into a field called ImageCode data:text/html, <html> <body> <img src='images.website.com/image1.jpg' style='width:100%; height:100%'/> </body> </html> Now I would like to link the field content of Product::Image1 (this is where my url is located) to replace "images.website.com/image1.jpg" link which I manually entered into the ImageCode field. Can anyone advise the best way to do this? or if there is a guide for designing filemaker db's for use with external image servers. Thanks J
  25. Hi, I'm stuck on something that seemed so simple before trying to implement. Here is the scenario: Each record has 6 container fields for product images. 3 non-watermarked and 3 watermarked (the watermarked are just copies of the non-watermarked) I only display the 3 watermarked on a layout. I often manage very similar or even identical product substitutes, therefore I like to "share" the images rather than take new ones. By share, i mean copy/paste or duplicate. The issue is this: Ideally, i would like to drag an image (the watermarked file) from one item and drop in the container for the substitute item. However, I need the non-watermarked image to also get transferred when this happens. When I drag the picture, i don't see a way to capture any script triggers in order to set the related image as a variable to then use the set field option when dropped into the receiving container. Does anyone have any recommendations for a solution to this process? Sidenote: I'm considering using "click-to-copy & click-to-paste" method vs the "drag and drop". Basically, I would click on a container field so it sets off a script trigger capturing both images in a gobal field, then user can click on the receiving container executing a script trigger to set field. Not crazy about this option as it requires additional visual aids to know that the image is copied, and also if you decide not to "paste" image somewhere and move on you may later "paste" an image somewhere when you thought you would be "copying".. i hope i'm explaining myself properly here. Thanks in advance for any ideas.
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