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Found 22 results

  1. Hello, We have a solution to store pictures(JPEG and NEF) from a photographer. I am trying to mass import the raw files(.NEF) into containers but I have an error message saying 'This file could not be translated using the selected file type'. It is possible to drag and drop or File->Insert the file into the container directly but I can't import them from the folder. Is this impossible to import files from folder with extensions other than the basic ones? (jpeg, pdf, jpg, png etc) Thanks!
  2. I have a script to import an Excel file into an FM Table. I have my FM Script setup to Import Records with Arrange by: LAST ORDER. But it won't do this. Every time I run this script it gets the field mappings wrong. Reverts them back to before. Ironically when I do it manually it works. Any ideas? (I have this type of scripted import working fine for other tables) (I tried shifting the order of the fields in the actual database table as well -- but that has no effect either.)
  3. I am trying to open my (local) FM 14 Pro file [which has an auto-exec "Import Script"] but the script needs a variable file name. How do I pass this variable file name into Filemaker at 1) the time of the file open or 2) at the time of running the script (if I switch to manual execution)? Is #1 by using the fmp:// syntax from a web browser external to FM? (or is that syntax just for use when invoked from INSIDE a FM file?)
  4. louflis


    I have an accommodations/ticket order database. I would like to setup a rebooking system where a person could rebook in advance their accommodation/ticket package for the next year. I duplicated the database and named it REBOOK. The problem I am having is that if there is a change in their order in REBOOK and want to update information in the order form, it does not update when I import the changed info. Any thoughts Basically what I want to do is add an updated order. There are two related tables - KB 16 & ticketOrd. (See attached) T
  5. Environment: Windows 7 with FileMaker Pro 14. I have a test database that I am currently making changes to. I saved the test database as a clone, so that I could test importing data back into it. the Import functions allows me to import the first table of information just fine, but it will not let me import any other tables. On any subsequent import, I can select the source table from my source file, but all of the target files are grayed out, except for the first file to which I was able to import into. What am I doing wrong? I will need to do this on a regular basis, as I will us
  6. I need some help importing a RSS 2.0 XML into FileMaker Pro Adv 10. I'm trying to modify a xslt file that came with FM. When I use this xslt it tries to map the parent Recipients and not the child Recipient. I'm stuck and could use a hand. Any thoughts on what to modify or add would be much appreciated? Here is the xlst: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <xsl:stylesheet xmlns:xsl="http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Transform" version="1.0"> <!-- File: msdso_elem.xslt Transforms data in an ELEMENT based MSDSO grammar into the FMPXMLRESULT grammar, suitable for import. ==
  7. Hi, I'm working on a Database that has a lot of calculation and sub-summary. Everything works fine when I'm on the LAN, but when I tried to test it remotely, pulling up a summary report is really really slow because of the Calculation Fields, sorting and sub summary. So, I was thinking and read about creating a Dummy Table to dump all the records from the actual table with the calculation into a Table to store the calculated value as stored text or numbers. However, I'm having difficulty creating a script that will be run every evening. I've tried using an Export and Import, but the field
  8. Hi! I have this persistant problem when I try to import my XLM data into filemaker. I use various XML inportations in my filemaker database and they all import perfect with the msdso_elem.xslt file, but not this xml type! I don't know what I'm doing wrong... I made this XSLT document, but when I try to import it, the actual record fields are empty!!! This is the XML document I would like to import: <Order url="https://api.fortnox.se/3/orders/3" urlTaxReductionList="https://api.fortnox.se/3/taxreductions?filter=orders&referencenumber=3"> <AdministrationFee>0</Admini
  9. Hello everyone, I have been working on this for many weeks and unfortunately the newest road block has me stumped. Thank you in advance for any help you can give me. I have 4 text fields in my Event/Guest table: GuestNames, FoodRequest, SitWith and SpecialAccess. For the first time, I am importing this information from an excel spreadsheet downloaded from a vendor. Unfortunately, all 4 questions and their answers are combined into one field, so the imported cell looks like this: If you have purchased tickets for others, please list their names for check in and name tag purpo
  10. Hello All, I have a file with shipment information that I need to import into separate tables, a shipment name/id table and a shipment line items table. The problem is it is formatted in a way that the shipment name/id is located in column 2, row 1. The shipment line item information starts at row 9 and but the number of subsequent lines vary with each shipment. I’m not sure how to go about writing a script to create a new shipment in the shipment table using the value from column 2/row 1, then create child records in the shipment line items table with the values starting at row 9. I ha
  11. Greetings! I have what I hope is a very easy problem to solve. I have a runtime that imports data from another runtime file. Everything works fine as long as the other file is closed. I have had users who have run the import while the other file is open and the script completes but obviously nothing gets imported because the other file is currently locked. Before running the import script, I would like to test to see if the other file is closed. Is there an easy way to do this? Some calculation that I can test against? etc. Any thoughts would be helpful!! Thanks! Stephen
  12. http://bluefeathergroup.com/blog/importing-xml-data-into-filemaker-using-xslt-xsl-style-sheets/ I've written a new post about how to create XSL Style Sheets so that you can import data from XML data sources into FileMaker. Please let me know if you have any comments.
  13. I'm having a problem I hope someone can help me with. I need to import a csv file on a daily basis that gets deposited on an FTP site. Problem is, FMP12 (my current version) does not easily allow for import of csv files in a cloud hosted application. I need to define a file path in order for the import process to work, but cannot find an easy solution to accomplish this. Any help would be much appreciated!
  14. Hi, I'm trying to import images into my FileMaker database. My problem is: How can I import all my images at once and automatically match or store it based on the value in the Container in the field? For example: I have 5 images located/stored in the same folder of my FileMaker database: 11111.jpg , 22222.jpg , 33333.jpg , 44444.jpg , 55555.jpg **NOTE THAT FILENAMES CAN ALSO BE ANY RANDOM NAMES LIKE 36745.JPG , 76935.JPG , 36790.JPG , ETC.** -In my FileMaker database, I have PRODUCTS Table. -In my PRODUCTS Table, I have PHOTO Field Name. -My PHOTO Field Type is "Container" -- not 'Text'
  15. Hi - I have a runtime solution that I will be upgrading. The new version will have several many to many relationships where previously there were many to one. So I'll need to populate the new Join tables with data to correspond to the previously existing instances in the earlier version. I'm thinking this must be a fairly common thing to do as one realizes the need for more complex relationships and additional entities. Is there a well-known or standard way to import the old data into the new configuration? Thanks, Michael
  16. Greetings! Thanks ahead of time for any guidance  I have a library of musical cues. Each cue can be assigned up to 4 genre/subgenres. I have a Cue Entry Layout for the user to enter this and other data for each cue. It is based on the Cue Entry Table. I have 2 separate tables for Genre and Subgenre. I am pulling the Genre and Subgenre data through a portal into the Cue Entry Layout via a join table called cues_CATALOG. That data is populating 2 pop-up menus on Cue Entry. Here is the relationship graph:    I am importing data from an excel. First I import Title and Cue ID (using
  17. Here's an idea for a function in FileMaker: when you're importing names that might have slight spelling differences with the already existing ones, one might want to create a function that would compare an imported name and surname with all the available, correct ones. Then it would enter the closest match from the database at a cut off: i.e. 80% to 100% similar. Does that ring a bell to anyone? Do you guys think that would be a worthwhile function?
  18. I've got a project that I think would benefit from the use of being able to import and update fields from an external source like XML. In this case Stock information. I'm pretty new to importing XML data and couldn't get anything to work for me. I suppose I just don't fully understand the mechanics of the process. I did some research and found that you can query Yahoo Finance and it will return XML data: http://thesimplesynthesis.com/article/finance-apis Is it possible to update one record at a time, and also update all the records at once? What's needed to do this? Is there a base t
  19. It was hard trying to figure out which forum to post this topic, I hope this was the best choice. Let me explain my situation and hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. I run a pool company and I have been using a modified version of the john mark osborne solution. Basically its a database that keeps customers data and invoices. I'm using FMP11 to share the database to two laptops on the road also running FMP11. The laptops get internet connectivity from cell phone wifi hotspots. So I can go to a customers record make a new invoice add products and print out the
  20. Hi guys -- I've a large excel file that I need to import into a DB in FM 5.5, some of the excel data is in Hebrew and when I do the importing all Hebrew data is imported into FM as totally blank fields. How can I make the Hebrew characters import correctly? Best!
  21. I currently have a server the houses a db, and often have to import data from an external source. Often, this external source provides me an excel file, while another provides me another fm db. In both chases, I need to take the target db offline in order to import a file. Is there anyway I can import new data into a file that is live on a FM Server? Thanks, Bob
  22. Is there an easy way to import a summed fields data into another db. For example, I have a summed field that totals the cost of several shipments. I have another db that uses that summed field, and I would like to pull the summed field from the shipping db into my overall db. Thanks, Bob
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