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Found 9 results

  1. Insert Portal Row

    FileMaker friends, could someone please teach me a new trick I'm building an interface for composing "counsel" documents with each sentence it's own related record Sometimes I need to move the portal rows around, like in my "Old McDonald" example I think they call this kind a thing a "custom search order" Is it possible to "Drag and Drop"? If not, no problem, how about a scripted button? What would you do?
  2. Hi There, First of all many thanks to creators for amaizng plugin. What is the syntax for inserting images to excel? ScribeDocWriteValue ( “addImage()”; image ; page ; x location ; y location ; height ; width ) Do not work for xlsx with error about invalid cell name (first parameter is function adn for excel it seams it is not recognized) for pdf works fine as in demo expample I tried standard syntax for excel where first parameter is table cell and second is image in container but it do not insert the image. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Bart
  3. Hi please can someone help me when i insert a pdf i get a message not enough disk space and only get a referance file
  4. Hello Newbie here. I am trying to create a remotely hosted FileMaker 11 script that has the following attributes: 1. Imports a folder full of image files. 2. The folder is never the same, it can be a different folder, on a different drive, etc. 3. Need to allow the user to select the folder they want. 4. Do NOT want the user to be presented with any other dialogue boxes, especially Import Field Order, or "Auto enter?" and so on. I've tried and tried, but every combination of options on the Import script step, in one way or another, does not meet all four criteria listed above at the same time. I can get it to do one-or-the-other, but not all of the above at the same time. How would one go about this? Thanks!
  5. Hi, I wish to add pdf documents stored on the iPad (for instance in 'Dropbox' or 'Documents' apps) from the FMGo 13 into container fields. The 'Insert File' or 'Insert pdf' functions are not working: message on the ipad indicating that no file was found without the possibility to locate the pdf (seems to look for filemaker db files only). Is it possible or impossible? Database running on FMServer 12 and container files stored internal to the DB (not as external files). Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi ... I can't get to work what I think should be something very simple. Our users write large fields of text. Several times they've complained because they've lost an hour of typing (medical report) Filemaker connectivity has been lost. Usually a power outage or VPN issue. I've tried to get them use to clicking outside the field and then back into the field to commit the data but I continue to hear "Why can't it autosave? Just like Word" .... Well ... I created a timer script that gets launched by an OnObjectEntry trigger. It then waits 60 seconds and then gets the cursor position using get(ActiveSelectionStart), does a set field to itself and then positions the cursor using the Set Selection. This works fantastic when typing a new entry and the cursor is at the end. Problem is when you try and edit the text in the middle of the text, the save kicks in and the next character is "selected". This causes the character to disappear when the user carries on typing. Is there no function to simply position the cursor?
  7. Hi, I am having issues importing a previously saved PDF in to a container field. It's throwing an "Unknown error: 20403" I have tried both: Insert PDF (with the appropriate imagemac: path prefix) and Insert File ( with filemac:) path prefix Script: $File = "filemac:/Macintosh HD/private/var/folders/tg/3bq5pqmn3mgdq7lbbw2p8l_r0000gn/T/S10.1/Myfile_02-14-2013_10:29:48_AM.pdf" // also tried desktop path files Go to Field [PDFContainer] Insert PDF[$File] or Insert File ["myTable::PDFContainer; $File"] The container field on the layout is set to allow interactive content I have tried defining the container as internal storage, and external store with the same results. I can manually import the PDF file with no issues. Surely this is a common thing, I have just never had this issue before. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Charles
  8. Hi everyone! I am trying to do something which I think it should be quite easy to implement. I have a layout (called Projects) from which I create new Budgets, which it is a different layout and table. Both tables are linked by a field in the DB. Therefore, what I am trying to do is a script which goes from Projects to the other layout and create a new record. My problem is the following; I need to link both tables inserting the value of the field id of Projects table to the field projectID of Budgets table. I am getting an error because the field projectID is not in the Budgets layout. What I am trying... set Variable [$code;Projects::Code] goTo Layout [budgets] new Record/Request Insert Calculated Result [budgets::projectID;$code] --> At this point, I am getting error number 102 (Field is missing) I know I could solve it including the field in the layout, but I am sure there is an elegant way to do it! I hope I have clearly express myself. Thank you in advance!
  9. I have a checkbox set with 30 'topics' for children's games. Some games can include any topic, so I want to check all the boxes. I created a script with 'Insert Text', and listed all the topics as per the value list. which does the trick nicely to select all the topics with one button. However, as the database grows, I think of new topics, and I don't want to keep updating the value list, then this script etc etc... Can I use the data in a value list as the text to insert in an 'Insert Text' script. I have tried without luck. Thanks so much.

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