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Found 14 results

  1. ndgates

    New to Server

    Hi All, I have been using Filemaker since ver3 but only for my own use, at work and at home, but only for my needs. Currently I've created a couple apps that I would like to share with my coworkers when they are out in the field so I bought a little server and am trying to download filemaker server 16 onto it. I bought it specifically with windows 7 pro because I had read that was a good os for it but after trying to install and it not working, I see now I should have purchased windows server. Can I get some help as to what I actually need. I would like to run my apps through web browser or fmp go and I would like to not spend a lot. I would appreciate any advice. Thank you. Also, please note that although I'm not completely new to fmp or computers, I am not strong at anything beyond a personal use level, so if you would, please keep your assistance to vocabulary that will make sense to me.
  2. Hello. I am trying to install Mirror Sync 4 on a FileMaker Server 16 running on macOS High Sierra (10.13.1). In the middle of the process, I get this error message: "Installation failed: Unable to install: Web server did not start after 30 seconds. Giving up." What could be the reason? Thanks! Javier
  3. Ed Bradley

    Cannot see hosted files

    Mac mini is hosting FMS10 on OSX server. Issue is with installation of FM10 on to a new MacBook Pro with OS 10.8 After installing FM10 on the MacBook Could not see the host so I assumed it was the issue with the date/time not matching. So I uninstalled FM10 set the date to before Sept 2008 (april 2002) then reinstalled FM10. Now I see the host but not the hosted files. After looking at my old notes I see that I should have deleted the Perfs file. My instructions for deleting the perfs file do not match the new OS 10.8 (Library/Preferences/ Filemaker perfs). Nothing matches Filemaker in the preferences folder. Any one know what the name of the file is that needs to be deleted in the new system’s preference folder or what should be done to see the hosted files? Thank you so much for your help on this.
  4. So I have a few versions of my solution out there, which is nice, but when I want to fix a bug or add an improvement or update to a whole newer version, I have to either add the changes individually to the customer's file, or make a clone of the new version then import all of the tables, update the scripts and value lists, rebuild the accounts....sigh. I suppose I could write a script to import from each table to the clone, but what about the other items? I could find the differences with FMDiff, but I am hoping there is some kind of updater tool out there that will make this quicker and easier. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
  5. Hello all, as the subject says unable to install trial version of Fm 14 on a win 7 based pc with 4 GB RAM and i3 processor. After some googling I understand this to be a bitness problem. My pc is 32 bit -- but the installer seems to be only for 64 bit. Maybe the trial version does not have separate installers - quite defeats the purpose of a trial version in my opinion. I am logged in as administrator - but even then the error keeps coming up. Error is something like " Unable to install or uninstall filemaker on this system.Please refer to system requirements in the installation instructions for more information". Please advise.
  6. When opening up FMP 14 after installation I receive an empty dialog box with the title FileMaker Pro Trial, no body, and 4 buttons (Buy Now, Close, Enter License Key, and Try FileMaker Pro (try is greyed out)). The installer tells me that installation was complete but I can not get pass this dialog box, even after numerous installation attempts. I have a license key and a Trial email but both ways result in the same thing. If I try entering my license key at this point I receive another smaller empty dialog box with the FMP14 icon on the left. I'm running an older MacBook Pro with Yosemite and have enough Ram per the tech specs. I do have FMP 12 installed. Any thoughts? I need to get working on a project for work and would really like to build it in 14 not 12.
  7. IMPORTANT - I am currently installing Filemaker Server 16 on a desktop PC running Windows 7 Pro. I know that it is not ideal, but I havent been given clearance on using the Windows 12 server computer.. After the files have been installed for Filemaker 16 Server, I am given a 1920 Error from Windows stating that I might not have the correct privileges to start the services. This cause the installer to cancel and rollback. I have updated bonjour, updated Java to the latest version, I have made sure that all the windows updates have been installed. I disables the DEP and I start using the setup.exe file found in the file folder of the Filemaker Setup folder. If anyone has encounter this issue before and knows or has any suggestions on what course of actions to try next, I will be very appreciative on thier help. I will also append to this if i find the solution. Currently in the process of uninstalling bonjour, java and the C++ files, restarting the PC and reinstalling the server files again. kind regards
  8. Joost Miltenburg

    installing plugins

    LS, Since FM12 I deploy plugins with the install plugin script step FM provides. This works like a charm in 12.x and 13.x. 14.x refuses to install plugins with these script steps under Win7 and Win10. Has anyone else had problems with this ? I now just manually install the plugins for my test machines, but this kind of sucks. There seems to have been a change as well in the way/time the plugins load as I now get Troi Dialog saying it is not registered, but it it registered when my start scripts is finished loading. Using all the latest versions of my plugins. Thanks in advance !
  9. jeffwest2

    MirrorSync.xml import

    Trying to set up mirror sync for the first time using FM15 Pro (Not advanced). I have got past the set up of where the database is, the issue is when I try and set up the , as I don't have Advanced I have to import the MirrorSync.xml file directly, when I click continue I get an error that says, 'XML/XSL information is not enough to proceed with import/export', no matter where I put this file it fails. Any body had this? and what did you do to get round it?, be great if I could get rid of this sooner rather than later.
  10. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but when I check the version of the RemoteScripter 1.82 plugin from WebDirect client browser, I get the "?". The FMSA15 is installed on OSX El Capitan, inside FileMaker Server/Web Publishing/Publishing-Engine/wpc/Plugins. Restarted the server. I wrote a script that registers the plugin and I invoke the registration from the WebDirect client browser. And what I get is "?" from Version, Error or License Info check. Can someone help me? THanks.
  11. I have a MacMini running macOS Sierra with FM11PA that works; however this FM11PA was installed when there was MacOS X 10.10 on the MacMini. Attempting to install FM11PA on my MB15R fails, well the installer appears to work fine( as pr attached image, ) but launching the app( as pr attached image ) tells me somebody has been fiddling with the installation and that I have to reinstall the application.
  12. I can install SuperContainer 2.93 for my FM Server 14 running on OSX Mavericks, and got it running fine. However I am not sure how to install the Companion Plugin. I copied the SuperContainer Companion Plugin 2.93 into different folders /Library/Filemaker Server/Web Publishing/publishing-engine/cwpc/Plugins /Library/Filemaker Server/Web Publishing/publishing-engine/wpc/Plugins /Library/Filemaker Server/Database Server/Extensions but I still get an error message when I start the SuperContainer Example.fmp12 file saying that the SuperContainer Companion plugin is not installed. I did restart FM. Tried rebooting the osx machine, and restarted FM Server and SuperContainer. Would appreciate some help!!
  13. eljefejb

    32-bit Windows version

    I see that there is a 32-bit Windows version, but the listed system requirements show a minimum of Win7 SP1. Wasn't Windows XP the last 32-bit Windows OS? I'm curious to know if FM14 would install on XP, as my company has several machines which can't be upgraded past XP due to limitations of some legacy software. (Ugh.)
  14. Hello,  I've been on FM12 for a while and thought I'd download FM13 and the trial a whirl for whatever period they'd allow.  The installer runs, lets me choose my language, extracts files and then up comes this box:  (Attached .jpg).  Looked at the instruction .pdf, dug down to pg8.  This ref doesn't seem to give a good idea related to the error appearing.  In fact, this is the exact same .pdf pretty much as seen in FM12.  And FM 12 went in like nothing early last year.  I've turned off the A/V, I am on an Admin privileged account.  I am using Win XP Pro SP3.  Plenty of disk space.  2gB of RAM on an AMD 2 core.  Wrote a quick note to FM via the contact us page.  Not much help coming there as they linked me to pages dealing with licensing, etc.  Here's a thought, I don't know how valid.  Is my currently activated FM 12 Pro Adv install blocking this from going through?  Do I have to uninstall FM12?  I was under the impression that different FM versions could live together harmoniously!  Is that not correct?    Or - Am I missing something real simple here?  Thanks for any advice.  Hoib

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