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Found 17 results

  1. Has anyone successfully developed a method of updating a fmp12 file on an IOS device? I have a critical business need for this functionality and i'd love it if the forum could point me in the right direction. As i understand it data sync can be done with commercially available products by Seedcode and 360works. Katherine Russell of Nightwing has authored a great paper on custom data sync solutions http://www.filemaker.com/solutions/ios/docs/fmi_guide_sync_en.pdfbut it does not seem to allow for closing the godeployed file, which is required for update. Any resources out there that i'm missing? Anybody done this that has a file they could share? I'm really not interested in buying a plug in. TIA K
  2. Hi, I have some pictures that are not displaying in the Go version (but all is ok on macOS FileMaker Pro 16). I usually une PNG, transparent or not. Any idea ? Thanks !
  3. Hello Is it possible to use MirrorSinc with an App built with iOs Development Kit?
  4. Welcome to the fourth and final part of the FileMaker iOS App SDK series. In the final part of the series I will take you through building and compiling the iOS App. If you haven't yet read through parts 1, 2 and 3; now would be a good time to go take a look. Continue Reading...
  5. First a disclaimer. I'm well aware that WebDirect (FM13) is not build or supported for iOS or Android tablets. I've read the specifications. And yes, things should probably be done in PHP instead. Which is no doubt, what will happen eventually. But for a number of reasons, I'm involved in a couple of projects, where we have decided to examine the borders of WebDirects compatibilty first. So I would like to hear any concrete findings from other crazy persons who have been experimenting on the wild side with WebDirect. What kind of functions and design methods work for you. What should we avoid in striving for a solution to best survive in e.g. Chrome on an Android tablet? Any experiences with Raspberry? Why is this interesting? Well, unless you publish your WebDirect solution on an intranet or another very controlled environment, there will always be users who will try to use whatever browser is at hand. So we might as well prepare and try to recognize and understand the things that can and will go wrong in those situations. Maybe we might even collect some useful feedback for the good developers at FMI. ;-)
  6. My products database is very straightforward, nothing complicated. Each product has several photos; the photos are in a separate file as per recommendations here some time ago. Now I am building a version of my products DB for iOS, and naturally the photos (some are 2000 x 3000±) are way too big for the iPhone to handle. So the question is this: I know how to create smaller versions of each picture (there are many ways, I will use Preview or Graphicconverter). What I don't know is how to have records on the iOS refer to the small version of the photo while records on the Mac use the normal, large version. Do I create a new table? How do I populate the new table and how do I tell the iOS records to use the small version of the photos? This isn't an unusual situation I would guess but I don't see how to do it? And of course to complicate matters I need TWO smaller sizes of each photo on the iOS: one for a thumbnail, and another that is large enough to email to clients but not as large and unwieldily as the 'main' picture that resides on the Mac? I am using FM 12 Advanced on the MAc, and FM Go12 on the iOS. Once I learn how to do it for the small iPhone, I can do the same thing so it can run on the iPad with a different set of sizes.
  7. I’m not sure if this isn’t possible yet or if I’m missing something obvious, but… When I tap in a container field in FMGo, I get an Import dialog that allows me to import from Camera, Audio, etc.. However, the Insert from Device script step requires me to select an option. It’s not like many other script steps, where you can just not specify a source and FM is smart enough to prompt you. Is there any way to script entering a container field such that the Import menu pops up? Thanks!
  8. I'm trying to get a sample offline iOS synch process running and ran into some issues with the file references. I am following the guidelines set out here (FM TechNet doc): https://community.filemaker.com/docs/DOC-3838 My first problem is with the deployment of the Connector file. This file is stored in a container field in the 'deployed' file (the one running on the iOS device in offline mode, i.e. NOT hosted). So this 'deployed' file is running locally, and it contains the 'Connector' file in a container field. This connector file gets exported and opened. Once it is opened, it is supposed to have references to BOTH the locally running deployed file and the hosted version of the DB file, in order to move data between them. But when I open the connector file I am getting 'file not found' errors for the references back to the locally running 'deployed' file. It appears that my reference to the locally running 'deployed' file is wrong. What should it be? The external data source definition is currently a simple: "file:<FileName>" string. (The connector file is exported to the Documents path, and then opened via an FMP URL similar to this: "fmp://~/Connector?script=StartSync".) What is the file path of a file local to the iOS device, that was probably delivered via a email? (Hmmm...could you deliver these 'deployed' files from a container field in the hosted DB? They would have to connect using 'open remote' once to get that file.) The 2nd question is that I would like to make a call to the hosted version of this file such that it doesn't open a new window. The sync process does a simple call to a script in the hosted file in order to verify that the file is available. But in doing so, the hosted file runs its 'file open' script, which opens a new window and takes the user to a layout. So on the iOS device, the user would now have two windows showing, which I don't want. I don't want any UI for the hosted file visible. (I haven't actually tested this on a device yet.) Thanks, Justin
  9. I have a simple app that is tracking sessions with clients. 1 client, multiple sessions. On another layout page, we set up the next appointment. I need that appointment to go into the IOS calendar (so alarms, alerts, etc... will work). Any thoughts? Thanks!
  10. I thought I'd post this here since I'm primarily attempting to get this working on an iPhone & FMGO12. I'm trying to run a script during "OnLayoutSizeChange" using the "Get (WindowOrientation)". Basically, if the orientation on the iPhone changes, it should change to the appropriate layout. What am I missing here? If [Get ( SystemPlatform ) = 3] Set Zoom Level [100%] Refresh Window [] If [Get (WindowOrientation) < 0] Go to Layout ["iPhone 4 Landscape"] Else Go to Layout ["iPhone 4 Portrait"] End If Else Go to Layout ["Data Entry - MBP"] End If
  11. I'm in the early stages of building an app for iOS that would serve multiple purposes. A few of the options will send emails to a specific account that would be monitored for call-backs. We'd like few of the other options would be to place orders in our current Filemaker system, but I don't see a way to do that without FM:GO, and as nice as it looks, a dedicated database app is not really the solution we're looking for right now. Is there any way at all to make table updates or query FMP databases with native code similar to how I'd work with PHP+MySQL or C#+MSSQL, or am I out of luck?
  12. Hi. I searched around the web for this but cant quite get a definite answer. I'm developing an ios app and my boss would like to setup and use filemaker as the backend for it (since he has other uses for filemaker too). I was thinking of using the xml api to request data such as regular records and images (through http/rest calls) but would it allow me to add/update records or create new layouts/tables as well? Thank you in advance. ;)
  13. Hi, I'm running a solution which has three parts. Main Application - on FM Server 12 SyncArea - on FM Server 12 Mobile App - on FM Go 12 Functionality: 1) Main App is exporting data into SyncArea 2) mobile App is importing data from Sync Area --> offline modification --> export back to SyncArea 3) Main App is importing from Sync Area Everything very straight forward and works well as far as mobile app is within the office LAN and has access to Server. If there is no LAN connection it seems FM Go is crashing sometimes when iPad is hibernating, even there is no explicit access to SyncArea triggered? Do I get something wrong, in general? Is it possible to make a connection to the SyncArea depending if Server is available? Any hints are appreciated Thanx RG
  14. In this article we introduce a technique to implement native swipe gestures in all directions for FileMaker Go that can be used to trigger a script upon these gestures. The focus here is implementing a swipe-down gesture to dismiss a drawer menu that slides up from the bottom of screen Check out the full article here, thanks!
  15. I have completed the setup of a Filemaker kiosk system on an iPad, and it's printing nicely via Wifi to a Brother label printer — but I am unable to prevent the dialog box from showing up on the iPads. In the script steps both the Page Setup and the Print steps have the dialog box disabled. Any ideas? Is this a known issue? How can I prevent the dialog boxes from showing up on the iPad kiosk? Filemaker Server 14, Filemaker Go 14 Thanks!
  16. Hello All, I have come across a funny behaviour from FMgo. Through the iPad, if I enter find mode, type in a field and hit the 'Go' button on the soft keyboard, the find is performed. If I take that very same file, remove admin access, run it in kiosk and run it locally on the iPad, the 'Go' button does diddly-squat. I've had to create buttons to get around the issue which if in browse mode they enter find mode and if in find mode, it performs the find. So that works, but users natively hit the 'Go' key on the keyboard Has anyone come across this? Or is there something I need to enable or disable for the 'Go' key to perform the search? Thanks! Pablo
  17. I have developed a solution for IOS devices which also utilizes scripts that facilitate importing of GPS coordinates and especially photos from the device, i.e. iPhone or iPad, within FMGo. Although I have scripted the possibility of emailing images originally captured by the solution outside of the solution, there does not seem to be a possibility for exporting the captured image to the Photos app and thus pushing them to the iCloud. I know one could first capture the image in the Camera app and then import it into a container within the solution, but this distracts from the all-in-one nature of my solution, where quick image capture is paramount. Ideally, the user would use the solution to capture the image and related contextual data, but also elect to save such an image in the Photo app at a later stage to permit sharing it to social media apps, for example. I'm fairly advanced, having used FM since the Claris days.
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