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Found 16 results

  1. Is it possible to take photos on your iPhone and in Filemaker Go select multiple images from the camera roll and add them to the database all at once. It doesn't appear this is possible but I thought I'd throw it out there. Thank you in advance for any suggestions. Caroline
  2. I want to use "get (device)" to switch to a layout customized for iphone. However, it doesn't seem to be working. At the start of a script, I'm setting a variable identifying the OS using "get (device)." At the end of the script I have an if statement that if the variable = 4, it should go to the iphone layout. The script works fine if I set it up to recognize the PC ("2") but it's not working for my iPhone 4S running iOS 7.0.6. Any ideas?
  3. Hi, I have a database which contains many photos. These photos are stored in my Dropbox, and are linked to the database through a container (only the reference is stored). On my MacBook Pro, no problem. But if I open my database on my iPhone (the database is hosted in the cloud by a provider), the link to the photo is, of course, dead. How could I create another link (in another field) or script, to open the photo directly in the Dropbox app on my iPhone ? One solution would be to store in the database the Dropbox URL for each photo and open it in the Web viewer but it is not very handy as each photo has then to be downloaded each time it is opened. Any idea on how to use the Dropbox app from Filemaker Go ? Thank you, Arth
  4. File Name: Filemaker-Skype-Demo.zip File Submitter: soundsessential File Submitted: 22 Sep 2013 File Category: Samples FM Version: 12 A couple of weeks ago, we posted our solution to cross-platform Skype calling from within a Filemaker database. We were pretty pleased with it for our database solution as it allowed us to utilize our Skype subscriptions directly no matter whether we were using a Mac, PC or iPhone. But it wasn't quite perfect. So, we've worked on it some more and now it will send a SMS from Skype, and if you're on an iPhone it will send a SMS using the Message app and make a call using the Phone app. Check out the solution attached, and a PDF of the script as well as the attached demo file are available here: http://www.soundsessential.com/blog/42-information-technology/filemaker/72-filemaker-pro-cross-platform-skype-part-2-sms-iphone-calling Again, hope this helps with your solutions. Click here to download this file
  5. Hello I have a file that contains some youtube videos that I view with the webviewer. When I port the file to FM go, on the iphone it works great except the video won't autoplay but on the ipad it won't automatically play or play full screen like it does on the iPhone. Does anyone know how to get these things to happen with FM Go on these devices? Thanks
  6. I have a layout for my Contacts, in list view. Each row contains the Contact Name and a POPOVER to edit the Contact information.  When the list is longer (beyond the iPhone 4s screen size), click the popover to edit, the title bar seems to slide up (see pics), and I see a single field fully, click 'next' and it scrolls to the next field... I am happy with that.   However, when the list does not exceed the iPhone 4s screen size, click the popover to edit, the title bar does not seem to slide up (see pics), and I am only able to see a portion of the field (which makes it difficult to type information in), click 'next' and it scrolls to the next field (again only allowing a portion of the field to be seen)... I am NOT happy with that.   Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there a way to ensure that the field is fully visible, regardless of the length of the list?
  7. I thought I'd post this here since I'm primarily attempting to get this working on an iPhone & FMGO12. I'm trying to run a script during "OnLayoutSizeChange" using the "Get (WindowOrientation)". Basically, if the orientation on the iPhone changes, it should change to the appropriate layout. What am I missing here? If [Get ( SystemPlatform ) = 3] Set Zoom Level [100%] Refresh Window [] If [Get (WindowOrientation) < 0] Go to Layout ["iPhone 4 Landscape"] Else Go to Layout ["iPhone 4 Portrait"] End If Else Go to Layout ["Data Entry - MBP"] End If
  8. I was pulling my hair out earlier due to a problem with FileMaker Go 13.0.2 on my iPhone 5S (updated OS). I'm running it against a FileMaker 13 server hosted at FileMakerProHosting.com and developed the database with FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced. I have a simple layout for updating a table. On the iPhone, I would click on a field and modify the contents and then go to another record and do the same (List view). If I went back to the original record and tried to modify the field, again, I would get the subject message. Actually, if I went to any record, I got the same message. This would NOT occur on FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced on my Mac. Nor would it happen on my iPad running FileMaker Go 13.0.2 (same version). The problem seems to be unique to the iPhone. I also noticed that my Mac and iPad were not getting any of the field updates I was able to make on the iPhone prior to the error appearing. This makes me think FileMaker Go was in some funky state and not pushing updates--it thought the field was still in the midst of a change. What I do recall is that earlier I had become interested in learning how well Siri would work to enter data into a field. This may or may not have anything to do with the issue surfacing. I have tried using Siri on my iPad and experienced no problems with this same layout. If I logged the iPhone out of the database and reconnected, I would have the same experience. It seems I can update one record, but when I go to another, the problem seemed to surface. Note--the Layout is set to "Save record changes automatically". I tried adding a script trigger to force a commit when leaving the field, but without any benefit. I then tried powering down/up the iPhone and that seems to have fixed the issue. I don't know how to report this to FileMaker, but I do know from other threads that others have experienced this same issue. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. We're close to putting this system in the field to manage all of our service techs and I'm a bit anxious the problem will surface, again.
  9. 176 downloads

    A couple of weeks ago, we posted our solution to cross-platform Skype calling from within a Filemaker database. We were pretty pleased with it for our database solution as it allowed us to utilize our Skype subscriptions directly no matter whether we were using a Mac, PC or iPhone. But it wasn't quite perfect. So, we've worked on it some more and now it will send a SMS from Skype, and if you're on an iPhone it will send a SMS using the Message app and make a call using the Phone app. Check out the solution attached, and a PDF of the script as well as the attached demo file are available here: http://www.soundsessential.com/blog/42-information-technology/filemaker/72-filemaker-pro-cross-platform-skype-part-2-sms-iphone-calling Again, hope this helps with your solutions.


  10. Hello, I am running Filemaker pro advanced 12 on windows 7 I have been searching allover the internet for an answer to this question but i can seem to find exactly what i am looking for. I am now using forums as my only hope. I am really new at all this and I am presently working on a project for a client. Basically, I am trying to create a video database for a production company that will allow every computer in the office to acces, add, remove and download different videos within a database that i have created in our server. I have developed the database template but I am having problems with reading videos from the other computers. After importing the video files in the file container (on the server) i can read without any problem the videos on the server. BUT, on the other computers and the Filemaker go apps, after opening a remote connexion, in the container field, it is written '' This file cannot be found''. I am pretty sure this has something to do with a misuse of the new features of the remote file containers but what options exactly do i need to enable in order to acces and read the videos from other computers, ipads or ipods. Is this problem because of the fact that i am not using filemaker server which im pretty sure allows streaming, unlike FM pro advanced 12. Can we acces, read or stream video files hosted on a server from another computer or ipad or iphone? Using FM pro advanced 12 If possible, can somebody guide me to succes? Thank you in advance!
  11. [FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE] 24U announces 24U Phidgets Remote for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch The first iPhone/iPad app to let your iPhone or iPad interact with Phidgets to touch the physical world around Prague, CZ -- November 6, 2015 24U Software announces free download availability of a new mobile application for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that allows for controlling and monitoring Phidgets devices connected to the network with the help of various control layouts. 24U Phidgets Remote can manage electrical devices available on the network, get data from thermometers, pH sensors, light sensors, etc., read and write RFID tags using iPhone or iPad even if user is far away from the phidget. Connection to a phidget is possible via LAN, or even via VPN. With 24U Phidgets Remote user can: - switch and control electrical devices simply by a tap - read values from distant environmental sensors on the go - use iPhone or iPad to read and write RFID tags - rotate servo motors by swiping finger across iPhone's display With some flavor of PhidgetInterfaceKit user's iPhone or iPad can switch signals, turn electrical devices on or off, whether it's at home, in user's office, or in the opposite corner of the same room. 24U Phidgets Remote makes iPhone or iPad read values from thermometers, pH sensors, light sensors, or any other environmental sensors connected to Phidgets I/O boards on the network, and also supports the PhidgetAdvancedServo controller, so it can remotely control servo motors. 24U also offers development of custom control layouts. If user need to control a phidget or set of phidgets for which the currently available layouts are not sufficient, 24U can craft a custom layout with a set of controls specific to his setup. How 24U Phidgets Remote works Phidgets are a system of low-cost electronic components and sensors designed and produced by Phidgets Inc., that are usually controlled by a personal computer. The app lets user interact with these devices directly from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. To access Phidgets boards using 24U Phidgets Remote user need to connect them either to the Phidgets SBC, or to a computer with the Phidget WebService installed. Availability and Pricing 24U Phidgets Remote is available as a free download from the App Store: http://www.24usoftware.com/buyphr The app comes with a free support for the PhidgetInterfaceKit 8/8/8 board, optional add-on control layouts for other boards are available via in-app purchase. More info about 24U Phidgets Remote at: http://www.24usoftware.com/phidgetsremote/ More info about Phidgets at: http://www.phidgets.com/ Requirements and Compatibility 24U Phidgets Remote is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and requires iOS 7 or later. The app is optimized for iPad 2 and newer (both orientations), iPhone 4 and newer (portrait orientation). 24U Phidgets Remote supports the PhidgetInterfaceKit 8/8/8 out of the box, layouts for all boards in Phidget Starter Kit #1 and other Phidgets boards can be obtained via in-app purchase. 24U Phidgets Remote is only compatible with supported boards from Phidgets, Inc., not with similarly looking devices from other vendors. Check http://www.phidgets.com for available hardware. Support for not-yet-supported boards can be ordered from 24U as a custom addition or added to the app by 24U if the demand is popular. About 24U Software 24U is a key vendor of plug-ins for FileMaker Pro and a producer of FM Bench, the tool for auditing and optimizing FileMaker solutions. We unveiled the Marvelous Optimization Formula and teach how to efficiently optimize performance of your solution and processes by focusing on real bottlenecks. Optimizing your performance... Inventing unique iOS applications... Helping organizations to get more out of their technologies... Dedicated to creating the easiest to use FileMaker plug-ins... We connect the dare of education with the experience of industry to achieve the impossible. Customer contact: HOnza Koudelka Software Division Manager, 24U s.r.o. sales@24usoftware.com http://www.24usoftware.com Press Contact: pr@24uSoftware.com ### (c)2015 24U s.r.o. All rights reserved. 24U, 24U Software, and FM Bench are trademarks of 24U s.r.o. FileMaker is a trademark of FileMaker, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Pricing and availability are subject to change without notice.
  12. I have a class attendance solution that I've been running with the help of FMGo 13 for some time. The solution uses a bluetooth barcode scanner and an iOS device to scan a student id and track attendance etc. The bluetooth connection to the iOS device has proven the weakest link in that it occasionally drops and requires re-pairing the device. While not rocket science to re-pair the scanner it's not ideal for the end user. With the advent of FMGo 14 one can now utilize the onboard iOS camera for scanning, however, I'm having difficulty creating a loop to keep the camera active. I would like the camera to scan and stay active so the user does not have to "activate" the camera with each scan. Anyone out there with any thoughts or experience with creating such a loop function for the FMGo 14/iOS camera feature?
  13. The layout I want to convert works on FMGo but of course all the fields are spread out causing me to have to scroll around to get to the fields. Anyone have a good way to convert my existing layout to an iPhone layout? Thanks,
  14. This may be a stab in the dark, but we'd like to be able to pull the caller ID from an incoming call on an iPhone into FM Go. Is this possible? Here's the scenario: FileMaker Go is running on the iPhone iPhone receives call User answers call User switches to FileMaker Go FileMaker Go matches caller ID to its own user table entry, displays associated info for that user Probably a stab in the dark! But suggestions gratefully received. The igeeks
  15. I discovered this recently, and thought more folks might be interested to know: When calling the Get ( WindowContentHeight ) function in FileMaker Go for iPhone, subtract 31 to get the correct result. On desktop versions and FileMaker Go for iPad, Get ( WindowContentHeight ) does not include the status area or window title bar in the result; but FileMaker Go for iPhone does include the window title bar, which is 31 points tall. (For the particularly analytical, I'm seeing this in FileMaker Go for iPhone version 12.0.7, build date 2013-04-24.) So a calculation to work across all desktop and iOS apps might look like this: Let ( [ ~app = Get ( ApplicationVersion ) ; ~deviceIsPhone = Left ( ~app ; 2 ) = "Go" and Left ( ~app ; 7 ) ≠ "Go_iPad" ] ; Get ( WindowContentHeight ) - If ( ~deviceIsPhone ; 31 ; /* Else */ 0 ) )
  16. When I share my files to client FM Go 15 iPhone on my home wifi network, it works fine. At work I'm allowed to access a limited "staff" authorized wifi, where the file share does not seem to work. Even when I repeat the process (File/Sharing/Share with Filemaker clients) while on the work wifi, my FM Go does note recognize the host. I do not have any access to the wifi here at work, beyond receiving the signal. They use a third party admin and have no idea what could be done without engaging with and therefore paying for the troubleshoot call... Thanks for any help.
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