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Found 2,243 results

  1. Hello - I'm looking for a fuction or some way of showing the IP address of the logged-in user on a page of the database they are in. I'm using the current user name and date to show that, but need a solution for the IP address as well. Any ideas? No built-in functions for "GetUserIPAddress" that I'm aware of.
  2. Hi I can not fiddle out how to make it work. I have tried several browsers with same result. We are using FM 12 server. I tried this file paths file:///C:/file.jpg C:/file.jpg file://localhost/C:/file.jpg and few others I'm using this code in the Web Viewer which is working fine in FM client but not in browser "data:text/html, <html> <head> <style type=text/css> " & table::style & " </style> </head> <body> <div class='thumb'> <span class='helper'></span><img class='thumb' src='" & table::ThumbnailPath & "'> </div> </body> </html>" If it's caused by fact image is not present in web site folder as stated in document then my question is if it possible use unc network path in filename like file://///other_than_fmserver/networkpath/file.jpg. I wasn't successful either. Any help appreciated Thank you
  3. Hi Everyone, After lots of googling and browsing filemaker IWP related articles, I am here for your help. I have filemaker server 12 advanced and i am using IWP. I am getting problem while accessing External file. sometime its work and sometime not. I have tried below lots of things. 1. Edit Server deployement . 2. Using same account with full for both files. 3. Updated patches of filemaker sertver Webpubishing 3. During On Open file using all steps relted to IWP surrported. Still i am not getting permanent fix of this issue. automatically its start working( as i tried again redeployment) and suddenly stops. Thanks in Advance,
  4. Good morning! I need some help getting something working. We have a company website, and we are trying to create a instant web publishing portal for our customers to login and view their open invoices. Pretty simple. We have all of our information on a FileMaker solution that is hosted with FileMaker Server 12. The problem is we can't get it to work the way we want it to. This is our idea and how we kind of want it to work. We want the have our customers create their accounts/passwords on our actual website. We will store their account information on our web server. We will authenticate their login on our web server. Then, after they log into our website, we want to take their username, bypass the filemaker instant web publishing login page, and then set their username (which they used to log into our website, not filemaker) to a global variable or a field or something, we just need it in filemaker so we can do searches on it. We have the instant web publishing layouts built and we can get all that part working fine, we have the login authentication working on our site, that part is fine. It's just bridging the two together. We are using WordPress to build the website, and our site is hosted on GoDaddy. Our problem is that we can't find a way to auto-login and bypass the login web publishing page. We currently have one account called "WebLogin" which we have been trying to use as a general login (since the actual customer login is authenticated on our website, not FileMaker) but we can't seem to bypass the page. I found this page through google searching: http://lnx.acidsoft.net/problemsolved/bypass-filemaker-iwp-login-via-url.html and tried to do it the way that he describes, but it is not working. It gives me an error saying: Bad Request The server could not process your request due to a missing command: "" And I get another dialog box that says: Bad Request The server could not process your request because your session has timed out, been closed, or communication with the server has been lost. Please reselect the database to begin a new session. If you cannot open the database, please contact your database administrator. That is one of the problems, how can I resolve this? My other problems is we are trying to pass through the username that the customer uses to login to our website as a variable in filemaker or even set it to a field. I am not sure how to do this. Is this even possible? Thank you so much!
  5. I have been able to deploy a database with instant web publishing of my FileMaker 10 database for camper registration to a non-profit summer camp. I have spent many hours trying to implement the send mail function via SMTP. Within FileMaker 10, using Port 587 I can successfully run a script that sends mail, but the same script does not work through the web (even though it is supposed to be compatible)...Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any advice, which is greatly appreciated.
  6. Whilst trying to find out how to detect mobile browsers (see this thread) I came across a feature which might be very useful in increasing the power of IWP. When clicking any button within IWP it seems it fires a JavaScript function in the form of top.iwp.[command]. This function then carries out the event/command. Therefore it's possible to look in the Frame Source for the IWP layout in question and find the command for a button, such as top.iwp.executebuttonscript(2,0,0). This can then be inserted into JavaScript within a Web Viewer. As far as I can tell once a button is inserted on a layout the button number doesn't change. Some examples of where this might be useful: Detecting client User Agent (such as for mobile browser detection). Automatic Refresh. Intro animation - switch layout on completion. Timed layout display. I have attached an example. In the example I use an external html file in the web viewer. It should be possible to use a data URI as well, which would make it even more powerful. Unfortunately I couldn't get it to work for some reason (any ideas?), and it doesn't work in IE 6-8 anyway. The example is designed to be used with FileMaker Pro/Advanced running on localhost. To use it open the zip and copy timer.html into /web in the FileMaker folder. Then open the database and enable IWP. In normal use the button and web viewer could probably be hidden underneath an image/field. For the purposes of the example I've left them visible. Please let me know what you think. IWP On Timer Example.zip
  7. Sorry for this kind of question, but since all my questions pertain to IWP, and since none of my recent posts have received replies, and since there is an absolute dearth of replies in general here, I am wondering if FM Pro itself is no longer popular for web use? Thanks.
  8. Note the following article on FileMaker's website: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/408/~/open-url-is-not-working-when-used-via-instant-web-publishing They seem to offer us only a single, rather silly, solution: tell your viewers to disable pop-up blockers. But this is 2015. Mobile devices dominate. Pop-up blockers sometimes CANNOT be disabled. And even if you can, you probably SHOULDN'T! As such, it is quite foolish in this day and age for FileMaker to not offer us a more seamless solution. Nevertheless, I am posted this problem here to see if any of you know a workaround. Some may be apt to flippantly say to me, "Just use a Web Viewer in your database." But as you know, there are times when you want the user to click a button in your database and then have the linked content only to display after they have logged in separately for that. I have that setup now, in fact. My FileMaker IWP database automatically logs everyone in because the basic content in the database is PUBLIC. But there are associated documents (PDFs mainly) that I need to make available to users of that database which need to be secured by at Password. I have that setup now, but the problem is that when the user clicks the button to access the Authentication Sheet for access to the PDFs, it is blocked on mobile devices. They won't display the content on iPhones or iPads due to pop-up blocking. And the only silly reason for this is because FileMaker is trying to open the content in a new Window/Tab rather than the EXISTING window. If it opened in the existing window, there would be no issues with pop-up blocking at all. So what is the solution for this? Thank you.
  9. Hi, I have a FileMaker database which is used via FMPro and IWP. I want to create some mobile-optimised layouts for users accessing the site on a mobile phone via IWP. http://detectmobilebrowser.com has some JS which I could put into the login page to detect a mobile, but there's no way to pass this to IWP. Does anyone have any ideas? FileMaker Go is not suitable in this situation. Thanks in advance
  10. Has anyone found away around the 60 minute timeout for Instant Web Publishing users. I find that a ridiculouse limit as my users are constantly having to log back in. I hoped there was a plugin or code or script of somekind available to increase that.
  11. Hi Guys, I ran into a problem using IWP: We wanted to supply our department with information stored in our FileMaker DBs - we've FileMaker 8 Server Advanced. The information is divided into several files. So i added external files to the solution and everything works fine in normal client mode - as expected. But as soon as we want to see our data in the browser the results get quite tricky. One external table works perfectly (i.e. the fields are filled with the correct data) but all fields from the other table are saying "file missing". Again, this happens only using IWP. I tried everything i could think of, but now i'm left without any ideas. Are there any known issues concerning external files in IWP?
  12. My file is accessed with both Filemaker and IWP. According to the IWP user guideI need to do an 'Exit Application' script step, but only if the file is being accessed with IWP. What is my IF statement? I tried Get(ApplicationVersion)= ("Filemaker Web Publishing" or "Web Publishing Engine") but it's not working. Get(ApplicationVersion) seems to give me the host application version on both the host and the IWP client. I am testing it on the same machine I'm hosting it on if that could make a difference?
  13. Hello Fellow Filemakers! I have a IWP solution which is working well apart from a couple of issues with Portals. I have discovered that the "Go to Portal Row" does not work for IWP which is a headache for my users as they are often working with over 100 records in the portal I am referencing. So the problem is the portal resets to the top after my users interact with the records. I am thinking of adding two fields "Initial Row" and "number of row" and using the filter option on the portal to display the records the user specified. But I am drawing a blank on how to achieve this. I've done date range filters in portals and am thinking I want to employ a similar strategy. If anyone could shed some light on this request I'd really appreciate it. - I've got Admin staff putting pressure on the big wig to replace my Filemaker solution with a boxed product so if I can get this solution working it would really help me out. thanks Jordan
  14. I can't see what the issue is and have been getting this annoying message for ages. When I launch FM, I get the message - Can't share files... When I launch one of the two database I use, I get a message to say another user is sharing files using Filemaker, but this is a standalone desktop. Any ideas? FM10 Mavericks
  15. Hi, I have a databse hosted in IWP that uses Supercontainer for people to upload documents. The process works fine when I use FMPA 12 to access the hosted database, but when I go through the web browser (the IWP approach), the process does not work. A button "Upload Doc" calls a script that goes to the upload layout, generates the SC id code for the record, shows the webviewer with upload and delete buttons. This works fine when I am using FMP to access the database, but this does not work when I use IWP. When I click the button in IWP, nothing happens. Any ideas?? Thanks in advance!
  16. Hi, I have a databse hosted in IWP that uses Supercontainer for people to upload documents. The process works fine when I use FMPA 12 to access the hosted database, but when I go through the web browser (the IWP approach), the process does not work. A button "Upload Doc" calls a script that goes to the upload layout, generates the SC id code for the record, shows the webviewer with upload and delete buttons. This works fine when I am using FMP to access the database, but this does not work when I use IWP. When I click the button in IWP, nothing happens. Any ideas?? Thanks in advance.
  17. I have an application that was using IWP under FM Server 12, to allow my friends and friends of friends to upload their golf scores, and my system would calculate their USGA handicaps. After upgrading to FM Server 13, IWP not longer exists, and WebDirect does not support mobile devices. So, I set up an alternative server using FM12. A lot of guys that I don't have contact details for, used that IWP based system to upload golf scores. So I don't have a way to tell them all the new URL. Using the old IWP URL, you are presented with a screen that says "The requested page is not found. Check the URL you are using to access FileMaker WebDirect." I want to edit that page to add some additional information telling them the new URL etc. But I can't find any document with that content in any FM Server folder or sub folder. Anyone know where I can find it ? thanks
  18. Hi I have a table that multiple users need to access. Is there a way (perhaps through PHP also?) to restrict what records particular users have access to, according to certain field criteria? Any help appreciated. Thanks
  19. Ipad and QR CODE

    I am looking for a way to scan a qr code into an IWP app from an ipad. Server is Filemaker 11 adv I know I can use an external bluetooth qr scanner but our people really want to use the camera on the ipad . I am unable to find a way to do this. anyone have any suggestions. please. Upgrading to 13 is not an option at this points. due to cost (45 users) and time to properly convert our databases. thank you
  20. Greetings. I am not sure this is the best location for this request. But here goes, maybe point me in the right direction if answers to this have been posted before. I have searched, but I suppose I don't even know what terms to search for. I have a FMP 11 DB that is published using IWP on 11 server. The DB is open to the public for browsing, but all edits are done by one or two people. For performance purposes, there is a bulk of data manipulations/calculations done when new data is entered. I know it is generally not good practice to store calculated values, but some reports need multiple passes through 10's of thousands of records up to 100 times time come up with the correct values. When you have lot of people running these reports at the same time, the server crawls at best. So we run one pass to do all the calculations, and then it runs well for the masses. The data entry and calculations are down with FMP installed locally, connecting to the to FMP Server hosted DB in a data center. That calculation process is pretty slow due to the remote connection, and amount of numbers to be crunched. What takes 5 minutes locally, can take 2 hours remotely. So, I am hoping there is a reasonable way to automate the process of updating/processing a fop db locally, and then pushing that complete and recalculated file to the FMP server, and have the FMP server start serving the updated data. The user doing the updates can be trained, but that person changes from time to time, and I would like to automate this as much as possible. The server is a windows server, and I have complete control of that, at the windows level. Suggestions welcome (other than rewrite the whole thing -- that is on the agenda, but even then I don't believe I can eliminate the pre-calculation of these values). Thanks, Bob
  21. IWP and Barclays ePDQ

    Does anyone have any experience in trying to tie up these two bits of network garbage, so they can talk to each other? All I want to do is spit out a total price from the FMpro server IWP, feed it over to ePDQ and then receive back the payment confirmation from their Customer Payment Interface system. Any ideas, advice or should I just jump in the river right now? cheers- Anatole
  22. IWP refresh issue

    I have a layout that is rendered via IWP in FileMaker 12. On this layout I have a portal that displays related records (attachments). The process to add an attachment includes going to a new layout (which contains the SuperContainer web viewer) and creating a new record, adding the file, and then clicking a button which takes you back to the parent record. For some reason, when I navigate back to the parent record/layout, the portal doesn't show the record I just added. If I navigate to another layout and then back again, it shows fine. I also confirmed that it works as expected if I do the same process in FMP. I've modified the nav scripting to include multiple refresh window steps.. I've performed a find for the parent record in question, and I've even tried to go to the previous record and then to the next record to see if that helps, but it does not. Any ideas on other ways to refresh the window or what else I can check?
  23. I am having some trouble with the web server after installing FMS 12.0.5. This is on Mac OS X 10.8.5. Server.app is currently installed, but it was not present at the initial installation of FMS (if that matters). I can't verify that this was working before Server.app did get installed. I also wasn't the one executing the initial installation of the OS, the OS patches, or FMS. This was a fresh OS install and thus a fresh FMS install as well. Reinstalling is an option, but would rather avoid it if there is some simple configuration issue that I need to clear up. I have tried an 'edit deployment' process, but that didn't fix anything. The primary issue is that the web server often reports 'File not found' when accessing certain paths (e.g. IWP). It IS able to serve up regular web pages from the default directory ( /Library/Server/Web/Data/Sites/Default/index.html). I put some test files there (e.g. phpinfo.php, and a 'Hello world' type HTML file) and our custom static IWP login pages there; I am able to get to either the custom IWP pages or the test files, but when I login to IWP (from our custom pages) it gives me the result above. That is also the error that I get if I try this URL: localhost/fmi/xml/FMPXMLRESULT.xml?-dbnames. And I can't reach anything trying the default IWP home page: localhost/fmi/iwp/res/iwp_home.html So, there is probably something messed up in the web server configuration during the installation gyrations. The web server IS using a redirect: all traffic to HTTP is redirected to HTTPS. This problem exists even when the redirection is turned off, though. Anyone have any ideas of where to look? Thanks, C
  24. Hi, I'm trying to bypass the iwp-home.html, and log-in to the database directly. I'm using the following URL: "http://fm15.888.net:80/fmi/iwp/cgi?dbpath=%2Ffmi%2Fiwp%2Fcgi%3F-db%3DFBikeNY_Database%26startsession&acct=account&name=Web&password=&login=web&-authdb" But I receive the following error: Bad Request. Server couldn't process request due to missing command: "" Does anyone see a syntax error in my URL?? I'm not an HTML expert... Thank you for any insight! Michael PS: I would also like to take this a step further and redirect to a specific layout. But I understand this is only possible with custom web publishing? PPS: I found the URL above on the following page: http://edoshin.skeletonkey.com/2006/12/how_to_bypass_t.html
  25. Dynamic Value Lists

    Hi there, I have a drop down menu that contains 4 choices, I also have a second drop down menu that contains related values to the choice that the user makes from drop down menu 1, for example drop down 1 choice is Drinks: drop down 2 shows : Tea Coffee Hot chocolate or drop down 1 choice is Bakery: drop down 2 shows : Bread Cakes This relational lookup works fine when using Filemaker Pro but when I look at this via IWP in a browser the dynamic value lists aren't loading for the drop down 2 menu. Is this because the value from drop down 1 has not been committed so it can't load the values for drop down 2? Is there any way around this? Many Thanks, Nik

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