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  1. I am completely unfamiliar with using javascript. I understand in order to get web users back to a home page of my choosing I need to place the iwp_home.html file into the web folder. And I understand I need to change the value of top.location via javascript to the URL of my choosing to make sure the user is properly logged off my database server when they close a session. However I need someone to show me exactly what this looks like in my page source. I appreciate any help.
  2. Primer: We have a seven file solution that logs into a main file and then subsequently opens up the other 6 files. Problem: After logging in to the Main file, i toggle the 'Status Bar' successfully, but as soon as I navigate to another file if i try to toggle the Status Bar, IWP goes crazy and does a reboot of some sort. Has anyone experience this before? Or am I just doing something wrong. Thanks in Advance Birun
  3. Ok, the problem is the following. When starting FikeMaker Pro (9.0v3) it will freeze. After performing a force quit you can launch it again, wher it will say that it cannot do Instant Web Publishing on port 80 because something else is using it. Now, when I first turn on the mac (10.5). and run netstat there is nothing on port 80, a ps also shows that httpd is not running. Upon starting FileMaker Pro 2 httpd processes appear-the first launched by launchd the second one launched by the first one. When I "Force Quit" FileMaker Pro these two processes remain. However, netstat still shows nothing listening on 80 (http). If I then launch FMP again it says something else is using port 80 (the HTTPD process, though it doesn't show with netstat) and asks to either be given a different port or ignore it. If you ignore it it launches fine and can be used locally with no problem. If you tell it to use a different port (any port) it then ends up crashing after calling httpd. If you try to kill http (kill -9 PID) it won't give you any errors but next time you do a ps there aer still two httpd processes, just different PID's. The only way to kill httpd is with apachectl. But that doesn't solve anything as FMP still either calls httpd and crashes, or doesn't and works fine (except without the web publishing thats needed). Any suggestions? (has been working fine since the upgrade to leopard and 9.0v3 a couple months ago).
  4. Hi - I'm running a Filemaker Pro server and after I put databases on the server and set them to "Open" I can access them via Instant Web Publishing. But when I attempt to sort any of the data, nothing happens. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. The web address of the server is http://cfa-fmdb.bu.edu/fmi/iwp
  5. Hi all, I'm running FM Pro 7 for a small office at a university writing center. We use FM to enter student and session records. Last year we started publishing our database to the web so tutors could enter records from our satellite locations. All was fine until just recently, when anyone who tries to connect to the web-published database from a wireless connection can't get in. In fact, they get nothing at all, not an error, just a blank page. However, access via a web page is still available via a wired connection. So a tutor can't log into the database via the published web page through a wireless laptop, but that tutor can plug in an ethernet cable and enter records as normal. I've been on the line with our IT, to no avail (our university's IT dept. doesn't support FM). We have a clinic coming up and need to be able to enter records remotely. Any ideas?
  6. I have a registration database created with FMPA9 that is hosted on a shared FM8 Server Advanced box. I need to send an email to the registrant (and copy to the admin) whenever a registration is completed. Since I don't have direct access to the server hosting my file, I cannot use some of the possible solutions I have found in my search. The host does allow mail to be sent from the server via SMTP, just not sure how to utilize that. Any suggestions on how I can send an email from a hosted IWP file. Thanks in advance for your help
  7. Hello, I just started with IWP on FM 8.5 but I am stucked over the simple(?) process how to identify a certain user when logged in from the web? The goal is to have user specific layouts for different entry forms. The function Get(Username) and Get(AccountName) do only replicate the status of the FM database on the server. Even the trick described in the Manual "Use Get(ApplicationVersion)" never reveals whether a user accesses from the Web or directly. Is there no option to identify the current web user? Thanks, Emilia
  8. I have just started using a FMPro hosting service, and have a question about what appears to be a particular problem that I experience using the remote host. For about a year I've been developing a LIMS for my lab at a research institute, using fmnet and my dBase hosted using FMPro 8 on a Mac in my lab. Now I want to make the dBase available to others, so I'm trying to see how the dBase operates from a remote FileMaker server outside my institute (so my collaborators would be able to access it). I find, oddly, that when I access my dBase at the remote hosting service using FMNet, that any layout I navigate to takes ages to load the first time I access it, but on any subsequent visit to the layout navigation is very fast. My database does not display this behavior from within my institute. I know this has to do with indexing, but why should indexing be slower on FMServer (which is presumably the better platform) than FMPro? Can someone explain to me what is going on? Does this have something to be with FMPro Server? Is there any way to get the Server to act like the standalone program? I surmise from reading posts that summary calculation fields slow down the loading of a layout that requires these fields to be calculated, and indeed is I strip out the calc summ fields I have this helps a lot. But why would I have never observed this using the dBase at my institute? Note: this problem re-occurs each time I log on -- the faster navigation that occurs upon a single visit to a layout is lost when I log out of the dBase on the Server. If this is due to indexing, does that mean that indexing ,ust be re-performed every time you log on to the dBase? I also found that when I logged on simultanesouly as two different users, the increased speed upon re-accessing a given layout did not translate from user to user. In other words, the indexing (or whatever else results in the increase in loading) was limited to a single user's session. I know this is probably a really basic question, but thanks for your time, in advance...
  9. Hi there, I'm trying to publish a file locally with IWP that is hosted on filemaker server 8 in the same building on the same network. The file opens fine using open remote. However when I try to enable IWP, the file is not listed. i can't enable it in the IWP preferences because it doesn't show there. None of the other files open that are served by filemaker server 8 appear either. IWP works fine for local files on my own machine. Can anyone help? I'm trying to do this to test whether publishing the data to remote users would be of any help to them. I'm reluctant to spend the £1000 to upgrade server 8 to server 8 advanced so need to test it first. Second question. Is there any way to publish filemaker 8 data to the web live without filemaker server 8 advanced? Thanks heaps, dave
  10. When you create a file reference to another FM file you can access value lists from the other file. However, you don't get the option of showing a different field instead of the index field (i.e. a field that means something to the user). I know that I can include the table from the other file in the relationships graph and then create a value list from it. Then I can make the second field appear. Is there something I'm doing wrong with accessing the value list directly instead of having the table in the relationships graph?
  11. Hello In my www-published database, I use some portals which needs scrollbars. I only need y-scrollers but gets both y and x-scrollers. The fields inside the portal is ofc smaller than the portal itself. Check out the image below. Do you have any ideas of how i can remove the x-scroller? Thanks in advance, Ezi
  12. Hiding Ghost Radio Buttons in IWP I am doing an image database for a client who will be hosting it for his customers using IWP. The images are for film locations, and as there is no convention for naming location ‘keywords’, my client wants to display all of the keywords together using radio buttons. There are 100 keywords. He needs the customers to be able to look at different groupings of keywords. A hierarchical menu doesn’t do the job as there is no clean way to organize the info. It is not as if we had a list of cities, each of which uniquely belonged to one state. Here’s a subset of the list, to give an idea of the (hopefully) logical grouping structure: Animal Farms Padi Fields Plantations Barren Land Hills Open Fields Highways Trunk Roads Lanes Paths Tunnels Beaches Coral Reefs Lakes Waterfalls My question is whether there is a way to get rid of the ‘ghost’ radio buttons that appear when these radio buttons are displayed in IWP, as per the attached JPG of a subset of my IWP display. The spaces between the radio button groups are essential to make the groups distinct. However, it looks amateurish to have the spaces shown as blank radio buttons. I do have a work around that looks great, but it is massively labour intensive and I’ll have to redo it all if my client changes a single word. I’ve prototyped taking the native FMP screen showing the radio buttons, and taking a screen shot. I then used that as an image map and put 100 invisible buttons over the radio buttons (3 in my prototype). Customers could then see the image map in IWP and click on a button. That would then take them to another image with the ‘highlighted’ word shown in color to give visual feedback on the clicking. But this means 100 different layouts and 100 scripts for the buttons, and changing them all if the client changes, e.g. “Waterfalls” to “Falling Water”. Thanks.
  13. My IWP database works perfectly in Safari but there are certain fields that will not work in Internet Explorer. The fields are Popup Menu Fields. Again, they work in Safari but not on Internet Explorer 6.0. Any suggestions?
  14. Hi everyone We have just launched our new extranet site for our business to business clients. We have produced it entirely using FM7 and IWP. Below is a movie demonstration of the site. It uses many of the work arounds and advice provided through this forum. For all those that have posted to this site over the past 6 months - thank you. http://propertypa.com/Resources/Video/Intro.html Regards Neil
  15. Is there a workaround for this limitation? Would appreciate any help/suggestions/ideas -- custom publishing is last resort for this database. Thanks all.
  16. First, I want to thank those who unselfishly give help and information on this forum. Without their help I would not have gotten anywhere. My company is SmilePix: We are entirely internet driven so a smooth running database is critical. Our clients are dentist who send us photographs through the web (or email) of their patients that our artists retouch to improve a cosmetic look. Everything is database driven from the dentists placing orders, uploading photos, viewing past orders and making comments on their orders. Presently, I am still using FM 6 Unlimited and publishing to the web with CDML. It works fine and has so for a couple of years now. In the beginning of the year I began the arduous process of converting 10 files into one FM 7 table. Why IWP? When FileMaker made the mistake of only allowing 5 records to load in IWP, I started look at other solutions, mostly PHP. Once they corrected their error and now allow 25 records to be viewed, IWP looked like a more viable solution. As I have worked with it I have come across many features (and lack of features) that are frustrating and required work-a-rounds. Even with these limitations, the potential is powerful. The most important for me is not having to use a bridge from the database to the web like CDML or PHP. All that needs to be done is create layouts specifically for web publishing. No php, no lasso, no xml. All languages that give me nightmares because I am not a FM developer or programer. Yes, the limitations are frustrating, but I can see down the road that this a powerful tool and the next version will hopefully address them and add more features. Problems and solutions (maybe some readers have better solutions) 1. The first problem was how to get my clients into IWP. With CDML I used their last name and a password. This would not work with IWP because I could only collect their AccountName not password. So I went with their email address, but learned that the "@" was not going to work in a find. The solution was to create a calculation field that stripped out the "@" and this works fine. 2. The second problem I am still working on which is changing the default page so it shows my company name and logo and not FileMaker's. As I said I am not a programer. All I did was create a copy so I would not lose the original and experimented with deleting and adding text and images. Right now I am stuck with the title to the window being "FileMaker Instant Web Publishing", instead of my company name. There is html <title></title>, and I put SmilePix there, but when the page loads my company name on shows for half a second before it changes to "FileMaker Instant Web Publishing". Any one have any ideas on how to fix this? 3. Uploading photos through the browser: Because I am using FM Server Advanced, I learned that I was unable to use the Uploadit plugin. I was able to adapt a upload php script that I am presently using with FM 6 and CDML. Garry Glaridge (one of those FM Forum angles I mentioned earlier) was able to adapt incPureUpload.php so that it renamed the file to the patient's name when it was uploaded (it will upload two files). 4. I was not going to use IWP because of the 5 record list view limit. Now it is 25, but I want to be able to control how many records load on a web page and have not figured out how to do it, or if it can be done. I have a layout that shows thumbnails and having 25 records load takes to long. Portals don't work because unless their is a scroll bar, the unseen records can not be viewed. I posted a question on this forum earlier, but no answers were received. Can it be done? 5. Email notification when an order was placed was easy with FM 7 and CDML with the use of the plugin SMtPit, but again because of using Server Advanced I can not use this plugin, so again I had to resort to email by php, but am not entirely pleased with this solution. Anyone have any better solutions? Has anyone tried Events 4.0? I am still working on this IWP solution and will not go live until I am absolutely sure everything works as planned. I would be happy to share any of my experiences and look forward to hearing creative solutions by others to their IWP problems. thanks in advance - Sam
  17. I have a Project Management solution that has one engineer assigned to each project. The engineer's name is the Account Name, and is also stored in a text field in the Projects table. Could there be a way to set up a relationship to display only records that have the current user Account Name in the engineer name field? A global calculation field seems to always get the account name that starts the application, not current user logged on. Any insight will be greatly appreciated!
  18. Premise: I am using FileMaker Pro 7 to create, manage, and publish a database of records that are ultimately intended for a website being hosted (purchased service) under FileMaker Server 7 Advanced. This website is ought to provide a secure user login, after which each user is supposed to view his/her records only. Problem: Since I am creating this database on FileMaker Pro 7, I have to intend it so far for Instant Web Publishing, which will be unnecessary, once it is hosted under FileMaker Server 7 Advanced. This means that I cannot yet alter any browser appearance (e.g.browser tags) other than through FileMaker's own layouts. This also means, that to test my DB online access through Instant Web Publishing so far, I am required to leave FileMaker Pro 7 open while accessing localhost:591 through my browser. Leaving FileMaker Pro 7 open has the unfortunate effect of setting the AccountName and UserName globals to the name of the user who is signed in through FileMaker Pro 7 directly. This means that though a different user logs onto the DB through the web, using IWP, this user will still only be recognized as whoever keeps the DB open through FileMaker Pro 7 directly. I hope that whoever understands my problem, or has/had a similar problem responds to my posting, because it has been a quite frustrating experience to get this to work, which might prompt me in the end to completely abandon the seemingly much more elegant and user friendly FileMaker for a mysql/php solution. Thanks in advance.
  19. Hi everyone, I am a illiterate computer user in an unfortunate predicatment. I need to create an online database for 500 user to search for research resources (mice) that are available at the insitute. There are two users, internal and external. Okay, I have designed a database that works in browse mode, links work and data can be inputed by the secretaries in each lab. That was the easy part. However, when I went in to web testing, all the merged fields disappeared. (First problem) How do I prevent this from happening? What have I done wrong. (Second Problem) How do I test the different access priviledges? I have no idea if they are set up properly for the for intented users? (Third Problem) Please explain as you might to a great-grandparent how I sent up the exclusion formulas so that non-institute people can only see files related to resources that are externally available. The field is a text field (Y/N) N marked records are to be excluded. Stupidly, I did a simple If (externally available) = Y, then ...but no idea what put next. Do I need a goto loop to sort all files? And do I need to include this condition on all screens (search and display)? Sorry to be so grammarian, but I have been struggling for two days with these questions (in Japan) and have a looming delivery deadline. thank you in advance for any advice you can provide. Sincerely, Bonnie Lee
  20. Hi, I'm using FileMaker 7, and I want the result to return rows where the date is 1/1/2005 and lock is not 1. I doesnt seem to be excluding the dates that arent 1/1/2005. Even when I add "date.op=eq", it still doesnt work correctly. Here is the url: ipaddress/fmi/xsl/a3/recordlist.xsl?-db=dname&-lay=wwwlayout&date=1/1/2005&lock=1&lock.op=neq&-lop=and&-find=Find What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
  21. I have a form that involves several checkboxes. It is a menu items checklist that a student can order thier week's of lunches. Each day is a separate table but not in a Portal. These days have a checkbox for each item they want to order. Why is it that when the student logs into the form, the squares for the checbox are not there? I even tried a "setfield" to a hidden field thinking that the Record had to be created first but that didn't work. I check the pallete thinking that it is a display field, no luck. It works in the regular FM interface but doesn't work in IWP. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  22. Oh I am trying to connect locally, also on both FMP's when I set the web companion to a port below 1024, the change setting box appears, I say ok, and it will give me the error message "Web Companion cannot share files over the web because it does not have enough memory or TCP/IP networking could not be started. (-1)"
  23. I am a real novice yet willing to learn. Mac is the host at work for fm. PC is the guest from home, When I type in the ip address it reads files ready to share with "My companies name" when I call work to have them open a particualar file and then I type in the ip address i get page opened with errors and nothing else! I am really frustrated. I feel there must be a simple solution, read everything 3x plus, but still must be missing the answer as to why this is!! Please help!! Lisa
  24. I'd like to use the good old FM WebServerConnector with WebStar V under Mac OS X. Since there is only a version 1.0 of FMWSC, I'm wondering if it works or needs an update ;-) Regards, steve
  25. When I access the FileMaker Technical Info Database and I save the source page on my disk I can access it locally by using the following link "file:///Macintosh/Desktop%20Folder/techinfo.htmlnk"(the file is on my desktop). It works great. No need to use the "http://" URL. When I try to do the same thing using a my local HTML file accessing my own database hosted locally I get an error message "Format File Not Found..." When I use the file via an "http://" URL it works no problem I have looked at the HTML code of the FMP TID file and modified the "Form" tag of my file accordingly. Any idea why it does not work. I use FMP5 and Web Companion. Thanks [ October 31, 2001: Message edited by: Notr ] [ October 31, 2001: Message edited by: Notr ]
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