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Found 6 results

  1. Hi guys, problem here. I'm working with a web viewer and I'm familiar with triggering a script from within the web viewer using the fmp:// protocol. But, what I need is kind of the opposite. I have a 2000 records list that I need to display in my webviewer. As one may find, that is lots of html data, what makes my solution very slow. What I want is a webviewer that displays the first records and, when I scroll down (my first option) or I click a button (second option, but also ok) it displays more records. I'm aware that I could do that using the url protocol, calling a script, rewriting the html code for the webviewer, but that seems as a dumb solution So, it's my understanding that javascript can change the html of a webpage (played a little with javascript, but not a master). So, in theory, there is a way for javascritp to append to the end of my <body> the next record I could use the ExecuteSQL function (not the script step) if it worked, but I'm not sure how to do that without hardcoding the change of the webviewer code, and I rather not do that. I'm really hoping I can handle it from the webviewer I have a hard time being brief. What I want is to pass a parameter from the filemaker to javascript to execute its function. Any help will be overwhelmingly appreciated
  2. Hi brainiacs, Â Description of the problem is below, but the resulting question is this: Â How do I have a script in one file tell a particular window of another file to "go to record number 50" ? Â Specifics: I have a web viewer with a jquery slider (see attached image). I'm using to replicate Filemaker's record scroller. Â This will only work on a hosted file, not a file running on a local workstation. Â It works by... Â Assume the slider has a minimum value of 1 and a maximum value of 100... Â 1) User moves slider to 50% mark 2) jquery records the slider number (50) 3) jquery calls a script in the file (fmp://207.xxx.xxx.x/hosted_data_file.fmp12?script=scroll_records&param=50 Â Â Â Â Â Â - so you can see this is why the file needs to be hosted 4) "scroll_records" script moves to record number 50 Â Works nicely and means I can hide and lock the Filemaker toolbar permanently as I have all the controls a user needs in my own UI. Â BUT... try doing this using the separation model. That is... data on server, UI file on local workstation... Â Â 1) UI File: User moves slider to 50% mark 2)Â UI File:Â jquery records the slider number (50) 3)Â UI File:Â jquery calls a script in the hosted data file (fmp://207.xxx.xxx.x/hosted_data_file.fmp12?script=scroll_records&param=50 4) "scroll_records" script CAN NOT move the UI file to record number 50 because the script is in the hosted data file. A script in one file can't tell another file to scroll records. Â That sucks... Â I've tried all sorts of workarounds, but I think what has to happen is something like this... Â Have the "scroll_records" script store the record number in a field in the data file, and then somehow get the UI file to recognise that the field has been modified and then the UI file can perform a script to scroll the records. Â But how do I get the UI file to know when the field in the data file has been modified?
  3. Hey All, I'm taking a stab at some custom controls and came across this example here: http://scarpettagroup.com/using-jquery-ui-filemaker-part-2/ I'm using this slider: http://jqueryui.com/slider/#steps It seems simple, but it's not rendering in my webviewer other than the title: "Donation amount ($50 increments):" Thanks!
  4. I´m not sure why but the WV shows the correct result in some computers and devices, but in other just shows an empty page (please see attached file with WV including code). This is the result after testings: - It doesn't work on my Mac (10.11.06) - It works on my iPhone - It works on my iPad - I works on one of my colleague´s Mac (10.12 I believe) - It doesn't work on another collegue's Windows I have attached the file with the wv, is this working for you? any clue why this is happening? any help would be very much appreciated!! WV_Table.fmp12
  5. Hi, I'm new to javascript, but I've made some great progress using SQL (via 2empowerFM) and JQuery to build some tables that have exactly the data, and look and feel that I'm looking for. But I cannot figure out how to navigate back from a web viewer. Is it possible to navigate back to a Filemaker TO layout for a given record being reported in the jquery table? I realize this is straight forward in a FM portal table, but it's limited compared to what can be achieved with SQL/JQuery. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Anthony
  6. Hi Everybody, I am trying SQL Explorer from Seedcode (http://www.seedcode.com/filemaker-sql-explorer/) because it is a great option to create EXECUTESQL queries. I have found that with this tool it is possible to export my table data to an HTML grid (using jquery). This option is fantastics in my case to export my reports and upload to dropbox. Then I have used site44.com plugin to link my dropbox account and have my own "website". You can check the result here: http://proteomics.site44.com/S10/ The problem is that I want to modify the jquery files to get a Grid with subgrid as in this example: http://trirand.com/blog/jqgrid/jqgrid.html (in "Advanced" item > "Grid as Subgrid") but I don't have any idea of jquery. Could anybody help me to modify the jquery structure code to change the grid view? Thank you very much, Wardiam.
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