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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone, i'm a newest user with MirrorSync. I could install MirrorSync without problems and get records in my local database, but i had a problem when i try to get records that has the first letter of primary key starts with "0", MirrorSync show the message: "Error from server: java.sql.SQLException: FileMaker numeric primary keys must not begin with a 0. Either remove the zero padding, or switch the primary key field and all related foreign keys to text. First error: 01234567-DACC-8DE7-58DD-2ASSDE474DCA from table TableName" The field its auto-generate UUID of type text. I try to find a way modified the script MirrorSync, but i dont know how to control this in the script, any solution for this? Thanks!
  2. Hello everybody, I am working on a Metanalysis DB and I have currently 2 tables: STUDY (Parent) and REFERENCE (Child). The STUDY table has a primary key __pK_StudyID, while the REFERENCE Table has a primary key __pK_RefID and a foreign Key _fK_StudyID. I have set up a relationship one to many between STUDY and REFERENCE so that __pK_StudyID (STUDY) --> _fK_StudyID (REFERENCE), and I have allowed record creation through that relation. Now, as expected, when I create a Portal of REFERENCE fields in the STUDY layout table, I am able to create new records (that is new references for the same study) and fK is automatically populated. What I would like to do though is to be able to auto-populate _fK_StudyID and add new records to the REFERENCE Table using the same layout (i.e. the STUDY layout) but without a portal. If I move the REFERENCE table fields into the STUDY layout (without a portal), everytime I create a new Study, a new reference is created and _fK is auto-populated as expected. The (hopefully silly) problem come when I try to create a new record in the REFERENCE Table (that is to add a new Ref. for the same Study): I have created a simple script that: - Create a variable: $StudyID to store the specific __pK_StudyID - Go to the REFERENCES layout - Create a New Record - Set field _fK_StudyID (of the REFERENCE Table) to have the value stored in $StudyID - Go back to the original (Study) Layout. Now the script works flawlessly, and the new records (i.e. new references) for the specific study are correctly created, so that when I go to the REFERENCES layout I can see them. Unfortunately, in the Study Layout I can see only the first reference I have created, not the additional ones. Of course, when I put the same fields of REFERENCE Table in the STUDY layout inside a portal I can see all new records I have created.... Anyone can give me a reason fro that ? At this time, the only way I have to create study related references (and see them) is changing layout and that is not the most efficient way to face the problem. Thank you always in advance for your help
  3. I am making a very simple database to track residents and their co-signers and their payments for the apartment building that I run. Since it is possible for two or more people to have the same first and last names, I hope to create a compound key in the 'people' table that uses the first name, last name, plus a date to come up with a unique identifier that will only apply to the person in each record. Anyone that can tell me how to do this in FMP 11 is invited to coffee and breakfast and/or sushi in Berkeley, California, or....(you tell me what you want)?
  4. Hi Guys, I have only started working with FileMaker for the last 2 months or so, and I didn't like the way that the API is very procedural driven, so I decided to make a class which would help me. I have got a function which I have made which interacts with the FM PHP API (Official) which I am trying to get sorted. The idea to the whole class is to save time writing each function over and over again, but basically I have got this function which I am having problems with which is to get the FileMaker Layout Fields and Values of those fields and put them into an array. Here is my code: /** * Selects data from a FileMaker Layout from the given criteria * * @author RichardC * @since 1.0 * * @version 1.2 * * @param string $layout * @param array $arrSearchCriteria * * @return array */ public function select( $layout, $arrSearchCriteria ) { $arrOut = array( ); if ( ( !is_array( $arrSearchCriteria ) ) ) { return false; } $findReq = $this->fm->newFindCommand( $layout ); foreach ( $arrSearchCriteria as $field => $value ) { $findReq->addFindCriterion( $field, $value ); } $results = $findReq->execute(); // Adds all the fields in the layout to the array $this->fields[] = $results->getFields(); if ( $this->isError( $results ) === 0 ) { $records = $results->getRecords(); //Set the last used layout and object $this->layout = $layout; $this->lastObj = $records; //Loops through the records retrieved foreach ( $records as $record ) { $arrOut[] = $record; //Here I want to Get the Layout FieldNames and Values into an array -> example : $arrOut['user'] = 'DarkMantis' } } else { $arrOut['errorCode'] = $this->isError( $results ); } return $arrOut; } As you can see there, I have commented in that I want to get the Details into my array. If you have any ideas on how to do this it will be greatly appreciated. [Edit] I do apologise for the messy code, it was more of a PoC. [/Edit] Best Regards, DarkMantis
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