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Found 188 results

  1. NEWS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - December 10, 2012 POINT IN SPACE ANNOUNCES LASSO 9.2 AVAILABILITY CARRBORO, NC, December 10, 2012 - Point In Space Internet Solutions today announced immediate availability of Lasso 9.2 hosting, available at the same pricing structure as previous versions. "Lasso 9 is a complete rewrite from 8, continuing the ease-of-use that Lasso has become known for and outperforming other languages," says John May, Point In Space's President. Point In Space is offering Lasso 9 hosting, available immediately, with a number of packages to choose from including FileMaker Pro and MySQL connectivity.  See their web site - http://www.pointinspace.com/ - for a complete listing of available account features and pricing. About Point In Space Internet Solutions Point In Space Internet Solutions is a North Carolina based company specializing in FileMaker Pro, MySQL, PHP, Lasso Professional, Web, E-Mail, Listserv and FTP hosting solutions.  For more information, visit Point In Space's web site at http://www.pointinspace.com/ , or contact them at info@pointinspace.com or (800) 664-8610.  
  2. Hi All. I have Lasso 8.5 to working with FM Server Advanced 8.5. In Lasso Admin, the Host is FM SA, the Database access is set to see the required layout from Filemaker DB. I have a webinterface layout which displays data from different tables. I see all the data like invoice amount, Discounts and commissions on that layout from Filemaker side. This layout has the portal too. On Lasso Admin, I see all these fields from webinterface layout. On Lasso page, I display the Invoice details data from this webinterface for my customer. The problem is, it displays all the data except for Discount% and amount, So my Invoice total does not match. I tried to modify the webinterface layout Portal, but none of the newly added fields to portal show up. It does not give any error, but shows the amount as 0 even if the there is value for discount. Does not know where it is picking the value it is displaying? Ex. If the invoice total before discount was $126.59, discount 10% $6.8 Invoice Total:$119.79 On filemaker side, none of the fields have $126.59 All the invoice amounts are $119.79 But on lasso side, the invoice total is displayed as $126.79. Please advise as to what I might be doing wrong or some tips which might tweak this to get the discount amounts. Thanks
  3. This is a custom lasso tag which takes the name of HTTP-POST or GET parameter (submitted through form-posting for example) as argument and returns a Boolean value to indicate whether that parameter is found. It returns true if a parameter with that name is found in the set of HTTP POST/GET parameters and false if the parameter is not found. This Lasso custom tag is like isset() function in PHP. Hope this is useful .
  4. This is a custom lasso tag which takes the name of HTTP-POST or GET parameter (submitted through form-posting for example) as argument and returns a Boolean value to indicate whether that parameter is found. It returns true if a parameter with that name is found in the set of HTTP POST/GET parameters and false if the parameter is not found. This Lasso custom tag is like isset() function in PHP. Any suggestions are welcomed.
  5. Hello Hopefully someone can help with this record level security problem which is basic stuff but I haven’t found much to help on the internet. I use ‘Require Exact Match when Searching records’ all the time and it has caused no problems however I seem to have got stuck trying to use the ‘when Updating records’ option with a FileMaker 9 database. I have simple input and response pages to test the feature, the relevant code from each is shown below. To simplify things I’m only requiring that the Username field has an exact match when updating. input.lasso ((4 field inputs...)) update.lasso [inline: (Action_Params), -Update, -Database=’mydatabasename’, -Table='User_Info'][/inline] [Action_Params] in the above inline returns this: array: (pair: (-update)=()), (pair: (-database)=(mydatabasename)), (pair: (-table)=(User_Info)), (pair: (-keyfield)=(ID)), (pair: (-keyvalue)=(282)), (pair: (-operatorlogical)=(and)), (pair: (-maxrecords)=(50)), (pair: (-skiprecords)=(0)), (pair: (-op)=(bw)), (pair: (Username)=(SCH073)), (pair: (-op)=(bw)), (pair: (Entrymessage_viewed)=(No)), (pair: (-op)=(bw)), (pair: (Copy_links)=(Yes)), (pair: (-op)=(bw)), (pair: (Gov_allow)=(Yes)), (pair: (-op)=(bw)), (pair: (Gov_pdf)=(No)) It is passing ‘SCH073’ which is the exact username to the Update inline. The update works if I uncheck the ‘Require exact match when updating records box’ and when I check it I get “-9960:The field "Username" has been marked as "exact update" and the restriction was not met.” Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. setting up the connection between fmp and lasso has always been something i dreaded far more the dentist, so when i installed fmp9 server in order to construct new lasso solutions, i held my breath. since doing this, i've lost my ability for my old fmp6 solutions to operate in lasso, and i've yet to get my fmp9 ones to work. seems like every file i open i get messages about 'can't share due to other user'. in order to get lasso to see the new fmp files thru fmp server, i had to turn off those settings in fmp6 that allowed it to work. is that how its supposed to work--having to change sharing options everytime i want to work on an old or new solution? why do i always get 'file can't be shared' messages everytime i open an fmp9 file? Can't i setup numerous db lasso solutions?
  7. Web Page encoding?

    Using a FileMaker database with a web front end driven by Lasso 8.5, I have an input form (update) with returns a blank character (spacebar) as this:   yes, this:   I do not know why this is happening and would be pleased if I can get some feedback from the list on how to correct this. Cheers Greg
  8. I just upgraded from FM Server 7 to FM Server 8, and in the process, broke my Lasso connection. When I tr to run the Lasso8Service, I get an error of "ERROR: Site process /tmp/lassosite_1 unable to create pipe". Any ideas? Thanks.
  9. I have a survey db, with lasso front end. each question in the survey is a record. is it possible to have all questions show in a form and have a single submit button to submit the found set? I did an IWP test, with a survey layout that had all questions in a portal. after answering all question in the portal the sidebar submit worked perfect.
  10. I receive xml-files which I extract and make records in a FileMaker database. My problem is that files come to me in iso-8859-1 giving me trouble with some charachters. My lasso file do: - read incoming files to variable - extract first file to variable (xml_extract) - loop through variable setting datas to array What command to use and where should it be applied?
  11. I just started using Lasso with Filemaker, and I am having problems with the FMScript. I have a database, and layout that I have used successfully on the web, but when I try to run an FMScript, I get no results. My script works from Filemaker, and as a test, all I am having it do is change a global field. I have my extended permissions set up to allow Lasso Full Access, but I guess I must be missing something. Anyone have any ideas for why my script isn't running? Thanks, Danny
  12. I have a general performance question. I am running FMSA 8 on Windows2k3. I am also running lasso 8.5 on Win2k3. I can do an Inline search and get back 500 records in about 6 secs(Thats Great!), where I am having problems is when I do a nested Inline. I am searching for those 500 records and then updating them 1 @ a time. It updates about 3 records a sec. Is this about all the speed I am going to get when it comes to updating records? Thanks for any input. [inline: -Search, -Database = 'db', -Table = 'table', -UserName = 'name', -Password = 'pass', -MaxRecords = 'All', 'job_name' = 'y500629' ] [records] [Var: 'key' = (KeyField_Value)] [Field: 'image_name'] [inline:-Update, -Database=(Database_Name), -Table=(Table_Name), -KeyValue=($KEY), 'part_name' = 's' ] [/inline] [/records] [/inline]
  13. Hi I've just started using Lasso so I can use the Session commands - what I want to know is the correct syntax for to add the current Session_ID via an inline, e.g., [inline: -Add, -Database='orders', -Table='main', -KeyField='ID', 'ClientReference'="[session_ID: -Name='MySession']"] [Error_CurrentError: -ErrorCode] [Error_CurrentError] [/inline] Ta!!
  14. Hi, I am trying to find a way to have a "compare records" function in my listing.lasso page which would enable me to see (and compare) 2 different results in my display.lasso. The idea would be to have a checkbox next to every records in my listing.lasso page, checking that box for 2 records, and then a submit buttom which would result in a diplay.lasso page showing the 2 selected records side by side. I looked everywhere to find a way to do it but I could not find one single bit of information... Thank you for your input fab
  15. Hello, I am trying to find out how one would restrict the number of words returned e.g. I am trying to only have 20 words returned at a time in the Model Description field and after the 20 words have the word 'read more' that jumps to the next page? Sorry very new to Lasso Thank you very much in advanced,
  16. Good afternoon, I am using lasso pro 8 / lasso studio 8 for the first time in order to publish our sensor technology database which was originally created in FMPro 6 but has been recently updated to FMPRo 8. I am able to create and perform simple search/display pages with lassostudio and dreamweaverMX04. However, I have pictures in my original FMPro8 database and I do not know how to enable them to be displayed in my result page as actual images (via a lasso snapshot). As an example, this is what I have instead of a picture, just that text in my result page: /fmi/xml/cnt/data.jpg?-db=TESTLASSO%20ACT_Database&-lay=Form%20View&-recid=248&-field=Image%20Data(1) Also I do not know how the links (e.g. a manufacturer's website) from the original filemaker database can be displayed as active link in my result page (instead the appear in plain text). Thank you, in advance for you, answers. fab
  17. The years drift by like sand through an hourglass, seasons come and go, and still I have not yet gotten the lasso [database_fmcontainer] tag to work. I have read the greenspan-esque description of the tag in the lasso manual so many times now that it reads like haiku: "the code above represents the complete content of a lasso page" But there are still so many unanswered questions: does the first block of code go into the image.lasso file? And what does the variable "ContainerData" do once it has been assigned? it's introduced, and then never used... Every few months when I feel recharged enough to deal with the frustration, I sit down to try and make this work, and it never does. My problem: I need to display mulitple images on one lasso format file (lets call it "results.lasso") coming from a single record in a filmaker 6 database (let's call it "products.fp5"). Each record has like 4 or 5 views of the same product in container fields (lets call the fields "pic1", "pic2" etc.). Can anyone help me crack this mystery so I can put this issue to rest and move on with my life?
  18. Hello All. I have configure Lasso 8.0.5 to work with FM Server Advanced. Everything seemed OK. In Lasso Admin, the Host is FM SA, the Database can be seen in the database list, but when I click on List Tables, I get the message No Table Found. I know that this topic has been discussed but to be honest I didn't understand any of the "solutions" presented. My question -- would upgrading from 8.0.5 to 8.1.0 solve this problem? And if not, what do you recommend I do? Thanks in advance! Donna
  19. with in an inLine I would like to have a globle set based on chosen record. [Field: 'Week'] This just takes the value from the last record. Any suggestions?
  20. LASSO 8 FMP 8 From a found set of records, I click to edit one item, then on Submit I would like to return to the previously found list. My edit form is built from Lasso's site builder Update Record [if: (Token_Value: 'Action') >> 'Add'][Variable: 'Action'=-Add][Else: (Token_Value: 'Action') >> 'Find All'][Variable: 'Action'=-FindAll][Else][Variable: 'Action'=-Search][/if] [inline: Action_Params, -Database='db2006', -Table='details', $Action] ...
  21. Hi, This is an invitation to beta test myFMbutler SHoebox 3.0 SDK for Lasso 8. myFMbutler.com is conducting a focused beta test of SHoebox 3.0 and needs qualified testers who will be able to devote some time to test SHoebox over the next couple of weeks. myFMbutler SHoebox 3.0 is a CMS system that allows users to easily maintain the content of their web site(s). It consists of a FileMaker-based client application, where users can manage the content of their web site using an intuitive interface, along with a number of predefined web site templates that will determine the basic look & feel of the site. These templates can easily be modified by a web developer. The SHoebox client application contains a synchronization mechanism that makes updating the content of a web site and uploading images and documents via FTP as easy a clicking a single button. Currently, the SHoebox client synchronizes the data using Lasso 8 or higher. The data source that the SHoebox client will synchronize with on the side of the web server can either be a FileMaker 7/8 database that is stored on a FileMaker Server Advanced or it can be a MySQL database. The myFMbutler SHoebox 3.0 SDK for Lasso contains all you need to get started: - SHoebox client application (requires FileMaker Pro 7 or 8) - Several Lasso templates - Templates for the web databases, whether FileMaker Server Advanced, or mySQL In order to participate in the beta test we ask that you: - Own a copy of FileMaker 7 or 8 on Mac OS X or Windows 2000/XP. - Are able to spend time testing myFMbutler SHoebox 3.0 immediately. Experience with Lasso and FileMaker or mySQL is desirable, but not required. The beta software includes a single-site version of SHoebox which you can use to test the site you create with SHoebox. Please write to < beta AT myfmbutler.com > if you have any questions or would like to participate. Once we receive your response, we will forward you information about how to download the SHoebox 3.0 beta as soon as possible. Thanks in advance for your interest! Livio
  22. Hello Just bought Lasso, although had Filemaker for year. Slowly working my way through the guides, which are excellent. However although I can get the database profiler to spot the db I want to use, and GoLive can access the db fields when it builds a form, I can't get it it pick up data from the db and bring it into GoLive - it comes up with loads of errors. These do not have a number on so I don't know what they are. I can't also seem to work out the address of the hosted db in a web browser. I've put a folder on teh desktop and used this to put the web info in, but no joy in trying to work out the web address! Oh, sorry, having no issues with site admin, and have configured all the access and users to allow full access. (This is only a demo db, not live). Any thoughts anyone?? thanks
  23. Sorry for the overlook. I'm using Lasso 8. I'm starting to get the gist of it all, but I'm already running into problems. If I can just get a grasp of the basics I should be able to catch up pretty fast. The current issue: in a reg.lasso file I have the following form: Requested User ID: Password: the regresp.lasso files has the following: [inline: -Search, -Database='onmdlandcards', -Table='users', 'name'=(Action_Param:'name')] [if:(Error_CurrentError)==(Error_NoRecordsFound)] [inline:(Action_Params), -Add, -Database='onmdlandcards', -Table='users'] Your account with User ID [Field:'name'] has been created Your password is [Field:'password']. Click on the Home button and log in to start your card collection. [/inline] [Else] [Records] [Field: 'name'] is already taken. Use your borowser's Back button and try a different ID. [/Records] [/if] [/inline] The regresp.lasso file returns nothing regardless if I enter a user name already in the db nor if I enter a new user name. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong. Thanks in advance. Jim P.S. The extra space in the error line is being put in by this message board, not me.
  24. It's been over six years since using lasso. Back then it was simple search / show results / view a records from the results. I just don't know how to get started. I already have a db hosted, now I've got to do the programming. Can anyone point me somewhere tohelp me get back up to speed? Thanks in advance

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