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Found 4 results

  1. Hey Guys & Gals, ok i am wanting to learn so badly here , but doing is learning right! now if anyone needs help, please PM me to assist in testing, writing documentation, whatever. I am a newbie - > almost intermediate but want to learn more in order to become a master & have i mentioned i will work for free!! thanks -ian
  2. http://www.learningfilemaker.com What are people saying about this course: I recently purchased the course and would like to share some insights simply because I think your material is OUTSTANDING. I mean way, way better than any other online course out there and I have them all. - Fred A. Thank you for posting these extremely helpful training videos. I have learned a lot of great ideas from them. - Geng C Just a note to say I really love your FilemakerPro videos! I've been using FM Pro all the way back to...ummmm, version 3? Yikes! That was a long time ago! Anyways, I've just started using FM Pro 13 and your videos have been very helpful in getting me up to speed. - Steve C Purchasers of this training Course... receive periodic updated content... as we shoot more videos: Videos Added Week of Sept 15th: 0611 - Script Triggers - Field Validations Managing field validations and workflow 0612 - Script Triggers - More Layouts controls Exiting Objects, Records and Layouts 0952 - Parsing Text with Calcs - Part 1 Middle (text), PatternCounts, and Position Functions 0953 - Parsing Text with Calcs - Part 2 Word functions and Value List Functions. 0915 - Script Debugger - Part 1 Secret Agent Tracking Device for Your Scripts in FileMaker 0916 - Script Debugger - Part 2 The less used features... 0920 - HiJacking Containers in FM Starting Point Viewer Requested "How to Video" ---------------------------------------- New Videos Added In Early August! 0710: Automating Emailing of Exports, Like a PDF 0908: Scripting: Variables vs. Globals 0911: Scripting: Basic Error Capture 1008: Relationships: Cascading Deletes 0809 - Intro to Sending HTML emails and SMS messages 0614 - What is a Virtual List? *** Advanced Topic***
  3. If you are in the technology industry, chances are you use, or have at least heard of, FileMaker. The FileMaker development software is wonderful for those who are looking to expand their tech startup, but it can often be complicated to learn how to use an entirely new piece of technology. The good news is that NightWing Enterprises, a FileMaker pro development and consulting service, will be running international master classes for those who are interested in learning more about this product. They will be in the United States, Europe, Japan and Australia. The entire purpose of these classes, which will be intensive three-day seminars, is to expand the attendees' knowledge and broadening their approach to how they use FileMaker development software in their professional lives. The classes will be limited in size and cover a broad range of topics and real world techniques. The classes are tailored to experienced and knowledgeable developers and will cover topics including scalability, process control, application and deployment models, code logic and solution design perspectives. These are just some of what attendees will learn about over the course of those three days. The classes will be held in San Francisco, Berlin, London, Sydney, Tokyo and Norwalk, Connecticut. The classes will be run from late March to the beginning of June, and all of the individual dates for the cities mentioned can be found on the NightWing Enterprises website. If you work in the technology industry and are in need of custom database software, be sure to work with developer KYO Logic. You want to get the most out of your business, and FileMaker can help you in your endeavors. NightWing Press Release 20150128 (1).pdf
  4. Please join Kyo Logic for a three day FileMaker Master Class conference with Ray Cologon and NightWing Enterprises. The classes are tailored to advanced developers and will cover topics such as designing for scalability, advanced development techniques, process control, FileMaker application and deployment models, solution design perspectives and code logic. These intensive three-day seminars are dedicated to expanding attendees' knowledge and broadening their approach to FileMaker development. With a limited number of attendees in each class, wide ranging topics and practical techniques are explored with insight, energy and rigor. When Monday- Wednesday May 4th-6th From 8am to 5pm Where Courtyard Marriott 474 Main Avenue Norwalk CT 06851 Price $1,250 Register HERE: http://www.kyologic.com/filemaker-master-class
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