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Found 11 results

  1. Hello everyone; Attached i have a file, but what is bugging me is wonky behavior in table / form view, IN list view it works fine as far as i can tell. It is a very simple file, but i really am confused here. ANy help / direction would be great. emp.fp7.zip
  2. I am pretty sure this is a known bug in FMGo 13, however, I was wondering if anyone might have a work around. I am having an issue with list view in a simple FMGo 13 program. Basically after about 20 or so records the input field of a new record disappears. Scrolling the screen will almost always bring it back. The program is pretty simple, 3 tables, 2 input fields scan and qty. I made the program to help take our physical inventory. The user is only interacting with the "scan" table. The two fields are scan and quantity. Basically I download the program into an iPhone and pair a socket scanner with it. I have a script trigger that runs on object save on the scan field. The barcode and based on a preference either a new record is created or the user enters in the quantity. Everything works great until about 20 or so records are scanned, then the user can no longer see the input field on the bottom of the screen. Scrolling up usually fixes this. The program seems to work flawlessly if the layout is set to form view, however, obviously the user does not see the last few scans in this view. Like I said I have read that there are bugs in list view. Can anyone suggest a work around?
  3. I'm having trouble generating a list of transactions (using list view) that are attributed to a given Client. The aim is to have a button on the Client Details layout, that takes me to a List view (Transaction History), where I can then filter the transactions by date, and balance, for all horses owned by the client. (The transactions relate to invoices generated when their horses are treated). I have the date/balance filters sorted. The problem is that when I select the button on the Client Details page(that takes me to the List view, I am getting a list of ALL transactions for all horse owners, no the ones related to the Client I am currently viewing. I suspect there may be a problem with either, or both of, the table I am basing the List view on, and/or the way I have set up the relationships in the graph. Obviously, a subsequent problem with the script I am attaching to the button that takes me there, also. Here's a snapshot of the relationship graph, the script, and the final list view. Below is the final Transaction list view, but is showing (incorrectly) transactions for all horses, for all owners, however, the Owner name that appears in the merge field at top, in this case "Tania Drever", is correct. Should I simply use the value of "Invoice To" to act as a filter, within the script? Or do I need to change an aspect of the relationships graph to have this work properly? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello. I have an a solution with some web direct layyouts for my customer. In On Open file script, when customer enter the layout will create a global variable $$Loginname and after that on all layouts they should see only their records related to the $$Loginname. Right now i use a portal with filter Customer = $$Loginname. Question: What is faster? List view with script on enter that will find related records or portal with filter. Really the problem is that my customer have a big latency( because they live in Russia, and my server in China) and when they scroll portal there always an a processing bar in center of browser. Or you have other options? Thank you.
  5. In list view I want to be able to "grab" an object so I can move the record up or down in the found set. Is there a way to do this? It would be just like how an item on an list in an iPhone gets moved up or down. For example, on a play list in Music, I can change the order of songs to be played. Also, I would like to have this capability when I move my solution over to FileMaker Go Thanks!
  6. I have text field. The text size entered is variable from record to another; it may fits in one line or few lines. Is there a way to set the field length automatically to show the entire content of the field in list view? THANKS
  7. I've got a layout that's used for printing invoices. It's a single page letter size 8.5" x 11" with a portal with the line items on it. This has allowed me to put a full page watermark image on the layout. I'd like to switch to layout mode Is it possible to accomplish this with list view mode? Thanks!
  8. I sometimes use a trick in Conditional Formatting to give fast hints in form views.. i'll place a merge field (name of field, or helpful hint) BEHIND the actual form, then will format the field to have a clear/no backcground, using a calculation of "IsEmpty(Table::FieldName) - to trigger it.. So if the field is empty, the hint is visible, but if there is any value in it, the hint disappears. See screenshot below.. The problem is that this falls apart in List View.. active fields work.. inactive don't.. what ca I do?
  9. Hey Gang! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVEYONE!! I may be asking a question that may seem ridiculous, but please bear with me. I dont use the list view at all, but now that i have to print invoices out, i see the need as well as for searches. Can someone paste links here so i can see what others have done as searching in this site for me is quite difficult for some reasone for the list view stuff. I definately see reasons for invoice, but the layout parts i need help as documentation again is all over, but i am weeding my way through slowly. any help on how/why/when using list or table views would be great. Hope everyone has a great 2012~~~~~ -ian
  10. Hello, I am using Windows OS for my solution. I have a layout in list view showing events. An admin user is to add groups of people as attendees of these events by pressing a button to run a script. The script Freezes the window, changes layout, adds the attendees in the relevant table and returns the user to the original layout. This all works well, except for when the script returns to the original layout and unfreezes the window, the scroll position of the active row (the record that the user is editing) jumps to the bottom of the screen. I would like the scroll position to remain static or be returned to where it was before the script changes the layout - so a change is imperceptible to the user. The Window Scroll options seem limited to top, bottom, pg up, pg down. I have also tried having the script open a new window before changing the layout, but you then see the script working - if only briefly - as the new window comes to the front. Has anybody got any suggestions on how I can return the scroll position to exactly where it was before the script executes? Thanks in advance, Ben
  11. Hello, I am fairly new to FileMaker and I have designed an Inventory Management DB. In one of my layouts, I have a list of the current inventory. The layout is configured as a List View layout. I have 2 Groups of multiple tabs which show details of the item being viewed. One thing I have noticed is when I switch tabs on the selected record, ALL of the tabs in the list also switch. e.g. If I have 3 Tabs: Info, Details, and Notes If I switch to the Details Tab, the rest of the records in the list view also switch to the Details Tab. Is there a way to make sure that only the record I am viewing in the List View switches tabs? Thank you all for your help. Cheers.
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