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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, I have 2 tables (for these purposes) that look at employee records. The first, Contract_Records has one record per person per week and records extensive information about each employee week. The second, Contract_Weeks has one record per person with one field for each week to record either on or off contract. I need a calculation that finds a record in Contract_Records where Contract_Weeks::EmployeeID=Contract_Records::EmployeeID and Contract_Weeks::WeekID=Contract_Records::WeekID. Right now I am using Case ( Contract_Records::week_ID="1"; Contract_Records::Type; "NA") and it is returning the correct value for Week_ID 1 but not for the subsequent fields such as Case ( Contract_Records::week_ID="2"; Contract_Records::Type; "NA") (this is returning NA). Is something preventing FMP from looking past the first record? Is there a way to use Lookup for this calculation? I do want to be able to use Contract_Weeks to change information on Contract_Records. Thanks!
  2. So there's probably something simple, but do you guys know of a way to automate dates from one record to the next? Each record date needs to be seven days after the previous one, and I'd like for my client not to have to enter it manually. I tried doing Let ( Today = ( ReleaseDate ) ; Date ( Month ( Today ) ; Day ( Today ) + 7 ; Year ( Today ) ) ) and some others, but none appear to automatically fill in. Help!
  3. Hi there, I appreciate any help, I have two tables and I need one of them filled with the info from the other one ID Name Subject 1 Subject 2 Subject 3 23 John 34 Tom Id Name Subject Order Subject 23 John 3 Math 23 John 1 Bio 23 John Geo 23 John 2 Reading 34 Tom 2 Math 34 Tom 1 Geo And I want to populate the first table as this: ID Name Subject 1 Subject 2 Subject 3 23 John Bio Reading Math 34 Tom Geo Math Is it possible with any kind of lookup or if function? Thanks
  4. Hi there. I am trying to setup the invoice part of my patient database, so that I can choose a different billing address/payer than the patient. Sometimes it is an insurance company, the patients company, etc that should be billed. In the Invoice table I have created a "PayerChoice" field as a two options radiobutton: Patient and Company In the Invoice table I have also created a "PayerName" field with an auto-enter calculation: If (Invoice::PayerChoice = "Patient" ; Patient::Name ; Patient::Company ) I have inserted the two fields on a tab (Invoices) in my patient layout. I also have a button in my Invoice tab named "create new invoice". Normally when I click on that button it runs a script that opens another layout called "Invoice" and creates an new invoice record with the related patient. Normally It gets the name of the payer (up until now=the patient) by a lookup from Patient::Name. Problem 1: I am not allowed to click on any of the radiobuttons if it is a new patient who does not have any former invoices. When the patient has older invoices I can choose between the two radiobuttons and "PayerName" changes according to my choice. Problem 2: Now when I try to get the name of the payer from a lookup from Invoice::PayerName field it doesn´t change on the Invoice layout when I choose the other button. An example: Patient X gets 2 treatments and his company is billed and pays. Then patient X comes back a third time and gets a treatment and this time his is going to be billed and pay by himself. If I then change the payer by clicking the radiobutton "Patient" on the Invoice tab, it doesn´t change the name on the invoice to the patients name even though it changes "PayerName" on the invoice tab. What am I doing wrong here?? I have been trying to solve this the whole day, but I can´t get it to work. It is probably quite simple, but I am only on my second month with FileMaker so any help would be greatly appriciated! .
  5. Hi, I have a membership application which has a MembershipCandidate table. Each 'candidate' is coached by a Member. Part of the candidate record has the name of the coach along with the coach's phone number. In the table I have a CoachPhone field that is a lookup of the indicated coach's phone. This works great. The problem: When the coach's phone changes, the change DOES NOT get reflected in the Candidate report which shows the Coach's phone. I know lookup do not 'refresh automatically' so I tried changing records. No help. What works is 'reselecting' the coach's name from the dropdown from which the name is selected. Question: "Is there a script step or routine I could put in my startup script that would simulate the 're-selection' of the Coach's name and thereby 'refresh' the phone number on the Coach's phone on the candidate's page AND on the Candidate Report? Thanks for thinking about this.
  6. Good Day, I am trying to add several records from one table in another record, in another table. This DB is based on a process that has two steps. From Step 1 to step 2, some records need to be merged. Table1 is 50 records, one field in particular is ItemID, one is ItemAmount. On Table 2, I have 0 records and I have a some fields similar to Table1, so I am populating them with lookup. The relationship is based on ItemID. So far so good. But some records on Table1 now need to be merged to one record in Table2, in particular, the ItemAmounts need to be summed to generate Table2::ItemAmount... I want the user populating Table 2 to specify the ItemID's from Table1 to be merged (summed), they can need to merge 1, 2, 3 or up to 10 Items from Table1. I have tried TypeSumField, scripts, multiples relationships, functions, but... I am completely lost to even what feature of FM should be used here... portals ? beuh... thanks for your precious help, JP
  7. Hey all! I’m returning to FileMaker after many years away, and my brain is still dusty. I’m trying to figure out how to solve this problem: I have a table called Recipients, full of people I’ve emailed a drip campaign. Besides their name and email address, each Recipient record contains a set of fields that indicate the date when each stage of the drip campaign was emailed to them. These fields are named Date Sent 1, Date Sent 2, Date Sent 3, etc. When a person responds to an email, I want to manually enter the nature of their reply into a text field called Response. As soon as I edit the Response field, I want the Response Date field to automatically get filled with today’s date. How do I do this??!? Thanks! :-)
  8. Hi. I have a single field, call it LETTER, with a massive calculation, but I want that calculation to be vary depending on another variable, ie a person. (Tom, George, Pete, ... ). So I"m thinking I need a table of a calculation for each person. Tom and his calculation, George and his calculation, etc , But how do I get those different calculations into the LETTER field. Is it a lookup command? Appreciate any help. George
  9. I read a post here recently that referenced the Lookup function, which I wasn't familiar with. Did some digging, found this -- http://www.filemaker.com/help/html/relational.11.21.html#1028978 However, can those who are smarter than I (i.e., most people) provide information as to the usage scenarios for this function? I'm missing, basically, why you would use this, as opposed to properly defining a relationship between tables in the first place.
  10. Hey guys, I have a layout called "Aircraft Hours" where I enter in details for an aircrafts flight. The field I am interested in this one is [date]. I have another layout called "Maintenance" where the maintenance for the aircraft show up. I wish to have this layout display the last time that aircraft flew. I am new to this kind of stuff. I am using from what I have read I need to use the 'lookup' function but I am guessing I need an "IF" function as well? I want the calculation to look up the last record entered on the "Aircraft Hours" layout and grab the date from the date field however I need the aircraft field to match on both layouts. The "Aircraft Hours" layout will have records for all different aircraft. I need the calculation to not only look up the last entries date but last entries date for the correct aircraft. Gosh I hope that makes some sense... Cheers!
  11. hi, I'm working on a donor/donations tracking application for my son's K-5 school and could use some advice. I have a Donors table that holds donor records including address information (address, city/state/zip). There are also a Parents table that holds records of parents of students at the school including address information and a Families table that holds records of families including address info. The Donors table has foreign keys ParentID, and FamilyID pointing to the Parents and Families table respectively. In the Donors layout, there are the fields FamilyID and ParentID; and either or both can be populated. The behavior that I want is, - if the user populates the FamilyID from a drop-down menu list, the address data from the Family record will be copied over to the address fields on the Donor layout that are associated to the Donor table. - if the user populates the ParentID from a drop-down menu list, the address data from the Parent record will be copied over to the address fields on the Donor layout that are associated to the Donor table. - if the user populates the FamilyID field first, then populates the ParentID field, the address data from the Parent record will be overwrite the address fields on the Donor layout that are associated to the Donor table. Is this behavior possible to code? I can't use a Lookup as my understanding is that you can only associate fields/columns on a given table to corresponding fields/columns on one other table. I'm open to putting buttons on the layout that would effectively be "copy family address" and "copy parent address" but I'm not sure how to write that scripts. I'm new to filemaker pro, but I'm quite familiar with database applications (specifically Oracle). I would greatly appreciate any advice anyone can offer me. Sincerely, William
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