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  1. Does anyone have any work around for getting at the contents of a file imported into a container field that will work using a server side script? I would like a user to import a file into a container field and have the server process the file later. Ideas?
  2. i had a bad bad bad bad experiences with wouldcloud for the filemaker server 13 clouding, does can you suggest a serious cloud company?
  3. Hi all, I need some help with script. Last weekend we migrated from 11 to 13 and as it turns out all our OLE objects are gone because of the change in FM 12. My workaround is to get the data from 11 and insert each one. with that said i was told i could create a script to open the attachment (excel, pdf) and in the case of the excel file make changes and then click another script to save changes to Excel. I believe the script would need to write to a temp file. Does anybody know any info on this. I'm starting to move the files from 11 to 13, but i would like to provide the user
  4. Hi, I've been researching the feasibility of accessing Filemaker Server through ODBC/JDBC from PERL on Linux, and seem to have drawn a blank. There seem to be no Filemaker ODBC drivers for Linux. One article I found said that it is possible with JDBC, but before I start reading about that, I just wanted to check that it's definitely impossible to access FMS from PERL/Linux using ODBC. Many thanks,
  5. Hello I am working on a customization and have following issue: the Date Format is the US format (Month/Day/Year) and I need it to be the swiss/european format (day.month.year) The OS settings are correct, the FileMaker received the info to use the system settings, but there must be something in the file itself. Any help on that? Thank you for any input Cheers
  6. I'm missing something here.i received an email from FMI about the latest update and followed the links etc. I run FMS with SSL turned on. The default certificate is used I assume. Now it seems the cert is only good for testing. Has this always been the case? Ami to assume that I must now purchase a third party certificate to use SSL effectively?
  7. We have records with an external container, and sometimes the user will want to insert a new file into the container in place of the existing container file yet keep the same file name. By design, Filemaker changes the file name to add an incremental suffix, so in the external container’s directory we see the original file and a new file with a suffix instead of deleting or overriding the original file. so now we have two files, named originalimage.jpg and originalimage_1.jpg. I understand WHY FileMaker does this ... it is sort of a fail safe to avoid a situation where a user accidentally
  8. In FMP 13.02 FileMaker apparently fixed the FMP URL for the desktop client, such that it could be used to make a call to the same/local/self file. So I would have a web viewer in a solution and it would use an "fmp://web.address/dbname..." URL that would reference itself, the file that was currently open. I found some references to how to do this, but for some reason things aren't working for me. Apparently, if you are on a non-mobile platform, you need to use "$" as the IP address to reference the local file. E.g. "fmp://web.address/dbname.fmp12?script=AScriptName&$var1=1234&$var
  9. Hello all, Â I am having two tables, Customers and Orders. Â My layout has :Â -List view of Customers -Leading grand summary part in which I want to show summary of total orders. Â When I show all records, I get correct figure of total orders of all customers. But when I filter records, the summary field present in leading grant summary of total orders does not change. Â Is there any way so that I can view filtered data in summary filed that is located in other table? for more info, attached screenshot. Â Any help will be appreciated. Thanks. Â
  10. Hello all. I want a script or custom function to calculate: whether a specific day is xth day of month? For e.g. If date field is 2nd (xth) Monday (any day) of month - Result should be true otherwise it should result into false. If there would be any custom function, it will be great!! Thanks.
  11. I am new this FileMaker. My company has been using it for years and had FM6 for PC. We have recently switched everything to Mac and purchased FMPro 13. I need to know how to get all of our information (data and forms (layouts)) into FMPro13. I have figured out how to get the data over after converting the files and moving them to our server and then converting them again to import into our Mac system. I can't get any of the previously created forms/layouts into FMPro. We have business contracts pre-printed and use the data from FM to add the customer details when we print. I am not
  12. When I submit this to the server: http://filemaker.domain.com/fmi/xml/fmresultset.xml?-db=fileName&-lay=log2&-script=testbe&-findall With the script testbe consisting of: Go to Layout ["log2" (log)] New Record/Request Set Field [log::result; BE_Version] Set Variable [$$id; Value:log::id] Enter Find Mode [] Set Field [log::id; $id] Perform Find[] A question mark is set to the result field. This script works as expected on FMPA 13 when run from Manage Scripts and when called with PSOS by another script. The version number of the plugin is set to the result in these cases.
  13. Sequence: 1. Sync from Spoke ( File A ) to Hub ( File B ) 2. MirrorSync customization script on the hub ( File B ) has conditions in the "DidUpdate" and "DidInsert" sections which makes a PSOS call to a script ( File B ) which processes that record telling it not to wait for completion. This allows the process to run asynchronous, and allow for a faster sync. 3. The last step of the script running under the PSOS process is Perform Script of a script in a second file ( File C ). Error from that script step shows in the log: Timestamp Information 645 sync Schedule "ScriptName - userNam
  14. FM Server :13.0v5, Win Server 2008R2 Clients on LAN: Win 7, Mac 10.10, FMP 13.05, FMPA 13.0v5 Some, but not all, of my finds unexpectedly stop working, but the problem is always resolved by restarting the FMS. Three different tables affected that I have noticed so far, but only one or two of the finds in those tables. Changing to a different layout for the same TO makes no difference. If I use a scripted button, right click constrain found set, manually enter find mode and enter find criteria...different ways of attempting the same find just stop working. Other finds on that layout, t
  15. Hi I've made a filemaker 13 database which all works ok with container fields set to ext storage and you can see the pdf's when looking at the fields all ok, but after I upload it to a filemaker server on a windows 2012 server I can no longer see the pdf's in the fields. only by exporting the content and showing it a viewer. Any ideas why it isn't showing in filemaker now it's on server. Thanks in advance Clive
  16. I’ve used Filemaker as a simple database for years, but now I want to create a simple report. My data is currently in Excel. Attached is a pdf depicting an example of what I hope to accomplish. Can anyone please tell me if Filemaker can accomplish my goals, and if so, how should I proceed? Thanks so much, Anna Concatenations.pdf
  17. Has anyone gotten a 'lock conflicts' before?  This morning and again this evening, FileMaker has quit responding and then I get 'connection lost' message.  Here is what shows in Admin Console (attached).  Prior to today, I never had an issue accessing this remote host.  They just began implementing frequent incremental backups every 10 minutes (because of my remote work using weak connection).  Could there be a connection (LOL)?  I am on 10.9.5 13.0v3 and server is on latest updater. I suppose it is because I've never worked this way before; it would make sense that, if it must
  18. In the mid 90's our city got burned by a proprietary digital scaning/storage system, and we have 2 years of data that is all but unreadable. We are a bit gunshy on moving to full digital, but it looks like we are "pulling" the trigger, and FM containers have won the confidence of our end-users and administration. I'm responsible for implementing this system, and I want to take the best long-range approach I can. I'm confident on the longevity of FM (we've been using it since the early 90's) - but I do need to plan for a worst case scenario. There certainly may come a day when I need acce
  19. Hello, Â I'm trying to create a schedule script that will run every 20 min, but I can't get it working. Actually, I created the schedule, if I run it, it's working, but it wont run every 20min. Â Please, see attached file to see how I did my setup, as you can see, blue underlined script named "Update running campaign status" should run every 20min, but if you check the "Next Run" state, it will run only once next day. Â Â Am I missing something? Â Â Thanks for your help. Â Â PS : Of corse I tried to wait to see if this was just a display related issue, but the script wil
  20. We are a team of 5 working on a hosted database solution locally via FM Pro 11, we just upgraded to FMS 13 and now we need to set it up on a new server. At present we run a 2009 Mac mini with 8GB and we are considering to buy a new 2.6Ghz, 8GB mini running OS X Yosemite. As a second option I would get a Windows PC with a similar spec. Which OS do you think it performs better with FMS 13? If a Mac mini does the job, which setup should I choose: CPU, drive (hard? Fusion? flash?) Thanks,
  21. Hi good day everyone, i would like to ask some help or give me some idea about database back up using maped network shred folder. is it possible to back my database using the shared folder from my another computer? or any the networked drive map.
  22. Dear Sirs, I have a portal and I would like to display different field types, example two text boxes one with horizontal bar (holding for notes) and the other one plain text box (holding names), I also have a field with 1 and 0 data and want to display it as a check box inside the portal, is that possible? I use FileMaker 13 v5. Thank you. Regards Lamine
  23. Hello, When trying to Perform Script on Server I get the following error dialog box, on the client that triggered the script: "The account name and password you entered does not match those for any Filemaker account" As a test, I setup a Server-Side Script with the same Full Access credentials as the user trying to run the PSOS. This Server-Side Script executed successfully. Also, there is no problems logging into the database, for any of the users. I can only Perform a Script on Server, if I log into the file as a 'Guest'. Setup 1 single database on FMS 13.0.5 on
  24. I'm facing an issue caused by wrongfully exporting the initial database (which is not available anymore). 3 tables: properties, organisations (companies) and contacts.  Properties::REF_tenant = Companies::REF. Companies::__pkCompaniesID = Companies_contacts::__fkCompaniesID (join table between Companies and Contacts) companies_contacts::__fkContactsID = Contacts::__pkContactsID  The goal is that 1 property can be rented by multiple companies and/or can have multiple contacts. For now the multiple companies are the same companies, but all with another contact.  Therefore Compa
  25. Hi Using a remote console i don't seem to be able to get the file download action to occur. It spins a few gears but nothing ever arrives. Connection on a local machine does work though. I'm currently connected to the server network via VPN and have tried both the local IP and the domain to connect to the console. thanks
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