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Found 146 results

  1. Total Newbie. I have created an inventory database from the template and have added one more field. It is about a stock inventory for a bar. The issue I am having is: When a bottle of 70cl is taken out of stock, it is being sold at the bar as glasses(calice), 70cl=20 glasses. Only after the 20 glasses are sold that I want that one bottle removed from stock. Please help me with how to write the scrip or calculations to the "glasses" field to reflect the removal of that one bottle from stock. it is the 1st time that I am using FM and I have done research on the issue and have found no solution. Thank you for your patience and understanding. I have attached a screenshot of the database.
  2. Hi , I am really new to FMP 13 I wonder if someone can help me to figure how to put the TEXT in a Layout like in the picture I attached, by SET VARIABLE. I want to put it appear on the screen (print text on layout).  Can I make a script single script to get all those data or I need to make every single variable ?  Please help my seniors. Â
  3. I get the feeling I have dodge a bullet for years now. I have been making all updates to our server hosted db's live. Everything I read here and at Filemaker tells me this is a BAD idea. So - what is the proper way to make a change to a hosted file? I'm having trouble finding documentation regarding the proper procedure.
  4. Hi everyone. I'm working for a very small company (4-5) users. The project I'm working on is upgrading them from FM 5.5 to FM 13. I've successfully managed to upgrade the database files, now we have to focus on the hardware. I think it's 3-4 Mac users, and 1-2 PC users. They would like the ability to use the database remotely. Right now, they have FM Server on an again old mac machine. Were looking to buy a new server. Mac or Windows? Pros, and cons?
  5. Hi: Today I went through the purchase options and did not find an upgrade possibility for server. Has this been eliminated for server? Best regards Carlos
  6. Hello, To test FMP 13, I did install it on top of FMP 12, on a PC, Win 7, It seemed to work properly, with a strange exception. The script command, Import records, which works properly with FMP 12, doesn't work, on the same PC, with the same file on the same FMS 12 server, using the same script.... It returns Error 10, data required missing. (I translate from the french version) (See the context in the attached file) I was asked on the french forum to try insert from url : same problem works on FMP 12, not FMP 13 I was asked to compare the result of the calculated url in the viewer. They seemed to be exactly the same. (even the viewer answered 1 when asked URLFMP12 equals URL FMP13) I was asked to open the url in IE, to copy the XML code into notepad and to save it with an XML extension. When I tried the import record script command from this file, it did work with FMP 12 and FMP 13.... Does somebody have any explanation? Thank you for your help. Jacques Erreur FMP13-2.pdf
  7. I have a simple FM 13 db with lists of Insurance Agents and the percent commission they make for each policy. This was previously an MS Works Mail Merge.  I easily got the company logo and address into a layout and am able to filter (FIND) on a PayDate for those agents earning a commission at say the end of the month. I can also get each Agent's SubTotal and the Preview looks great for the letter I would send to each agent with their commission check.  I run a report (Script) based on the PayDate and my have 30 agents getting paid.  The "problem" comes in when an agent has enough policies that that more than a one page letter is generated. Each page has the company logo, address, etc on the top.  I want to make the 1st page (per agent) have the logo, address but subsequent pages (per agent) suppress this. I've tried the logo/address in the "Header" "Leading Grand Summary" "Title Header" etc.  Typically this results in the logo/etc printing only on the very 1st page of only the 1st agent and the remaining pages having NO logo/etc.  I find only one other "Multi Page" search result for 2003 but they were using portals and does not seem to apply to my "flat" database.  I'm attaching a screen capture the layout showing the Parts.  thank you Bill
  8. When I try to create (or edit) a new side server scheduled script with FMS I get the following prompt when entering user full access credentials to select a script from one my hosted files: "No scripts are available for the specified account" If I have recently restarted the server, in spite of the warning I can still click the Next button and continue with the configuration of the scheduled event. After leaving the script running by itself for a little while, the script will abort due to authentication errors and when I try to re-edit the event, this time I won't be allowed to pass the "No scripts are available for the specified account" Very frustrating. Obviously no changes to script names or privileges have been done during this time. FMS server just breaks on its own. Anyone please, any ideas of what could be the problem here. I am using FMS 13.04 on a Mac Pro with OS X 10.9.5 I have had many issues with FMS since I migrated our solution to FM13 from FM11, with a new server machine and all new FM software. I don't know if the root of my problems comes from the server configuration. For instance, I can only access the Admin console from the local host machine. localhost:16001/admin-console if I try with the actual LAN ip address from the same computer or any other in the network: I get an error I mention this in case someone could see a connection here with my other issue.
  9. I'm having a problem with date fields sometimes being passed in a parameter in a strange non-date format. It may appear in the field as 1/11/14, but is passed in the parameter as 11.01.2014. Data in this format can't be put into a date field in a script, and GetAsDate returns a question mark. I can't figure out what's going on. This glitch is somewhat inconsistent. Jim
  10. Filemaker website says this combination works, but how is it in real life? Am I missing anything significant by not going to Server 13? I'm currently running FMS 10 on Mac OS 10.6.x. If I go to Server 13, I'd have to update my OS as well as Parallels and I'd rather avoid that. Also, how do the concurrent user licenses work with FMS 12? Or is that specific only to version 13?
  11. Last year the company I work for upgraded to FileMaker 12 from FileMaker 11, and the upgrade went very smoothly. I managed the client installations on the Mac side, while our MIS team handled PC deployments. The only headache that we experienced on the rollout was needing to manually set each user's Favorite Hosts. We've finished testing FMS13 and are planning to update the production server and clients soon, so does anyone know of a way to set a client Favorite Hosts remotely? This company has 85+ FM users now, so any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance! ---- Adam
  12. I'm trying to find a way to create a field with a value range of 100-200 (that's the easy part) and I want to use a sliding volume-control type method for the user so they can click on the slider knob or button and drag the slider either left or right to pick the value. I'd like for the user to still be able to enter the value manually as well. FMPro 13's slider doesn't do what I need, so I'm looking for a slider type button or such. Any suggestions or plugin ideas are appreciated. Thanks. I'm using FMP 13 advanced. ~Rich
  13. Hi, I've been researching the feasibility of accessing Filemaker Server through ODBC/JDBC from PERL on Linux, and seem to have drawn a blank. There seem to be no Filemaker ODBC drivers for Linux. One article I found said that it is possible with JDBC, but before I start reading about that, I just wanted to check that it's definitely impossible to access FMS from PERL/Linux using ODBC. Many thanks,
  14. Hi Folks, I am a sysadmin but a new user of FMP13 server and at our university we use InCommon SSL certs (they are free to us), which are widely accepted and have worked well for websites, etc. However, at first glance it does not appear to be possible to use an InCommon cert with FMP13 Server -- am I correct about this? It appears Filemaker only supports these certs: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/11413/ Please let me know if I'm correct or incorrect about this...and if there are any workarounds! Thanks, Dan
  15. I'm looking for the best way to test that files are open and "normal" on a number of FM Server 13 Windows deployments that a client has scattered all over the place. Note that this is testing for a positive result, not looking for a negative result (like, that a file isn't open because of problem). There are a couple of ways that come to mind: Write an OS-level script to get the filenames and status from fmsadmin at the command line, send them to a text file and deal with that appropriately. Another way to do it is have an FM script do something like check that each file is open on the host and record the results. Either way seems like more work than it should be. Is there a better way? A simple way? All help is appreciated. Doug
  16. Maybe I’m the last one to notice this, but I’ve come to appreciate that Filemaker Server backups don’t replace the copy of any database that has not changed during the daily backup for instance. The result is that if one has the verification box checked it doesn’t happen for those databases. What’s interesting is that one can see the pattern of change simply by looking at the pattern of successful consistency checks. Where I seem to recall reading about databases where there is no change, not being replaced with each backup, I don’t recall anyone mentioning that by implication there would be no verification happening in those circumstances. Did I get that about right? Useful to know for sure when a manager or development team member asks. Bill Bill LeDrew bledrew@mac.com ORC Filemaker Support Wizards of the Coast
  17. Hi all, I need some help with script. Last weekend we migrated from 11 to 13 and as it turns out all our OLE objects are gone because of the change in FM 12. My workaround is to get the data from 11 and insert each one. with that said i was told i could create a script to open the attachment (excel, pdf) and in the case of the excel file make changes and then click another script to save changes to Excel. I believe the script would need to write to a temp file. Does anybody know any info on this. I'm starting to move the files from 11 to 13, but i would like to provide the users with the ability to click on a box so the attachment opens up. that way they don't have to do right click and export. Thank you
  18. Three tables in question are [CUSTOMERS], [uPDATE], [PRODUCTS] the relationship is many customers to many products with [uPDATE] being the join table. The only field in update is the primary key, the two foreign keys, and a date timestamp. In the [PRODUCTS] table i have a (GROUP) field. In the [CUSTOMERS] table let’s assume there are no fields that will matter in this except the customer ID When i look at the Customer Detail Layout, Which is related to the [CUSTOMERS] table i have Products related in the many to many direction as mentioned above in a portal. In this Customer Detail Layout, I want to show a graph chart that counts how many products the customer has based on the product (GROUP) Field. Using fruit as an example, let’s assume i have these products related to this customer from the [PRODUCTS] TABLE via the [uPDATE] join table. [PRODUCTS TABLE] (NAME FIELD): "APPLE" (GROUP FIELD): "RED" [PRODUCTS TABLE] (NAME FIELD): "APPLE" (GROUP FIELD): "GREEN" [PRODUCTS TABLE] (NAME FIELD): "GRAPE" (GROUP FIELD): "RED" What im trying to accomplish is a chart in the customers detail layout would show the following via graph. RED: 2 GREEN: 1
  19. I currently use the Layoutname function to create a list of layouts that I have in a file used for spreadsheets only. This list works great as it allows the user to click on the layout name from the list that they would like to view and the script merely takes them there. Now that the list has grown to a large list, I would really like to be able to filter this list down by one mechanism or another. I have tried limiting the list by the Table that it is associated with but have had no luck. Does anyone have any idea's with this thanks in advance...Chad
  20. Hi All, I am stuck with an unknown problem which I have never faced before. The thing, that I want is to upload the images into the FileMaker Server HDD drive folder. In mac, there is a drive called "FileMaker Server HDD" where FileMaker Server is installed. And in the same drive there is a folder called "Photoserver". Please let me know that whenever any user upload image into the FileMaker from client side using container field, it should be saved into the "Photoserver" folder. And in field called "Path", it should save the path or the reference of that Uploaded file. I am using FileMaker Server 11 Advanced and FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced. The client is from PC and server is installed in Mac. Hoping for the best reply.
  21. Hello all. I want a script or custom function to calculate: whether a specific day is xth day of month? For e.g. If date field is 2nd (xth) Monday (any day) of month - Result should be true otherwise it should result into false. If there would be any custom function, it will be great!! Thanks.
  22. Hi good day everyone, i would like to ask some help or give me some idea about database back up using maped network shred folder. is it possible to back my database using the shared folder from my another computer? or any the networked drive map.
  23. Hi Using a remote console i don't seem to be able to get the file download action to occur. It spins a few gears but nothing ever arrives. Connection on a local machine does work though. I'm currently connected to the server network via VPN and have tried both the local IP and the domain to connect to the console. thanks
  24. I seem to be having issues keeping my import scripts nicely lined up. I am trying to set up a script for importing a file on a recurring basis. There are new files put out (updated data) and I want to import those the same way each time. So I have created a script that lines up the fields in the file. First off, you have to provide it a filename (it seems) in order to even get field names with which to do alignments. Makes some sense, as it doesn't know what fields are named in the file if it doesn't have a file. But then if you delete that filename from the 'add file' window, those names go away. So then if you take the next file you want to import doesn't appear to be working, or you open the DB on a different computer, or in a different directory, and you go open the 'Import...' script step, all the names are un-arranged. So to proceed any further you have to rearrange everything again. Is this just because the original file template-name was deleted? What if the name was still there but the file itself wasn't? In short, how do I keep this alignment consistent? Thanks, J
  25. I have (still) a Members database. There is a field in Members:: called Photo. Photo is a container field. I want to produce a report whereby I show just members who have a NotIsempty(Photo) find. But, in setting up the FIND, the Photo field is grayed out?! Huh? Is there a work around for this? (I know I could setup a boolean field "PhotoYesNo" and then Find on it.... but am I missing something native?) Thanks Ron
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