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Found 5 results

  1. mass linked records to one event

    Hey... Here is the scenario... Contact table joined to Contact|Event table joined to Event table Portal in Contact table of Event table to see all Events linked to a particular Contact Needing to link 100 (or any number) of Contacts to 1 Event in Event table Do not want to do this manually. I have all the tables and relationships set up and everything works. All I need is a way to create multiple records (joint records in Contact|Event table) in multiple Contact records so I don't have to enter them in one by one...which of course I can do. I figure this would be a script...but I don't even know where to call the script...in the Contact record? In the portal row? in the Event record? Where does the script button go? And what is the script? Once I create a found set in Contacts, how do I assign one Event to many contacts (in the found set) without having to enter the link manually. THANKS!!!!! Todd
  2. Hi - I'm trying to do something that seems like it should be doable, but I can't quite figure out how to do it - I've thought about using relationships and SQL, but neither quite gets me there. I have 4 tables: Visits, VisitClaims, Claims, Account. The relationship between Visits and Claims is many to many, thus the join. When I'm standing on the Claims table , I can easily see all the visits that are assigned to that Claim - simple. If I'm standing on Account, I can see all the visits that have been assigned to claims using that account What I'm trying to do is stand on Claims, and find Visits that have NOT been assigned to claims using the same account as the current claim. In other words, when I go to create a claim, I don't want to see visits that have previously been assigned to claims associated with the same account as the current claim. I'm sure I could do this with some kind of multi-step find -- Find the set of visits that were assigned and then omit those from the full set - but I'm not sure how to create a portal filtered by that definition. I could do a script that runs the find, but I'd have to rerun it every time something changes. That's a possibility, but I'd prefer not to do it that way. It seems like there must be a more straightforward way to do this... Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone! I am a surgeon trying to create a FM solution to analyse some of the cases I have been involved in. The main table I have set up is: Patients and one patient can have many "Referrals"; "Consultations"; "Admissions" and "Operations" - I have set up one to many relationships and this all seems to work fine. I am working on the relationships between "Operations" and "Surgeons"; "Procedures"; "Antibiotics" and "Complications". I believe these should be many to many relationships; i.e. one operation can have many surgeons and one surgeon can do many operations. Thus I have set up a join table containing the foreign keys for Operation and Surgeon. I want to be able to enter surgeon specific data (Name, Grade etc) in the Operation table by looking for it in the Surgeon table. I believe this would be best done using a portal. Try as I might, I cannot get this to work. The portal just appears as a box in browse mode and I cannot enter it, let alone, look up records from it. I have set the portal to allow entry in Browse mode and have set the relationship to allow creations of records via this relationship in the Operation table. I am going around in circles and not getting anywhere! I would be grateful for any help. I have attached to file Thanks Garth Pilonidal Solution v.2.fmp12
  4. Hi there, for each record in table "Beleg" I need to create 1-5 records in table "Buchung". How can I easily create records in another table (within a script) while remaining in the first table? Switching layouts is way too slow when you have lots of records. An answer for this first question would be cool. However, this begs for another question: What about the 1-5 records that need to be created would delete themselves when the user makes changes to the records in the first table? Ideally, a commit record in "Beleg" should automagically insert, correct or delete the corresponding records in "Buchung". BTW, the table "Buchung" will not be edited/changed in any way by the user, only displayed/exported. I hope I can make myself clear :-) See example below. Thanks a lot for any help! Gary Example clarifying the second question: One record in "Beleg": idBeleg1 item1 value1 value2 value3 valueN count1_5 Lets say: count1_5 = 1---- Corresponding record in "Buchung": idBuchung1 idBeleg1 Beleg::item1 Beleg:value1 Another record in "Beleg": idBeleg2 item1 value1 value2 value3 valueN count1_5 when count1_5 = 1-3-5 idBuchung1 idBeleg2 Beleg::item1 Beleg:value1 idBuchung2 idBeleg2 Beleg::item1 Beleg:value3 idBuchung3 idBeleg2 Beleg::item1 Beleg:value5 Yet another record in "Beleg": idBeleg3 item1 value1 value2 value3 valueN count1_5 when count1_5 = 1--4- idBuchung1 idBeleg3 Beleg::item1 Beleg:value1 idBuchung2 idBeleg3 Beleg::item1 Beleg:value4 When the user changes for example Beleg::value1 in record 1 from $22 to $33, all value1 in "Buchung" relating the current record in "Beleg" will change. Thats cool. But, when count1_5 changes, it would be way cool if the corresponding records in "Buchung" could automatically be deleted/inserted. P.S.: It would be so easy using sql (at least for the first problem), but I don't want to carry a plugin with me all the time (FileMaker's ExecuteSQL doesn't do INSERT).
  5. Three tables in question are [CUSTOMERS], [uPDATE], [PRODUCTS] the relationship is many customers to many products with [uPDATE] being the join table. The only field in update is the primary key, the two foreign keys, and a date timestamp. In the [PRODUCTS] table i have a (GROUP) field. In the [CUSTOMERS] table let’s assume there are no fields that will matter in this except the customer ID When i look at the Customer Detail Layout, Which is related to the [CUSTOMERS] table i have Products related in the many to many direction as mentioned above in a portal. In this Customer Detail Layout, I want to show a graph chart that counts how many products the customer has based on the product (GROUP) Field. Using fruit as an example, let’s assume i have these products related to this customer from the [PRODUCTS] TABLE via the [uPDATE] join table. [PRODUCTS TABLE] (NAME FIELD): "APPLE" (GROUP FIELD): "RED" [PRODUCTS TABLE] (NAME FIELD): "APPLE" (GROUP FIELD): "GREEN" [PRODUCTS TABLE] (NAME FIELD): "GRAPE" (GROUP FIELD): "RED" What im trying to accomplish is a chart in the customers detail layout would show the following via graph. RED: 2 GREEN: 1

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