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Found 10 results

  1. I'm setting up a new server, FM13 on a Mavericks mac. Â I've followed the server interaction for the plug-in but i get an error when i enable it. Â Any suggestions? Â Â
  2. San Diego, CA - January 9, 2014 - Productive Computing Inc., a Platinum member of the FileMaker Business Alliance, provided an update today regarding the compatibility of its Macintosh line of FileMaker Pro plug-ins with Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9. The following plug-ins are fully compatible with Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9: Address Book Manipulator v3.0.3.0: Download Latest Version Change Printer v4.0.5.0: Download Latest Version eMail Marketing Connector v1.0.4.0: Download Latest Version File Manipulator v3.0.0.1: Download Latest Version FM Credit Card v1.0.2.6: Download Latest Version Outlook Manipulator for Mac v1.0.4.0: Download Latest Version PDF Manipulator v3.0.0.1: Download Latest Version Plug-in Integration and FileMaker Pro Support: Want help getting a plug-in professionally installed into your FileMaker solution? Do you have other database enhancements you would like to have programmed? We can help! The process is easy - complete our online Request For Quote form (RFQ) or call us directly at (760) 510-1200 and one of our certified developers can work with you on improving your solution today. About Productive Computing, Inc. Since 1996, Productive Computing, Inc. has been helping its customers become more efficient and profitable by implementing custom software solutions using FileMaker Pro. Utilizing FileMaker Pro as a rapid application development tool, their certified FileMaker developers can create custom applications that a business can run on their Windows or Macintosh desktop computers, in a web browser, on an iPad or iPhone or shared simultaneously on all of these platforms. Productive Computing, Inc. also produces several off-the-shelf productivity solutions such as Core4 CRM, Core3 CRM, Core2 CRM, Core2 Invoices, FM Work Orders, OrgPlanner, Music Director Pro and IT Asset Manager as well as a suite of FileMaker Pro plug-ins that allow FileMaker Pro to integrate with third party applications including Outlook, QuickBooks, Apple's Address Book and iCal, PDF forms, credit card processing, digital signatures and biometric fingerprint scanners. In addition to building custom and off-the-shelf FileMaker Pro solutions and plug-ins, Productive Computing, Inc. is a full service FileMaker Pro hosting company. FileMaker hosting services allow customers to host their own FileMaker Pro solutions on Productive Computing servers in the cloud instead of purchasing and supporting the necessary server infrastructure themselves. These same servers also provide the infrastructure for customers who would prefer to subscribe to Productive Computing's Core4 CRM, Core3 CRM, Core2 CRM, and FM Work Orders products under a SaaS (Software as a Service) pricing model. Productive Computing, Inc. is one of only a few companies in the United States to have earned the highly respected platinum level membership within the FileMaker Business Alliance and recently won the exclusive FileMaker Business Alliance "Partner of the Year" award. Productive Computing, Inc. 950 Boardwalk, Suite 205 San Marcos, CA 92078 www.ProductiveComputing.com sales@productivecomputing.com (760) 510-1200 Press Contacts: Productive Computing, Inc. Keith Larochelle (760) 510-1200 ###
  3. Getting really weird results from copying file from SuperContainer to local user where the file becomes renamed as "filename=ThisFile.pdf", but I'm not specifying a filename at all. When I try to force the function to use the "filename" key=value pair, it does nothing. Can anyone else recreate this? Works fine on earlier versions of FileMaker and OSX.
  4. After installing the Mac OS Mavericks I can open filemaker 11's files but it is not possible to use the mouse or track pad to select any field. I can use the mouse with the menu but not on the file. In the file the only way to change or select field is using tab. Any solution?
  5. Hi Guys, here is a sample to show how to make a simple notification system like in OS X, in FileMaker 13 using a Slider and a Script. Download File Original Post: Notificaciones estilo OS X en FileMaker
  6. Have a very frequent crash on my FM Server 13 ever since we upgrade to version 13 on a brand new installed Mac Pro. Details are in the pictures. Here's the spec: Mac Pro 2013 3.7GHz with 32GB of RAM 28 databases around 160GB in size. AMD FirePro D300 2GB graphics card Mavericks 10.9.2 FileMaker Server Description of the Problem After running FileMaker server and serving daily 30 FM clients (internal office) and 1000+ CWP XML external visitors, the fmserverd will go into "Not Responding" mode and sometimes the Admin Console will just gone missing with "Failed to load widgetsets" things. Admin Console is easy to fix, I just do "fmsadmin restart adminserver -y" and everything is fine. But the "Not Responding" for the process fmserverd is harder to solve and require stop/start via Admin Console, which is not entirely convenience given I can't always detect when it is "Not Responding". The strange behavior is that even Activity Monitor report "Not Responding" for fmserverd and its "Recent hang" count is incrementing rapidly, the database server appear to still operating fine and continue to serve CWP XML request. After some days, the fmserverd will totally go missing and crash. Attached is the relevant crash-log. I would like to engage this community and find out if anyone has tested FileMaker server 13 on the recent Mac Pro with its graphics driver (just suspect is the driver fault). Note: I have no Maverick server installed. Have no Adobe PDF plugin installed. Have no separate web application hosting also. Any idea will be appreciated I also post it at here: http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/4db09aca05 https://fmdev.filemaker.com/message/143092
  7. I successfully deployed SuperContainer (SC) via the Web Publishing Engine (WPE) of FileMaker Server 11 for years, on a Mac mini (2010) running OS 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard), with no problems. But I ran into the following problem with Mavericks and SC: I upgraded to more modern versions of OS X and FMS by doing a completely clean installation: Formatted the Mac mini's drive; Did a clean installation of OS X 10.9.1 (Mavericks); and Installed FileMaker Server 12v6 without problems. Next, I downloaded the latest SuperContainer from 360Works (v2.896). When I double-clicked the "Mac Installer.app" (also known as "SCInstaller") to deploy SC with FMS, as I did before with FMS11, I was surprised to see this alert pop up: "'Mac installer' is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash." Mac Installer is damaged.tiff I tried downloading a fresh copy, using Safari and Firefox; same error. I’d never seen this message before when installing any software, and I found no reports of it in this forum or in TechNet. The icon displayed in the alert window indicated that it was originating from Mac OS Gatekeeper. So the solution I tried was to change the "Security & Privacy" System Preference of Mavericks, under the "General" tab, to "Allow apps downloaded from Anywhere", rather than the more restrictive "Mac App Store and identified developers" option. (Perhaps another option would have been just to control-click the app icon and then select “Open”, to exempt the app from Gatekeeper; I didn't test that.) Apple’s support article on Gatekeeper mentions this “Damaged” app warning message is an indication that “the app has been altered by something other than the developer.” I doubt that any “true damage” is present in the Mac Installer for SC. I think the message appeared because AppleScript scripts get modified after they’re signed. An Apple support article on Mavericks security states: “Some apps and tools, such as AppleScript applications and some legacy tools, modify themselves after signing. These types of apps cannot be opened unless the Gatekeeper setting in Security & Privacy preferences is set to Anywhere” I had only tried the SC Installer on Mavericks, but I suppose the same error might have occurred on Mountain Lion or Lion, since Gatekeeper was introduced with Lion. It appears, for now, that we may need to temporarily disable Gatekeeper (by choosing the "Anywhere" option) in order for SC's Mac Installer to work. David M. Hollander, MD Combined Fields Consulting
  8. Crestline, CA, Oct 24, 2013 -- Dracoventions has released 2empowerFM Hands-Free Printer v3.1 to fix issues with the new OS X 10.9 Mavericks. No Mavericks compatibility problems were found with the remaining plug-ins in the 2empowerFM family. Updates are available immediately at 2empowerFM.com for both Macintosh and Windows. This release also brings a new licensing policy: Plug-in updates have always been free for a year, but now you also get minor updates beyond that year. Since OS X changed to a yearly release schedule, we found that too many people had to purchase a license upgrade almost yearly just to keep up with each new OS X, so we've changed our policy to eliminate that burden. See the release notes for more fixes and features available in the latest plug-in release, including improvements to pop-up and dropdown menus. About 2empowerFM Plug-ins Our 2empowerFM line of plug-ins save you time during FileMaker development and add powerful features to your FileMaker solutions. Our plug-ins include: 2empowerFM Developer Assistant - Quickly search all scripts to find ones containing a string or pattern. - Find table names, function and script step names, field metadata, and more, without generating a DDR. - Debug and develop faster by evaluating highlighted expressions immediately instead of copying, closing dialogs, and pasting into FileMaker's Data Viewer. 2empowerFM Hands-Free Printer - Automate printing and control printer-specific settings. - Save money by automating the use of double sided, toner saver, etc. - Prevent costly mistakes like printing all records instead of current record. 2empowerFM Menu Popper - Pop-up multi-level menus anywhere on a FileMaker layout. - Use unique dropdown menus to show type-ahead search results from multiple searches. - Make menu items bold, italic, underlined, bulleted, or add separator lines between items. 2empowerFM Keyboard and Mouse - Easily link hotkeys to scripts, create image-map buttons, and change the mouse cursor. 2empowerFM Clipboard Explorer - Save and restore objects on the clipboard including stylized text, FileMaker scripts, and layout objects. - One of our many FREE plug-ins! 2empowerFM Text Toolkit - Perform powerful search and replace in database text using Perl-compatible regular-expressions. - Generate a hash of data using many algorithms including SHA512, MD5, and TR1. - Another one of our FREE plug-ins! Pricing and Availability Mavericks updates are available immediately at 2empowerFM.com These updates are free for most users. Older customers may purchase upgrades at 50% off. Server and Developer licenses are also available. All plug-ins can be tested for 30 days free of charge and demos are fully functional. About Dracoventions Dracoventions is a FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) member located in Crestline, CA, USA. Dracoventions is focused on inventing software that empowers you to save development time, expand FileMaker's abilities, and create a better user experience. With over 25 years of software engineering experience, company-founder Chris Dragon was inspired by the business needs of a FileMaker-based non-profit to create the 2empowerFM Family of Plug-ins. These plug-ins include Developer Assistant, Hands-Free Printer, Menu Popper, Text Toolkit, and many others. Plug-ins are available at 2empowerFM.com Contact Chris Dragon Dracoventions Phone: (818) 588-6418 Email: support@dracoventions.com Web: http://www.dracoventions.com
  9. Version 1.0


    Hi guys, this is a sample to show how to make a notification system in FileMaker 13 using a Slider.


  10. Is there a way in AppleScript to trap if the connection is lost and have an AppleScript act on this? At the risk of asking and answering myself( AppleScript below ) repeat tell application "FileMaker Pro" try database "db" on error do shell script "sudo shutdown -r now" with administrator privileges end try end tell delay 59 -- 59 secs end repeat
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