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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, I have a server on one of the ISP. For more than one years it is running. But today I can not connect to databases published. I have checked the port number 5003, it is open. Windows firewall is off. FileMaker sever is running, I can connect server by the filemaker runs on the server machine. FileMaker running on the server machine can not connect any other server. CWP page is running over http. I am missing something, what could I do to solve this problem? Regards, Osman
  2. Mac only printer wants to connect a new Filemaker database to Quickbooks Pro. Intuit has not supplied the SDK for Quickbooks to developers, so FMBooksConnector works only with Win Quickbooks. A short conversation with a Productive Computing tech support guy indicated that Quickbooks comes with a DataMGR that allows hosting the IFF file (Quickbooks database) and accessing it from multiple users. He indicated that he thought that a Virtual Box (or Parallels or VMWare) install on the Mac with WinXP as a client and Quickbooks DataMGR and Filemaker with FMBooksConnector would work for tying FMP with QB and even remotely accessing the Quickbooks data. Anyone have any thoughts or experience? (I realize a Windows PC would be the logical solution) It is one user accessing the QB data and double entry of the Client, Invoicing and such would be nice to eliminate. Thank you for your attention. David Anders The Computer Guy Seattle
  3. greetings all! A question for the network security gurus: I have Supercontainer running in standalone mode. My router has port forwarding to the machine (Mac-mini). My credit card vendor requires security IP address scans and I am failing due to the port forwarding on the router. what is best practice? I am using a router flashed with Tomato Shibby.
  4. How does Mirrorsync deal with potential record locking (due to record being in use by another user) during sync? Also, how are any interruptions handled during sync, say a network disconnect? Thanks, Andreas
  5. Hi all, I'm wondering what the best way to store images in a container field is if I would like to do the following. - Have the images be stored outside of the database - be able to access the images with and iPad or iPhone I'm setting up a wordpress to ecommerce store that will grab images from the filemaker records and post them to the WP server. My thought was that having the images outside the database i.e setup through the 'manage container' dialog, would be easier for resolving to the file path for the image. This method gives me good response on one machine, and If I add the images to a network drive I can access the database and images over a network. Also no problem. However, if I want to access the database on an iPad or iPhone, the only way I can get the images is by adding them as a 'reference only'. How can I can get the best of both worlds? I Don't want to store references of images, but I also would like to have access to them through an iPad. Thanks!
  6. We operate a FileMaker-based event registration system that communicates with a SQL back end. Our customer will be using it for two demo tours they are running, 1 in France and 1 in Germany. Both tours run from April 2016 – June 2016. They have their events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and we are looking for help providing on-call phone support during their European hours of operation. I don’t have their exact event schedule yet, but each tour will have 8-10 stops – occupying most weekends April - June. The tour staff speaks English. Preregistration records are downloaded from the SQL back end before the team departs from their hotel for the day. On site, they connect the (PC) laptop which hosts the FM12 database to a wireless router. They connect up to 6 iPads to the wireless router and open the FM database using FM Go. If they’re going to have trouble, it’s usually at the start of the day – not a great time for a US-based company to support a European client. And it’s usually at the start of the tour, while they work on getting the routine down. If this is something that you or the company you work for could help us with, please send me an email combining my username here with the domain printcomm.com. Thanks, Jim
  7. This has been happening for a long time, we usually just put up with it. Closing the file and re-opening it will show all changes, or just wating for a while. If I add a button or a graphic or make any sort of layout change, it can take a long time for users to see it at their desks. Recently, I added a 'dashboard' feature so that invoices are counted up and put in categories of 'today', 'this week', and 'this month'. If I open two windows on my desk with an invoice in one and the dashboard in the other, changes to the invoice in terms of status, date, etc will result in instant changes on the dashboard. The changes don't show for others on the network for some time... hours maybe. Is there something I can add to the code or some change in the network or server that I don't know about to make changes propagate more quickly to the user desktops? FM Server 12, and Filemaker 12 Clients. All Mac. The Server is a Mac Mini running OSX Server. (everything is new except the problem) thoughts?
  8. I am currently running a File Maker Pro 11 solution on my laptop and have been using FileMaker Go on my iPhone and iPad to access it while on the road for several years now. It works very well. Occasionally however, the laptop freezes up while I am gone and then FileMaker Go can't access it. I got to thinking that perhaps I could somehow run the whole thing on my NAS device which has never seemed to have stop working like the laptop does on occasion. The NAS is known as the Z: drive on my network. Is it possible to put the FileMaker Pro 11 program on the NAS and then access the solution with FileMaker Go? I don't fully understand networks and therefore am at a bit of a loss. Will the program run on the NAS? and if so, how do I get FileMaker Go to access the solution? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Don
  9. Hello, So I had help setting up SuperContainer on a Mac FM Server. If you go to (example) http://address.domain.com/SuperContainer/ it seems like anyone can access that. However, when you go to the specified file, whether in FileMaker or in a browser it cannot reach it outside the network. (The port I am using is 8080, and 8020 does not seem to work better.) http://address.domain.com:8080/SuperContainer/File/Folder/filename.pdf Do you know if it would be a problem where I am saving these files or something else? I'm not sure I understanding how this works. I need other people from IWP in a webviewer to upload a file into FileMaker from anyone/anywhere without having them connecting to our network. (There are other securities in place to access this layout, but after those are passed this should work, I hope.) I appreciate any help I get. Thank you I have another problem after that, but I don't think it exactly relates.
  10. I have designed a solution that is shared over a network that I remotely oversee. My client has witnessed frequent loss of client connection, and I see it myself about once a day when I log in remotely. Losing connection is an issue in itself which I've been researching. But what I'd like your opinion about is a related issue. Several staff members swear that on a few occasions when they lose their connection that they also lost some of their work. I've viewed this a spurious claim because of the nature of FM. Sure, I, conceded, you might lose the work in one field but I haven't seen it as possible to lose more than that. Am I wrong? Is it possible in a network environment to lose data--beyond the active field?
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