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Found 9 results

  1. Variable number of Fields

    I am designing a database for the inspection sheets used in our quality lab. Each of our parts has a different number of criteria that they need to be inspected for. This ranges anywhere from 5-15 dimensional requirements. I am wondering if there is anyway in FileMaker to display a varying number of both editable and uneditable fields. So for instance if somebody pulls an inspection sheet for a part with 6 different dimensional requirements, FileMaker will only show 6 uneditable fields describing the dimensions in question, and 6 editable fields for the user to type in their measurement. Then, if somebody pulls an inspection sheet with 10 dimensional requirements, it will display 10 instead. Thank you for any assistance you all can offer!
  2. I use a formula to round a number to 1 decimal point and put brackets around it before plugging it into a text document. This works fine for most numbers but it fails for numbers ending in zero. They are instead returned by the function without any decimal, 1 nothing instead of 1.0. That's a bug as far as I can see. If I specify 1 decimal point and get none from the function, I consider the code broken. input: numbers with variable decimal points, e.g. 2.345 and 1.0 formula: "(" & Round ( final grade ; 1 ) & ")" output: 2.3 (correct) and 1 (incorrect) expected: 2.3 and 1.0 How can I work around this? I'm running FM Pro 12 Advanced.
  3. Number to text

    Hello everybody I'm trying to convert number to text en dutch but it doesn't work i had some problem with the calc field when i m trying ( some are good but other doesn't work) is there someone that can help me to resolve this little problem cose i m not a dutch person I join the file that i made to be more clear In advance thanks u cardinal2txt NL.fmp12
  4. Hi! English is not my native language and I'm using FileMaker in a other language so some spelling/translation errors might occur. I have searched and tried to find a solution for this but couldn't find any. I have a text field, let's call it "Table::Colors", where users either write values manually or paste values. Most of the time the user paste in values. I want to make a script/calculation that changes the pasted value so it becomes correct. --- The user usually paste something like this: "1Green 2Dark blue 10Red3 15Yell0w Purple4" --- I have a script that runs when the user enters/exits the field that looks like this: "Insert text [Table::Colors; Substitute(Table::Colors;["¶";", "];["1";""];["2";""];["3";""];["4";""];["5";""];["6";""];["7";""];["8";""];["9";""];["0";""])" I also have an auto-enter calculation on the field itself and have set it to replace existing value. It looks like this: "TextFormatRemove(If(Right(Table::Colors;2) = ", " ; Left (Table::Colors ; Length(Table::Colors) - 2 ) ; Table::Colors ))" When the user exits the field the value now looks like this: "Green, Dark blue, Red, Yellw, Purple" --- However I want it to look like this: "Green, Dark blue, Red3, Yell0w, Purple4" Basically I want to remove numbers in the beginning of each line but not the numbers that are in the middle or last. Is there a good way to do this?
  5. Hi, I have a portal with five fields - 3 text, 1 date, 1 number; the first row displays all five fields correctly and the following rows display only the text fields. Any ideas as to what I'm missing here?
  6. I made 3 text objects that perform a script with the "Go to record" script step. The "Prev Record" text use the "Go to record [Previous]" script step, and the "Next Record" text use "Go to record [Next]" script step. I need to make that the input field below "Go to Record #" text, can take you to the record when you type a number and click enter. The reason i need it is because the users should not see the Status Area. For example, you type 5, click enter, and this take you to record #5 I used this script: "Go to record [Get (RecordNumber)]", but this comes with a dialog, i dont need it, and if i choose "no dialog" doesn't works. What can I do ?
  7. hello everybody, my problem is the following: i have records with numbered index fields like: Record: 1 Index: 10 Record: 2 Index: 20 Record: 3 Index: 25 Record: 4 Index: 27 Record: 5 Index: 30 and i need them replaced with the value of a valuelist like: a,b,c,d,e respecting the sort order of the numberd index field. Basicaly my output should be Record: 1 Index: 10 CalculatedValue: a Record: 2 Index: 20 CalculatedValue: b Record: 3 Index: 25 CalculatedValue: c Record: 4 Index: 27 CalculatedValue: d Record: 5 Index: 30 CalculatedValue: e is there some function to help me? To make it harder i can add that the index field can repeat across my table, as it is actually a SubIndex based on another Index.The Final Output should be something like: Record: 1 Index: 1 SubIndex: 10 CalculatedValue: a Record: 2 Index: 1 SubIndex: 20 CalculatedValue: b Record: 3 Index: 1 SubIndex: 25 CalculatedValue: c Record: 4 Index: 1 SubIndex: 27 CalculatedValue: d Record: 5 Index: 1 SubIndex: 30 CalculatedValue: e Record: 6 Index: 2 SubIndex: 10 CalculatedValue: a Record: 7 Index: 2 SubIndex: 21 CalculatedValue: b Record: 8 Index: 2 SubIndex: 25 CalculatedValue: c Record: 9 Index: 2 SubIndex: 30 CalculatedValue: d Record: 10 Index: 2 SubIndex: 40 CalculatedValue: e THANKS A LOT FOR HELPING!! if i wasn't clear just asks, as it's really hard to explain. thanks a lot! Cisco
  8. I got bit yesterday and today by a basic issue. I was using the Data Viewer to write and test ExecuteSQL. The context was an old part of a solution I had started in 2006. I was having trouble with JOIN. I checked syntax and could find no errors but constantly had "?" returned. I knew the problem was related to the JOIN because the queries worked fine without it. Well, I'm embarrassed to admit the problem was this. The parent table had an auto-enter serial PK type number. All the child tables had an FK field but the type, for some reason, was Text. FM allows this as a match! Of course SQL does not. After changing all the child table FK fields to type Number everything was fine. Multiple joins we're a breeze. Why is FM so loose about field types in a relationship? This situation ought to produce an error in my opinion, or simply not work.
  9. I am trying to create an autogenerated Id number for an invoice but this number must be prefixed by the year for example 2012/1 however at the start of each new year these number need to go back to 1 so for example the first invoice next year will be numbered 2013/1. can anyone suggest the best way for this to be done. John

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