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  1. I previously used ODBC Manager (32 bit) to great success importing data directly from Filemaker Server to JMP. I recently upgraded to Catalina (MacOS 10.15.5) and knew that one of the casualties would be this ODBC utility. I downloaded the 64 bit ODBC manager from Actual Technologies and successfully installed it but get the following message when trying to open an FM database from within the ODBC interface in JMP: dlopen(/Library/ODBC/FileMaker ODBC.bundle/Contents/MacOS/fmodbc.so, 6): image not found I have navigated to Actual Technologies' web site believing I should download an
  2. Apologies if I've put this in the wrong place. My Filemaker solution uses a FM database and an ODBC connection to a MySql database that is used to serve data to a website. I have complete read/write access to the data in the MySql database from inside FM and thus control of data published on the site. I would like the MySql database to be able to access tables in the FM database in the same manner. I have set up an FM ODBC connection to our FM server and that is visible in my local ODBC Manager, have tested the connection and that is good, but I can't see any way in the MyS
  3. I have been attempting to connect to a SQL database on my network using Monkeybread Software and each time that I attempt to do it I have encountered the same error, which I have attached here. I have set up an ODBC connection as well as made sure that I had the names correct, however I have gotten the same error message each time. Thank you for your help.
  4. Using MS Access 2010. Filemaker 13 Pro, Filemaker 13 Server. I have a MS Access database that that I programmed to do a lot of calculations and creates data. Now I want that data saved in a Filemaker database. I was able to create ODBC connection to the Filemaker database. I am able to view the Filemaker tables/data in MS Access. At 8AM daily I want the Access database to do the calculations, and then insert the data to Filemaker . However every time I try this, the Filemaker Login Screen comes up. And I would have to manually enter the username and password. Is there any w
  5. For about 12 years, we've had a FileMaker database import external data from a .mdb (Access) database that has data that is downloaded from some equipment. The process has survived several computer upgrades (Windows XP and Windows 7) and FileMaker version upgrades (created in 7 and currently running in 16). It broke when we moved into the Windows 10 environment. The script is set up to retrieve the data from the .mdb file and it says it can't access the file. So when I dive into the script and try to specify the ODBC connection it now asks for a username and password. We've never had a u
  6. Hello all, I installed FileMaker Pro ODBC drivers, and was able to access the data with queries from Microsoft Excel. However, when I tried to access the same data with the same driver using Microsoft Visual Studio 2015, it could see the table occurrences, but it couldn't find any of the data columns. It came back with the following error: " Error at Data Flow Task [ODBC Source [1]]: There was an error while trying to get schema information. Table has no columns." I got the same error, no matter which table occurrence I selected. Has anyone else run into this and s
  7. On windows 7 (VMware on OSX), using FMP17 and Microsoft Access 2016 Trying to do a ODBC import and selecting the datasource, I get asked for Username and password, even if the Access DB is not password protected. The data sources are correct (tested from Livecode) and should be working without user name and password. On the properties of the ODBC pane setup the path seems correct (not pointing to 32): %windir%\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe What am I missing?
  8. Does anyone have experience and/or success using a 4D database as an external datasource through ODBC. I can add the system DSN and add it to FMP. Once I attempt to view the tables in the 4D database, I receive an error that the "ODBC connection is not compatible". Does anyone have a work around or suggestions? Thanks!
  9. Hi all I'm trying to export my filemaker records to my external sql database via the execute sql script step but am getting a number of errors. I can see my external ODBC source and can generally write to it (I can go to the respective layout and click 'new record'). My query basically as follows: "INSERT INTO dbo.Log ( dbo.Log.log_id, dbo.Log.log_case_idf, dbo.Log.Labour_TOTALS_Labour_Cost, dbo.Log.Labour_TOTALS_Item_Sale) SELECT Log_Log.log_id, Log_Log.log_case_idf, Log_Log.Labour_TOTALS_Labour_Cost, Log_Log.Labour_TOTALS_Item_Sale, FROM Log WHERE Log_Log.Log_Type = '2'" M
  10. In several tables of our solution there are records being created that have something like, "com.prosc.jdbc.JDBCUtils test d81e5f35-4f7c-4c53-92c1-bc32e3700094" in every field. Today I found 3 tables with collectively 150 records like this... this has been happening on an irregular basis since mirrorsync was implemented several months ago. Is this coincidence or something someone has seen before?
  11. I have a solution that has been working well for several months and suddenly broke. This may have been perpetuated by the last round of windows security updates. I have a list of orders displayed in a portal. The source of the portal is SQL Native 11 ODBC data. Consisting of a header table and several related tables. Clicking on a portal row will create a new Filemaker record and populate it with the related ODBC data. This will work for several hours and then un expectantly hang. The find window \ Find in progress \ Processing query window will appear. The copy cup will then appear. When thi
  12. Hi all, It's me again.... I've temporarily gotten around my issues with "required value" fields in SQL data by adding a default value to all blank fields, however I have now found another error. I have a table of customers (BP_Details) which is retrieved from SQL server view using a DSN. I then have a local Filemaker table ("BPAddon") which I've linked to the BP_Detials table using a unique customer ID field. I wish to populate the records in the addon table via the Cusomter layout to supplement the data from SQL. As there are no records in the addon table I've se
  13. I have a solution running on a Filemaker 16 server. I have accessed the server via VPN on a remote Mac and now want to access the data via ODBC on that remote Mac. I have turned ON ODBC/JDBC for ALL USERS in the Filemaker file I have downloaded ODBC Manager – the free version But when I try access the Filemaker "System DSN" in the ODBC Manager, nothing appears. This is a mystery to me as this exact (and rather simple) setup works perfectly on my local network. I originally set up the local network some time ago, so: • Have I missed a step? • Does the ODBC not work
  14. Trying to connect to an ODBC external data source in Filemaker Pro 16 Advanced We have a windows 10 desktop with user DSN's and System DSN's specified, However the Select ODBC Data Source shows no entries? I have seen older posts saying that a System DSN has to be specified, but we did this and still nothing showing, is this a bug or am I missing a step.
  15. Does anyone have experience using FM11 with SQL2012? I successfully established an ODBC connection between our FileMaker 11 Server database and a SQL 2012 database. I now have a live connection allowing us to exchange data between tables. However since FileMaker does not specify support for SQL 2012 should we be concerned with utilizing this connection? Please advise!
  16. Hi. I'm trying to get an ODBC connection going to a wordpress SQL database. I have some chops at this, but I'm getting a full filemaker crash when I enter my user name and pw for the database. I'm running FMP ADvanced 14. And I might not have all the right drivers etc. I'm wondering if anyone can read this crash report to see what on earth is causing this. I have the right port, I have my IP address whitelisted... so I have permission to access dbase... this thing just crashes and is making me a bit nuts. Any help or guidance on what I should have for drivers running FMP AD 14, and Mac
  17. For nearly 8 months, the company I work for has been experiencing very frustrating issues with xDBC Listener on FileMaker Server 12. We migrated to FileMaker Server 13 last week and we're seeing the same issues.  Both FMS12 and FMS13 have been installed on (separate) virtual machines, both running Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard (Dual-core, 16GB RAM, hosted DBs and backups live on secondary drives). ODBC connections hitting database files hosted on these servers are aborted anywhere from once to four times a day, but not always every day (it may go several days between abortions). The er
  18. I am using Excel 365 on desktop and FileMaker Pro Advanced 15 with FileMaker Server. I am able to connect to FileMaker from Excel using ODBC to read all records in a table or matching it to a hard coded name. Sample: Select work FROM "Student Time Import" WHERE badgename="Patrick Dollar" What I'd like to do is add a where clause where it selects hours worked based on the date in the Excel spreadsheet. The cell's date is B12 and so on. I know my syntax is wrong, but after several attempts, I haven't been able to solve it. Here is my syntax: Select work FROM "Student Time I
  19. Hi, accessing external SQL resources from within FileMaker is quite common. But how do I go about the exact opposite? I have an import_nwde:: table in a fmp12 file hosted on FMS 15. I have switched on ODBC in FMS. I can access the tables with Windows and Mac (using the Filemaker ODBC drivers specifically installed to do this). But how can I write into this table from within a MySQL database running on a LAMP machine? Whenever something happens on the website, I need to process the data in FileMaker. Thanks a lot for any help, Gary
  20. I've got a strange case on my hands. Here's some background: I've got an ODBC connection to JD Edwards Enterprise 1 (Oracle DB). I have a layout that shows fields from the RMA Line Items table. There's a field at the top that lets you find by RMA number, then the matching records (found via self-join relationship) are displayed in a portal. This has been working well for years, and then one of our users stumbled across a record that couldn't be found by FileMaker, though it definitely exists. The problem seems to be limited to one specific RMA number. If you go into Find mode a
  21. Hi Board! We've just installed Sage 200; from Sage 50. So, now we have an SQL platform database to run our company on, moving up! We use FM and FMS to add function and output. Sage 200 will take over some of this; but we have Shipping and Inspection systems we've built that need to read data from Sage. The DSN has been setup and is working. The usr and pwd work. I can add a table to my FM database schema, go and select the data source and place/add a table. But there is no data inside any of the tables; and there should be. Anybody got an
  22. I'm creating a simple system to update a remote FM file from an android device, using Cellica Database". http://www.cellica.com/Products.html An ODBC connection has been created, and I can add, modify and delete records in my FM database from my android. I want to trigger a script in FM when a field is modified via the ODBC connection. None of the native FM script triggers work as they are dependent on layouts or user actions. I have tried DoScript, Scriptmaster and EventScript - using field validation. All work OK if I modify the value within FM, but none trigger when the value is m
  23. HI all, I am a novice with ODBC. I am trying to set up an ODBC access and am having a bit of trouble. Perhaps someone can steer me in the right direction. My set up is FMS 13 on one dedicated machine. And FMPA 14 on several other machines. On the server the ODBC Manager succeeds in establishing a "system DNS" with access to a given file. However on the other computers I get this message I have given read and write permissions to the file odic.ini and its enclosing folder and yet I keep on getting this error message. I have installed the latest ODBC drivers, opened po
  24. I'm at a loss, or maybe I overt-thinked this or missed the obvious answer. I have a Filemaker 13 Database on a Filemaker Server. I also have some additional data in MS Access. A user has requested to show some MS access data on to the FM database. So I created a ODBC connection. and connected it to my test access db. Attempt #1: I created a test FM file. I started with "Import Records"-> "ODBC Data Source". I selected my Data Source. It asks for Username / PW. I get to "SQL Query Builder". BUT: when I select the table, the Columns' box does not fill in. I checked the
  25. Hi, I am developing a c# application and connecting to FM SErver 14. But I always have the following problem: Unhandled exception at 0x0BB51FE0 (fmodbc32.dll) in xxx.exe: RangeChecks instrumentation code detected an out of range array access Would you have an idea? I am using Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2015. Thanks,
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