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Found 8 results

  1. Case Study: FileMaker Clinical Data Capture Software Uses 360Works MirrorSync Learn how MirrorSync is being used in the ConnEDCt app built with FileMaker for medical research and healthcare improvements across the world “We have used MirrorSync from versions 3 to 6 for FileMaker Pro/Go to FileMaker Server. In our experience it is the most reliable technology for syncing FileMaker databases over inconsistent and slow connections.” 
- Caleb Ruth, Data Performance LLC At 360Works, we believe in making FileMaker plug-ins and tools with outside-of-the-box thinking to help FileMaker Developers build what works best by extending the functionality of their FileMaker solution to solve real-world problems. FileMaker Developer and Business Owner, Caleb Ruth, was generous enough to spend time sharing with us some of the aspects of his work with health information systems which leverage 360Works MirrorSync. Read the Full Story Stay updated with 360Works
  2. MirrorSync 6.04 Released - Important Point Update A new and important point version for MirrorSync has just been released. We highly recommend all MirrorSync users install this update. The enhancements made in this version provides several fixes to reported issues as well as a better overall experience with the software. MirrorSync 6.04 greatly improves the configuration process, provides better error reporting, gives a smoother sever-side initial sync, optimizes performance for HTTP transfers, and makes numerous fixes for fields. Existing MirrorSync 6 license holders with active maintenance can download this point update at no additional charge using our button below. If you do not own a current MirrorSync license with active maintenance, you can purchase version 6 using the same button below. Here are a few notable improvements: Server-side initial syncs now clean up the temporary copies of the database hosted on FileMaker Server if the sync fails Server-side initial syncs now correctly download the external container data associated with the file Now uses larger, more efficient batches when writing tables that have container fields, if the records in that table don't actually have a container value Now works with dot characters (.) in field names for primary key, modification timestamp, or creation timestamp fields Detecting fields during configuration is faster and more reliable, especially for detecting primary keys with required validation enabled Click here for more changes in our complete changelog. Download MirrorSync 6.04 Stay updated with 360Works 360Works Need help? Please email support@360Works.com
  3. Hi guys! First post please go easy on me if I ask silly questions haha! So I'm developing a FM Go app for one of my friends, now he sells things at roadshows, conventions so on and so forth. My question is, if for example, he has no Wifi/3G. How does he go about "syncing" or "uploading" the new data he has collected offline, to the database on the network in the office? Sorry if it seems unclear, I'm relatively new to this sort of thing. Thanks in advance, Sean.
  4. Hi, I'm hoping for some helpful advice before I tear my hair completely out! I've been tasked with finding/creating a solution to provide an offline sync to a Filemaker database hosted on a Windows 7 machine with FM Go on an iPad. I've tried GoZync but didn't find this user-friendly at all, so I want to give MirrorSync a go. I've downloaded and run the installation software but it doesn't appear to install anything, it gets to about 30% of the way through the installation, opens up a zip/jar file and then states the installation is finished. Can MirrorSync be run on a Window 7 platform that's hosting a Filemaker database? Any advice is greatly appreciated along with any other suggestions of solutions to provide offline syncing in a straightforward manner! Thanks in advance. James
  5. Do folks have recommendation on setting up a system for creating regular, human readable and consumable, IDs with an offline/online-sync and hosted solution? The offline part of the solution allows full creation of new Orders. These Orders will (should? could?) have an OrderID will be visible to the customer and given to them on an invoice at the time of creation in the offline world. (The invoice is generated along with the order and will be emailed to the customer, so the OrderID will be there.) But someone else in a different offline copy, or someone who creates an Order on the server, will also get OrderIDs that might then conflict with each other. How do you reconcile these different creation points? And just using UUIDs isn't a solution; it needs to be something simple that a customer can read off; 6 digit number or some such. Maybe a prefix for each device/salesperson? Maybe try to create and control blocks of IDs that go to each device? Maybe a temporary ID somehow, e.g. a 'purchase order ID' for the offline generated items that then gets translated to a full OrderID when they sync to the server? Then the customer would have an invoice (guess it would be a P.O. now) with one number and an invoice with another. Seems a bit confusing. Anyone have something they have successfully used? Thanks, Justin
  6. Ok, before I burn thru lots of time (as I've already spent a couple hours...), I was hoping someone may KNOW if you can do peer-to-peer between iPads (3 is the goal) on a closed wifi network (no internet connection)...? AND, if so, could I set it up so that at each iPad a user can log in to show only certain layouts...? Basically, I'm aiming for a mobilized menu/prep ordering system: Cashier + Order Prep Queue + Delivery Queue TIA for any insights
  7. Hello All, I have come across a funny behaviour from FMgo. Through the iPad, if I enter find mode, type in a field and hit the 'Go' button on the soft keyboard, the find is performed. If I take that very same file, remove admin access, run it in kiosk and run it locally on the iPad, the 'Go' button does diddly-squat. I've had to create buttons to get around the issue which if in browse mode they enter find mode and if in find mode, it performs the find. So that works, but users natively hit the 'Go' key on the keyboard Has anyone come across this? Or is there something I need to enable or disable for the 'Go' key to perform the search? Thanks! Pablo
  8. I want to sync an existing database which I accidently used offline. So I have two files haveing basicly the same structure, but some hundret records in a few tables are out of sync. The goal is to get the records existing in the offline version only into the online version. Because I have serial numbered PKeys I cannot simply export and import , because there's an overlap as some new records have been created in the online version. Â So I setup the free MirrorSync to give it a shot. I setup MirrorSync on my workstation as i did not want to fiddle with the server. I created the MirrorSync Tables and Layouts and the scripts as advised by the MirrorSync Frontend. I setup the relations in MirrorSync so I get coherent records in the online database. Â After having everything setup I closed the offline version on the server and downloaded it to my workstation. I even kicked out all my startup related stuff in both versions (online & offline) Went to the MirrorSync Layout (offline) and hit the SyncButton. It looked promising at first, but the Skript seems to be stuck in a loop whilst prompting: "Status: Waiting for response from MirrorSync server..." And the MirrorSync Frontend show one error: "java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: For FileMaker Pro/Go, the sync must be initiated from the offline database." Â What's going on there? Am I totally wrong and this tool wont do what I want or is there something else amiss? Â Â Â
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