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Found 6 results

  1. I'm calling Oracle's Database through ODBC. It's working fine except speed. One table has over 100 million records. When I'm seeing this table in FileMaker, it takes forever to load its layout. How does everyone handle this kind of problem? note: Oracle Database Server is located at different location(500 miles away from this client)
  2. I've got a file that contains several external data source tables from a JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (Oracle 11g) database. If I understand correctly, FileMaker doesn't just execute a query via the ODBC connection, but rather downloads each connected table in its entirety when the file is opened. Is that correct? The problem with this is that the JDE tables are very, very large! Each one can have a large number of fields/columns, and thousands of records! This means that a ton of superfluous data must be transferred over the LAN. (I only need a couple fields, and only from records that would match a WHERE clause.) This makes the FileMaker file very slow to load, and very slow to change layouts. There must be a better way. Anyone have any suggestions?
  3. All, I am building a solution which requires ESS connection to Oracle 11g from FM12. Got the ActualTech Oracle ODBC Oracle Driver. Setup went fine. Managed to do imports from Oracle using the Import Script Step. Can display ESS Shadow tables from Oracle in the FM Relationship graphs. However: * when doing so, FM tells me that the External Table "does not provide a pre-defined unique key" and asks me to choose a field or field combination to identify the same * All relationships i perform involving an ESS table display the 'T' cardinality symbol implying that the match field has no index information. The subsequent problem is obvious : performance as we are reading hundred of thousands of records. It looks like the oracle index information cannot be read whilst it does exist. I have checked with the Oracle DBA : the Indexes do exist on the table (not view) / fields we are accessing via ESS and the Oracle user used for ODBC connectivity does have adequate permissions to read both all_indexes and dba_indexes tables in Oracle. This has been confirmed using an straight SQL query in Oracle SQL developer. Hence my question : does any one have an answer to the following questions : * Is the issue related to Oracle ? ODBC technology itself ? Actual Tech ODBC Driver for Oracle ? ESS Technology in FM ? Setup of any of these layers ? * Anything the Oracle DBA should be doing further so that FM can actually read the existing Index information ? * Anything I am obviously forgetting ? Any hint welcome Thanks Laurent
  4. Now, I'm trying to connect to External Oracle DB Server via ODBC within LAN network. Everthing about setup is pretty much done, and I can see the full list of tables name when I try to add External database in relationship window. I'm almost there! I thought I'm fine so I w-clicked on the target table name but it shows just "ODBC error" It doesn't even describe any detail about what kind of the error is. WIth my SQL Plus, indeed I can connect to the Server. Is there anything that I'm still missing??? or Do I have to do something with Server side?? As long as I can access to Server with SQL Plus, I thought I should succeed. Does anybody know any about this case? Any idea? This is my oracle setting tnsnames.ora TESTDB = (DESCRIPTION = (ADDRESS_LIST = (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = = 1521)) ) (CONNECT_DATA = (SERVICE_NAME = TESTDB) ) )
  5. I need some help. I have a database with id and need to update the name of the current record only from an oracle database. I can connect (odbc) to the oracle database and can import by match, but there are some many records and takes a while. Is there a better solution, like jdbc, or a plugin. Currently using filemaker 14 on windows 7. Please advice.
  6. I'm accessing Oracle Database Server via ODBC. Then I added three tables to FileMaker from Oracle DB. These tables are related such as below 1. Customer (customer_id) 2. Receipt (customer_id, receipt_id) 3. Item (receipt_id, item_id, item_name) note: Items belong to Recept, and Receipts belong to Customer. I built a portal in order to show the detail about when, and what a customer bought by reffering purchase history. Then here's a question. I'm on Customer Layout(showing all Customer records) In spite of the fact that the customer has purchased something before, nothing appears in portal It should show the date of purchase, and the name of the item, though! Another additional weird thing. If I go to Receipt Layout(showing all Receipt records), and load record(Suppose customer_id="12345678") then go to Customer Layout and find a customer by customer_id="12345678" Now, It shows actual result in portal. Why is that!? Is it something related to index? Does it automatically add index to a record when after load a record?? Do I need to do something special to show actual result in portal as default? Any solution?
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