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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, all user list, I need to get data from php page with POST method, but can not find any rifermineto how to use this code. php $mail = (isset($_POST['mail'])) ? $_POST['mail'] : ""; $password = (isset($_POST['password'])) ? $_POST['password'] : ""; $key = (isset($_POST['key'])) ? $_POST['key'] : ""; plugin 360 PostDataToURL( "key=mail, key2=password, key3=key"; "value=" & PowerShopping::mail & ", value2=" & PowerShopping::password & ", value3=" & PowerShopping::key ; PowerShopping::APIURL & PowerShopping::APIPAGE ) Result empty full parameter plugin 360 PostDataToURL( "mail,password,key"; PowerShopping::mail & "," & PowerShopping::password & "," & PowerShopping::key ; PowerShopping::APIURL & PowerShopping::APIPAGE ) Result empty password and key I do not know where to turn, all php pages require multiparameter and I return json data ... some help thanks to all. Thank 10000000000000000000 :-)
  2. I have, what I believe to be, a relatively straight forward action I need to solve but can't seem to get my head wrapped around the solution. As an example I have two [2] databases, one call Master the second called Support. I have four unique fields in the Master table named Year, Make, Model, Style as well as a calculated field called YMMS which is constructed as . . Year_Make_Model_Style . . [Ex: 1932_Pierce Arrow_Model 38-C_Coupe Runabout]. I put the delimiters in place so I could hopefully parse them when necessary. My Support table also has these same fields including the calculated YMMS field. What I want to do is execute a script in the Master database that will initiate a script in the Support database and pass the calculated YMMS field as the script parameter. Within the Support script I want to retrieve the script parameter and parse the data received, placing the parameter information into each of the four Year, Make, Model, Style fields, excluding the "_" delimiter. I think I need to approach it this way because FM doesn't let me use the SET script step to populate a calculated field, so . . I figure my best alternative is to populate the source fields that will give me the correct calculated results in the YMMS field of the Source database. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps there's an easy way to pass multiple fields within the script parameter, each have multiple words [as shown in my example above]
  3. I’m trying to create an interface that will find all entries in the month specified in the script parameter. If the user selects the Sep button, I want the script to query a date field for “2017-09-01…2017-09-30”. This works correctly when I do it manually, and a case statement correctly builds this string in the variable $_range. But when I try to script the query as follows: Enter Find Mode [Pause: Off] Set Field [Calendar::calDate; $_range] Perform Find [ ] it consistently throws a 500 error, even though I’ve set no validation restrictions. Set Field [Calendar::calDate; “\” & $_range & \””] does not resolve the problem. Can anyone troubleshoot this, or suggest an entirely better method? Thanks, dp
  4. Hello everyone, I have written a short line of code as a custom html in the web viewer such that when the link present in the web viewer is clicked it runs a particular script in the file with a parameter. It looks like this: "data:text/html," &" <html> <body> &"/"& Get ( FileName )& "?script=<scriptName>&param=" & <someField> &"'>View Map Detail</a> </body> </html>" Now I know that this web viewer is doing what i want it to do. upon clicking the link the script is executed with the appropriate parameter. However each time the link is clicked filemaker reopens the file that i am trying to work with and asks me to reauthenticate and then runs the script. The functionality i want is for the link to be clicked in the web viewer and the script to run in the same (currently open) file. in case it helps, sharing is turned on, and when the script runs it reopens the file with the title: FileName (ComputerName)
  5. I am trying to use FM Go to initiate a payment procedure with a financial app. Through callback I want to get the result of the transaction back into FM Go. This process works fine, except for the fact that I do net get the result back into FM. I have used the barcode solutions I have found on this forum as an example. I have tried both the get script parameter and the variable option. Also tested both FM Go 11 and 12. Here is an example of the URL I generate (in the application it is properly URL encoded, here I have used the original characters to improve eligibility). The Adyen app returns the following URL (I have deleted some info returned to improve eligibility) script=process_var&expiryYear=2016&....&cardScheme=7&%24Data=result&checksum=48&......... AS you can see the app returns result=APPROVED, the URL also contains the script and the variable I defined. The script in FM Go gets triggered through the callback. However the script does not write the actual result into a field, but the word result. So the place holder in $Data is not replaced by the actual result. Any ideas on why this is not happening (or why this is not possible) would be appreciated. Joost Kingma
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