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Found 270 results

  1. I have fields in the same table and each of those fields have numerical values ranging from 0 to 100. Assume the fields are j, e, f, f, w, i, l, s, o and n. Each of these contain values from 0 to 100 and I would like to exclude only the 6 top values to use in grading. Please be precised on how I can accomplish this and not just stuff like, use Max (x;y;...) and another this and that function. It will be much helpful if you be explicit since that's the ultimate end (to be helpful) ! Thanks in advance for those that are already putting in their time for this!
  2. How can i make a field be required to be filled if another field in the same table has data in it. In other words. I have a date field that if i have a date listed in there i want to have a compliance field be required to be filled. If the date field is not filled it can be empty. Thanks again filemakers! -Erik
  3. We had an error come up on our Filemaker 11 server running on Windows with two machine deployment. Our php apps are generating the following error when we try to connect to the database server: Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in C:Program FilesFileMakerFileMaker ServerWeb Publishingpublishing-enginephpFileMakerImplementationFileMakerImpl.php Nothing has been modified by IT support or our developers as far as we know. Any suggestions what we might do to reestablish a connection between our web server and database server? Has anybody had a similar situation.
  4. We're using FMP11 Server Advanced on Windows Server with FMP11 on Windows 7 or XP computers or on a Windows terminal server. We're analysing the Server Event Log files to look more closely about how the databases are being used. The serve reports events such as 94 - Client "%1" opening database "%2" as "%3" where the % items are replaced with variable information, so %2 might become Parts List and %3 might be engineering. %1 looks usually looks something like Production (TS1) [] Now we recognise (TS1) as the name of one of the computers in our network and [] as an IP address. However the name at the beginning of %1 isn't a name we recgnise - we had expected to see the users Windows Profile Name but some of them are unknown to us - what data does FMP11 Server use to get that name? (There is no external access to the databases, access is only via our internal network and the computer names and IP addresses are entirely valid for these 'unknown' clients.) Thanks Brian
  5. Hi, As we know that we have option to configure FileMaker Server with PHP (which is installed on IIS).. Like the way.. I have another question.. Do we able to configure FileMaker server with PHP Which is installed on Apache (with Linux machine).. Please clarify.. If you already experienced please help us to configure Filemaker 12 server with Apache.. Many Thanks ~Guru
  6. I have a solution that has been working great in testing. Went to move it to the FMS Server (WinServer2012R2) and none of the external data sources are available. Confirmed that the ODBC 32-bit System DSNs are the same on development machine vs. Server but still no love. Anyone have some hints where I went wrong?
  7. jfaunce2

    pc Calculated Value List

    I need to create a value list for a drop down to be able to choose the Graduation Year for students. I'd like the list to include: this year, this year +1, this year + 2, and so forth. I don't want to do fixed values since list will advance each year. Thank you
  8. Apologies in advance for the newbie question, but I really have searched extensively on the web, this site and various tutorials. My only conclusion is that I do not know which question to ask, as I am fairly accomplished in VBA. I am self-learning Filemaker Pro 12 as I need solutions for an Ipad and I like the ease of creation and modification on the fly. Essentially, I have a database where the master might be many hundreds of fields, or I could create myriad tables and keys - this is irrelevant to the problem. What I would like is to create a solution where at the first field of entry, a dropdown allows for a selection of, say, 10 choices. When that field is filled, depending on the choice I would like a specific layout to appear for data entry. These layouts may have some fields in common with others but never all. Put another way, if I have Item_Field, and user clicks A, I would like the layout for A to appear natively or show up in a portal below. When they click new record, it reverts to the main layout again. I might also need this process to be iterative i.e. several levels down. If this involves CASE scripting, that does not scare me, I just need to know what to look for in the reference materials as to what this process is called. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi, I am working (better trying or playing around) with FM for some 5 years now. I am not a pro or anywhere near there but in course have come up with some db's serving my purpose well. However, comes the time comes the limits.... I am currently working on a simple invoicing module. (have set up a separate very small db for trial and testing as I do not want to spoil the Starting Point 4 solution template which I have amended to my requirements to an extensive stage already) 4 Fields, namely Current Date: Date Field (system time - have to refresh the window as no real time clock counting solution available for FM) Due Date: Date Field - Date when the invoice is due Status: Text Field - Active, Paid, Overdue and Aging Invoice paid: Date Field Date when the invoice was paid Purpose is to autoenter and update by calculation the Status. Case ( Date > Date Due; "OVERDUE" ;Invoice paid ≤ Date Due; "PAID" ; Date > Date Due +14 ;"AGING";Date Due ≤ Date;"ACTIVE";"") 2 Problems. a.) There seems to be something wrong within the AGING calculation, which is supposed to kick in after 14 days overdue and b.) I would like to override and change the Status field content from for example "Overdue" to "Paid", the moment the field "Invoice Paid" is not empty. Otherwise it would have to be changed manually or would stay on "Overdue" even when an invoice was paid after due date. How am I going to do that?? This may seem easy for many (and I do envy you for that) but it certainly ain't for me. Any help highly appreciated.
  10. Hey guys, I've been trying to move all my tables from FileMaker to Access, all the data and the layout and everything. I sadly have next to no experience with either program. I've seen a link to FmPro Migrator posted in some places. Is this a trustworthy application, and will I do what I'm wanting, or am I misunderstanding it? Or is there an even easier way to do this? I haven't found much help for FileMaker 13, so I wasn't sure if maybe there was a new feature that made this easier.
  11. Hello, was wondering if someone could share some insight onto how server scripts handle global variables. I have an email script set on a schedule that, as part of it, moves between layouts. One of the layouts it goes through has a script trigger for OnLayoutEnter that changes the custom menu set based upon username. The 'Install Menu Set' aspect of that script trigger breaks the email schedule and forces an abort. I've tried to work around that by using: If $$Script = 1 Exit Script End Ifin my script trigger. Then declaring Set Variable [$$Script; Value: 1] <email stuff with layout changes> Set Variable [$$Script; Value: ""] in my email script. But, the schedule seems to ignore the global variable and proceed to run through the script trigger, breaking itself. Am I doing something wrong or can I just not use global variables in scripts run by schedules? Any help appreciated.
  12. In Filemaker 13: The help says go to FILE > MANAGE > CUSTOM MENUS er.... CUSTOM MENUS not found Wendy
  13. We have recently moved our FM13 server to a remote location, and are experiencing rather long first file startup times. The odd thing is, the slowest file to open is by no means the largest or most complicated file. I have FM13 advanced - but do not know how to use many of the advanced features. Is there a way to "look under the hood" as a file starts up, to see what is slowing things down?
  14. Last week I did the FMS upgrade from 13.0.4 to 13.0.5, and my database has stopped providing an XML feed that worked for a a few years (and that powers one portion of my organization's Web site). I'm going to append all the information that might be pertinent. First, what I've already done: - I've Edited Deployment, asking it to enable XML. (First asked it to turn off Web Publishing, then a second pass to turn it on again.) I've then gone into Web Publishing and asked it to enable WebDirect and PHP (just wondering is that would kick-start a process). - I've run iisreset /noforce from the Windows command line. - I've rebooted. Also, I have a static IP on this machine, but in its interface, it provides what looks like an internal IP address. The next thing I guess I'll do is call support and/or reinstall, but I'm posting this to ask for related wisdom. I will mention that since we moved into a new building a few weeks ago, I've been haunted by connectivity problems - some folks get kicked off a couple of times an hour. I think that's an internal problem related to hardware/cable (since I was able to connect remotely from home and remain connected for 24 hours), but I mention it here in case it seems germane.
  15. Hello Everyone, I'm having a hard time working out how to do a search and replace. How I have my FM project set up is; I have three tables. The first is Staff, it has these fields: id, staffID, firstName, lastName, fullName (caculated). The second is Assets, it has: id, staffIDFK, dn, make, model, etc... The last is Resources, it has: id, staffIDFK, assetsIDFK, addItem. What I have is on the Staff page I have two tabs, the first tab shows all of the staff members information, the second tab has a portal showing all assets assigned to them. Above the portal I have a field(addItem) from the Resources table and a button. What I'm trying to do is have the ability to type in the DN into the "addItem" field and press the "Add" button to add the device to the current Staff member. DN stands for Device Number specific for each item, its like the id for the item but I was told i should always have an id field in each table. How I was hoping the logic would go something like this: If (content from Resources::addItem is found in any Assets::DN fields ) Check Asset to see if Assets::staffIDFK is empty If NOT, Message box: "Currently Checked out to "Staff::fullName" do you wish to add anyways?" Yes/No If YES, Set Assets::staffIDFK to Current Staff::id Else if (Resources::addItem is not found) Message Box: "No Item Found." I really hope this makes sense. Thank you for your help in advance!
  16. Hi there, I have a client who is using windows server 2008 and running thin clients for all users. ie. each user logs in to the server using their own profile. I need to setup FMS for a couple of specific reasons - external access from ipads, scheduled scripts, multiple users connecting at the same time. I've read that FMS and FM Pro should NOT be on the same machine. I have very little experience with FMS (only used it as a hosted solution previously) so I'm not clear on if this setup will work. If FM server is running on the server, can the users (who are accessing the server through thin clients) run FM pro to access the served files? eg. through open remote? I have read about the dangers of users opening the FM file directly, but since they are using thin clients and can only access files in their own profile, it's quite easy for us to ensure they can't access the file directly (users simply aren't given persmission to access the folder where the actual data file resides) - in other words the ONLY way they can access the file is through "Open remote" Would there be any issues with this setup? Thanking you in advance.
  17. I noticed that the installation of the web technology in FMServer 13 has created a new site "FMWebSite" in IIS, and that I had to stop the current/default site in favor of this new one. How is this going to work if this needs to be installed on an existing website? I couldn't find any documentation from FileMaker on this subject. It looks like I will have to move all of the web files to the 'new' default folder (FMServerHTTPServerconf), or change the default path for the FMWebSite site? Would there be any problem to changing the default path in the IIS Manager? If you've noticed anything else that would be helpful in this particuar situation, I would be appreciative of any advice.
  18. I am in a federal agency. We are faced with purchasing a Windows 2012 server shortly that will within 9 months be running FM 13 but in the meantime it will need to run FM 11 server. What items to I need to be aware of for FM 11. From looking at older post there is a possibility that the admin consol may not work but can be reached from any PC using http://yourserver:16000 Is this correct? There will be no other apps other than fm server on this equipment and IIs will not be running on it as well. Thanks in advance for help
  19. Hi folks, I manage FM for a university department, and we recently upgraded to server 11. After the upgrade, I have noticed that closed files on our server are no longer included in the daily backup (as they were with server 8.5). I keep the closed files in the default folder, so I know that isn't the problem. I also went through the admin console and I didn't see any option to "include closed files" or anything like that. I like the keep closed files on our server (they are for previous semesters) because people need them every once in a while. And I need them in the backup, because, periodically, they will be opened, changed, and closed, and I want to make sure I have the latest versions. Thanks for your help with this. And if you need any additional info, just ask. Dave
  20. I'm trying to create a report for a solution, and have hit a bit of a roadblock when creating a report.  I have 3 tables:  1. Statistic Categories     -Each record in the table is a particular statistic code  2. Incidents     -Contains individual incidents. Each incident is coded with a statistic (using a value list, containing values from Statistic Categories table)     -Only 1 statistic code is assigned per incident  3. Reports     -Reports are related to a particular incident, and contain an incident report for the incident.     -Each incident may contain multiple reports   I am using a report format already in use by the company, and need to continue using the same format. The report itself is "hard coded" as it needs to be in the same format as the existing form.   From time to time, searches may be performed to display incident reports for a certain incident date range, or for a certain incident type(s). Based on the reports found, I need to update the header for the report to output a Yes/No value as to whether the found set contains a certain report type. I suspect this can be done somehow by obtaining a count of each statistic category in the found set?  I would appreciate some advice on how to achieve this.  I have attached an example file.  Thanks Matt Report.zip
  21. I wasn't sure exactly which forum to drop this question, but here goes: I would like for my users to be able to connect to a remote database directly from an icon on the Windows desktop. Is there a way to pass in the (remote) file to open to make that happen? Thanks! Ryan
  22. Harry

    pc Day 1 FMS13

    Hello Board! So, I finally made the jump from FMPA hosting a shared file to FMS13. I have installed it, everything says that it's working, but I can't get a file to be hosted. I have FMPA13 on a client machine with network access but using the 'Upload to Server' option doesn't show the actual server on the list, only my local machine. I have tried copying the file into the Data/Databases directory where the sample db is and it doesn't show up in the Console. I'm a bit stuck! Can anyone help me, please? Thank you, H
  23. I'm trying to put a google doc into a web viewer. When the page comes up, I'm initially prompted to log into google docs. After I submit my name and pw, I'm getting a message that says "oops, your browser doesn't have cookies enabled." I'm not sure which settings I need to adjust so that cookies are enabled and the page will be served. Any advice?
  24. Scenario; I developed a database for  a client that has appr. 7 employees that work in a call center. Each employee is assigned 500 accounts / customers to work. As a default all accounts are imported in the "STATUS CODE NEW"....(SEE SOFTWARE SCREENSHOT- below)....As they work the accounts they change the status code to whatever happened on the account (ie) - if they called and left a message for a customer they then change the status code to (1st attempt) - NOTE: there are 15 different status codes...  Now with 7 employees as they are all working there assigned que of accounts, the status codes are constantly changing within the que...  What I need is a layout that will show how many accounts each employee has in each status code in real time as they are changing the codes ( SEE STATUS CODE DASHBOARD )...   I would appreciate any help with this and if necessary I can arrange a screen-share to show exactly what is needed  Thank You In Advance.....  Lyntech Systems STATUS CODE DASHBOARD_xlsx.pdf

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