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  1. Greets, and a happy, holiday season to all. This is one of those "Well, I could swear it _used_ to work..." FMP (PC) problems: I want a script to create a custom-named folder on the desktop (PC) [for exporting data purposes] so I used the following (see attached) Send Event command: "cmd /c md " & Quote ( Right ( Get ( DesktopPath ) ; Length ( Get ( DesktopPath ) ) -1 ) & "Job Chop-Chop! Backup" ) ...in earlier versions of FMP--and if memory serves--it used to work. (See https://fmrift.wordpress.com/2010/02/03/creating-a-folder-from-filemaker-windows/ ). However, when I
  2. Good evening people. As the title states, I am a complete newbie to FileMaker Pro. I've done some fairly extensive work with Excel, but this is my first experience with databases. For now, I'm looking for advice and suggestions. I promise I will have plenty of "how do I... " questions later, but for now I need to pick a direction to go in with my new project. I've spent a bunch of hours viewing Intro to FileMaker tutorials on YouTube and I've experimented with creating a couple test databases. If this is not the correct forum for this question, please let me know. So, my wife an
  3. Good morning all, We are currently running FMS12 hosted on a Windows Server 2003. All clients are also windows users and are running FM12. Everything has been fine, then yesterday, due to an internal office move, we had to move the server to a new room. Everything was closed down properly and restarted correctly. However, the server is no longer showing in the Open Remote dialogue. Opening the file via 'Open Recent' works fine and the files open fine. I initally did a re-boot of the server and this corrected the issues and the Open Remote wokred last night, but this morning it is back
  4. Hello, I am using l am filemaker 15 pro advanced in windows 10 computer (64 bit, 8gb ram). I buy it few week ago and i converted my database from the old version fm5. The database work properly but it is very slow to open, about 60 second or more. I am working as standalone (no remote connection). I noted thta if the PC is offline (no network or internet connection) the database open in less that 6 second. It is very strange because I have not any ip configuration and any sharing option... what can be the problem? Thank you in advance Vincenzo
  5. For nearly 8 months, the company I work for has been experiencing very frustrating issues with xDBC Listener on FileMaker Server 12. We migrated to FileMaker Server 13 last week and we're seeing the same issues.  Both FMS12 and FMS13 have been installed on (separate) virtual machines, both running Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard (Dual-core, 16GB RAM, hosted DBs and backups live on secondary drives). ODBC connections hitting database files hosted on these servers are aborted anywhere from once to four times a day, but not always every day (it may go several days between abortions). The er
  6. LS, We recently migrated from FM14 to FM15 and suddenly some invoices come out strange after the saveAsPdf script step . ( see pic ). When in preview mode everything seems to be ok and is printed to a printer ok. Theme : Classic, Font used : Calibri size 11 and 12. Problem occurs on Mac 10.11 and Win10 with FM15. When I do a print ( to preview ( mac )) and then save as pdf everything is also ok, so it seems to be related to the FM pdf renderer. However, not every invoice has this issue, but I wonder how data could cause this behaviour. Best regards !
  7. Hi all, I'm new here so I hope I get everything right. I've done a search already, but I can not find my issue listed. Sorry if it's been covered before. OK, here goes..... VMWare Server running on HP Prolient G7 tin 2 Virtual Cores 4Gb RAM Windows Server 2012 R2 DataCenter x64 IIS v8.5 (Default for 2012 R2) FileMaker Server 12 FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced with Bonjour JRE v7 This is a brand new build specificity for this use. I've installed FileMaker Server 12 on to the above setup with Custom Web Publishing using PHP I followed the deployment wizard and deploye
  8. Hi, I'm importing records and have a date field that i need to use to set my Fiscal year, month, week based on the fiscal year starting February 1st and ending January 31st. Any ideas or sample i might be able to take a look. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi all, After tearing my hair out, what's little there was of it, for the last few days I have now been able to successfully manage to install FM Server 13 on Server 2012 Essentials. The main problem I had was that the program wouldn't install as ports 80 and ports 443 were being used. Here are the steps I used in order to successfully install the program. 1) If it's used then re-bind your Default Website in IIS to a different port than port 80 (port 81 for example) and port 443 to an alternative port - you can do this from Server Manager > IIS > Right Click on the Server
  10. I am having trouble connecting to the admin console from another computer. I know that I need to connect with https://ipaddress:16000, but I'm not having any success. When on the server computer I can connect using localhost:16001. The problem seems to be that https isn't starting. I am running the server that is included as part of a TechNet membership on a Windows 8 64 bit computer with 4 gb of RAM. I didn't have a web server setup on the machine originally but the install seems to have started it. When I checked the settings in IIS manager the FM Web Site didn't have https activated.
  11. Hello, I'm very new to this program and need some assistance in creating a database. I've been watching Guy Steven's YouTube videos and I've learned as much as I could. I'm trying to create a "table" (where I can list specific medications) and a "checklist" (descriptions with "completed" buttons on each end of each row) in a section of my layout where I've created multiple tabs. I'd like to create a table under "Medications" and a checklist under "Checklist". Would anybody be so kind to give me some pointers? I've never worked with databases before so I'm learning everything on my o
  12. Good morning all, we run several FMS12 windows servers with both FileMaker GO and FM13 clients. Very recently, we started to notice occasional duplicate / stale / ghost users in the client list on the server side. It occurs most often in the wireless / GO clients. It would appear a connection to the server is dropped, and when the client (GO) re-authenticates, it is occasionally starting a new session/client on the server without releasing the old one. This is wreaking havoc as the new session claims the old session has records in use, etc. The problem has also occurred on FM13 clients (w
  13. I've just upgraded my FMS (Windows 2008R2) from v13.0.1 to v13.0.5 (or whatever the latest is). I'm now finding the Web Console to be extremely slow, to a point where it'll easily take a few minutes to click on a tab to actually see a page beig displayed. Upgrade has been done in two steps (to v13.0.3 and then to v13.0.5 as indicated by FM) and I've also rebooted the box just to be sure. During installation no errors appeared. Before the console worked fine. Anybody else see this? Anything I can do to fix it?
  14. This past Monday I pulled up the Admin console for one of our new FileMaker 13 servers and noticed that the status indicator next to “Web Server” was greyed out and it was reporting that XML was disabled. It also reported that the Web Publishing Engine was not running and FileMaker WebDirect was disabled.  When I checked all of these services, they were running just fine. I was able to connect to WebDirect and our CWP pages were working. I've tried restarting both servers, but nothing changed. I can also change all of these settings in the Admin console (e.g. disable XML, stop
  15. The environment is Windows Server 2012, with FileMaker Server 13 v1x64. I've got a script that sends out an e-mail to multiple recipients. When I run the script through FileMaker Pro 13, it sends the e-mails with no issues. However, when I schedule the script to run, it fails. I had the schedule send me an e-mail after the task was done and got this: Looks like 1506 is an SMTP error, but I have no idea why it's failing when it's ran from the server but not from my local desktop. Any help is appreciated.
  16. I'm upgrading a solution from FM 8.5 to FM 14 and moving the server from our LAN to a Hosting Company (we will have a stand alone server). One of my tables has a folder associated with it to hold documents. (See Attached File, uses a webviewer to display the documents folder and send event to create it.) This has worked well for me for years and will continue to work IF I want to leave these files on our LAN. (Why I posted example file, someone may find it useful.) I do not really want to leave these on the LAN. I want to move these "into the cloud" and need advice for the best way to do t
  17. Hi, How to create new record from the popover button? I have customer layout which has City field with drop down selection, I want to create a popover button beside so that user can instantly add city incase the city is not listed on the dropdown list. It has table relationship as well. One to many relationship with One for City Table ( CityID - Primary Key) and Many for Customer Table ( CityID - foreign key). Please advice, Thank you.
  18. I have been using FM starting Point and Filemaker for sometime although I would characterize myself as still a beginner. I have been searching for a long time for a way to insert a line into the middle of an invoice table. I wish to use the line as a seperator for groups of items invoiced to one customer. I would prefer to do this rather than make one invoice for each group. This is easy to do as I make up an invoice but I can find no way to insert a line after the fact. Yes, I could export the invoice to a .pdf or Microsoft Word and edit it there but so much easier if I could to this within F
  19. Hi there, We're using a FM database through an externally hosted service (triple8) which is accessed from a number of locations across the country. I currently have a situation where we are viewing a report that can contain 1200+ records in a filtered portal and each time the filtered is triggered it can take as long as 30 seconds for the screen to refresh and scrolling down the list is painfully slow. I've tried a list view instead and performance for filtering is improved significantly but scrolling down the list is still slow (not as slow as the portal though) - the issue is vie
  20. This is a straightforward plea for advice. The Win7 terminal where we installed FMS in 2011 is finally not up to the task - after the recent updates to IIS and ARR (and FMS), it opens and hosts my databases but refuses to serve the XML feed that powers one page of our Web site. It was always underpowered, so I don't have any complaint. When we put it in, this was an experiment, so we didn't pay much. After four years, though, the library director is convinced of the value of the product, so we're looking for a new terminal that will run FMS 13.0 v5 today. We're still a public library,
  21. What I want to do is paste the contents of a portal into a text field. (A pretty good analogue of the intended use: I want to send an email to program participants who have requested it; whether they're attending one program or thirty, I want to let them know.) A couple of years ago, in a solution tracking budgets, I wrote a version of this that worked but used the system's Copy & Paste functions. Having defined the portal as BUDGET_PORTAL, I wrote: which worked fine (worked well, in fact) - but used the system's clipboard, which isn't desirable. Looking for advice for ac
  22. Last week I did the FMS upgrade from 13.0.4 to 13.0.5, and my database has stopped providing an XML feed that worked for a a few years (and that powers one portion of my organization's Web site). I'm going to append all the information that might be pertinent. First, what I've already done: - I've Edited Deployment, asking it to enable XML. (First asked it to turn off Web Publishing, then a second pass to turn it on again.) I've then gone into Web Publishing and asked it to enable WebDirect and PHP (just wondering is that would kick-start a process). - I've run iisreset /noforce fr
  23. Sorry If this is a little basic, but I couldn't seem to find a straight answer on this. If I have developed a database with FMPA 13 can I host it using FM server 11? If it does work, does it need to be accessed with FMP 11 clients or FMP13 clients for all functionality to work?
  24. I am running FMS v11.0.2.217 Users are running 10.0 v3, I just realized a few are running 10.0 v1. Server is Windows 7 Pro SP1 In the last 30 days, 2 different times, When Windows Updates were applied, I am unable to log in to the database from all computers. The first time, I had to rebuild all the databases and restart all the PCs. The second time, All the PCs were restarted and can access the databases, but the server itself cannot login to the files. Here is the error I get on the server (note, no other users are affected): Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Appli
  25. [FIXED] I found where some additional port forwards of the same ports were pointing to a 2nd machine on the network. Turning those off fixed the issue. I am unable to get non-local remote clients to see any of my hosted databases. LAN clients can see and connect to all. I'm running FMS 13.0.5 on Windows Serve 2012 R2. Currently I have ports 80, 5003, 16000 & 16001 all open. Windows firewall is completely turned off (even at the services level). Bonjour is running correctly. I found this page: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5493/~/cannot-see-hosted-database I
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