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Found 91 results

  1. In a script, I select a container field, choose "Insert Picture" choose a scanned PDF file then GetThumbnail(MainContainer;50;50) - it just leaves a "?" in the thumbnail field. When I import a batch using the Import Records Script Step -> Folder -> Picture and Movie Files, using Secure Storage, choose the option to add a thumbnail to my thumbnail container field, (importing the same pdf file) it generates the thumbnail perfectly. For user interface reasons, my users need to be able to click my import button, choose a pdf file from anywhere on their drive, and import it into a container field, generating a thumbnail in another container field. Any ideas on how to get this thumbnail? Any help would be greatly appreciated. :-)
  2. Trying to display a pdf stored on the iPad AT A SPECIFIC PAGE NUMBER or 'DESTINATION' tag within the pdf document from FMGo. I've tried both a Webviewer and Open URL call but the #page= and #destinationtag appended to the filepath (eg //MyFile.pdf#page=20) is ignored. Any ideas how to open and display a PDF at specific page?
  3. Scribe 4 - FileMaker OCR Scanning Demo Video Today, we wanted to share a practical way to use the new FileMaker OCR and PDF integration features in Scribe 4. If you have a stack of paper with information you need to access from FileMaker, you can easily automate this process with Scribe. In this demo video, we will show how you can scan in a stack of paper and extract the text (using OCR) into FileMaker, and have it on individual (spliced) PDF pages. Watch the Video Stay updated with 360Works Questions? Email: plugins@360Works.com
  4. Hi, I am having issues importing a previously saved PDF in to a container field. It's throwing an "Unknown error: 20403" I have tried both: Insert PDF (with the appropriate imagemac: path prefix) and Insert File ( with filemac:) path prefix Script: $File = "filemac:/Macintosh HD/private/var/folders/tg/3bq5pqmn3mgdq7lbbw2p8l_r0000gn/T/S10.1/Myfile_02-14-2013_10:29:48_AM.pdf" // also tried desktop path files Go to Field [PDFContainer] Insert PDF[$File] or Insert File ["myTable::PDFContainer; $File"] The container field on the layout is set to allow interactive content I have tried defining the container as internal storage, and external store with the same results. I can manually import the PDF file with no issues. Surely this is a common thing, I have just never had this issue before. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Charles
  5. I'm doing some simple PDF page counting and concatenation using Matt Petrowsky's ScriptMaster/iText demo file. This worked pretty much flawlessly, until recently. Depending on the particular source PDF files, my page count and PDF merge functions are now failing, but SMLastError is empty, so I don't have anything to go on in troubleshooting. Is this a ScriptMaster bug? I've checked the source PDF's (not generated by me) and it doesn't look like there's any file protection that would be interfering. Even if that were the case, shouldn't a descriptive error be generated? I'm just not sure how to proceed. Thanks in advance for any ideas! -Stu
  6. Hi All, I have a container field holding a pdf and would like to run a script upon a button click that opens it in its native program or app. in this case Adobe Reader. Can anyone help with writing a script for this? I am lost and very new to FMPro. Cheers Simon
  7. We recently started working with FM13, when saving our offers as pdf we get following error in Adobe Acrobat XI (I translated it because it appears in Dutch): "Due to an error on the pagemight not display correctly in Acrobat. Please contact the creator of the PDF-document to resolve the problem" Some images and text don't display. They're on the page but just won't show. When viewing the pdf with other viewers the data shows but...you can't ask your customers to do that. Is there a solution and what does Filemaker do wrong (or Adobe Acrobat)? When I print the records with CutePdf Writer it works like a charm (but then I can't sript the name and location the pdf should be save to). Thank you for reading and eventually answering my question
  8. Hi I am trying to export a report as a pdf, to a folder that has been created by FM12. THe name of the folder is taken from the data of a field from the record to be exported. Below is the value of the data in my variable that would normally be able to export pdf to a conventionally named folder - but I am unsure how to add my dynamic named folder as the logical way I would have thought it should be added does not work - you can see where I added my folder name after the file path. I would be grateful for help on this as my programming has come to a crunch! "filemac:/Macintosh HD/Users/william/Dropbox/Acres Farm/Clients/" & Invoiceitems_INVOICEDETAILS::Folder Name & Invoiceitems_INVOICEDETAILS::fk_Order & " " & Invoiceitems_INVOICEDETAILS::Reference & ".PDF"
  9. Troi Automatisering releases Troi File Plug-in 8.6.1 for FileMaker Pro 15Updated file management plug-in for FileMaker Pro 15 improves UnZIP, Metadata and several other functions.Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands, 23 January, 2017--Troi Automatisering today announced the immediate availability of Troi File Plug-in 8.6.1 for FileMaker Pro 15.What is new in version 8.6.1?Version 8.6.1 is a maintenance update of our plug-in for manipulating external files and folders directly from FileMaker Pro. In this version we improved the handling on Windows of certain ZIP files with the TrFile_UnZIP function. This version also improves parsing newer PDF versions, like PDF 1.7 with the TrFile_MetaData( "-GetPDFDescription") function. On MacOS X the TrFile_MetaData( "-GetMovieDescription") function now returns timecode data for movies. Several other functions were improved as well and we fixed some potential problems with the DragAndDrop function on macOS X.More detailed information on all changes and improvements implemented in Troi File Plug-in 8.6.1 and earlier can be found at: http://www.troi.com/software/filehistory.htmlPricing & AvailabilityA fully functional demo version of Troi File Plug-in 8.6.1 is available for downloading at Troi's Web site at: http://www.troi.com/software/fileplugin.htmlLicenses cost US$ 99 per user. Details on developer licenses and multi-user discounts can be found on our web site. You can order licenses from our web site.Upgrading to version 8.6.1 is free and recommended for all users of version 8.5 and 8.6: version 8.6.1 works with the same registration as the 8.5 version. Users who bought a license for Troi File Plug-in on or after November 1st, 2015 are entitled to a free upgrade to version 8.6.1. Eligible users have been sent a new 8.5 registration. Contact us if you have not received yours. Upgrades from licenses bought before November 1st, 2015, are available from US$ 59 per user. Upgrade prices for other licenses can be found on our web site. You can order upgrades from our web site.Contact information D. BuddingTroi AutomatiseringNewsroom: http://www.troi.com/news/
  10. Hello group, I was wondering if there's a way to know if the scribe plugin can help me with my project. Using FMA11 I want to populate a PDF that have permission to write, fill and save the form. My problem is that I have on my PC Acrobat professional but the reste of the office only have Reader. So when I test on my PC it work, since I have Pro When other user are doing it, when the file is created, data are populate from FM and the file is open so user can enter remaining information... but the new created file lost the permission to fill the form and save it. The way it's configure, I'm not using a container field, but I link it to a template file located on the server (so any change to the file can be done easely) it open the file, fill the forms, save the file to a new location with a specific name. I don't think having 2 container fields as the demo show it, would change anything, unless you tell me otherwise, but keep in mind the resulted filled PDF must be save in the server after it as beeing fully filled by the user. The only reason I don't want to use container is the problem with using global field over a network file (close the server file, importe the PDF into field, every time I need to change the main PDF file). So can this be done without haing Acrobat Pro on every station = lost of more $$$ Now I'm using a demo of the scribe plug for testing. Thank you JF
  11. Hi please can someone help me when i insert a pdf i get a message not enough disk space and only get a referance file
  12. Dear sirs, When I drop a pdf-file (invoice) in a digital doc-container of "projects" it works. However, if later I want to open that pdf-file from the container, I get following error : "the file "51285.png" could not be opened. It may be damaged or use a file format that Preview doesn't recognise". I don't know what I am doing wrong because the file format I use is "pdf" and not "png".
  13. Our solution references PDFs that are stored on a NAS drive. Each PDF is stored by its DocID in a directory that is calculated from the DocID, so that we end up with about 100 PDFs per directory. It's been working great for 3 yrs. However, we don't have a way to split this directory structure across more than one volume. Perhaps we'll need to in the future? Not sure. Aren't we heading for trouble and won't we eventually reach volume capacity? This is a system that stores applications to a competition and their associated PDFs and so logically we can split documents by competition (which has an ID). And so, we're starting to think about doing so. Our path would therefore include a new directory before our PDF folder structure /Comp15/1000/1000.pdf for example. In this way, we could store a path prefix in the Comp record, and distribute our PDFs across volumes. My question...for those who manage lots of referenced files...what's best practice? I've looked at FM12 containers (no plans for that here as we need access to the PDFs by CWP), but I wonder..hmm, they don't split the container structure, nor offer a way to do so. What will happen after 5 yrs of storing containers? Advice welcome, Barbara
  14. Version 1.6.0


    Someone asked if it is possible to count the pages of a PDF... The attached file contains a tail recursive custom function that can do the work for the most common cases.


  15. I have a report set up in 4 parts (due to the way the data and photos are sorted and shown). Right now, the script saves them as 4 different pdf files, which I need to combine in Acrobat. Is there a way to combine the pdfs in the script, or have Filemaker somehow combine the reports before saving as pdf? (The reports involve different find sets, so the latter seems unlikely.) I'm using Filemaker 12.
  16. I have a folder on my "c" drive names PDF I have a field in my database name "FullName" How do I make Filemaker 11 save the PDF to the PDF folder with the text in the field "FullName" . Thanks so much,
  17. Since appending/combining PDFs with FM Go is not available natively and using a robot machine is not an option, I've dug up a handful of PDF APIs and options. I've got about 1/2 way through the problem, but I am getting some errors with the PDF API and not getting a lot of feedback. If anyone is interested in collaborating, please send a PM. Currently, I'm able to send two encoded PDFs from FM to the script and the script will spit back the combined PDF into a container field in FM. Super simple implementation. The PDF that comes back is blank, but has the correct number of pages. The server log shows some errors relating to the PDF API and that's where I'm stuck. here's some links to the code and questions regarding the issue: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/34953197/combining-pdfs-with-php-from-encoded-pdfs-error-template-does-not-exist and https://github.com/pauln/tcpdi/issues/3 If anyone has any alternative APIs or solutions, please let me know.
  18. Hi Forum! I have a script which sends an email to [current record] . Now I want to attach a PDF to the email automatically using the script. So far I have tried with ... filewin:/$driveLetter/$targetDir/$[name_of_unique_field_from_FM] as variable file path. But nothing is attached when I run the script. I hope you can help.
  19. I am starting to create a new solution to catalog all of our companies Safety Data Sheets and would like to make the PDFs accessible through FMP14. At the moment I have created a container field that is Interactive and has temporary storage. If I choose "Insert PDF" FMP thinks about it for a moment then opens the pdf I have selected, if I close the pdf I can see that something is in the container but there is no content show. If I move to a record where this has been done the PDF automatically opens, albeit slowly, but I am unable to view the PDF contents without exporting it. If I insert the pdf as a file I see a file icon but am not able to read the file in any way except by exporting it. From reading about PDFs and container fields, it sounds like I should at least be able to see a thumbnail of the pdf but I am not able to read any of the PDFs content. Has anyone else been having that problem? A sample file is attached. Ideally the pdf would be viewable in the record or by clicking a single button and then could be saved to the user's computer for printing purposes. MSDS.fmp12
  20. The Insert PDF context menu item is greyed out on my container field when I have my database open locally. My Google Fu has failed me on solving this. My container field is on a layout, not in a portal. I have Interactive Content checked. I have a PDF viewer working in IE. (Zeon - I do not know where I got this plugin - I very rarely use IE.). I also have an older version of NitroPDF Pro which I use daily, but no IE plugin at the moment. The container field Storage settings are "Store container data externally" and using Open storage option. I also tried the secure storage option which was the default. I have FM Pro 14.0.4 and this database is not converted from earlier version. I am using Windows 10 I can drag and drop a PDF into the container and I get the PDF icon, but it is not interactive However it is interactive (both native and WebDirect) when I upload the database to FM Server - which is also my local computer for now. But in all cases Insert PDF is greyed out. The only other solution that the web has coughed up it to use the newest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader which is not an option - I refuse to use that piece of #$@&. What else can I try? Thanks, Brad
  21. Hello, The images in the webviewer look crisp, but when I save them to PDF they become blurry and unusable. How can I save the images to a PDF file without changes of the resolution? - I am running FM11 Pro in a local network (with my iMac as server). - Webviewer style: "?style=noapplet+left+noscroll+nodelete"
  22. Hello, I'm using ScriptMaster to combine two PDFs. I can combine the two PDFs just fine if they do not contain any form fields. As soon as I use a PDF that contains form fields, I receive an error that the two PDFs were unable to be combined. I've encountered this on FMP12v3 running on OSX 10.6.8 If you need additional information from me, please let me know and I will provide it.
  23. I have found ways to do this from Filemaker in OSX but I can't seem to apply this to FMGo. I want to mail the current record as a PDF and to have the PDF name be derived from the value of a field (in this cas, the name of the client) Below is the script as it stands. Is this a possibility in FMGo? 1. Go to Layout [ layout name ] 2. Set Variable [$name ; Value: Patients::LastName ] 3. Save Records as PDF [ Restore ; No dialog ; "$name.pdf" ; Crerate email ; Current record ] 4. Go to Layout [ original layout ] THoughts?
  24. I have several reports that use Google Charts displayed through a web viewer to display a "'gas gauge" type of chart. This is a very popular style for our dashboard reports to the point where it is a requirement. I originally started using them in FileMaker 14 and they worked great. When FileMaker 15 came out they wouldn't work at first but then did after an update to the code. I'm now testing Filemaker 16 and they're back to not working properly. They do display on the screen just fine but if you try to print preview, print, or Send to PDF they do not show. Does anybody have experience with this or know if a setting changed in FMPA 16 that could be causing them to not print?
  25. Hi i created a report that gets saved intoa pdf into a field - all working great. just one interesting issue , ,not sure what it means , on the bottom of the layout i inserted a picture of the directors signature , which is a must for every report , however in browse mode it works fine but when i save it apdf for some reason it gets omitted , any idea if that is a filemaker limitation? i actually have the companies logo at the top and that is showing up correctly.
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